Manager intentionally walks hitter with bases loaded, a breakdown 

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20 apr 2022




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Even with how dumb this decision was, I love that they still won because it means teams are still undefeated when they intentionally walk someone with the bases loaded
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes Anno fa
The Texas Rangers: A Legacy of Failure. That's all you need to know as to why they did it. The Angels knew they could come back.
Brady Hughes
Brady Hughes Anno fa
@Snake Eyes Urinating Tree.
Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes Anno fa
@Brady Hughes yes, UrinatingTree. And also the fact that the Rangers are 2-9 through their first 11.
Nicanor De León
Longtime rangers fan, they won because my team has no idea how win. Two back to back botched World Series and a decade later I’m still miserable. Yayyyy, sports
Jer Anno fa
@Nicanor De León Even as a cards fan i feel bad for what Rangers fans had to go through.
Roaddog Anno fa
Maddon saying “I shouldn’t have talked to him” is criminally hilarious
Tito Fantana
Tito Fantana Anno fa
Like something out of a movie
TheThingNG Anno fa
I think its "I shouldn't have walked him" but talked is much better
Sneersh Anno fa
Not sure what he said there but to me it doesn't look like he said that
notmyself Anno fa
He didn’t say that.
Londzale Anno fa
Best manager in the league
ColdHawk Anno fa
“A lot of people watch breakdowns that don’t watch baseball.” Guilty as charged. Must say, dude knows his audience. This stuff makes the slowest sport I have ever played exciting again.
Christopher Mills
I learn so much about baseball from jomboy, I don’t even know when games are on. He makes baseball 10x more exciting
Yup that's what happens when world class athletes play a game made for average athletes.
DugBingo951 Anno fa
I never watch baseball but don’t miss a breakdown
3rdEye Anno fa
This channel is what got me into baseball. It also helped being a Boston Celtics fan and eventually becoming a Red Sox fan during their unexpected playoff run.
Phil Kulak
Phil Kulak Anno fa
I had no idea you didn’t have to throw the four pitches anymore!
Nick Pezley
Nick Pezley Anno fa
Imagine never watching baseball before and just seeing no ball being hit and people yelling then the other team scoring.
jcwynn Anno fa
"what a weird game"
Jonathan Dushoff
Jonathan Dushoff 13 giorni fa
No ball even being _thrown_
marquette92 Anno fa
In the history of baseball this has happened 8 times I believe, and the team that walked in an intentional run in…has won each of those games.
Sam Br
Sam Br Anno fa
Intentional walk4run strat is OP
Jeffrey Lum
Jeffrey Lum Anno fa
No, not all the teams. They IW Barry Bonds when two runs down and the Giants lost by one run
Brennan 716
Brennan 716 Anno fa
@Jeffrey Lum yes the team that walked in the run won
marquette92 Anno fa
@Jeffrey Lum that’s my point, Bonds was walked and the team that walked him won. In the history of baseball, the team walking in the run has always won
Fly The W
Fly The W 6 mesi fa
@marquette92 Pretty sure he was defending that fact
Brother Josh
Brother Josh Anno fa
The whole lipreading of the post-balk "deceive the runner" argument was unreal. Jomboy is in a league of his own.
Off-Chance Network
That part had me rolling.
Benjamin Schaad
That was the best part for me
Ryan Swiggs
Ryan Swiggs Anno fa
so good!
Tight AF too
A.R. Online
A.R. Online Anno fa
Mike Trout's face is the star of this breakdown.
I didn't notice that when I watched the game. That was hilarious
Turner Herbek
Almost like he was counting up the runners to make sure he wasn't crazy
Enigma, the Basement Troll
That was the face of a man that is asking himself why he's still with that team.
Sleepy Anno fa
huh? wah? the fuck? wah? huh? wah? the fuck?
A Hogg
A Hogg Anno fa
Yeah with all the bullshit going on in the Angels right now, if I were Trout or Ohtani I'd be demanding a trade.
