Manchester United LIED To Get Alex Ferguson | Martin Edwards Reveals All! | The Warm Down

Stephen Howson
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Former Manchester United owner and chairman, Martin Edwards joins me on the Warm Down this week to discuss how Sir Alex Ferguson was recruited, why Batistuta wasn't signed, who we let go too soon, and why the Premier League was formed. It's all here, sit back and enjoy a great chat, with a great guest and be sure to check out his book which lifts the lid on over half a century of behind the scenes at United!

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5 nov 2017




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Commenti 261
Peter Stewart
Peter Stewart 5 anni fa
Howson this is one very best interviews of a football man ever. You are seriously good. And Martin deserves a knighthood for his killer decision to hire Fergie. A paradigm shift if ever there was one. Well done to both of yoy
I think more credit should be given for the fact he stuck with fergie when the fans and the media had decided he was taking united backwards. No club boss these days would ever stand by a manager for such a long time.
Andrew Rogers
Andrew Rogers 5 anni fa
Steven this is brilliant! Your going level to level on guests and content! Would love to have a chat with you about everything United based!
Bernaccian 5 anni fa
Well done Mr Howson. You get my vote every time for representing the true United supporter. I have followed United since 1965 and agree with your sentiments and views 95 percent of the time. I would like to ask you a question, around the 41min mark in the interview, there was a chop, you had just put across your view on having a director of football. Did Martin change your view on that, or did he take it on board and agree to table the suggestion? I hope the later! Keep up the great work, you are going places mate !!!!! P S The True Geordie is a closet Red !
Sean Murray
Sean Murray 5 anni fa
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
Didn't want to talk about it on camera
Dana K
Dana K 5 anni fa
Oh my God!This is absolute gold🏆 Know some of the stories from reading United books but to hear him tell it gives you goosebumps Well done Mr.Howson👍🏽
Ranabir Mitra
Ranabir Mitra 5 anni fa
At this rate - you'll reach a 100K pretty soon.. keep up the good work Stephen - I understand that it takes A LOT to get the required people to this Warm down podcast
FDS 5 anni fa
This is brilliant, well done. Your journalistic skills, presenting and your line of questioning have improved steadily but markedly over the past year or so. It's good to see. This guy clearly gets football and united in a way I'm not convinced the current leadership does. I also agree we have fallen behind in terms of organisation of the club compared to other big clubs. How we don't have a proper chief exec and separate Director of football/sporting director/technical director, I don't know. I'm not convinced woodward is a football man.
Sean Murray
Sean Murray 5 anni fa
Samuel Ratchford
@Stephen Howson loving your work at the minute mucker. You rarely get stuff wrong. And if you do its normally from a logical place.
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+Sean Murray cheers pal. Two mates having a pint is literally my aim for how to talk to people. Don’t wanna interrogate people init
Oscarspoem 2 anni fa
Very good interview. I was a regular supporter at the end of Big Ron, also watching the beginnings of the Ferguson era. I remember there was discord from some United fans about Sir Alex, but being at Nottm Forest when Robins got that goal, the fans seemed just delighted for Sir Alex, the press had kind of built it up that if we lost he would be sacked, so I believe he was well supported from the fan base. It’s nice that you want a manager to be given time to build something, I hope and believe Ole will build something, his signings have been really good. Brilliant about Busby, yeah to me he will always eclipse any manager, because he built this giant, Fergie restored it. So well done to you for asking good questions. Long live United, whatever our future holds, we will always be the best supported because we have amazing fans. 😀
Ian McDonald
Ian McDonald 3 anni fa
Enjoyed every minute of this interview, can’t believe it’s only got 44k views! Your missing out on a lot of great history and inside if of our great club!
Scott Saul
Scott Saul 2 mesi fa
I don't know why but I've always took a shine to Martin Edward. And think about this he is an Angel compared to what we have now🙏
Reedwaan Williams
Needed this video to unwind after the result. Thanks for reminding me how enormous a club Manchester United is and how no other English team can come close to us.
