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Look back and enjoy Manu Ginobili’s game-winning 👌 from May 6, 2013‼️ #NBATogetherLive
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30 apr 2020




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Darien Mcneil
Darien Mcneil 3 mesi fa
I am a baseball fan at heart, but I do follow the NBA during playoff time. I enjoyed watching this game because Curry is such a pure shooter. He has such poise and skill.
yung drew
yung drew 3 anni fa
Man I cant believe people call the Spurs boring, they have so many great historic games.
Max Pain
Max Pain 2 anni fa
You wanna watch your star players do lay ups and text book post moves or do you wanna watch james or kobe take it to the hole.
yung drew
yung drew 2 anni fa
@Max Pain I want to watch good games come down to the wire, all the flashy stuff is extra.
Mr.Stephen A
Mr.Stephen A 2 anni fa
@yung drew Preach!
Rick E
Rick E 2 anni fa
@Max Pain meanwhile, boring ass Spurs swept James in 07 and Kobe/Shaq in 99🤣
@Max Pain cringe
Breaking Benjamin #1 Fan
I remember this amazing game!! Such a great game!! Good ol' days. Love my spurs
Dave789 2 anni fa
Facts bro
gor9027 2 anni fa
The Spurs were apart of some great playoff games this season, 2014, & 2015 yet inexplicably still got called boring.
VArsovski10 2 anni fa
Did the media i.e. SAS do that ? :P, cause there's no other explanation..
Daniel Martinelli
Daniel Martinelli
San Antonio when Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobli came they completely changed the franchise
Allen Greene
Allen Greene 10 mesi fa
Its been only 10 Years but yet this Game and the NBA back then felt like it was longer than that 😮😮😮😮 The Crowds seemed so live back then🔥🔥🔥🔥
9 years ago today. Still one of the greatest playoff games ever.
F P Anno fa
I'm drinking watching this🤣.. my all time favorite athlete and meet him twice been on a Manu binge watching tonight 😂
OneofAKind 13
OneofAKind 13 3 anni fa
Tony Parker was on fire that game! Best Spur that game. But man Curry really showed us how special he was and is.
HL45 2 anni fa
Can we just appreciate the fact that the Spurs made a 16 point comeback in just 3:57 minutes without Duncan🙌🏼
Anitha Gopidi
Can we appreciate the fact that no one cares and warriors are about to win another championship
Diego Abdo
Diego Abdo Anno fa
@Anitha Gopidi que haces aquí si no te importa. Vete a llorar a otra parte
Steven T Taylor
@Anitha Gopidi yet you're watching the Warriors lose to a better Spurs team 10 years later lmao
Zephlyn Nation
@Steven T Taylor you look like a clown Warriors won a ring just recently lmao this def ain’t age well
Steven T Taylor
@Zephlyn Nation That's irrelevant - the Spurs kicked their ass and still would with those guys in their primes. Celtics are horrible competition.
After seeing the title, I searched for Manu in the end of the 4th quarter. Then I looked for him in the end of the 1st overtime and then I realized that this beast is going to win this game on the 2nd overtime!!! Wow! What a game
Pete Kay
Pete Kay 8 mesi fa
When I was in the military, I met Manu -- in person -- at a local Best Buy. He was perusing the laptop section with his girl. He was such a nice, genuine dude. Even entertained my awfully timed request to say hi to a friend of mine (big MG fan) on my cell phone. I'll never forget it. Thank you Manu for the memory.
Roque Brito dos Santos
O maior jogador sulamericano da NBA!
Y e a h🇧🇷
Steph Curry had 44 points and 11 assists in that game. A great performance.
BG Brothers Gaming
not really a great performance, but his best
Cauden 10 mesi fa
@BG Brothers Gaming it was for him not for his team.
Purwanti Allan
Purwanti Allan 3 anni fa
Ginobili always epic in terms of clutch shots.