Danny Ross
Danny Ross Anno fa
"Alot of people watch breakdowns that don't watch baseball" that was me last year, this year I'm watching baseball BECAUSE of breakdowns. Watched this happen and couldn't wait for the breakdown! thanks Jomboy for giving me a great new hobby!
Britton Shupe
Welcome to the greatest game on earth!
Zraknul Anno fa
So now you know how you're spending your evenings for the next 6 months.
Ronnie Turner
This is really great to see. Baseball’s great, one of my fave things. Right after gambling drugs and hookers lol. I usually watch while gambling tho and doing some blow or meth. Only get lucky if I find a chick to go down on me while watching but sometimes hard to keep it up if I have more than $10k on the game, cause those are the times I’m way to nervous to keeper up. But once I got so excited on a 17th inning win I ripped right in broad’s mouth after the walkoff. This was before the runner on second BS. Called the broad in the 8th expecting extras and she, my word man, was down the entire time. What a load tho. Great day that was
Chris Anno fa
Try a fantasy league next year!
Ronnie Turner
@Chris fantasy drugs I already did like acid and stuff love blow to
dkwoodsy Anno fa
Maddon was a great manager for a long time, his record shows it, but he seems to be slipping. His mistake almost cost the Angels the game- for no reason. It was the players that were able to overcome it. His managing was moot after that boneheaded decision. Kudos to the team for stepping up and getting the W- no thanks to him.
Fly The W
Fly The W 3 mesi fa
I didnt mind him with the Cubbies but he def makes some questionable decisions at times. Plenty of people feel the Cubs won their WS in spite of him, not because of him with the moves he made those playoffs.
Frank Guy
Frank Guy Anno fa
You should really break down the insanely awful 2nd inning the Sox had in the first game of their double header a couple days ago. We had 4 (5?) errors and were down 10-0 with no outs in the 2nd. On top of the errors, 8 consecutive hits off Keuchel. Truly amazing stuff.
Myungwoo Lee
Myungwoo Lee Anno fa
Let’s vote this up so Jomboy can do the breakdown! 😂
Fonny222 Anno fa
At this point after the intentional walking of a guy with a 1-2 count he could do a full series on just the dumb things of the 2022 Chicago White Sox. I don’t think I’d watch though because it would make me mad all over again.
Frank Guy
Frank Guy Anno fa
@Fonny222 not wrong, it's been a clown show on the South Side unfortunately
mattigus Anno fa
It's been 2 weeks since this play. In that span the Angels are 10-3 and Corey Seager's BA has tanked. Joe Maddon just plays ball on a higher spiritual level than the rest of us mortals. Edit: nevermind, time and fate caught up with him.
Alex YMB
Alex YMB Anno fa
And that starting pitcher just completed a No-hitter.
East Valley Auditor
If that's the case then why have they lost ELEVEN STRAIGHT!!!!!
Alex YMB
Alex YMB Anno fa
@East Valley Auditor 12 straight
LoveStallion Anno fa
And now it's been a month since your post and... the Angels have lost 12 straight.
Harrison Baylor
And Maddon just lost his job.
Chase Stankievech
One of my favourite “rumoured” (no real record, only newspaper accounts) intentional walk with the bases loaded was in 1929. Phillies walked Mel Ott five times on the last day of the season to protect Chuck Klein’s homer lead in NL home run race. (Klein 43, Ott 42.) one of those walks was said to be intentional with the bases loaded
darens brutus
I checked on baseball reference and you’re right, he had 5 walks and 1 rbi. Though it was on the second to last game. (They had one game against braves for some reason…)
PugsMalone Anno fa
To be fair, intentional walks weren't an official statistic back then.
Justin Jackson
The old "can't beat our guy in the hr race of we never pitch to him" move
Ryanqube Anno fa
I love how they give free walk when the bases are loaded while they are losing and still won the game. It's the utmost incompetency and the most disrespectful move I've ever seen. Like, how can you show your face after losing to a team that literally gave you a headstart, a kickstart, and a handicap?
