Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind (Official Music Video)

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Marshmello & Halsey - Be Kind (Official Music Video)
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Director: Hannah Lux Davis
Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio
EP: Luga Podesta, Brandon Bonfiglio, Andrew Lerios, Krista Carnegie
DP: Rob Witt
Editor: Eric Wysocki & Hannah Lux Davis
Production Company: London Alley, Lit Productions
Just Bolt Camera: Panny Hire LA
Choreographer: Dani Vitale
Assistant choreographer: Scott Myrick
Makeup: Halsey
#Marshmello #Halsey #BeKind


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27 giu 2020




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Commenti 80
Marshmello 8 giorni fa
What’s your favorite moment from the video?
KrakenPlayz Giorno fa
The beginning
OblivontROBLOX Giorno fa
I loved the video up to 3:04. When it reached there it was just horrible. I hated that part.
Orlando Fernandes
Orlando Fernandes 5 giorni fa
Parabéns pelo canal so seu fã 👍🇧🇷🎧🎧
Maria Vicentina
Maria Vicentina 5 giorni fa
Sou muito sua fan
ITZ NANI 6 giorni fa
All :)
Nany 203
Nany 203 8 ore fa
Mya Ratsquid
Mya Ratsquid 8 ore fa
This is the most beautiful music video I’ve ever seen.
MustardPlant 8 ore fa
I love this aesthetic so much
Jim 8 ore fa
The amount of simps in the comments..........smh
انا 15 haJr
شكلها بعد ماتعاونت مع بي تي اس صارت تستعمل اسلوب الكيبوب😘💕
Terah Muha
Terah Muha 9 ore fa
love this song .. first time seeing this video and it kinda reminded me of an owl city video... just me... probs haha =) amazing work from both artists
Alfredo Norambuena
Maddie??? Where Sia?
escritora anónima
Agora eu entendo o motivo do Jimin ficar baiolando viuu.... Linda te amoool
지환이 영상보고 온 사람 있나?
Liamk Klonowski
I love marshmello soo much and i am going to get my own dj dex with my birthday money
Oussama Riouaa
I love you halsey 💓🇲🇦
Oussama Riouaa
I swear man 😓
Leo_ Plays_YT
Leo_ Plays_YT 9 ore fa
Oussama Riouaa ._.
excellent channel
Crazy video, nice song
Relaxing Music
Tanay Pandey
Tanay Pandey 9 ore fa
Bois , also be kind to those you don't love , specially to those.
Relaxing Music
Aurora Sama
Aurora Sama 9 ore fa
i have an amount of respect for halsey bc her Inspire to become a Singer is SIA.
ydrx nitro
ydrx nitro 9 ore fa
Halsey is so special ♥️
Lily Eshelman
Lily Eshelman 9 ore fa
Is it just me or does the background look like animal crossing?
Ed C
Ed C 9 ore fa
I feel like this is sampled off something? Sounds familiar anyone?
Art Cata
Art Cata 9 ore fa
I love every choice Halsey takes, she clever and always so cool~~
Fluffeme Supreme
Its just the chandelier video but with a different person and song.
Flair Guilder
Flair Guilder 9 ore fa
I just watched that vid
Chicken Gunckster.
Who is ?... this Is you girlfriend.?.
joseph joestar
No. One Waifu
king of dark 1357
none of ur business
She makes dancing look so easy!!!
king of dark 1357
Pls make video in fortnite
king of dark 1357
Hey marshmello
vquem ta ouvindo essa maravilha na pandemia de 2020 ? deixa o like E VISITA MEU CANAL legendo musica pra vcs :) ...
Milbro 9 ore fa
This is a hit.
Music Boy- فتى الموسيقي
she forgot to wear her "Pants"
Chworm 9 ore fa
Everyone gangsta until Halsey goes anime
flximngo .flimflxm
Be Kind on the internet, Be Kind at school, Be kind Everyday and Everywhere you never know what’s going through someone’s head it could be, suicide, cutting, or anything else so please Be KIND 💗👑 Treat people the way you want to be treated