Marco Dragneel
Sixth man is an underappreciated and overlooked role
Angeles Torres
Angeles Torres 4 mesi fa
WTF? How many clutch shots do you think he was allowed to take? Someone like Steve Kerr made bigger shots, and more often
Angeles Torres
Angeles Torres 4 mesi fa
​@Marco Dragneel For a reason 😁
Вячеслав Яковенко
Игра Топ, топ, огнище просто.🔥🔥🔥 Старые добрые времена СА. На опыте и характере затащили. Джиииинооообииилиииииии... Вспомнил заодно, что в том сезоне на скамеечке СА сидел сам Ти Мак, так гайку хотел, на последок человек, жаль чутка не срослось. Карри молодой совсем, 10 лет назад уже Топчиком был. Феноменальную игру конечно выдал.
LOGA Sports
LOGA Sports 3 anni fa
Manu is a living legend
Ernie Estrada
Angeles Torres
Angeles Torres 4 mesi fa
only in his country
Rishabh Tripathi
Greats in the making, Leonard and Curry!
Fingering Things
I miss Manu, Timmy, and Tony. Hope someone on the spurs could fill their gap
Adam Ellis
Adam Ellis 3 anni fa
For real. We're all so comfortable with the Spurs being good since they've been quality since they got David Robinson back in the day. I think the Spurs might go through a period of time where they're not as good, and that'll be totally weird to see.
rogerthat 3 anni fa
There won't be any group that can fill the void left by the big3+young Kawhi. What a run they had...
Eddie 3 anni fa
Strange feeling to not have a really solid Spurs team, hope Aldridge and the rest get it together and become a championship contending team.
QuanAI 11 mesi fa
Then I looked for him in the end of the 1st overtime and then I realized that this beast is going to win this game on the 2nd overtime!!!
VIP 3 anni fa
WHAT A SHOT BY GREENE! nice from manu to seal it but he was open that shot by greene right before was incredible huge contest I thought it was gonna be way off
H0DL THE D0R Mese fa
13yrs later what an amazing screaming voice that fan had. Amazing 😅
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 3 anni fa
I was at a convention in San Diego watching this in a hotel room by myself. So memorable! I should’ve drank everything out of the mini fridge now that I think about it... had Klay not fouled out I probably would’ve
We need a condensed version of this epic game. For some reason no one has done a “full game highlights” video for this one yet.
Jaylen Stephens
Okoklkokokokokokokokokokokoklkokokl I love aww ug
Angeles Torres
Angeles Torres 4 mesi fa
Still too boring for you? 😂 Bruhhh it's the Spurs, it doesn't get more entertaining than this 🤣 Trust us, the NBA looked all over 😭
P.V. Louis
P.V. Louis 3 mesi fa
Look up “Finish to remember spurs vs warriors” that one is condensed into 3 mins
Damar Fadlan
Damar Fadlan 2 anni fa
Ginobili has some of the TOP QUALITY 3PT CLUTCH SHOTS.
R C 2 anni fa
Not clutch free throws tho
Luciano Ribero
@R C Yes he has . 05 finals for example he won the series with free throws. It was just one game in his whole career en 2013.
Angeles Torres
Angeles Torres 4 mesi fa
​​@Luciano Ribero same thing with his so-called "clutch 3-point shotS", he makes 1 and suddenly 🤡s everywhere calling him the 🐐
maria jose Sosa hdez
Waoouu! Play-playing. Adrenalina puré.
Bariane Lozano
Bariane Lozano 3 mesi fa
one of the best games in nba history
Pop Stunna
Pop Stunna 2 anni fa
Danny Green an amazing playoff performer
Jaime A. Mendoza III
I remember where I watched Manu Ginobili and the among Spurs,In every series, playoffs or finals, Have got the bench,But he's a bench as a Secret Weapon....😎
Tenshi 3 anni fa
Please give us some 2014 spurs game! I just want to watch this again
SS 3 anni fa
Gone are the days of a frontcourt like Ezeli and Bogut starting in a playoff game together
sivervipa 2 anni fa
Baby Warriors vs Baby Kawai and the veteran Spurs. I think Pop out coached Mark pretty well in this series.
TheRealPVC Anno fa
Baby warriors vs veterans Spurs and baby kawhi. It should be in that order Kawhi Leonard was a role player back then.