Diamond8633 Anno fa
Because our (the Rangers) pitching is worse than a hotdog that just got dropped in mud after going down a gutter
Ffinity Anno fa
@Diamond8633 bro, our entire team is booty
Jaime Lannister
@Ffinity don’t you have a good farm system though? With those prospects I feel you could be competitive in a few years
Ffinity Anno fa
@Jaime Lannister you may be right, but I think I’m the direction that the rangers are going, trying build up a completely new team, firing people after their ninth game on the team, I think it will be a while.
Jared. Anno fa
Petition to have more breakdowns of players' zoomed-in reactions to what's originally being broken down.
NotSoSuave Anno fa
Man, I’ve never been a baseball fan, but I have to say watching your videos I’ve learned so much I’ve definitely become a fan. Thanks man!
GTRandy Anno fa
The best part of this whole thing was Mike Trout counting the bases.
B D Anno fa
You make baseball interesting again!! I love these breakdowns & the lip reading is crazy good. Keep up the good work bro. Glad I found you on the tube.
truthsmiles Anno fa
I’m one of the non-baseball people you referred to, and I’d just like to thank you for explaining as much as you do. I watch your channel for the entertaining commentary no matter what the sport :)
Nick Sciulli
Nick Sciulli Anno fa
gotta feel for the pitcher there man. maddon put him in an impossible spot. good on him to still get the outs there
tchrisou812 Anno fa
Agree, if he was gonna do that he should have done it with the pitcher leaving the game...
AxxL Anno fa
I am so unpretty 😭 When I go to the bank, they turn the cameras off. At least I am a big star on ITvid. So don't feel too bad for me, dear
birch5757 Anno fa
I mean...the pitcher who was in there before took the hit on the ERA. I would be pretty salty if I was him.
Cavah Anno fa
I dunno, he put himself there with 4 egregious balls. Joe just doing Joe. If this worked he'd be hailed as innovator as usual.
Roger Brodniak
In senior league baseball (13-14-15 year olds) a long time ago, we were playing a practice game BEFORE the season started. Bases loaded. Our two best 15 year old hitters coming up. The opposing coach intentionally walked both of them. Our coach said: "We're done, boys...get your gear. Game over". So our coach quit the "practice game" on the spot.
Kyle Knoblauch
Okay, when a breakdown is almost 8 minutes long, you know something major really went down during the game, and that our man, Jomboy, is gonna provide us with the best analysis of the the play available 😎👍🏻👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Umberto Muniz
That’s Maddon style. Doing things outside of the box. Even if things don’t go his way, you got to appreciate his boldness to try something that goes against peoples opinions. I remember with the Cubs, he would do things that made people get upset.
Dylan Morrow
Dylan Morrow Anno fa
I appreciate the way you explain the video to people saying "even if you don't watch baseball, this is what happened. Im a big baseball fan and I still learn a different rule from time, to time.
Chris Miller
Chris Miller Anno fa
Loving these longer breakdowns. Its awesome how you do lip readings and the making it funny too. Great job Jimmy. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😂😂😂
Darren Isomoto
The whole "deceive the runner" line of dialogue is peak Jomboy lip-reading. He should straight-up do voiceovers for animated films and everything at that point.
TKING2724 Anno fa
You record the audio first in animated films, then match the animations to the dialogue, not vice-versa.
Hafie King
Hafie King Anno fa
beat me to my comment
Ryan P.
Ryan P. Anno fa
@Varun Krishnaswamy I'd like to see you try. Jomboy is one of the best lip-readers out there.
Future Beats
Future Beats Anno fa
Would be better of in the intelligence domain. Like special cia agent or something loll
Future Beats
Future Beats Anno fa
Or, on a serious note, for espn or journalism. God bless y'all
Ramiro de la Garma
You make your videos entertaining. I've been following you for some time and finally subscribed today.
There used to be an argument in the MLB whether or not Jomboy was good or bad for the game. Breakdowns like this put that argument to rest.
