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Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo - Burn Out (Official Video) feat. Dewain Whitmore

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix & Justin Mylo - Burn Out (feat. Dewain Whitmore)
♫ Burn Out with Justin Mylo is out now: stmpd.co/Burn-OutID
My track 'Burn Out' with my good friends Justin Mylo and Dewain Whitmore, in partnership with AXE Music, is out now and I hope you like the music video as much as I do!
Turn on/off the subtitles for lyrics!
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14 set 2018

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Commenti 9 740
Martin Garrix
Martin Garrix 6 giorni fa
We won't burn out! 🔥
Tezz Lee
Tezz Lee 2 giorni fa
Martin Garrix 1 solo song please !!!
Mirian Lizzett Sañomamani Lopez
I like all your music MARTIN GARRIX #1
Jesus Sanchez
Jesus Sanchez 2 giorni fa
Estaba mejor Evolve :(
Leah Camacho
Leah Camacho 3 giorni fa
AleKei Fnko
AleKei Fnko 3 giorni fa
How is posible that the video just got barely 2 million views and this comment 8 millions?
Peter Bartko
Peter Bartko 2 minuti fa
Where is Fifth Prophet ? :D
DJ 3RVIL 7 minuti fa
This kinda sound like EnV - Pneumatic Tokyo
matteo venturi
matteo venturi 8 minuti fa
Your music is part of my life❤
Julie Appel
Julie Appel 9 minuti fa
I mean who wouldn't climb in a washing machine if it has a beautiful light in it!? JK love the song ❤️
Amrut Pattanaik
Amrut Pattanaik 17 minuti fa
Ek no. lyrics 🔥
EDGE 26 minuti fa
O melhor né gente
Wase wer
Wase wer 27 minuti fa
Yo Martin Garrixx Is amazing (y)
Saree S
Saree S 29 minuti fa
Dina Dadon
Dina Dadon 36 minuti fa
Martin Garrix never disappoints.
Charlie King
Charlie King 40 minuti fa
Fucking trippy music video
Zayn Sooklal
Zayn Sooklal 51 minuto fa
Martin Garrix will never burn out
Hyper Regal
Hyper Regal 51 minuto fa
What a concept? Miss Avicci. 💗💗💗💗💝💝💓💓💓. Lets Radiate love. Martin do a song in the memory of Avicci please. Martin Garrix.
Abdallah Adel
Abdallah Adel 52 minuti fa
(( There for you )) Pluck !?!
Marco Came
Marco Came Ora fa
Timothy Everson
So Evolve has finally been released eh...
Denis lespagne
I like this Sound 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍😍 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Thank you Martin Garrix ! 👍
Sherilynn Macale
That first move was DEFINITELY not how to get her attention. That second move (with the spray) = also DEFINITELY not the way to get it. LOL. So sure, I guess climbing into the laundry machine and in through a magical portal was the perfect solution. Why not?
Sherilynn Macale
Oh good. He did the best thing at the end. Lol. Post-song.
Tomdevos11 Ora fa
this was stolen this location was from a netflix movie dog
Yasmine ?
Yasmine ? Ora fa
Good vibe
suhaib wani
Jamie Welton
I've only just noticed that's Martin stood at the vending machine at the start lol
Dx RUFINO Ora fa
Great song bro, i love it
GeoTom Ora fa
The new axe with little bit of lsd :))
Mr. Rhythm
Mr. Rhythm Ora fa
I feel the Vibe like Avicii ✨💭
Dreamworlds TV
Shirley S
Shirley S Ora fa
This music sooo gud in love with it...A good one after So far away
Wiz Prince11
❤❤❤❤ ➕✖
Warleson Melo
Warleson Melo 2 ore fa
Patryk Brzozowski
Polska przejmuje? :)
Angie Cari
Angie Cari 2 ore fa
3:28 😍😍😍😍😍😍
Carl Michels
Carl Michels 2 ore fa
wow many people speaking Spanish
Angela Sandoval
+× Lo maximo ;) :)
DJEYZNO 2 ore fa
😍😍🎉🎉 amazing
Angela Sandoval
Aaryan Kumar
Aaryan Kumar 2 ore fa
I think I have heard this Earlier Some Where 🤔
Lama! 2 ore fa
◢ ◤
maina wiewiee
maina wiewiee 2 ore fa
Is this a tribute to avicii??
