Marvin Vettori and Paulo Costa have heated Final Face Off: "You're a f***** b****!"

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22 ott 2021




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Commenti 3 921
CC Ink
CC Ink 27 giorni fa
Ik it's kinda cringe when hearing "I knew __ was gunna lose" but when Costa got KO and blamed everything besides himself I felt like same mistakes are gunna happen & hope he goes 205lbs and matures into a better fighter
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 27 giorni fa
Marvin’s baby face turn is the biggest plot twist in ufc history
Victor Jerez
Victor Jerez 28 giorni fa
Paula Acosta - Laughs . You’re and says you’re So funny man 😂
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 28 giorni fa
he handled this happening to him AGAIN, good luck Mr. Vettori
Cwick Yo momma
Cwick Yo momma 29 giorni fa
Trash card. Fkfc is taking over
Stray Aliens
Stray Aliens 29 giorni fa
Two of the biggest douch Ag fighters out . Fuckn dim witted meat head vs Rickey Martin pretty boi . Couldn't care if a plane crashed into the Octagon mod fight
Stray Aliens
Stray Aliens 29 giorni fa
Bag* mid* #fuck auto correct
Cozy 29 giorni fa
hate to see israel sons go at it
alida flus
alida flus 29 giorni fa
he handled this happening to him AGAIN, good luck Mr. Vettori
wnnalis cioov
wnnalis cioov 28 giorni fa
Costa is a affirmative action recipient.
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Mese fa
Vettori was just lucky
Costa laugh tho 😍
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 27 giorni fa
Izzy sat back and watched his victims bickering
Shobhit Srivastava
marvin and Paulo stated for a War and they did deliver a war Great fight full 5 round of desctruction , and how did Marvin absorb those Thunderous Kicks
Jojo Bartlett
Why This Whole Face Off Soo Cringey Making Me Shake
jahh1975 Mese fa
Face off felt scripted
Tekken fitness
Costa 🥰
yugoflex Mese fa
how can you not like Marvin?
Vadim Gerassimenko
Disrespectful behavior is a shame. I hope Marvin loses.
Marco Zucconi
He won man :))))
Panganiban, Martin Henri A.
So it really did happen? Hahahahahaha we all here joking about it and here it happens but Paolo Costa is better and has a higher chance of winning Vettori has a chance but that is if he can disable Costa's movements and stoppage.
Thizzelle Washington
Both these dudes are disappointing fighters to watch
Cage Fighting.....Zzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! 😴
Figster41 Mese fa
Izzy sat back and watched his victims bickering 😂
Sport 360
Sport 360 Mese fa
Think for yourself.
Costa is a affirmative action recipient.
Jesse I. Santra (Daswani)
Oh man these confrontations are so funny
TheMrcaLu Mese fa
W L'ITALIA 🇮🇹 Greetings from Trieste
Mister M A.K
Mister M A.K Mese fa
I don't get it what was the offical weight difference anyway??
Gabriel Ybarra
For all that shit he did talking he really didn't do nothing in the ring lol
Bro_Nz 11
Bro_Nz 11 Mese fa
To low class ego idiots in a fight 🤣 its going to be funny
Cracker Mese fa
#danawhite sign me up
yuf jay
yuf jay Mese fa
Grande Marvin!
BIG H Mese fa
Vettori, he didn't even wait to make the "show" believable. That confrontation look FAKE!
Hlima Bawihtlung
Both defeated by Israel
Nelson Mandela
I think this whole fight and everything leading up to it showed more of Paulo's decline rather than Marvin's growth in my opinion.
expsterm1 Mese fa
Costa off the peds looks smaller
glory ogiji
glory ogiji Mese fa
Paulo is such a looser! m.itvid.net/video/video-sCVMJVy1T3A.html
tyler nixon
tyler nixon Mese fa
costa couldn't quite loose all the pregnancy weight.
Matt Mese fa
the trash talk is so comically bad it's top tier comedy
Matty Mese fa
That's funny as lmao
VioLaTor Mese fa
Marvin looks massif
QuesoDaGod Mese fa
So awkward Should we shake hands should we not Should we curse each other out idk lol
The Netherlands
Great acting
Bisping ufc one👁️ eye fighting machine
If anyone saw the fight what a war brilliant by both guys absaloute warriors but Costa should have threw more punches lacking these days and vettori kicked more but great little war
Joan Marti-Munoz
I'm the only one who thinks that Costa Won?
Truth Venum
Truth Venum Mese fa
Marvin and Paulo are like brothers from different dumb mothers. Give them each a Rubik's cube in a prison cell as a means to solve for freedom and they'd be in there for life.
James Kyle
James Kyle Mese fa
The way dude looks at Trinaldo's hands, like "Oh, so this is how we're doing it?" And Trinaldo nods, like "Hell yeah" so dude nods like "Alright, alright, if that's how you feel." So much going on.
Young CiesaL
Young CiesaL Mese fa
Paid'nGames Mese fa
got told 3 times to watch his fingers and imagine that he still pokes him in the eye.
Gabbo Mese fa
I don't know who I hate more... Costa or McGregor...
Ragnar ok
Ragnar ok Mese fa
Jesus christ help us. Between adesanya, vettori, costa and now Strickland, 185 is more toxic than a nuclear sewage leak. I hope robert Whittaker takes the belt back soon to help purify this damn division.
