Mark Turns Ethan into a Mummy to Prepare Him for the Great Beyond

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Mummification is the key to eternal life after death. The ancient Egyptians went to great lengths to make the best mummies possible. Now, thousands of years later, with the help of modern technology we have perfected the process.
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This channel, along with every video that has or will ever be uploaded on this channel, will be deleted after our year has ended. This is inevitable. Inescapable. Irreversible.
Do not archive or re-upload anything. This is our last wish. Our parting gift. Stay true to the purpose of our final year or we shall lay down wrath upon those that attempt to escape the end.
Memento Mori.
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Commenti 8 517
Ellie Mese fa
my Unus Annus long sleeve arrived today, 10/10 recommend! it’s super comfy, perfect for drifting off into the never ending void, it’s black as night so you can sneak easily in the dark without attracting the gaze of potential witnesses, and it’s nice and flexible so it’s awesome for acrobats or demon possessed children. I got a small and it fits really well, looks cute and slimming but still has plenty of room for movie snack smuggling (could also probably fit a small animal) Overall, great buy!
Micheala W
Micheala W 2 giorni fa
Vex Maybe they are new? That’s how new people get to the channel.
Micheala W
Micheala W 2 giorni fa
Ellie Is it true to size?
zane monster
zane monster 4 giorni fa
*UNNUS ANNUS UNNUS ANNUS* Welcome to the cult now you are one of us
alemax732 -
alemax732 - 4 giorni fa
I’m in love with the hoodies
Noel K
Noel K 5 giorni fa
Can you write me a bed time story?
XDoom SlayerX
XDoom SlayerX 10 ore fa
*4:18** Ethan gets mummy powers*
ROARraps 11 ore fa
Dude Ethan I got the same socks that you do 😜
Gwendolyn Snarr
Gwendolyn Snarr 11 ore fa
"Yucky, yUCKY booy" "OH yucky yucky MAAAN"
Dede Ant
Dede Ant 13 ore fa
Am I the only one who ships them 🙈...sorry Amy
Jay Giorno fa
5:46 IM WHEEZING THAT WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS Ethan: *unbuttoning shirt* Mark: *opens door* I got- Ethan: *quickly rips off shirt* Mark: *surprised pikachu face* o.o what-
Meepmoop 69
Meepmoop 69 Giorno fa
I wish this channel won't end
Meex Giorno fa
Ethan u were good and Pirates arnt real ur fine
Aleks Pokropski
Aleks Pokropski Giorno fa
"Could've been great - wasn't." Thanks for the epitaph guys
Interesting Tuna
Remember what’s his face, not for his acne but for his backflip.
Elpancho Giorno fa
Who else is rewatching all there vids? Also sad I cant get the merch no money 😭
Mason Graham
Mason Graham 2 giorni fa
no one: Mark: *Card Captor Sakura reference out of absolutely nowhere*
Tyler Beeson
Tyler Beeson 2 giorni fa
That transition though 😏
Bleh 2 giorni fa
Ok but like when Mark flipped Ethan over the first time it was kinda smooth ngl😂👀
Juliana Harris
Juliana Harris 2 giorni fa
Little thing for me 5:45 14:06
Kyla Obrien
Kyla Obrien 2 giorni fa
@13:09 love you Ethan lmao 🤣
The gameboy 101
The gameboy 101 2 giorni fa
5:45 Marks immediate reaction
Emma Brass
Emma Brass 2 giorni fa
"could've been great, wasn't" damn, that hit me hard
Avrianna Rohde
Avrianna Rohde 2 giorni fa
F in the chat for Ethan
kaden crigley
kaden crigley 2 giorni fa
Sydney Andre'
Sydney Andre' 2 giorni fa
I know you guys are doing it for the joke, but I genuinely appreciate the death positivity in your videos. It IS inevitable, and it IS good to prepare instead of completely ignoring it, and it's also good to talk about it, especially telling your family and friends what you want done once you die. Good on you guys because talking about it normalizes it! Also, why does every video reveal another of Ethan and Mark's kinks?
richard wilson
richard wilson 2 giorni fa
The coins on the eyes was more of a greek thing, but the greeks overtook the egyptians after a time, so the coin thing actually makes sense
Dark Fire
Dark Fire 2 giorni fa
You were a good youtuber Ethan :D
Summer Morris
Summer Morris 2 giorni fa
I love that Mark made Ethan do I handstand just to turn over. That's commitment.
