Manchester Orchestra - The Silence (Official Music Video)

Manchester Orchestra
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The Million Masks Of God out now: found.ee/MO_TMMOG


Directed by Ted Roach
Produced by Lagan Sebert

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Music video by Manchester Orchestra performing The Silence. © 2018 Loma Vista Recordings., Distributed by Concord Music Group, Inc.


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12 dic 2018




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Manchester Orchestra
Your reactions to this song and video have blown our minds. There is no better feeling than when music connects to strangers and we can share it together. We love you all. Stay tuned - MO
Yasmine Offerlind
Yasmine Offerlind 25 giorni fa
You guys are pure magic. Feel the song in my whole body. I smile, cry, feel comfort and goosebumps all over. Have listen to it on repeat for hours 🙌🏽❤️💪🏼 Thank you! ❤️
Juhi Mese fa
Greetings from Northern Europe, Finland. This is so beautiful !!
Matias Scaglione
they convey peace. Thank you. greetings from Argentina.
John Pilkington
Beautiful 🎶
António Pinto
António Pinto 4 mesi fa
Beautiful, powerful, love it
Кот Калифорния
Слушаю уже много раз. Вы просто бомба! Мурашки по всему телу блин!👍👏 Браво!
chris rowlands
chris rowlands 50 minuti fa
Love it, so haunting !
Zachary Shaffer
Love it such an emotional recording session!!! Keep on keeping on!!!
h4xor Tech
h4xor Tech 16 ore fa
Check one, check two...check....... check one - two.....
GenesisH20 19 ore fa
Nineteen thousands likes and not even one single dislike. Impressive.
Grace Cradden
Grace Cradden 20 ore fa
Brad Mitchell
Brad Mitchell 20 ore fa
I cry every time, when music hits your heart...it's different, it's amazing, it's Godly
Laura Termens
Laura Termens 21 ora fa
Gracias por tanto!thank's for all🙏😊🙏❤
AntBeeCatDog 21 ora fa
I keep coming back because it gets better every time I hear it ❤️
Optimistic Brother
I love it 😘😘😘😘
Fantastic song!!!
Angel Giorno fa
This song seems to find everyone at the time when their need is most dire, thank you for this❤️
Kevin Gardner
Kevin Gardner Giorno fa
This recording is far better than the version on the album on Amazon HD Music. This recording brings out the deep emotion! Thank you so much Manchester Orchestra! Keep 'em comin'!!
Darrell B
Darrell B Giorno fa
Amazing song, really hits home for me. Thank you.
Cyriaque Marie
Cyriaque Marie Giorno fa
J'aime beaucoup votre musique
Brett DiPasquale
I've had a hard time since she took my child from me. thank you.
MrShelbyshane 2 giorni fa
It does hit home , that is for damn sure !!
Sangay Gyansapa
Sangay Gyansapa 2 giorni fa
Beautiful ❤️❤️
Happy 420 😤🍀💨🚬 .. Stay Smokin' 🎸🎶🎵🎤👑👑👑💊💉🚬🚬
I Trip on this Tune
Владимир Путин
- 👍
Martin Childs Music
Big 10+ !!!
Zedzminohy 2 giorni fa
Never in my whole life had a song such an impact on me. No words. I am speechless. Thank you.
annemow Giorno fa
Yes... discovered tonight..... absolutely heart wrenchingly beautiful. 🔥
Michael Manhillen
Michael Manhillen 2 giorni fa
Groß-artig ? / Herr-Vor-Ragend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Q von vischel
MARXLOL - Brawl stars
Wow beautiful just beautiful
Martin Machů
Martin Machů 2 giorni fa
Goosebumps everytime I listen to this song. Thank you so much for your art. I'm a bit late to finding you, but at least it happened. So calm, so emotional, every song hit my heart.
Khawla Bououni
Khawla Bououni 2 giorni fa
Heidi Fraser
Heidi Fraser 2 giorni fa
Im soooo addicted to this song.. I listen to every morning!! his voice gives me chills😍😍
Tearie T. Tekken-Wolffenn
Things that make me love this song and why it hits me to the core: 1. Every single word speaks about how I feel about him and these 10 years situations. It's a never-ending mess every time he reappears. It turns my world upside down leaving me beat down to the ground. Turn into a moveless being without any will to live. What I love about this video: The sadness and the explosion of raw emotion at the end. The bassist fills me up with life. The way he plays it's so intense. He does it with such a passion. When is this going to end Case? How do you let go of something that is not there anymore?
Luke 2 giorni fa
I have no idea why or how I ended up at this video but I'm glad I did
Brian Oconnor
Brian Oconnor 2 giorni fa
Wow, just fucking wow!!!!!
Seyhan Erasker
Seyhan Erasker 3 giorni fa
Eamonn brown
Eamonn brown 3 giorni fa
Awesome music. The way it should be
Kay 3 giorni fa
