Marvin Vettori Octagon Interview | UFC Vegas 41

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Marvin Vettori earned the unanimous decision victory over Paulo Costa in the main event of UFC Vegas 41 on Saturday afternoon. Hear from Vettori immediately after the bout inside of the Octagon.

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23 ott 2021




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Commenti 1 686
L E L E 10 giorni fa
ndemo co sta bozza de vin!!!!!!
Williams Gregwork
Williams Gregwork 15 giorni fa
Costa is champion....ufc👎👎
Tenshin Tv
Tenshin Tv 26 giorni fa
Bisping look huge here
Mal Bic
Mal Bic 26 giorni fa
"Ades nen che beven 'na boza de vin che go na sé ostia! Avanti! " hahaha
NAPALM 28 giorni fa
this was a ROCKY movie fight
Shane B
Shane B 28 giorni fa
He’s scared of Izzy.... doesn’t want another title shot right now lmao. Who says that ?
Nasimbek Saidmurodov
I think Costa won the fight! UFC referees are not honest at all...
Alessio Zampini
Alessio Zampini 29 giorni fa
Bevem na boza de vin che gh’avem na sè ostia, avanti
Joshua Ziccarelli
Joshua Ziccarelli 29 giorni fa
They weighed the same omg Marvin might look better but he's still a idiot.
yaliso gioouy
Bruh Izzy didn’t lie about vettori’s chin ☝️ That kick landed by costa in the second round would’ve ko’d almost everyone
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Mese fa
This fight showed two things: 1) How good Israel Adesanya truly is 2)How exciting fights can be when people fight at their natural weight and healthy they can actually look
bssni touir
bssni touir Mese fa
This fight showed two things: 1) How good Israel Adesanya truly is 2)How exciting fights can be when people fight at their natural weight and healthy they can actually look
Noah Robson
Noah Robson Mese fa
I love how Marvin called him a cunt 😂
AsKeL MasKel
AsKeL MasKel Mese fa
yaliso gioouy
Marvin is like De Niro from Cape fear...tough af.
antonio tosin
Gli ultimi dese secondi i é da brividi, daghe ostia
Zeusasaurus Mese fa
Vettori is gonna stay at this level as long as he pussy foots around the ring in big fights. That last championship fight he had was hard to watch. Wouldn’t attack at all. Just stood there and took a beating. It’s a shame. Then still thinks he got screwed.
bssni touir
bssni touir Mese fa
Love this Marvin suddenly
V Mese fa
Cosa ha detto alla fine?? Parla in dialetto ?
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu Mese fa
Love this Marvin suddenly
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Mese fa
Costa: Keeps throwing powerful kicks Vettori’s Body: How the f**k is that even a question?
Andrea Basili
Martin Rizzi
Martin Rizzi Mese fa
Haha che uomo, daghe de vin marvin
I love this dude. He is on fire. I stan
Drazen Bozic
Drazen Bozic Mese fa
big A foopkin heart on this guy holey crape
Drazen Bozic
Drazen Bozic Mese fa
Soinas Doyi
Soinas Doyi Mese fa
there both awful slow and predictable
franck jimenez
0:19 😒🤜🏻🤛🏻😐
Bas Groot
Bas Groot Mese fa
Marvin......respect for you.
After this fight I love Marvin vettori! His rage is that much funnier now
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Mese fa
This fight showed two things: 1) How good Israel Adesanya truly is 2)How exciting fights can be when people fight at their natural weight and healthy they can actually look
Hagbard Celine
Marvin is like De Niro from Cape fear...tough af.
Nasser Assaf
Nasser Assaf Mese fa
مارفن فيتوري💪💪
Gbolahan Oke
Gbolahan Oke Mese fa
Love this Marvin suddenly
Kaulana Keolanui
imagine how much more support he woulda got if he said he's gonna donate costas 20% to children's hospital or something..
mijuo roui
mijuo roui Mese fa
Funniest result
Exavier Mugasa
