Mark Turns Ethan into a Mummy to Prepare Him for the Great Beyond

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Mummification is the key to eternal life after death. The ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to make the best mummies possible. Now, thousands of years later, with the help of modern technology we have perfected the process.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
Unus Annus.


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Kat 8 mesi fa
my Unus Annus long sleeve arrived today, 10/10 recommend! it’s super comfy, perfect for drifting off into the never ending void, it’s black as night so you can sneak easily in the dark without attracting the gaze of potential witnesses, and it’s nice and flexible so it’s awesome for acrobats or demon possessed children. I got a small and it fits really well, looks cute and slimming but still has plenty of room for movie snack smuggling (could also probably fit a small animal) Overall, great buy!
Violet _Stars
Violet _Stars Giorno fa
This is the best recommendation I have ever seen
Quinn McG
Quinn McG 14 giorni fa
im very broke, saving money to buy a sweatshirt TvT
Life’s a party so have fun
Kat agree
F. B. I
F. B. I 20 giorni fa
A good one
Your classic English toad
Who else thinks they pined this because its premoting there merch
Ms Kiira
Ms Kiira 2 ore fa
card captor sakura?? never tought I'd hear mark say that
Sofía Beatriz Valenzuela Muñoz
I read that the people who do just stupid stuff when they get recorded are getting depressed
SkittleSquid 6 ore fa
I love how Mark has this power just to make Ethan freak out and go through like 3 different stages of fear just by standing there and doing nothing
SoulFoxie 8 ore fa
"That hit a little too close to home..."~A now Depressed and Deceased Ethan Nestor 2019
ArtBean WithAJ
ArtBean WithAJ 10 ore fa
Unus Annus, memento mori I will make my contribution by commenting this on every video( I will also be making fanart of every vid)
Just Some Guy with a chin Mustache
“Why don’t you suck yourself” ~Mark 2019
Leo Kingsford
Leo Kingsford 16 ore fa
Man Ethan is now a mummy RIP man
Unknown 16 ore fa
There are exactly 888 dislikes on this video at the time I'm watching this. I don't wether to be impressed or disappointed at humanity for disliking it in the first place.
Unknown 17 ore fa
"I'm gonna comit alright...... a felony" 😎👍
Unknown 17 ore fa
"Contemplate your existence!"
Monster Gun
Monster Gun 19 ore fa
I moss them unus annus
BiplBopl 19 ore fa
Harry potter! The boy who lived... Come to die. ~Ethan nestor
Couldn't come up with a decent nickname
I wonder if the Freyjinn's animation will be deleted too along with this video in within a year.
ThetrueCaptain Doggo
Rip eef
Temper hill
Temper hill 23 ore fa
the corribain trip was.. AMAZING! You get to go on a boat! and you have wifi! everything in the carribain is amazing!
Bat Damion
Bat Damion Giorno fa
it will never be off the internet now. Im gonna have a screen recording of the entire video.
qicuu Giorno fa
this explains the toilet paper shortage.
Dylan Giorno fa
Should have saved that toilet paper. If only they knew
kittypie Giorno fa
-👄- i just wanna kiss Mark 👁👄👁 d..don’t do it
Razmig Giorno fa
*Oh, I'm gonna commit alright......... a felon.*
Anakin Fanakin
Anakin Fanakin Giorno fa
i think i figured out where all the toilet paper went
J Downs
J Downs Giorno fa
this is why there was a toilet paper shortage during corona times
Storm. M
Storm. M Giorno fa
rip Ethan
Carsbackfromthedead :0
2:36 do you tho?
The Man Downstairs
The Man Downstairs 2 giorni fa
Ethan: *opens his shirt just as Mark walks in* Mark: *_t r a u m a t i z e d_*
-𝕀𝕥𝕤 𝔼𝕞𝕞𝕒-
14:25 This is my favorite part ever 😂
Anayansi Iris
Anayansi Iris 2 giorni fa
When Ethan's legs are the only part wrapped, he looks like a mermummy. 10:30
Abby Etter
Abby Etter 2 giorni fa
mark: if we could get like 100 coments that would be nice (in 2020) Has 11279 comments
ZARR yt 3 giorni fa
Whats happening when they think of this stuff
ZARR yt 3 giorni fa
What is it now
Nova Noodleface
Nova Noodleface 3 giorni fa
why is nobody else talking about when Mark started naming organs in an uwu voice? like. “pancweas.” hilarious.