FC United Forever
Excellent interview Ste, good insight to our past and to the days when the media insight wasn't around unlike today 👍👍
ChristyMufc413 5 anni fa
Really enjoyed this, interesting to have a look at the behind the scenes at united and the possible direction the club nearly went.
Geo Man
Geo Man 2 anni fa
My favourite interview to date!! The man behind the man!! What a class act!!! Great job mr Howsen
Saif 5 anni fa
This is one of your best and most informative videos. You’re going places, lad.
Nathan 5 anni fa
This was great, thanks Stephen. Top quality content!
Ryan Birch
Ryan Birch 2 anni fa
Superb interview - hardly ever comment on ITvid videos, but as a life long United fan I stumbled across this, Amazing insight! Well done Stephen
575garden 5 anni fa
Nice one Howson. Top content once again with the kind of interviews fans want to see. I may not always agree with your views 100% of the time, but that's football isn't it. Great watch and a great channel that seems to be going from strength to strength. I know it's a tough ask but try and get Ravel Morrison boxed off if you can!
c.k 2 anni fa
Great interview, very interesting and brings back a lot of memories, well done steven
Shane Pay
Shane Pay 5 anni fa
Cheers Howson. I'm only 20 so this to me was fantastic to listen too, you really pulled one out the bag here. Truly loved it, mad respect bro.
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+Shane Pay cheers
what a life!
what a life! 5 anni fa
wow..,one of the best interview Mr.Howson..!!! Please keep doing these kind of stuffs !! you are really moving forward.., more history for new generation kids about our club.! I really enjoyed the talk with your grand dad as well !! March on on on !!
Timothy Harris
Timothy Harris 5 anni fa
Absolutely love learning about the past of the club, cheers Howson
Charles Georges
Charles Georges 5 anni fa
Timothy Harris it's normal when your present and future sucks
kg5653 5 anni fa
Jesus Howson pulling the great interviews out of the bag. Fair play.
mattyp7318 5 anni fa
Incredible interview. Hats off Howson, that was wonderful.
Fergus 2 anni fa
Other than the sound issue, a brilliant interview brimming with insights. I think you may go on to do a lot of things, Howson, but this will still be your peak moment.
Sam Airey
Sam Airey 4 anni fa
I know it was almost 12 months ago but this is a great video, great listening to how Manchester United became the club I have always known them to be 🇾🇪❤️
cDekker 5 anni fa
Solid content. Not sure about other's but Martin's volume needed to be turned up a pinch for me.
Gill Perry
Gill Perry 2 anni fa
More than a pinch! 🙄 It's almost like he's telling secrets, whispering!
Fergus 2 anni fa
Yup can't hear Martin
rocheyb1 2 anni fa
First job in any audio recording... check the levels! Radio journalist types will often ask you what you had for breakfast to make sure everyone is registering loud and clear and at similar levels to one another - and reposition you and tell you to speak up, if necessary.
Ryan Hall
Ryan Hall 5 anni fa
One of the best videos I’ve seen a while. Been watching you a very long time Stephen and this is pure brilliance more guests like these please mate (evra wink wink)
Stephen Hewitt
Stephen Hewitt 5 anni fa
What a great interview. I listen to you and Adam every day. Living in Tampa Florida, great to keep up with all thing United!!! Thanks Stephen!!
Kieran Merry
Kieran Merry 5 anni fa
Great video Stephen, a pretty insightful watch for a 17 year old united fan
Kiz Dog01
Kiz Dog01 5 anni fa
Kieran Merry me to bro 17 but know a lot
soulmonkey 5 anni fa
This is a quality conversation about Manchester United. Very good to you Howson. Me being new to the United fanatic club (Mourinho and Pogba brought me over) got a welcoming insight into the history of the club.
Dayle Anderson
Dayle Anderson 5 anni fa
Great interview Stephen. Enjoyed it very much. Well done.
Liam 5 anni fa
Brilliant interview Stephen, more like this please...
