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Mariah Carey - With You (Live from the American Music Awards)

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11 ott 2018

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Commenti 7 903
thiago oliveira
Every Mariah song has a time that marked it and it is difficult to choose a single music for that reason since the 90s they are successful until today for twenty years since their first album in the whole world including here in Brazil
dennys samero
dennys samero 2 ore fa
Eu entro em êxtase com a voz dessa mulher ❤️
Aliekfarsey Masukat
she can't sing nahhhh...😍😍😍 where is the media now- CTTO
Ariel Santibañez CPC
Me encanta Mariah Carey, en Chile te esperamos
Pablo Rojas R
Pablo Rojas R 2 ore fa
She is the Queen... Beautiful Eyes.. Amazing Smile 😍
Paolo Coniglio
What a great performance finally well choreographed, you can see this was properly prepped and rehearsed Clearly she hired professional management now The Stella days of bad performances are hopefully behind her now!
queen wavy
queen wavy 3 ore fa
Hivanvv 3 ore fa
Tan bella y talentosa!
Thulani Thamane
I looooov you
photo j's
photo j's 4 ore fa
Oh, THE LEGEND QUEEN IS BACK AGAIN!!!!! 😍 Thanks for bringing the music back Mimi 😘
Amal Alaoui
Amal Alaoui 5 ore fa
Steven DSB
Steven DSB 5 ore fa
Stop playback please! You are able to do a lot better!!!
Bresha Nicholson
Who else was focused on the dancing 😂💓
Ahmad Young
Ahmad Young 5 ore fa
98% Vocal 2% Sexy but elegan Mariah did so well
Charlotte Toogood
unfortunately she is miming.. the only live part was the very beginning.. before the verse started..
Tomás Delgado Sánchez
Mariah is the best, she only does GOOD MUSIC, appreciate it! Her voice will never die
Jordan Guerra
Jordan Guerra 6 ore fa
Yes Queen we didn’t deserve this!!!! 💜
larenzohunt 6 ore fa
Damn I hope this was truly a LIVE vocal,...she sounds amazing!! Haven't heard her sound this smooth, controlled, and measured in a LONG TIME!!
Celestina Verlaluz Guzman
That hand gesture when singing ,😍🤩
Jennifer Isagon
Even the whispery notes are heavenly perfect. Im eternally in LOVE "WITH YOU" Mariah, Im Richard Nicolas Isagon from Pasig Philippines and you will " AlWAYS BE MY BABY" :)
Cleiton Henrique
nipslo blum
nipslo blum 8 ore fa
Absolutely Amazing.
jeanette dale
jeanette dale 8 ore fa
Whiskers on kittens
All that really matters is she's happy and healthy 💓💓💕
aiman reacho
aiman reacho 9 ore fa
She just gained back her throne..sweet r n b diva..
wu aaron
wu aaron 9 ore fa
The entire song is lip synch. Every note is exactly same as in the recorded single version especially every note is technically balanced and remastered by sound engineering software. How can somebody sing out any sound digitally remastered real time? ! Some people may say this is an easy song for her so she doesn’t need to lip. No, it is not an easy song for anyone. Though there is less belting, but there are so many tone changes which have much higher requirements on vocal flexibility. This song sounds like a mature version of I stay in love. Beautiful song beautiful tone . I appreciate her great talent as a song writer and one of greatest vocal artists of all time. but this is not live singing. She freestyles the very first phrase of the opening live which is before 00:23, to give this a sense of live, but the rest of the whole song is play-back of the recording.
Aaron Dorado
Aaron Dorado 9 ore fa
tears on this song .. really amazing
danillo angelino
Beatifull músic 😍
Luna-Tic 9 ore fa
Biiiish this performance was everything
Kentory Jam
Kentory Jam 10 ore fa
That combo hand gesture @ 1:29 was so effin powerful @ that exact moment of the song. I got emotional. Honey, you have to have gone thru some ish with a man to be able to understand!!
Adailson Santiago
Adoro ver quando um artista consegue ser o que sempre foi, passando por cima das críticas desapontadas da mídia. Mariah Carey seu fãs Brasileiros torcem por você.
ǝʇɐןǝɹ ʇuɐɔ
her look, her sound, her everything is a definition of a true diva to me. when someone says “diva” this is what i imagine. elegant, classy, not screaming into a mic & being her beautiful self and showing the world what she can do.
Carl Milton
Carl Milton 10 ore fa
good job Mariah. so glad she finally look , act , move normal. all that tip toe shit shit she was doing is over and real music came out. great job.