MZ Is A Person
MZ Is A Person 3 giorni fa
“The worst part of prison was the...was the dementors”
C Hill
C Hill 3 giorni fa
Brings time
Razzle Dazzle Gacha
Mark: “ashes to ashes dust to dust” Me (a fnaf fan): *you’re gonna burn with the rest of us*
Safa Sarwar
Safa Sarwar 3 giorni fa
Idk what to comment since there are less then a 100 days left and I want to comment something so people will remember this comment
Tarkello 3 giorni fa
Ethan is by far one of the coolest people I’ve had the pleasure of seeing on ITvid. Life had been literally filled with laughs because of him
_squishy_sarcasm_ 3 giorni fa
Im here to find the corona toilet paper jokes.
Emma LeAnn
Emma LeAnn 3 giorni fa
Chloe Moore
Chloe Moore 3 giorni fa
Fun Fact: Pirates are real! Look into it. 😊
A J 3 giorni fa
5:46 ( pause it ) This is the moment Ethan knew he f***ed up
Harry Pothead and Hot Draco Malfoy
Mark:*sucks air through the tube* Ethan: "That was a weird sensation, you took the air from my lungs. It felt like you sucked the life out of me, your a dementor." *HaRrY pOtTeR mUsIc InTenSiFiEs*
MZ Is A Person
MZ Is A Person 3 giorni fa
“The worst part of prison was the...was the dementors”
JuicyPandas124 3 giorni fa
Ethan: Talks about how gross his facial hair is Also Ethan 8 months later: Trying to grow a beard
Kim Ann Whatever
Kim Ann Whatever 3 giorni fa
my mom walked in and thought i was watching porn. what a strange genre that would be
Ash Moon
Ash Moon 3 giorni fa
Mark's face as he SLAMS open the door to find Ethan taking off his shirt 🤣🤣🤣
JB Studios
JB Studios 4 giorni fa
14:14 you should be insulted he didn't want it
JB Studios
JB Studios 4 giorni fa
5:45 the start to every homoerotica
limeade juice
limeade juice 4 giorni fa
The way this many flipped eef is like wHy
limeade juice
limeade juice 4 giorni fa
Mark; ‘I’m going to suck the fuck out of your brain’ Me; wat
adamkriaco 4 giorni fa
As an Egyptian I cringed and laughed as I was watching this
Aura Clouse
Aura Clouse 4 giorni fa
The look on Marks face explains EVERYTHING XDDD 5:46
Shawn McCollum
Shawn McCollum 4 giorni fa
Mark: it will be off of the enternet Me in 2020:ya whats done is done ∂кℊʝ∂ʝ∂ηḟʝ∂ʝ∂ηḟʝḟʝḟη∂η∂ʝḟʝḟʝϰ
Dork Face
Dork Face 4 giorni fa
Ethan: you have to commit! Like the ancient Egyptians! Mark: oh I’m gonna commit alright.... a FELONY
Aki Ookami
Aki Ookami 4 giorni fa
Ethan you will be remembered as the guy who brought a smile to many people's faces during tough times
CyDragonGM 4 giorni fa
a Harry Potter reference
Charles Burnham
Charles Burnham 4 giorni fa
Ethan can wrap me up in whatever he wants
Taekook Namjin Sope
I just laughed out loud, its 04.15 am heplh
Lou Lou
Lou Lou 4 giorni fa
Unus Annus
SealNugget 5 giorni fa
Don't mourn my life, Celebrate my death
Mighty Lion511
Mighty Lion511 5 giorni fa
Oh no mark has asSALTed Ethan
Nilator453 5 giorni fa
title google translated a couple time Mark becomes a mummy and prepares to come to the adults
giem8 5 giorni fa
_ReveriexGacha_ 5 giorni fa
14:07 Ethan: I just want a kiss *silence* Ethan: dont do it This was honestly my favorite part
XxGacha_ FangirlxX
XxGacha_ FangirlxX 5 giorni fa
When Ethan teared off the toilet paper off his feet when Mark had just put it on. I can't even
Lucy Ramsey
Lucy Ramsey 5 giorni fa