Ea-Nasir Copper Co.
This is the first time that a runner was walked in via an IBB where no pitch was thrown, and therefore the first time in MLB history that a batter has earned an RBI without seeing a single pitch.
Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner Anno fa
Great observation:)
Dmitry Ayers
Dmitry Ayers Anno fa
I was really gonna flip it around on Maddon and say "You're better than that, Joe. You're better than that", but walking the bases loaded ON PURPOSE without the lead and then arguing a balk is really one of the more Joe Maddon things to do lol
SaraXXIV Anno fa
I don’t even watch baseball, but you’re hilarious and making this so fun to watch.
Zach Anno fa
They stalled so hard, they annoyed themselves. Amazing Maddon moment
Callum Lambkin
It'll be a sad day when he retires
Londzale Anno fa
There’s no manager like him. He thinks so outside the box. Milkin the time disrupting the rhythm of batters. And He’s turning the worst pitching team into winners. MOst valuable manager in mlb
Tyler McCann
Tyler McCann Anno fa
I remember when Maddon did this with the Rays years ago. Walked Josh Hamilton back when he was good because they were only up by a couple runs, and bases loaded at the end of the game. Rays ended up winning by one I believe. So it worked out.
brandon s
brandon s Anno fa
as an amateur to watching baseball i still can't believe this actually happened
Benjamin Hodges
"And then Shohei hit a home run" could end a lot of stories.
farmerkevin Anno fa
I don't watch baseball but I love these breakdowns. I might catch a game this year, maybe next.
Dustin Harrison
The simple fact that you don't have to throw 4 pitches to intentionally walk a batter now is why baseball has completely gone bat shit crazy.
Travis Tucker
watchtheirhands 2 give it time
Satans Suns
Satans Suns Anno fa
watchtheirhands 2 gotta love when people create fake worlds in their head to be mad at lmao
Zach Greenwalt
This has happened 3 times in the past 30 years. All 3 of those times, the team that gave the intentional walk/run ended up winning
that guy
that guy Anno fa
So he was going with the numbers.
Andrew Lowdon
Well if that’s what the numbers say, I look forward to the Rays intentionally loading the bases so they can do it.
Patrick Star
Patrick Star Anno fa
@Andrew Lowdon you know it !!! Go rays !!!
Willow and Luka
@Andrew Lowdon Lmao they sure do like those numbers😂
Skank or You Can Call Me Maurice
Hmm, now that's an interesting stat.
Tuck1234 Anno fa
Would love to hear your thoughts on the Weatherford college baseball hit/fight that happened a couple of days ago.
GM Etrigan
GM Etrigan Anno fa
I can't express how enthralled I am by this dude's ability to lip read. Been binging vids since yesterday because of it
Peyton Turnage
This is still one of the best Jomboy breakdowns of all time.
Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers Anno fa
I don't even watch/like baseball but I been binge watching your commentaries. They're so good!
Angus McCulloch
It looks like Jomboy is going straight. I liked his old videos because there was some really good humor in them, but it looks like now Jomboy is just moving into straight sports analysis. All power to you, man. The channel's blown up, but the newer content just isn't what I loved this channel for. Best of luck with the future.
Was hoping that you'd mention this fun fact that, the last time a bases loaded Ibb happened: it was done by Joe Maddon...to the exact same team (Josh Hamilton), in this exact same zip code just across the street in their old stadium. I also love in the post-game interview that he also admitted that it was to rile up his offense; and in the follow-up question "Do you think there's uh, better way to rile up your offense?" and his response was "Yes." As an Angels fan even if we lost this I was perfectly fine with it due to the historic and cosmically coincidental entertainment this has brought.
Willow and Luka
It’s the first time a manager intentionally walked a batter with the bases loaded while trailing in the game since like 1890’something. God, I love being an Angels fan
Carlos Lopez
Carlos Lopez Anno fa
I see your team is still wasting two generational talents with a clown show organization
Matt Lindmeier
@Carlos Lopez first in our division right now, hopefully we can carry this on through the season
Tyler McCann
Tyler McCann Anno fa
Yes, I remember that
untexan Anno fa
The last time was a much different situation. I think the Rays were up by 3 runs in B9 and they didn’t want Josh Hamilton (who was in his full glory then) to hit a game-winning grand slam. They gave him the Barry Bonds treatment.