Nothing less than grandiose! ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Josh Shury
Josh Shury 3 giorni fa
Such a amazing song!! Really hits the spirit!!
Dss Koa
Dss Koa 3 giorni fa
Epigenetics and dark matter.
mandys72 3 giorni fa
Thank you
Aurora Queirós
Aurora Queirós 3 giorni fa
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Que bela viagem até ao Paraíso!! Obrigada 💚❤️🌷
jabba dabba
jabba dabba 3 giorni fa
In 2007 I saw this band in Boston at the Orpheum. They opened for black rebel motor cycle club and kings of Leon. It was incredible. I was at the front row with my friends just literally telling this band they were badass in between songs. They were nice and conversing with us. And they were so goddamn into the music it was mesmerizing. I’ll never forget it. Best concert I’ve ever been to really.
Joey Carvalho
Joey Carvalho 3 giorni fa
I just went to this concert in Boston this past week and they did not play this song. I was in complete shock when the lights came on. Such a beautiful song that we were dying to hear in person. If you ever get a chance to see them, they are a GREAT live band and I will go see every time they come up here. I just hope they don't skip out on this masterpiece next time.
Onukpa Jud
Onukpa Jud 3 giorni fa
The only song my heart yearns for everyday. It really conforts
michele torok
michele torok 3 giorni fa
Man...somebody PLEASE make this 8d 😭
Tamara Avery
Tamara Avery 3 giorni fa
My older, only, brother died unexpectedly at 40 yrs. WTF do I do.... This song helps to calm the voicees I. My head
Bad Monkey
Bad Monkey 3 giorni fa
You guys are amazing. It all hits home.
Charley Davidson
Charley Davidson 4 giorni fa
Une tuerie ce titre 🥰🥰😍
David 4 giorni fa
Listening to this to process that break up... She bruised me physicially. So 'having' to let go of her because nobody is allowed to do that to someone. Still love her into the deepest of my soul no matter what :( One cannot turn back time but I would try it a 1000 times over and over again, even if I had to experience that pain over and over again.
Brett DiPasquale
This song has fit so many different parts of my life. Including my own break up. I've never had a song that can comfort me through the hardship and uplift me to strive for the next... hope. I wish it does the same for you brother.
zoheb hasan
zoheb hasan 2 giorni fa
there with you brother
Heidi Lang
Heidi Lang 4 giorni fa
Today I heard your Song for the first Time 💖🎶🎵 the voice...the Music is Phenomenal 😍😍... .Thank you so much 🙏
Viktor Gormagon
Viktor Gormagon 4 giorni fa
вашт полет я понял и я могу
A Novi
A Novi 4 giorni fa
Whoa! Was not expecting that!
shayan farahbakhsh
shayan farahbakhsh 4 giorni fa
RobSalamander 4 giorni fa
This touches my heart, even if its shielded by stone sometimes. Songs to make grown men cry. 💜
Valerie Jewell
Valerie Jewell 4 giorni fa
What honesty sounds like......
Redenciøn 4 giorni fa
love it
Elshen Abdullayev
Elshen Abdullayev 5 giorni fa
vinos mozqaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
John Mcgeoghegan
John Mcgeoghegan 5 giorni fa
Love this song
Jamel Dugbeh
Jamel Dugbeh 5 giorni fa
I found this song few months ago but I have already played it 14,777 times! This is genius; this is quintessential emotion right here in arts!!!
Meli 5 giorni fa
Discovered it last week end thanks to my dad ! Gave me such incredible chills ! It's amazing !
That is such a chilling-down-the-spine sound and voice ;)!
jackinthekrak 5 giorni fa
I have no idea how this isn't mainstream.... Incredible song.
Ginyu Force
Ginyu Force 5 giorni fa
Sounding like REM and Metallica. Great song, I slept on it.
Florent Deplanque
Florent Deplanque 5 giorni fa
Magic and sweet 🥰 Thanks for the gift 🤗
later in the past
later in the past 5 giorni fa
so frikin good this is...
Дмитрий Рогульский
Это круто!!!👍Привет из Украины
tripower67vette 5 giorni fa
Odin x13x
Odin x13x 5 giorni fa
I've loved this song for a long time. The lyrics have especially resonated with me recently as my little girl was born. Great song from a great band!
Thomas Foster
Thomas Foster 5 giorni fa
Why doesn't this song have over a billion views? Man this hits hard!
Joel Vega
Joel Vega 5 giorni fa
Excelente cancion¡¡
Alison Watson
Alison Watson 5 giorni fa
Just discovered. OMG amazing. Totally lost in the music. One of the best songs I've ever heard x
Lisa Randolph
Lisa Randolph 5 giorni fa
That's good fucking music... That's all that needs to be said.
Cátia Gomes
Cátia Gomes 5 giorni fa
Valentin Stoqnov
Valentin Stoqnov 6 giorni fa