John Gary Navida
Great one Stephen, appreciate you posting stuff like this. 👍
Chris Lee
Chris Lee 4 anni fa
Great interview Steve! In my opinion Matt Busby was the best manager ever and is not credited no where near enough, he really did put United on the map and was an incredible person! You really touched on some very interesting points there mate, Knighton deal, Cantona deal, Brian Kidd suggested signing of Sheringham, how the Champions league started, Batistuta none deal (I was so desperate for us to sign him) but I was just curious to see all these months later how you feel about Mourinho staying on now and being given more time? Personally I am against him spending our money when he has yet to get the best out of his signings Pogba, Sanchez, Lindolf and of course Miki. I honestly think we have the players to play a United brand of football and win trophies but we don't have the manager who knows or wants to play our brand of football and I to very honest I really can not climb over that personal barrier mate! I am not convinced the players believe in Mourinho anymore also and I think our successful 2016/17 season was largely due to Ibra and not just his goals but the fact his teammates looked at him as our leader and believed we could always win with him in our starting line up. Love to get thoughts mate but once again congrats on a job well done, a really top notch interview mate!
ManUtdFanatics - Official
Great interview! Very insightful. I know it is not what this video is about, but as a Hungarian, I was surprised that Mr. Edwards knew some stats about Puskás. A small suggestion: It could be good to have a link to amazon in the description so those of who are interested could find the book quicker. Thanks for the book recommendations : Gonna chech out Mr. Edwards` book, Duncan Edwards: The Greatest as well and since you were talking about Sir Matt Busby, just found this new book which is called - Sir Matt Busby: The Definitive Biography.
hmoham 5 anni fa
If I remember correctly, Martin Edwards was not very popular with the fans early on, many felt he didn't earn the position, and he was only there for the money. (The Media didn't help matters either, and he was a easy target.) I also remember how some fans were gutted when the buyout fell through. You have to give him props though, he turned the club around, stuck with SAF when even then many clubs would have sacked him. Great video mate, one of the best interviews I've seen in a while, it's not often you get people talk so openly in interviews, and that was a amazing insight into how the club was run,, You should get Big Ron next.
G M 6 mesi fa
I don't think it would be good for both Ste or Ron to do it as likely get picked up by the press and stir up a hornets' nest neither want.
Nadim 5 anni fa
I would ask him if he wishes to talk about the incident - and then let him speak it out - no follow up questions, let him put his story forward and end it - I would imagine he wants to get it off his chest!
hmoham 5 anni fa
Yeah that would be a tricky situation, all I can think is asking him if he's OK being asked about the incident before hand, maybe ask him about his regrets regarding the incidents, and how that changed him...or something along that line. No idea mate.
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+hmoham I’ve got Ron’s phone number. But I am unsure how to tackle the racist comments he made. I can’t ignore them. But I don’t know how to bring them up. Stuck.
CageChat MMA
CageChat MMA 5 anni fa
This was class! Absolute class, we gotta be careful, if BBC see this, we might lose Howson... Think this may be the best video you've done!
DUARTE 5 anni fa
This was fantastic! Great job Howson.
Brian Walsh
Brian Walsh 5 anni fa
This is your best yet Howson! Absolutely loved it
excellent interview keep it up howson would love to see more of these sort of videos
Shrey Iyengar
Shrey Iyengar 5 anni fa
wow. Hats off Howson. this is the kind of video that deserves 1 mill likes and i hope you get em. Brilliant Content. Love it.
benny walsh
benny walsh 5 anni fa
I remember Sir Bobby being interviewed after the league win in 1993 that the team Fergie had built could dominate for 10 years. Right prediction other than severe underestimation of length of time.
Ethan D
Ethan D 2 anni fa
Fantastic interview Ste, fascinating insight from Mr Edwards
Simon Tomlinson
Simon Tomlinson 2 anni fa
Bloody excellent interview mate. He seems like a very nice man.
Kyle Stanton
Kyle Stanton 5 anni fa
Excellent Podcast Stephen! Thanks!
Philip Burns
Philip Burns 5 anni fa
Number 14 on the trending page, well done mate, smashing job as usual! 👍🏼
Dan B
Dan B 2 anni fa
I’m not a united fan but this was very interesting. Imagine a manager today going to the chairman like Atkinson did and then being backed! Different world of football. A story like Ferguson can never happen now. He would be fired within those three underperforming seasons today.