David J Hoyda
The weather is getting warmer, baseball is back, and that means Jomboy breakdowns every day until fall. It's the little things in life.
Kanyu Anno fa
What this video is missing is that in the Angels very next series against the Astros Joe Maddon again makes an insane decision. They were trailing by 2 runs with runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs. Maddon then decides to make the next 2 batters SAC BUNT. Tyler Wade moves them to 2nd and 3rd with one out, which isn't that crazy of a decision until you remember that Wade was in the midst of a streak where he was one of the best hitters on the team. Maddon THEN makes Andrew Velasquez attempt the squeeze bunt, which fails miserably and ends in another out. The Angels would score no runs in the inning and end up losing the game.
Slug Cult • 10 years and
Jomboy and Jake should be on the MLB payroll. Especially Jimmy, because he can get you excited about what is usually a baseball norm, and he champions the best aspects of the game. There are people who don't watch baseball, yet they watch breakdowns. To get non fans to enjoy baseball, which can get pretty boring sometimes, is a natural talent.
Antoniobrady Anno fa
I've never once watched a baseball game, but for some reason I've stumbled across your videos and I really enjoy it
Cody Anno fa
The fact that there was a bases loaded intentional walk involving Mike Trout but he wasn’t the batter is just wild
I like the “you’re better than that, John” insult. Maddon is insulting the umpire, which usually would get him tossed, but complimenting him at the same time which probably saves him from getting tossed. Smart tactic….
David Dewey
David Dewey Anno fa
People get tossed for saying nothing bro that didn’t save him from getting tossed what? Over analysis outa “I eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast”…not a shocker that this guy wants to look smarter than he is
Samuel D
Samuel D Anno fa
@David Dewey are you on the spectrum?
@David Dewey lol….are you ok, bud? “What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response was there anything that could even be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.”
Colin Anno fa
@Samuel D I’m on the spectrum and we do not claim that guy.
Hermes Tris
Hermes Tris Anno fa
@Samuel D don’t insult people on the spectrum with this association
Douglas Hall
Douglas Hall Anno fa
Mike Trout's facial expression and the pictures facial expressions were classic. But to hear that the angels one in the end was really something. I guess I would like to see the highlights of that as well. Of course when you have Mike Trout I Can Only Imagine. If nothing makes it to the playoffs in the World Series he better not try that then.
Daniel Dunphy
I remember a Reds vs. Cardinals game in Pujols' prime when the announcers wanted the Reds to walk him with the bases loaded up three runs late, after which he immediately hit a grand slam. I think it was this game: itvid.net/video/video-mEj-sw84G8I.html
Zenix Saxzon
Zenix Saxzon Anno fa
This is one of those second guessing moments. He is a genius if it works. We need to stop crucifying managers like this. we keep saying we don't want the game to be ruined by too many analytics and you have to use your eyes and feel out there. as soon as a manager does use his emotions to manage a game we sit there and bash them for it. This was a great move & why I love Madden.
Great move? You high ffs?
Schrades09 Anno fa
Joe Madden tried to lose the world series for the Cubs by over analyzing everything and abusing Chapman. Dude isn't even close to a genius.
Colin Snyder
Colin Snyder Anno fa
You have to breakdown that pitcher that tried to murder the batter around 3rd that hit the homerun
One Man Apocalypse
I think this has happened before. Pretty sure Bonds was once walked with the bases loaded in his days with SF.