Big Brain Alert! Podcast
Manu revolutionized the game
Lance Clayton
Greatest to touch the leather both sides of the floor. All "go" from Ginobili
michael Rodriguez
Defense and superior coaching.
Luca Garzeli
Luca Garzeli Anno fa
There's no many difference between a complete calamity switching defensively (me) and Jarrett Jack. Danny Green & Manu knocked clutch 3's because of defensive unfitness of that guy 😅 oh man. And Mark Jackson, if Kley is fouled out, put Bazemore defending the shooter or whoever you want, except Jack 😂
Sav Bee
Sav Bee Anno fa
One of the best games I ever watched and I have to give a shout out to that girl who was screaming her ass off toward the end. That shit made it more epic. 🤣🤣
Robert Hanief
Robert Hanief 3 mesi fa
I remember seeing this game and thinking the Warriors had the foundation of a good team.
Ibnziyad Tariq
Ibnziyad Tariq 3 anni fa
Ahh those were the days, were GS was developing, we win by the draft and chemistry, not by collecting superstars, the only big addition was KD.
88GURP 3 anni fa
Baaaaam that part
J B Anno fa
Kd gone and warriors win again
Ibnziyad Tariq
@J B yuuup, less goo for the 2 peat
Dimitrios Kappa
Dimitrios Kappa 3 anni fa
Great game..Curry was amazing!!
Zaphod Beeblebrox
if you want to watch this but don't wanna waste a lot of time. just skip to 1:26:00 this really is a good game. great effort by the young warriors
Hector Lencina
Hector Lencina 2 anni fa
Te amamos Manu 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
mertinho Anno fa
that third quarter from curry is insane
Richie Mulbrook
Richie Mulbrook 3 mesi fa
Amazing game! Go Spurs Go! Almost forgot about the screaming lady
KlassicLoL Anno fa
Despite the loss, this Curry guy was pretty good. He might turn into something
Calvin Chu
Calvin Chu Anno fa
that was the great SPurs team with Duncan, Parker, Manu, Diaw and Kawhi
Hank Wu
Hank Wu 3 anni fa
OMG~~~ What A Great Game!!!
Joseph Viernes
Joseph Viernes 2 anni fa
Damn how can you forget this game if it is ingrained on to your eardrums
Veer Chasm
Veer Chasm 3 anni fa
Jarret Jack playing extended minutes over a fouled out Klay is probably why the Dubs lost this to my Spurs. He was a liability on defense and dribbed/shot way too much which played into the Spur’s defense
Raven reyes
Raven reyes 2 anni fa
Damn missing Manu and Timmy so much #GSH
Levi Youler
Levi Youler Anno fa
I hate seeing Steph loose but damn give it up to the old heads cause the Spurs showed out 😝😝💯💯
Audri Williams
Audri Williams 8 mesi fa
So no one is going to mention how clutch Jared Jack was this game?!
Bmick 3 anni fa
I forgot how epic this was
mertinho Anno fa
i wish nba games were actually like this. no commercial break every two minutes, no overly long timeouts. just ball game, 2 hours or less, instead of a 4 hour broadcast
TheMohAs 3 anni fa
"HERE'S GINNOBLI FOR 3" Flight: "ayy look at Curry man, where Curry at??"
K B 3 anni fa
There's something very unhealthy with his love of Curry.
Lou 3 anni fa
yo name best commentator ever
Hoops and Sports
@K B or maybe your hate for curry?
nick jones
nick jones Mese fa
Every time I start thinking experience doesn’t matter I come back to this game
Drsamw Pepper
Drsamw Pepper 7 mesi fa
If Manu dosnt hit that 3,it would've been a Grizzlies-Warrios WCF...9 years before we hated each other.
Levi Youler
Levi Youler Anno fa
We were getting a taste of what Curry was cooking 😁😁🤪💯💯💯👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻#GOAT
Daniel Shih
Daniel Shih Anno fa
true confidence is missing your last 7 shots and still going for the game-winning 3
Akibaxv Anno fa
I'm at 5mins left in 4th quarter and I'm wondering how did we blow a 14 point lead😭
no thanks
no thanks Anno fa
If you've never watched the 1999-2014 spurs it happens.
john smith
john smith Anno fa
@no thanks yah good and bad funny spurs was always labeled boring but some of the craziest moments in nba happened in there games/ playoff series.