The Motions
The Motions 2 giorni fa
Ethan: PRAY TO MEEE..... Mark: f$ck off
Katie Cooper
Katie Cooper 2 giorni fa
So many references Harry Potter (The anime one that I don't want to butcher?)
Aubri Lopez
Aubri Lopez 2 giorni fa
He will be remembered as stupid idiot 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤢🤮🖕🏻☠️💀👻👏🏻🤬
Cassie Shuler
Cassie Shuler 2 giorni fa
cant wait for the hammering in the skull vid
gnggnng ggn no tntf
Agentur GAMER
Agentur GAMER 2 giorni fa
Have a very nice after live Ethan
SplitTheFox 2 giorni fa
My dad walked in on me watching this and thought it was a very questionable porn and walked out without saying anything
Cpt.Tomato 2 giorni fa
Mark: Your pancweiss. Ethan: *giggle* you really know how to make me gaggle.
noosy goosy
noosy goosy 3 giorni fa
The brains part ... made me throw up so badly
Vannah Loo
Vannah Loo 3 giorni fa
noooooooooooooooo im ganna be sad forever
Hoomanoid13 3 giorni fa
Ethan: Were pirates real? Me: *slowly dies*
Production 360
Production 360 3 giorni fa
Hey you here how Ethan laughs at 4:07 it sounds like some kind of pump 😂😂😂😂
Zytha 3 giorni fa
It will be off the internet *Mark you underestimate our power*
Zytha 3 giorni fa
Jaime Potter
Jaime Potter 3 giorni fa
marks speech was nice and all but I would have just said "he ded lol"
Charlotte Macaulay
Charlotte Macaulay 4 giorni fa
Nobody: Mark: Card Captor Sa-CURA
alemax732 -
alemax732 - 4 giorni fa
I’m losing brain cells every time I watch these videos And there’s not that much left
Martaneon 4 giorni fa
Unus Annus video idea: "Unus Annus Quotes Out Of Context"
WoW Person
WoW Person 4 giorni fa
At 6:34 Ethan showed off his true strength
XxTheOddEggxX 4 giorni fa
This should be called " Getting Ethan ready to become dinner "
Reagan Noelle
Reagan Noelle 4 giorni fa
5:45 I'm fucking crying why do moments like these have to disappear
volleyballislife 4 giorni fa
Love this educational video! 100/8 good job. 😂😂
Varys121 4 giorni fa
The fact that only 670 dislikes came from 1.5 million people just shows how great of a duo they are
Re dacted
Re dacted 4 giorni fa
It is now literally impossible for me not to do the chant. I'm officially in the cult.
Alyssa Pueblo
Alyssa Pueblo 4 giorni fa
I'm rewatching this and I still think syrup shoulda been used as tree resin cuz- i mean isnt that what tree resin is?
B man anton
B man anton 4 giorni fa
5:44 "I'm ready for my examination doctor 😏"
error_404_error 4 giorni fa
So from this video we can surmise that Mark has a penis pump......... right? Cool....... No judgement zone, here, Mark.
dahlebird 4 giorni fa
why did i watch the TedEd organ removal clip while eating scrambled eggs
stuff and things
stuff and things 4 giorni fa
You should just duck tape him to the table
jvndex 1
jvndex 1 4 giorni fa
damn i can’t believe estan nether rlly dead doe !! 😟
Stormy 13
Stormy 13 5 giorni fa
I am tired.
Trinity Hunter
Trinity Hunter 5 giorni fa
Ethan: *Laying on table* Mark: *Leaves Ethan for 5 seconds* Mark: *Comes back to find Ethan shirtless... again*
Creative Studio
Creative Studio 5 giorni fa
5:45 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Natalie Cruise
Natalie Cruise 5 giorni fa
RIP Ethan see you in the after life
Isaac Gallaher
Isaac Gallaher 5 giorni fa
absolutely beautiful. may he rest peacefully 😂
Hector Quintero
Hector Quintero 5 giorni fa
my wife uses that to suck the boogers out of my daughters nose lol
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