JB Anno fa
Finally Jomboy covers a game I was at! As soon as I saw all this go down I knew. Instead of thinking about baseball history I was thinking of Jomboy. And thanks for covering the pitcher and catcher just standing there for an eternity. That game ended sorta late and I had a 4hr drive home after so I blame this moment. Fun inning to watch tho followed by the Angels immediately coming back. Also, Angels pitcher Austin Warren was being real cool during BP passing out balls to fans which only he and Mike Trout really cared to do. I felt bad he had to be at the center of this moment.
Gino Gutierrez
Woah 4 hrs that’s commitment 🤙🏽 what made you go out that far?
Braden Garris
Yeah I was at the game too it was really interesting. Shohei hit those two bombs to right field and I was fired up!
cptmiller132 Anno fa
@Gino Gutierrez that's not distance that's stop and go LA traffic
Hermes Tris
Hermes Tris Anno fa
@cptmiller132 cap
cptmiller132 Anno fa
@Hermes Tris wtf do you mean cap? I've had 4 hour stop and go traffic in Memphis TN you think you can't get 4 hour stop and go traffic in one of the largest cities in the country?? Hold this L
If I had a nickel for every time Joe Maddon has intentionally walked a Rangers hitter with the bases loaded and still went on to win the game, I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it’s happened twice.
michael kubil
Twice? Really 😂
Damn Anno fa
Sucks for the 1st pitcher (who is a starter) that got taken out, 2 out of the 3 earned runs after he got taken out (including the intentional walk run) got charged to him instead of the 2nd pitcher (reliever)
MC76 Anno fa
I will always appreciate Joe Maddon's role in bringing a World Series championship to the North Side, but it was precisely weird stuff like this that hastened his departure from Chicago. It got really old really fast.
Mark Anno fa
You’re a great lip reader dude. Makes the video so much fun to watch. Keep up the great work.
wyssmaster Anno fa
"Seager has been better against lefties than righties this year" Yeah, but he's been much better against righties in his career, and I think a few full seasons should outweigh a couple weeks' worth of games
freddy and foxy
I was waiting for this. They treated Corey Seager like he's barry Bonds lol
we like Fortnite
I like turtles
Maybe I’m wrong but did the same thing happen to mark McGuire?
Dyltack Anno fa
@I like turtles you are wrong it happened to Josh Hamilton
I like turtles
@Dyltack ya I couldn’t find anything
Khan Anno fa
@Dyltack happened to maguire
bananabread Anno fa
You make me love this sport. Otherwise I'd watch zero of it. If there was more of this type of content for sports. I'd watch a lot more!
ultradevo 11 mesi fa
I keep coming back to the Trout's reaction to this. Brilliant.
I’m a Cubs fan and this gives me major flashbacks to when Maddon almost blew the World Series in 2016.
Kevin Anderson
Yep. Maddon is a terrible manager, was so glad to see him leave Chicago.
Minitell Anno fa
That balk call was brutal after how they gave up the last 2 runs, ouch.
Kevin Anno fa
Lmao I can't stop laughing at Kurt Suzuki just standing there not even trying to talk to the pitcher. I mean idk maybe the pitcher wanted to be left alone, they do say a few words to each other when Kurt first comes out. Tough spot for the pitcher for sure
MIKELIN8 Anno fa
Didn't you know? Joe Maddon is a Baseball genius. He's right up there with Tony LaRussa, the man who invented baseball.
John-Del Anno fa
LaRussa didn't invent baseball - that was my great grandfather Luigi "Slats" Gabanzarelli
How about no
How about no Anno fa
Tony LaRussa, also known more colloquially as "Mr Baseball"
Memory Drain
Memory Drain Anno fa
@John-Del False. It was Abner Double LaRussa. Tony's ancestor.
Memory Drain
Memory Drain Anno fa
Tony LaRussa wrote down the Unwritten Rules during Spring of 1948. Upon completion, he then burned the Unwritten Rules to thwart anyone from knowing the Unwritten Rules.
badger14 5 mesi fa
I can only imagine how wild this must be for people who don't watch baseball
Tom Amerman
Tom Amerman Anno fa
It's Jomboy season. Love the baseball coverage.