Anne Margrethe Vikeså
my favorite part 3:27
Nate Hope
Nate Hope 2 ore fa
Sick🔥👌🏼 just like always
独嘟嘟 2 ore fa
MV is so good
Anthony Linley
Man I miss Avicii 😣😣
NIK PAUL 2 ore fa
18desilusion 2 ore fa
Martin Garrix Cupid LMAO
Stranger from Nowhere
Is it OK if I like the clip more than the song?
rockell rembert
I love this song
Shin KY
Shin KY 3 ore fa
Evolve :D
Marvin Galon
Marvin Galon 3 ore fa
t r o l r s
t r o l r s 3 ore fa
Chipu??? 😂😂😂
Litt Music
Litt Music 3 ore fa
Best new EDM release with Truth x Lies - Give It To Me 🙂🙂
Shadow Man
Shadow Man 3 ore fa
Vibes like there for you...🔥
AlexRBX 3 ore fa
I love it ♥️
Quýt Nho
Quýt Nho 3 ore fa
Martin Garrix cupid boy XD
Bé Tủn
Bé Tủn 3 ore fa
Mitchel Eggers
fantastic nummer keep it on martijn you are one of the best producer from the world!!!!
Dat Ngo
Dat Ngo 3 ore fa
Viet Nam 🇻🇳
Darius Gheju
Darius Gheju 4 ore fa
sponsored by Axe
Quynh Xuan
Quynh Xuan 4 ore fa
sound like Từ hôm nay - Chipu ;)
Bảo Vũ Ngọc
cái bà viết bài cho Chipu đạo
Maira Mahome
Maira Mahome 4 ore fa
LOVE IT!!! Amazing music and video 😀😀😍
Mei Shen Lin
Mei Shen Lin 4 ore fa
Josh Nex
Josh Nex 4 ore fa
grim reaper trade MGK for MAC miller back
Jason M.
Jason M. 4 ore fa
Reminds me of Felix Jaehn - Feel Good!
Pedro Calonge//:v
I loved this video and this song
slem en slan
slem en slan 4 ore fa
Subcribe on slem en slan
Saulo Arcadio Ch.
I love this song ❤❤ martin garrix😍!!!!!
we won't Burn out!!!!!!!
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 4 ore fa
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen 4 ore fa
I Love Histime
Ân beat đưa tui đến đây
Trường Trần Văn
Bao thanh thiên ?
Jncarlos Donaire
Cerré...los ojos....escuche... Y en mi mente..vi y sentí..a Avici 😢
Mathu Mathan
Mathu Mathan 4 ore fa
Awesome dude😇😇😇
Memphy 4 ore fa
The melody is almost a straight copy of "Feel good" by Felix Jaehn. Suprised more people haven't noticed
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dominik 20110
dominik 20110 4 ore fa
Avicii feeling
Maryam ALI
Maryam ALI 5 ore fa
Ohhhhh wow amazing
一般people 5 ore fa
I love you ❤️ Martin
一般people 5 ore fa
We miss avicii (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)
Sebastian xd
Sebastian xd 5 ore fa
Ok. Nice. But.. Only I think Alan Walker is better than Martin Garrix?
Genes1s Sabillon
Omg HANSOME!!! I lov u w all of my haaart 🙃
一般people 5 ore fa
Teresa Rojas
Teresa Rojas 5 ore fa
Wow esta sp me encanto
Shantanu Jare
Shantanu Jare 5 ore fa
Avicii won't burn out
Shantanu Jare
Shantanu Jare 5 ore fa
Martin Garrix is lit.
Mich4el Music
Mich4el Music 5 ore fa
Amazing work Martin. Just amazing. My ears are in heaven right now though.
Dilmer Loayza
Dilmer Loayza 5 ore fa
Estas cancion altera mis sentidos. Y hace que mis días sean más felices 😃😆👍❤
Super Yi VN
Super Yi VN 5 ore fa
This song is f*ucking good, but view :
Vlad Dobry
Vlad Dobry 5 ore fa
Gyness 5 ore fa
Alexander Serrano
Guau por fin salió la canción en su canal ,hace banda andaba en whatsapp😂😂😂👍👍
masted music
masted music 5 ore fa
buildup like avicii's song, drop 100% martin garrix. Fantastic song
byron33 5 ore fa
what are they smoking? Oo
Hang Hoàng
Hang Hoàng 5 ore fa
bánh cuốn vch
We won't fart out! )) 💨
Danial bin Nordin
I just bought AXE spray before I watched this video and I was like WOW
Hải Đăng
Hải Đăng 5 ore fa
Địt mẹ hay vồn
Prossimi video