Kashir 10 ore fa
Looks like my new waifu
Shilpi Sharma
Shilpi Sharma 10 ore fa
She is looking so beautiful in her pink hair. 😍😍😍
ramiro mendez
ramiro mendez 10 ore fa
cheto y vonita
Dilara Aras
Dilara Aras 10 ore fa
İt is really weird people corious about everything but nobody tryna find about who is marshmello. We accepted a person with giant can over his head just the way it is lol
Percy Bejarano
Percy Bejarano 10 ore fa
Levon 10 ore fa
Camera is like 👇👈👉☝️👇👆👉👇
H B 10 ore fa
love her
ters maskenin fanı
Martina Adams
Martina Adams 10 ore fa
Hola Halsey❤❤
Maram. M
Maram. M 10 ore fa
0:36 I love it .xD
Kadir Akman
Kadir Akman 10 ore fa
AWESOME Adam 10 ore fa
This song is so good well done to both marsh and Halsey yous are legends 👑🤘🙌🙌
Antonio Correia
Antonio Correia 10 ore fa
seems alot like a Sia video
GamerSibs 10 ore fa
are you the real marshmellow
A pink cat
A pink cat 10 ore fa
جميل جدا ❤
Nayyer Yousaf
Nayyer Yousaf 10 ore fa
I dont know why when I listen to this song it reminds me of IU Eight
Samanta Gomez
Samanta Gomez 10 ore fa
Cheap copy of sia
Дайрис 11 ore fa
Nicole Irya
Nicole Irya 11 ore fa
This song is amazing
It's maffìn
It's maffìn 11 ore fa
As always top! By the way I'm from Russia
anderson amorim
anderson amorim 11 ore fa
chamava a dançaria da Sia
Awesome Judah
Awesome Judah 11 ore fa
I saw on my home page today was 11 months ago when he shared his number. It now doesn’t work and I want him to do it again. Plz mello
carlos junior
carlos junior 11 ore fa
Será que sou o único BR que assiste marsmello
is this Hasley song or Marshmello song that's is the question great video 🤔😁👍
Tabrez Hussain
Tabrez Hussain 11 ore fa
Phani Tumuluri
Phani Tumuluri 11 ore fa
Never disappoints😍😍😍
ᄌᄒᄋ 11 ore fa
now marshmello should return to his real ego, like he did with svdden death
Mahbuba Akbar
Mahbuba Akbar 11 ore fa
Who else is loving her pink hair!
alonzo lol
alonzo lol 11 ore fa
I liked the video
Kisral 11 ore fa
Nad Fuzzball
Nad Fuzzball 11 ore fa
Following a bit of Sia at the beginning!
Annie hilation
Annie hilation 11 ore fa
If Sakura actually had will to fight:
suraj kumar
suraj kumar 11 ore fa
It's was really awesome mello
Can Get 1K subs before corona ends ?
This song makes me sad for my anime girlfriend that doesn't exist.
Can Get 1K subs before corona ends ?
steven sotlex
steven sotlex 11 ore fa
todo le queda perfecto a ella incluso en un video con matices de la cuarentena
Divan Benadie
Divan Benadie 11 ore fa
Cheeez woman get some pants lol
Noelia Yekta
Noelia Yekta 12 ore fa
1:50 she's legit in royal high
Darian Woodford
Darian Woodford 12 ore fa
Nice try, Maddie did it first. ;p
Talツ 12 ore fa
i think the camera movement is made with The KIRA camera arm robot, love the song sm
jonny cage
jonny cage 12 ore fa
I love you music 🎶 its the best
Ruzkin Wender
Ruzkin Wender 12 ore fa
Camera-matography made it all💯❤️
one Loo
one Loo 12 ore fa
eeeeing gimoring~
SQUAD BEATS 12 ore fa
Alan Walker is the best
progPrada 12 ore fa
1:42 마시멜로 매우 귀엽다
Kalil God
Kalil God 12 ore fa
Marshmello😍 [X-X]
lam gard
lam gard 12 ore fa
Meaning of this song is remember to trust the one that you love🤝💖
Rebecca B
Rebecca B 12 ore fa
I am eating lunch right now
Aina Zack
Aina Zack 12 ore fa
I love these moments 01:12 & 02:30 & 02:42
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