Manuel Anno fa
I remember this happened when Bonds was up with bases loaded. But it was an intentional intentional walk
Christopher Vanasse
This is the most bizarre and hilarious breakdown and my favorite ever.
Aaron Goodwin
Nothing more difficult for a professional competitor than not being allowed to compete!
New baseball fan here from the UK. Only been watching for about 5 months, and even I was in shock watching this happen in real time. Made zero sense
Telperion Anno fa
Welcome to the game pal! Hope you're enjoying the ride so far. What's your team, if you don't mind me asking?
rt3 Chikin
rt3 Chikin Anno fa
There are a lot of moments like that in baseball. When I first started going to my universities games, there were numerous times where I was confused or outraged at a rule or action that didn’t make sense
@Telperion Rangers my friend (hence why watching). I consider myself a historian by nature so think I have a good feel for the game, I now know the major incidents, eras and players throughout history (gravitated towards Pudge Rodriquez and always been fascinated by Texan culture), so will probably spend this first year then becoming more accustom to rules, situation play and learning current players. Been watching series rather than specific games so I can learn rotations and orders a bit better. How long would you say generally it takes to get to grips fully? Been a basketball fan for 15 years and that’s a relatively simple sport, been watching Football (American Football here) for about 8 years and that took a while, but feel NFL has a lot more niche aspects to it like route running/lineman play/clock management
Jonny Danger
Jonny Danger Anno fa
It was an emotional moment for joe and his decision making lol
LongieR8er Anno fa
Welcome to Angels Baseball, reason number 1,234,897 why that Organization is one of the worst in the game, plus they waste HOF careers.
Dodgerfan Anno fa
I was at the stadium so I witnessed something way more rare than a no hitter.😅
Pacifico Studios
This is why baseball is the greatest game played. There is so much involved mentally -- even the opposing team started imagining that Madden had a devious strategy when he walked in a run with bases loaded.
Ben Anno fa
Love the Mike Trout analysis. That's why we come to Jomboy.
Timothy Meyer
“You can only do that if you do it every single time” lmao perfect explanation of the balk and how the definition can be a little confusing, it’s pretty much just all at the umpire’s discretion. That’s one call they can make where they truly have all control. It’s pretty rare to see a truly obvious balk that everyone watching can agree on.
J W Anno fa
You literally have the best channel on ITvid. It’s nice to watch a wholesome channel about a wholesome game. I thank you so much for this content.
Joshua Patrick
Man I forgot the most entertaining thing about baseball isn’t the endless waiting around by millionaires but hearing Jomboy’s forensic lip reading analyses
KYSYouTube Anno fa
Imagine being mad at the millionaires making money off their talent instead of the billionaires looting cities for their personal gain.
Joshua Patrick
@KYSITvid eh? Wtf that got to do with baseball exactly? Or do you think I am unaware of the exploitation of the masses by corporatists? I’m not, just don’t bring it up because in a game that last 3-4 hours I can watch less than 20 minutes of highlights and catch pretty much the whole thing.
Joshua Patrick
@KYSITvid Hey since 1/5 of Californians will have left by 2030 due to the century long drought, economic and sociopolitical upheaval, rampant homelessness and malfeasance of those in the government and corporate positions of power can we just get the Angels out of Anaheim and moved to Austin Texas instead? There that cover all the bases you felt needed to be covered?
Prince JellyFish
@Joshua Patrick "Wtf that got to do with baseball exactly?" uhhhhhhhhhhh
Kats Bryan
Kats Bryan Anno fa
IMO I like the pitch outs for the pass balls and odd hit.Some pitchers have a hard time controlling the ball with less speed.
Chuckee Cheeze
Great job reading lips. I would be critical if this wasn't the same guy who sent a .108 pinch hitter to the plate with 2 outs in the 9th inning, down a run, with a playoff berth on the line. Oh yeah, with bases empty. And lightning still struck for 2nd time. And, refusing to use the designated hitter, while getting two hits from your starting pitcher, and winning that game, too, was another " turn crap into gold" moment for Joe.