Jessica Lynn
Jessica Lynn 11 ore fa
That smile at the end
REMELDA J 11 ore fa
oh my God! Amazing!!
Arman Layug
Arman Layug 11 ore fa
She's back .....
Timothy Clarke
Timothy Clarke 11 ore fa
Looks like she finally found her more adult range, sounds amazing!
seiji iwaguro
seiji iwaguro 11 ore fa
🎶🎵Beautiful 🎶🎵👏👏
Aquarius Thompson
Waiy min, why wendy williams didnt talk about this? the only performer who can just stand there singing and still its a great performance
Vhutshilo Mathoni
The male choreographers were doing it for me. They made the whole performance sweet
Layanny Legendas'
Amazing voice! 👏❤
Emman Quillope
Emman Quillope 13 ore fa
Out of her all new songs released since 2013, With you is the only one I had liked. I love the melody and the meaning of the song. I love you, Mimi, keep on inspiring people and creating songs. God Bless
Cade Del Rey
Cade Del Rey 13 ore fa
Literally the only legendary singers we have left are Mariah, Cher, Madonna, and Celine. People of this generation need to get out of their mindset and appreciate this living icon while we still have her. Whitney, Michael, Prince, Aretha, Bowie, George Michael, and so many more are gone, and we will never hear them again. Their mark on music remains, just as Mariah's impact will NEVER be forgotten, but their physical forms no longer exist. At least we still are fortunate enough to be able to see this person who literally shaped the music industry and helped to inspire an entire generation of female vocalists with her talent. Cherish her. Love her. Respect her. I don't care who you are, or what kind of music you listen to, Mariah Carey has impacted your life in some way.
Michael Vincent Cariño
reminds me of Ariana's music video in Beauty and the Beast
Tayla Jane
Tayla Jane 14 ore fa
yes yes yes yes yes Bitch yessssss!!!
Jeremy Jones
Jeremy Jones 14 ore fa
Oooomg so good Mariah !
Kerwin Plantinos
So beautiful song
Saif Subedar
Saif Subedar 15 ore fa
She deserves better than just a few million views she deserves 100,s of millions of views
Raouf Lopez
Raouf Lopez 15 ore fa
I can feel her hapiness😍
falso amor
falso amor 15 ore fa
Estava tão linda ❤
Thachii Thachii
Thachii Thachii 16 ore fa
Who said she can’t sing, please come to watch this bitches👌
Jesse Toscano
Jesse Toscano 16 ore fa
Mariah Carey tu voz enamora a cual quiera te amo 😍
Jesse Toscano
Jesse Toscano 16 ore fa
Te amo mami siempre tan brillante eres única 😍
Martha Agness
Martha Agness 17 ore fa
Beautiful, amazing ❤️ I'm in love , I mean, she's the queen. This song is just beautiful. And the notes and her voice ❤️ and the background singers everything flows so good together, I can see why Ari took inspiration from Mariah's music early on
THE KURUSO 17 ore fa
i did cover this song, maybe im not perfect..but your support gimme a heaven >..love you mimi from indonesia !!! and mayb some of you guys wanna take a look on my channel :)
Caitlyn Chua
Caitlyn Chua 17 ore fa
Iloveyou so very much mariah Carey😘😘😘🎉🎉🎉💐💐💐
Milesmallows 17 ore fa
wow i miss your performance. ❤️❤️❤️❤️still same voice as before. hi from philippines ❤️❤️❤️
David Cleveland
David Cleveland 17 ore fa
She needs to quit her voice is gone... sound like her throat is damaged by all the D...
Connor Fyfe
Connor Fyfe 17 ore fa
is no one going to comment on the sickening amount of tuning on her voice? there are so many parts where you can hear the real metallic sounds and honestly....
LaVan31 18 ore fa
Alright Mariah!!!
kever tanriover
kever tanriover 18 ore fa
This is captivating.She is like a queen bee and dancers are like a kind of worker bee.