Chigga Chang Wang
That was gay
Barry Matthews
Vettori gonna smash Costa with relentless pressure. Costa only chance is a One punch KO. Which he has the power to do. Only takes one good shot from either man.
Salah Salah
Salah Salah Mese fa
Costa only lost one fight right 😂 why everybody's hating on him
Peter Hatch
Peter Hatch Mese fa
Is there a weight for LBGT now that be a great fight
elnino67100 Mese fa
Vettori by tko round 2 Costa is out of shape
Saber Chtioui
Paulo costa he will undoubtedly win.
Kwenortey Adela
Izzy's children😂🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ruhndome Mese fa
Battle of the hot piss
BME91 Mese fa
Marvin definitely has the mental advantage. He thinks he beat Izzy twice 🤣
James Davies Answers
Marvin is BEEFY at 205
Ayden Spears
Ayden Spears Mese fa
Marvin will win by TKO in the 4th round. I think Costa will gas out.
Đorđe Gutić
These guys are ripped up at 205! How in the fuck they make middleweight?!?
Wolf eat you brada
Marvin is scared skinny Italian guy I will make him cry, he keeps crying about 185 this 195 that thats his personal problem I csn fight at any weight I just dont feel like cutting to 185.
Trystin Nelson
Paulo bitching about his pay and then gonna fuck off with weight, he’s just shooting him self in the foot with his own gun😂😂😂
Paul Lee
Paul Lee Mese fa
"Protect myself at all times" - *(Paulo Costa)*
Viper Mese fa
Almost 900k views in a day for a fight night face off, Paulo is a genius you guys got to respect that.
Steve Benner
Steve Benner Mese fa
I USED to be a fan of Costa
Vu Tran
Vu Tran Mese fa
Missing weight should be a 50% purse penalty
Muhammad Imran Ahmed
Two English fluent speakers
X caliburg
X caliburg Mese fa
Costa is winning 100 %
fatalradius Mese fa
Costa looks off mentally, like depressed or something
Marco Meza
Marco Meza Mese fa
Bro, I cant imagine none of those fighters be champions except the white tattoed girl. The rest of them look like creepy weirdos lol
wojak Mese fa
odd way of flirting between these two
bossaliniem$B tv
Talking dont win fights
Jeremy Solis
Jeremy Solis Mese fa
Damn a 205 fight lol. Marvin is a 185 pound fighter and costa always had a lot of trouble making 185 so he didn't even want to try so he could be the best him. Should of had him fight a 205 pound fighter. I know he's having a 20% paycut.
Moe American
Moe American Mese fa
Vevo Venyo
Vevo Venyo Mese fa
Reading comments ... Marvin Marvin ! But imma go for Paulo Costa ... 😁✌️
Kolya Brown
Kolya Brown Mese fa
So gay lmao 🤣 😂 canelo/plant gonna be dope
Ovidiu Sustic
Paul doesnt seem that jacked anymore like he used to. What happen?
Vlad Uchiha
Vlad Uchiha Mese fa
David Laney
David Laney Mese fa
Jan Błachowicz vs Costa for the Light heavyweight title If Izzy tried it at 193 why not Costa he 211 now 😂
Akumu 悪夢
Akumu 悪夢 Mese fa
Costa is looking skinny no?
Judge_Wolf Mese fa
Sean Shelby is very strong
Niko R
Niko R Mese fa
Can't stand either dude, but hopefully, Marvin gets Costa prego with Irish twins.
Stukenny46 Mese fa
Costa is so unlikeable.
Arturs Smiths
Good luck for Marvin!
Paulo Costa knew full well he wasn't going to be anywhere close to weight. He went in knowing that they would end up fighting at a catch weight. So he is more prepared at a heavier weight. So now if he wins he gets to move up in "Middleweight" rankings. The guy is blatantly cheating
Dario Cobretti
Not for Italy.. For MORDOR!!☠️
Andrew Boy
Andrew Boy Mese fa
This wasnt a good look for Marvin hold me back Vetorri no stare down even excited the stage before Costa did 🤦🏻‍♂️
Bro costa is gonna get his ass beat lol
David Watts
David Watts Mese fa
I can’t believe I’m going for marv in this fight but I hate the other clown more
Tafida Gadzama
Paulo Costa vs Marvin Vittori is a good and tough fight but I only see one winner, Marvin Vittori as they will be battling for the position of first and second wives to Izzy😂😂😂😂
Jeremy Swole
Jeremy Swole Mese fa
The real winner of this fight is their father izzy
Robert Farmer
Not going to lie…. This fight has gotten bigger to me …. And I don’t just mean the catweight
Tito Brozzi
Tito Brozzi Mese fa
1:40 look at filthy Shelby, he can’t hide it
theBigMan Mese fa
Costa really lost all his cred when he got fked in the middle of the octagon by Izzy😂😂
Stu Pidas
Stu Pidas Mese fa
Who believes this fake as fuck weigh in "hold me back hold me back" shit?
Matthew Chandler
Coastal should apologize at least for not working hard enough to make wait. It's a small part of the game that could have a big impact on the outcome
Dylan Carey
Dylan Carey Mese fa
Marvin took a fight with his opponent 20 pounds overweight. I've never really cared for the guy but that deserves mad respect. Rooting for him.
Louise O'Brien
Not 1 good enuff mite take cr7 as sub😆
Clockwork Jaguar
Am I the only one still rooting for Costa?
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