7.4.1776 Anno fa
WHAT A FUCKING BREAKDOWN! Well done! Jimbo is pure talent!
mymy Anno fa
I watched this live and had the same face that Trout did. Awesome lip reading, Jomboy!
I choose to believe that Jomboy sends his clips to a deaf friend of his to translate the flawless lip reads, because he’s seriously good at it.
Angels For Life
I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that we gave up a grand slam the day before. Maddon realized how much of a gut punch that was because it basically put us out of the game early. He also mentioned that he wanted to do it to “fire the guys up” which technically worked considering we won the game 🤷‍♂️
TheBatugan77 Anno fa
A "that was horseshit' free discussion by Joe Maddon. Props.
CaptainJohn Anno fa
The part with Trout. Naturally funny. Keep it it man.
Brickcloud 4 mesi fa
Thank-you for helping me learn baseball.
Anthony Anno fa
I'm sure Ohtani has already started packing. Also, the balk was because he lifted his foot and went back into the stretch. Not because of the arm.
Alex . M
Alex . M Anno fa
I was at the game and it was a total deflation of excitement when the Angels took the lead back
Brady Anno fa
Makes me so happy seeing Austin Warren on here. Even if it was a scuffed anything xD Played ball with him in high school. Good times
Marcus Anno fa
Maddon later went on to say another reason this happened was to fire up the team - the offense was pretty terrible prior to this moment. Look at the Angels since then, they took 3 out of 4 from the Rangers and later 2 out of 3 from the Astros. When the Angels make the playoffs I’ll look back at this moment and say this is when things took a major turn ✌️
Ryan Weber
Ryan Weber Anno fa
Lol I love your videos I think they are absolutely hilarious & you definitely do great break downs of what's going on & really good explanations I really enjoy these videos. However I've watched so many & never seen your face until now & now that I have you face dosent match your voice lol just funny to me. Either way I'm gonna continue to watch because your funny as hell & ya do a good job. Keep it up please.
Lonely-DmoeN Anno fa
First time I’ve seen a elbow pad actually work is what I took from this 🤣🤣🤣 @7:00
doktarr Anno fa
The best part of every Jomboy breakdown is the well synchronized lip reading.
Heavy NB Racing
I really love watching your lip reading I’D LOVE TO SEE A LIP READING of the Hand Shakes and Convo’s after a NHL Playoff series is done.. they all chat, some good, some bad but it would be SUPER INTERESTING
360Jopo Anno fa
I'll always love Maddon for the 2016 Cubs but even his craziness almost cost them a championship.
Leonard Shevlin
That 7th game became pure torture because of his absurd decisions.
Patrick McDaniel
I feel kinda the same. He was at the helm when the Cubs finally won, but I wouldn't say they won those last few games because of his managing. More like they won in spite of it. Being honest, I stopped watching game 7 when the "Cuban Missile Crisis" happened and switched to radio. I seriously couldn't fathom the idea of watching them blow game 7 in extra innings. Being a longtime Cubs fan I truly expected the worst to happen when Chapman came out looking completely gassed and relying heavily on his breaking pitches.
Jupiteral Anno fa
@Patrick McDaniel Yes, Maddon put Chapman in to pitch in game 6 with the Cubs having at least a 5 run lead. That was a real head scratcher there
Patrick McDaniel
@Jupiteral yea, he burned him when he didn't have to, but he brings a petting zoo to the clubhouse so he's a "genius." Truth is, without that rain delay in the 10th and Jason Heyward's motivational speach, they probably don't win.
I’m Joking
I’m Joking Anno fa
When is Jomboy going to come up with voices for each of the guys that are frequently in his videos? I'd love to hear him to a Joe West impression some time in one of these breakdowns.
Deathjr112 Anno fa
I’ve seen this happen normally with bases loaded one run and the losing team wants to keep it close one the last inning when their up to bat next
Danny Kobos
Danny Kobos Anno fa
I watched this game live and it’s almost a month later and I’m still mindfucked
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