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell 5 anni fa
Your greatest interview, Lad! Brilliant!
Andy Likes Stuff
Remember watching the Dortmond champions league games and KING CANTONA was out of sorts in both games could tell something was gonna happen with him that season I always remember thinking he played better in Prem than Europe
Alex Youdell
Alex Youdell 5 anni fa
Fascinating interview. Will definitely be buying the book. M.U.F.C
Shezaad Karim
Shezaad Karim 5 anni fa
Wow. That was a brilliant listen on my way to work. So much insight, well done Mr Howson! Could you please line up David Gill and Fergie next ;)
Nirmalya Basu
Nirmalya Basu 5 anni fa
Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed the video! Well done Howson! ☺️
MANU-TONYO 2 anni fa
Excellent mate, Easily the best hour of my day. Thanks a lot :)
xAlexHDx1 5 anni fa
Great video mate, must have been great to listen to Edwards, guy knows a lot about Football!
Crazy Madness
Crazy Madness 5 anni fa
i really like these podcasts keep it going howson
Christopher O Toole
Brilliant, keep this quality content coming !!
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling 3 anni fa
I was part of the Fergie out brigade in the autumn of 1989. I went to our game against spurs in the 3rd round of the league cup in October 1989 and we got beat 3-0 and it was depressing. The following game was a 2-1 win over Southampton at Old Trafford. We were so inconsistent that season, I didn’t know what I was going to see from one game to the next. Shows what I know though!!!
Billy Big time
Billy Big time 2 anni fa
Martin is still extremely sharp for his age and had a good memory still very interesting watch
Richard Stainer
Richard Stainer 5 anni fa
I love this game, I love your work and I love this club.
Andy Trimbee
Andy Trimbee 5 anni fa
Another great post Howson, keep up the good work
Troy Randles
Troy Randles 5 anni fa
Thoroughly enjoyed this very informative and entertaining!
Calzone 5 anni fa
this is top Ste, thank you for making this. absolute mint.
Paul Ashton
Paul Ashton 5 anni fa
I'm so glad Michel knighton never got the sale it could of changed everything at utd I don't believe we would have been as succesful Martin is a legendary figure here at Utd and we should never forget that.
Scottie Doesntknow
Great chat,watching from USA.Come on United!I'd love to chat sometime about what it's like here as a fan.
Matty M
Matty M 2 anni fa
good to see Stephen interview Michael Palin.🤣 Genuinely Martin is an absolute legend, I wish he was still running tings at Old Trafford.
Dr Sprigs
Dr Sprigs 5 anni fa
Brilliant , loving these interviews
Geeky Stuff
Geeky Stuff 5 anni fa
Wicked video! Loved listening to Martin's point on things ! :)
Salford 6
Salford 6 2 anni fa
How have I only just seen this video 🙈 great interview Howson 👍🏻
What a man he was, I'm an Aberdeen fan and I'm glad Aberdeen got mentioned in this video as most people don't care about his history before he joined man united
G M 6 mesi fa
Couldn't have been offered the job without those massive achievements. United are also lucky SAF turned down Arsenal a few months earlier as well.
G M 6 mesi fa
Couldn't have been offered the job without those massive achievements. United are also lucky SAF turned down Arsenal a few months earlier as well.
Tejas Mohite
Tejas Mohite 4 anni fa
All united fans know he beat madrid
Sean Murray
Sean Murray 4 anni fa
I remember..what Aberdeen did in Europe was immense given their position against the elite clubs. Aberdeen rocked back then!
Nick Mitchell
Nick Mitchell 5 anni fa
All football fans, especially United fans know what the gaffer did!
Rajan Kalirai
Rajan Kalirai 5 anni fa
Great video man keep the content up!