Mark:that is why his name is Ramsey me:omg that is my family
Nethaniel quintana
Nethaniel quintana 5 giorni fa
me by my self me when my parents come in 5:45
Joanna Dzenowski
Joanna Dzenowski 5 giorni fa
Ethan: wanna put some golden coins on my eyes or something?? Me: that's the Romans & ethrusians(don't know if I spelled that right🤔🤔),hun
Sans undertale is very epic
“Maybe you can suck yourself” Mark-2019
oreogamez 5 giorni fa
Ot should be easy sucking up that brain as that ethan has a small brain
Chloe Garner
Chloe Garner 5 giorni fa
5:43 - 5:54
Jaylen Riffe
Jaylen Riffe 5 giorni fa
super freddy 11
super freddy 11 6 giorni fa
They forgot the innerds
One Year
One Year 6 giorni fa
Mark wrapping Ethan in toilet paper and duck tape. Me having a fear of not being able to move
One Year
One Year 6 giorni fa
Okay but no one talkin about the absolute C A K E 🎂 😂😂
hiimlee_ 6 giorni fa
5:46 your welcome
Gayragebaby 6 giorni fa
Emma Nelson
Emma Nelson 6 giorni fa
Kreatra 6 giorni fa
*Mark:* Pulls out a huge pack of toilet paper. *2020:* Memento Mori
FrostTheAlbino 6 giorni fa
Came here specifically looking for someone to mention how Ethan asked if pirates were real after lots of scrolling I found nothing so I guess I'm the first.
1 more hour then there will be 99 days left I don't know why but this is actually starting to give me anxiety just thinking about how much time we have left to watch these videos and enjoy these moments again I'm spending the rest of my time that I have to watch all the videos over again
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 6 giorni fa
Watching from the future! I am liking and commenting every video!
Irishchip 04
Irishchip 04 6 giorni fa
Did his nose bleed before he wrapped his nose? Or am I insane
fallen angel
fallen angel 6 giorni fa
I love Mark's eulogy was some what kind but when the Viking funeral happened ethan was mean 🤣🤣
XArts LomaX
XArts LomaX 6 giorni fa
XArts LomaX
XArts LomaX 6 giorni fa
“Oh I’m going to commit alright- commit a F E L O N Y”
•{Avani Chan}•
•{Avani Chan}• 7 giorni fa
Dont delete ur channel
Layla Lybrook
Layla Lybrook 7 giorni fa
Because everyone is talking abt the pirate thing here is the time stamp: 10:15
helljumpper 7 giorni fa
I'm starting to think that Ethan might be the most terrified human being in existence.
slenderkiller Svegeboe
TED ED... ive got some bad school memory from them.
ramry 7 giorni fa
5:44 Without context, what’s going on here? *familiar percussion intro plays*
MixingTheArts 7 giorni fa
I need the merchhhh
Same hellllllllppppp
Super Sargent
Super Sargent 7 giorni fa
15:19 is hillarious
Bartek Smigiel
Bartek Smigiel 7 giorni fa
fuck everyone
Kayne Bond
Kayne Bond 7 giorni fa
What is the timer for
Sparks 1735
Sparks 1735 7 giorni fa
he was a good man.. almost as good as the BEST man, Markiplier..
Ruby Lulu
Ruby Lulu 7 giorni fa
the ArM sTrEnGtH
Abbie Branderhorst
Abbie Branderhorst 7 giorni fa
Wow did Ethan get the first Covid-19 test?
d00dle 7 giorni fa
5:44 Crankiplier away Markiplier 2019 Gingerbread building contest
Shadowperson 8 giorni fa
So this is where all the toilet paper went
jocelyn reese
jocelyn reese 8 giorni fa
good bye ethan farewell this channel will live a bit longer than you you guys still rule
lala 8 giorni fa
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