Loise Clark
Loise Clark 18 ore fa
Those fingers are giving me the vibes 🙌
Jeremy Johnson
Jeremy Johnson 18 ore fa
Just look closely at her legs they do not move not once at all. And no I'm not trying to be funny like how when people say she doing move that much when she performed. I'm just pointing out that they basically got home one of them Barbie doll stands, that make the Barbie doll stand up automatically. Just look at her waist down it doesn't move at all. That's crazy
Elio Helio
Elio Helio 18 ore fa
DAM was she GLUED to That Stage! One Move and there Goes the Vocals, so much for Perfection!:)
Sidiq Alsyah Igu
100 Times Listening ❤️
Anonymous123 19 ore fa
im a lamb but she lipsynced hm and im disappointed
jakobi black
jakobi black 18 ore fa
GTFO .you obviously are not a lamb more like a SCAM
D Mason
D Mason 20 ore fa
Mariah Carey dress was beautiful!!! ❤💗💞
Melanie Ponce
Melanie Ponce 20 ore fa
Those vicals
Monnina Music
Monnina Music 20 ore fa
I love you mariah. You are the best singer in the world ❤
Naty Chan09
Naty Chan09 20 ore fa
She Shine Bright!!!! 😍
Abigail Budam
Abigail Budam 20 ore fa
Miss her sound
김명희 21 ora fa
Cassie3angel 21 ora fa
This is proof of why she's one of my only role models 😂 so classy, smart, talented, and beautiful ❤ (other role model: Melanie Martinez) ✨
Ladybug Eartha
Ladybug Eartha 22 ore fa
That was a safe song
jakobi black
jakobi black 18 ore fa
Done beautifully
Cheng Go
Cheng Go 22 ore fa
Please support her album. Adele, Ariana, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna, Britney, Taylor, Selena, Justin.
lucero ortega
lucero ortega 22 ore fa
This brought me to tears man she did sooo good I’m so happy for her 😭😭👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Rere O
Rere O 22 ore fa
Wish she would sing live. Always lip singing.
Loan H
Loan H 21 ora fa
She sing the fucking song today on her tour
ariana Sivan
ariana Sivan 22 ore fa
More Life88
More Life88 22 ore fa
Bootleg version to beyonce 2017 grammy performance minus the pregnancy, chair and weave snatching. Good for you Mariah.
dianys rodriguez
I've always loved her but she need to move more. You know sway them hips a bit.
mylestrange 23 ore fa
Good playback!!
andre waite
andre waite 23 ore fa
I just can’t help loving Mimi, Britney army here ✌🏻
germanmaster 1133
Her tone is AMAZING😍😍😍😍😍
Kayjay Purks
Kayjay Purks Giorno fa
She is and always will be the queen of music...come on now :)
Julia Smith
Julia Smith Giorno fa
Idk if he still playing just to get his way or see his son & still not stick around in the end that I don't have time for. Plus all the attempt intimidation doesn't make me wanna adjust anything.
Noah Jay Jibke
Noah Jay Jibke Giorno fa
Can I be one of those petals???
Mary Collins
Mary Collins Giorno fa
Queen Mariah 👑
Boomboxboi Giorno fa
This is exactly why mariah is a superstar!!
Nasha Atalaya
Nasha Atalaya Giorno fa
This type of music is the best for mariah ♥
Estevan Rodriguez
Good to see she found her range, This sounded good :)
It is Javi
It is Javi Giorno fa
Gabriella Borde
Gabriella Borde Giorno fa
The stage...the lighting...those dancers...the choreography...that dress...the curves...that pink...her honey blonde locks...that voice...the execution...down to her casual but graceful diva-like hand motions as she sings... WOW!! Mariah Carey the Legend.🥇💖
Djane Couto
Djane Couto Giorno fa
Perfeita que voz continua intacta 👏
Daga Luv
Daga Luv Giorno fa
This bitch lip syncing. She can’t sing anymore.
rluis79 23 ore fa
Daga Luv nice try bitch
Seven Pops
Seven Pops Giorno fa
People that clicked thumbs down don’t get this artistic perfection. Just saying....and don’t go comparing her to Ariana. She’s not even close to this all time queen of soul music.
Khaleesi Romaerys
Mariah Carey is a gemstone in a basket of stones and dirt. Most artists of today's generation can sing, but not as good as Mariah's. You go dahlingggg!! Spread your wings and murder the music industry!! 💚💚💚
MrSmriley Giorno fa
Anyone remember when she used to sing live? It was so good, back then.
rluis79 23 ore fa
MrSmriley ummm this is live 🙄
Ernesto Iglesias
I lost interest in Mariah's music for sometime now but her recent 2 songs (GTFO and With You) has brought me back to the fold. I am completely loving this song!!!!!
Kevin Hoffman
Kevin Hoffman Giorno fa
she is lipsincing LOL
rluis79 23 ore fa
Kevin Hoffman stop jumping on the bandwagon it’s live hater
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