Simon Brown
Simon Brown 5 anni fa
Brilliant interview Mr Howson
Domestos Bleach
Domestos Bleach 5 anni fa
Absolutely Banging Howson mate, keep up the great work sannnnnnnn
Brian McDonnell
Brian McDonnell 5 anni fa
Howson growing into the greatest, most intelligent and passionate football channel on ITvid!
Brian McDonnell
Brian McDonnell 5 anni fa
+Stephen Howson true in my books though!
Football 5 anni fa
Stephen Howson F
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+Brian McDonnell that’s a bold claim, sir 😂
Simon Rourke
Simon Rourke 5 anni fa
Quality interview Stephen. What are the chances of you getting a face to face with Sir Alex?
Simon Rourke
Simon Rourke 5 anni fa
Stephen Howson FC that would be incredible, sure you'll get it sorted one day.
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+Simon Rourke I have a list of my dream guests. Eric Fergie Sir Bobby And I’m working on all of them.
Simon Rourke
Simon Rourke 5 anni fa
Stephen Howson FC so you’re saying there’s a chance!
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
I think about 0.001%
Arthur Karlsson
Arthur Karlsson 5 anni fa
Bang on the money.. Top guest and a great interview..
Joe Bruce
Joe Bruce 2 anni fa
Great interview Howson!
Callum Flanagan
Callum Flanagan 5 anni fa
41:34 I think you are basically describing my dream job Mr Edwards
darrentod 5 anni fa
Hey Steve, great video! One question though. I noticed you didn't ask him about the Glazer takeover. Did he not want to talk about that on camera?
Stephen Howson
Stephen Howson 5 anni fa
+darrentod it was after his time. But no, there was a couple of things he didn’t wanna talk about. That being one.
Michael Hull
Michael Hull 5 anni fa
Great video Steve, really enjoyed it.
Stephen Fegan
Stephen Fegan 5 anni fa
Awesome interview man 👍👍
20 Times Man United
#19 on trending, well deserved.
Nenad Radosavljević
Mr. Edwards and his colleagues form that board then seem uniquely qualified to scout for and select Man Utd managers. They should get back together, brainstorm for a month or two, and come up with Mourinho's successor. Man Utd should have that lined up already. Get "the band" back together and find us another Sir Alex Ferguson.
Texas Steve
Texas Steve 5 anni fa
Very well done interview, your questions were on point and the flow was really good. Test those mics out next time, had to turn it up while he spoke and turn it down when you did. Still great video
Jonathan Royston-Ford
I think this is your best interview so far
Sean Collins
Sean Collins 3 anni fa
Good interview well done.
Colin_9855 5 anni fa
what a fantastic interview. thanks a lot mate. your questions and responses were perfect. i am a lifelong supporter of THE BEST TEAM IN THE WORLD, firstly from the 1966 world cup when i first saw Bobby Charlton and Nobby Styles. I remember the wilderness years, all he wanting and yearning for success, the rivalry with liverpool and the second coming of alex fergusson. it has been such a wonderful passion of mine for so long. i have never seen such a great interview with martin edwards. it was so on the money. thanks again stephen.
Bramish EU
Bramish EU 5 anni fa
Amazing... Tho i wish youd asked him his opinion on the snake Kenyon leaving with years of scouting and work to a rival club... He wasnt chair then but ill bet he was raging
Andrew McMahon
Andrew McMahon 5 anni fa
great interview very interesting watch and martin is gentleman
Nathaniel 5 anni fa
This was most excellent Mr. Howson.
Kevin Shanahan
Kevin Shanahan 2 anni fa
Why does everyone talk about sacking their manager after losing to Watford. They lost 5-1 but so did Chelsea and Spurs that season.
Nicolangelo Dulce
Howson getting taught by Edwards. interesting stuff from Edwards
Stuart Scott
Stuart Scott 2 anni fa
It always baffled me why van da sar went to Fulham and didn’t replace the Great Dane now we know👍
Tenka Musō
Tenka Musō 5 anni fa
Outstanding, another classic Ste!
MellowCee 5 anni fa
Absolute class this 👏🏼
Shiva Invalidos
Shiva Invalidos 5 anni fa
Awesome interview!
Captain long smock
Fantastic interview Bro.
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