Dally Montenegro
a lot of times, these games are long enough in the past that i cant remember the results. think about taking the result out of the titles and letting us be more enrapt as it develops
Promethium 3 anni fa
2:01:45 manus game winning shot
yopuyt 3 anni fa
isidoro ambasch
isidoro ambasch 2 anni fa
i miss you Manu
elrito1 3 anni fa
I love that the NBA is posting these classic games! Lets take it one step further and not give a Spoiler in the title. I wanna be surprised.
Dro 3 anni fa
Thomas Solomon
Thomas Solomon 3 anni fa
Yes!!! I've just been binge watching them.
Jay Maccin
Jay Maccin 2 anni fa
Jay Maccin
Jay Maccin 2 anni fa
Red Anno fa
The 1st game of basketball I ever watched, been a Spurs fan ever since. And am from Houston LOL.
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz 3 anni fa
Ya know, more people would watch these if you guys didn’t give the ending away in the title. I know it’s an older game, but one many haven’t seen, or don’t remember, and could garner some suspense out of the ending. You could just say “thriller ending,” or “great Manu game,” not Manu hits three to win...
Dalton Bolser
Dalton Bolser 3 anni fa
Jon Jonzz i mean the game is from 2013 so if you havent seen it by now....then well idk 🤣🤣
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz 3 anni fa
Dalton Bolser re-read original comment again.
Jon Jonzz
Jon Jonzz 3 anni fa
Their social media/ITvid guy should be fired is all I’m saying. It’s bad form
Dalton Bolser
Dalton Bolser 3 anni fa
May 6, 2013...also the same day I left for Basic Training! crazy how time flies by!
Leon CatchMe
Leon CatchMe 3 anni fa
Love this!!! Ginobliiiii!!!!!
Lee Roy
Lee Roy 3 anni fa
what a play run by Coach Pop
Lucas Suassuna
Lucas Suassuna 3 anni fa
Damn, Dell Curry going through tough times after his son scores his 38th point of the game 1:21:18
jfk_diesel xXx
jfk_diesel xXx 3 anni fa
2013-14 were the growing pains of the next dynasty(GSW)....
HOPE GAMING 3 anni fa
Started from the bottom and now they were there
Donadoni Music
Donadoni Music 2 anni fa
It’s funny that now in 2021 you’re watching the crowd rather than the game lol
Sonny V
Sonny V 3 anni fa
Was there...Left the game in the 4qtr. Listened to the comeback on the radio on the way home. Not the dumbest thing I've ever done, but close.
Sonny V
Sonny V 2 anni fa
@emiliovega21 Yup, sure wished that I had stayed because the 'Fun' NBA is gone forever
emiliovega21 2 anni fa
@Sonny V I felt that 😭
Micah Bell
Micah Bell Anno fa
Coach Pop last play is beautiful
Nacho Lucero
Nacho Lucero 2 anni fa
Logan H
Logan H 3 anni fa
They didn't have to call this the "Manu’s Game-Winning 👌" game. They could've just called it "Tim Duncan's flu game" or "the screaming Lady game" Good game tho
Bad Karma
Bad Karma 3 anni fa
Or look at curry
Logan H
Logan H 3 anni fa
Wow 😂
Ramon Anzures
Ramon Anzures 3 anni fa
Screaming lady game sounds perfect 🤣
TRO LLER 2 anni fa
If spurs roster is in thier prime..no one can defeat them in their homecourt..