Intense goosebumps, you know how to get the dopamine going
The UA Music collections
How music reaches the heart, we only feel it when we listen to music, put your problem aside in this fiery world and listen to music 🎼
Umid Abdullayev
Umid Abdullayev 6 giorni fa
How music reaches the heart, we only feel it when we listen to music, put your problem aside in this fiery world and listen to music 🎼
Rainer G
Rainer G 6 giorni fa
You are so great! I love you!!!! ❤❤❤
Bernardo Zen
Bernardo Zen 6 giorni fa
Leemus White
Leemus White 6 giorni fa
Just found this amazing find
Carmelo 6 giorni fa
Veramente troppo bella, troppo
Ryan Browning
Ryan Browning 6 giorni fa
17k idiots that probably like mumble rap 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Ryan Browning
Ryan Browning 6 giorni fa
I think the truth is people love songs and music with emotion which lots of music lacks nowadays. You hit the nail on the head with this. How the hell did I just find this song? Goosebumps. Great Great song.
Peter Nicolau
Peter Nicolau 5 giorni fa
And I’m 10
Peter Nicolau
Peter Nicolau 5 giorni fa
So true
Delores Stevens
Delores Stevens 6 giorni fa
Mesmerizing besutiful❤❤💔💔🧚‍♂️🧚🏼‍♂️🎼🎼🌬🌬🌬🌬🌬
Lorraine Tackney
Lorraine Tackney 6 giorni fa
I don't think I've ever heard anything as good as this!❤
Oli Debont
Oli Debont 6 giorni fa
I don't know how I came here, but now, I stay.
Mareena Klonaridou
Mareena Klonaridou 6 giorni fa
Allways and all ways..
Daniel Engle
Daniel Engle 6 giorni fa
Gave me the same chill down my spine tonight as it did the first time I heard it 2 years ago. I can't begin to put into words how much this band has been an influence and soundtrack throughout my life, in both the darkest and happiest times. All I can say is thanks, love you guys!
Ray Hulme
Ray Hulme 6 giorni fa
Honestly one of the best songs I’ve ever heard it’s mint
Pierre Gonsalves
Pierre Gonsalves 7 giorni fa
connected with me perfectly
Abner Espinoza
Abner Espinoza 7 giorni fa
Saludos desde Ecuador 🇪🇨
Princess Cole Blues
Chills already just hearing the sound check.and then BAMMMM🎶💙🎶
Sergio Soto
Sergio Soto 7 giorni fa
Ustedes me superan. Se entiende. Lo máximo son unos ctm. De buenos.
Lene Alfheim
Lene Alfheim 7 giorni fa
Definitely one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard!❤️It sends shivers down my spine, goosebumps on my forearm and tears in my eyes🙌🏼❤️🥲 The instrumental tones, perfect drum rhythm, and the vocal! The vocal, it’s just amazing. The lyrics…so strong! This song is the proof that music really gets attached to the soul, and brings all kind of emotion to the surface🥰 All I can say is THANK YOU for this musically piece of art🙏🏻🤘🙏🏻 Love from me and Norway 🇳🇴
foto21com 7 giorni fa
Never seen a song take so long to get going.
Sean Valle
Sean Valle 7 giorni fa
Is that Anthony Jeslnik?
Der Badener
Der Badener 7 giorni fa
I came across this song while browsing. I heard the song and immediately wanted more of it. So go straight to the iT*-Store and bought the album. My personal best new discovery this year. Definitely a recommendation for me. Greetings from Germany
Daria Miłowska
Daria Miłowska 7 giorni fa
Uwielbiam ❤️
BuAdamFezadan 7 giorni fa
Gina Caldarera
Gina Caldarera 7 giorni fa
Damn… this song. It’s sooo powerful. Thank you to my friend who sent it to me who knows exactly what my taste in music is.
Anesthesiatrip 7 giorni fa
I'm pretty BPD so I've waited a long time for the day that I can cry again. Today was the day and I've listened a lot of music to make myself feel and cry out all the stuff thats been repressed for some time. Im so glad ITvid suggested this to me, its very powerful and made me feel really good although I cried almost all the way. What an amazing piece of music
Susan Piela
Susan Piela 6 giorni fa
Crying is good for the soul , I love this band they really touched my heart , So much work goes into making this song the best many hours blast it take it all in and live, California , Love these guys so much .
No Pill 4 me
No Pill 4 me 7 giorni fa
Saturday night browsing ITvid for music while drinking a few Jack Daniels. Living in Manchester UK and coming across this. Fucking magic. I grew up with Liam Gallagher in Burnage Manchester and rock music is what we loved. This is beautiful. I am hooked now.
Ron Beacom
Ron Beacom 7 giorni fa
Great song. Love the passion and his voice
jesse lehmann
jesse lehmann 8 giorni fa
i have an ex girlfriend this tune reminds me of. im gonna send it to her now.
Tisha Yadav
Tisha Yadav 5 giorni fa
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