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Manual Dough sheeter | Table model
Bakery Machines and Equipment | Sinmag Europe
Manual dough sheeter.
Ideal for the "semi professional baker"!
User-friendly adjustment of sheeting thickness from 0 to 50 mm.
Equipped with professional steel rollers and scrapers.
Provided with a flour bin.
Tablets in stainless steel can be raised.
Very suitable for sheeting decoration made out of fondant icing and marzipan.
Ideal for laminating puff pastry, croissants, and other kinds of dough.

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1 mar 2018




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Diana A. Sai
Diana A. Sai Mese fa
Nice is in Ghana?
Agus Surya
Agus Surya 2 mesi fa
Is it available in indonesia?
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ramas Álvarez
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