Carlos Rodriguez
27:32 shout out Harrison Barnes picking him up at the time I bet everybody hated the spurs with all their hearts
g_superson1c 3 anni fa
looking back it seems crazy for the warriors to ever have had ezeli AND bogut in that starting lineup since neither of them can spread the floor
George Daugherty
Yeah Mark Jackson was NOT a good coach. He insisted that Klay had to do several post ups a game to "establish his presence". That's stupid, no matter what era. It's night and day the offenses of Kerr and Jackson. Lots of standing around and single action plays and isos whereas Kerr's offense has constant motion and uses a combo of Princeton, Triangle, and Spurs motion offense principles that unlocked the potential of that core.
LH de Souza
LH de Souza 3 anni fa
Manu was not having a good game, but was he clutch
Bobby February
Bobby February 2 anni fa
Go Spurs Go 💯👌🏼
Sangay Nyima
Sangay Nyima 2 anni fa
Back when I told everyone my fav player was Steph and no one hop on the bandwagon 😔
david colunga
Damn hearing LMFAO in the arena....those were the days and curry wasn't even CHEF CURRY yet in his baby face assassin days 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 sheeesshh
Thánh Tán Gái
great game
G Leong
G Leong 3 anni fa
If somebody had told me in 2013 that the Warriors would win 73 games in the regular season 3 years later, I would slap that person with a Bible. looking back how crazy it must have been to see so much improvement in such a short period of time under Coach Kerr. got to respect that organisation even as a Spurs fan, though I still very much dislike the Steph Curry imitators.
Tamp Anno fa
no one talking about how kawhi is holding curry for dear life on the final possession and how he was not called for a foul?!?
F P Anno fa
Relaxe sweetheart.. 😂
idahoan dude
idahoan dude 3 anni fa
Putting kawhi on curry in the 4th changed the game
Adam Davis
Adam Davis Anno fa
Bad defense he was wide tf open. He's one of the most underrated players to ever get drafted
gibstuh Anno fa
Ginobili!!!!!! 🏀
Nathan Dizon
Nathan Dizon 3 anni fa
I remember this was curry first time playing in these playoffs, So Sick! They defeated Denver on first round where Iggy was on, after he join the warriors the next year. Where they loss to Clippers in a game 7. Got Steve Kerr and rest is history....
musfun 2 anni fa
wait wdym, curry was hurt thru the first round?
torpedospurs 2 anni fa
Yeah first glimpse in the playoffs of what Curry could do. Then Klay Thompson showed what he could do in Game 2.
YC99 Official
YC99 Official 2 anni fa
this spurs dynasty (and duncan in the goat debates) is underrated tbh
L'Ours Amer
L'Ours Amer 3 anni fa
Tony Parker's Game-Winning!!
Raymart Adan
Raymart Adan 3 anni fa
that last play of popovich 🤦‍♂️
Maolen Vin Pelaez
2:01:40 Oh man Manu
Turkey Anno fa
Dick Stockton was a chill announcer, forgot about that dude
WildDanHibiki 3 anni fa
Manu with the head scratching 3 with 11 seconds left on the clock. Then makes up for it with the game winning 3. That's just the type of player that he was lol
Ray 3 mesi fa
That contested 3 was as close as u gone get to defense wasn't no foul but see why they called foul 7:40 kawhi
Joshua Lay
Joshua Lay 3 mesi fa
Look at Curry, Thompson, and Green. Legends in the making.
ivanbeloqui 3 anni fa
I' m desperately searching the 1991 Game 3 First Round between San Antonio Spurs vs Golden State Warriors. ¿Some body of you know where could I download it? Many thanks in advance
Gerardo Manzo
Gerardo Manzo 2 anni fa
This was when I knew the warriors were in the come up
Ken Farlez
Ken Farlez 2 anni fa
times when the splash brothers weren’t a thing yet and just getting started 💯
Cheldo Sarmiento
Spurs should of lost that game and series
Queefff The Challenger
@Cheldo Sarmiento the series ? Lmao 😂
Edmar Jason Lorzano
Probably Spurs in 7, still Curry was impressive to get his team at this point.
Cheldo Sarmiento
@Queefff The Challenger ya they lost game 2 if I remember
Pfanzers 2 anni fa
god i remember this series as a Spurs fan, I was honestly scared of them bc of this series. Killers
Blake Tucker
Blake Tucker Anno fa
Now he is in the HOF
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