Next for Marvin is the loser of Brunson vs Cannonier. But I belive we will get to see how far Marvin will be away from a title shot if Izzy smokes Whitaker again and if Whitaker losses we will definitely see Whitaker vs Marvin. But in all, we have seen how good Marvin is but let's not forget how great Izzy is because he made Marvin look like a child in their rematch but now we got to see that Marvin is good but Izzy is on another level
Maou Sama
Maou Sama Mese fa
marvin first tried to handshake costa but later change his mind
Bê Garrido De Fato
Fairy fists, block head
Todd Raymond
Todd Raymond Mese fa
Yeah, you're right about Costa, he needs to fight at 205
Master Roman
Master Roman Mese fa
Costa dominated throughout the fight but.... Terrible judgement
Todd Raymond
Todd Raymond Mese fa
Costa dominated at the scale
Joshua Adams
Joshua Adams Mese fa
there both awful slow and predictable
Gordon Eisenach
Those kicks though. Might as well just use a fucking baseball bat or a giant hammer.
james methu
james methu Mese fa
Costa has crazy kicks..Chuck Norris kicks
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Mese fa
this win, he deserved it
TRiniLukey Mese fa
Marvin "this time I won for sure" Vitorri.
Kamil B
Kamil B Mese fa
"I still get to buy a watch" LOL! This guy is classic
Mike M
Mike M Mese fa
Can’t wait to See who Marvin fights next I’m a fan now love this guy’s heart and attitude
NarcoTrackz Mese fa
bro costas hair 💀
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei Mese fa
I don't think he won the respect of the entire martial arts community lol Bisping will say anything.
Kitoka Jimo
Kitoka Jimo Mese fa
Funniest result
william lindberg
And vettoris a boss glad Costa lost
william lindberg
ESPN audio was buggy as he'll and cut out 10 x or so
william lindberg
At least y'all managed to not fuck up the audio again like the past 3 fight nights on ITvid
Mr Doctor
Mr Doctor Mese fa
Marvin is a beast!
italians classics
Marvin a real top fighters in the mma world! incredible dimostration of steel mentality
Mr A
Mr A Mese fa
Despite taking an L, I think Costa still has a lot to offer.
Think for yourself.
Costa is a affirmative action recipient.
Layman's Target
Felt like Costa won
Khaled Alsinafi
0:13 that victory scream though😂😂
BlackLotus Mese fa
Vettori Legend
Gallico Mese fa
Wow what a Beast! 🤯
Kinugwa Victor
Marvin Vettori will definitely be a UFC champion in the not so far future! Love his mentality!
Jonathan Wiley
I don't think he won the respect of the entire martial arts community lol Bisping will say anything.
IssacNewton Mese fa
Marvin gain so many hardcore MMA fans this week
Amanda McBride
Busting needs to commentate big ones!
SilvaHHead l'opzione zero
Cafudda Marvin la Sicilia ti stima!
Ka Jingtip Technology
Mozzocoronna oh my... my 😅
Mgr Bikas
Mgr Bikas Mese fa
There's no fighter like romero in middle weight
2:41 - Italians, what did Marvin said here? Grazie =J
Jacopo Dainotto
Jacopo Dainotto 20 giorni fa
I don't speak his dialect, but I understand that he wants to reunite with his people in his hometown and have some wine together.
Onkar Patole
Onkar Patole Mese fa
when Izzy is gone, to challenge Rob, marvin needs to mix it up with leg kicks and add some firepower to his hands orelse Rob will take it home with Unanimous Decision
Avinash Mese fa
Now he'll say he can beat adesanya but he can't
BigShotKev Mese fa
Uh im pretty sure adesanya can keep up marvin...
Marvin 😍😍😍🥊
Omar Ezzaoui
Omar Ezzaoui Mese fa
Una gioia enorme vedere questo leone combattere.. sono felicissimo per te e spero che diventi campione..
Battle One
Battle One Mese fa
1:41 he calls him a cnt 😆
AgentCody Banx8
Respect for Marvin actually being willing to shake Costa's hand but not initiating it. Costa was unprofessional for his last 2 contracts and he's paid for it, figuratively and literally
Peter K
Peter K Mese fa
Two words in and they had to start bleeping it, classic Vettori 😂
MKG Mese fa
Awesome marvin ❤️ love from INDIA
Sxndzo Mese fa
These two put on a very good fight for us, was seriously needed after the last 3 fight night mainevents
Tiziano Ponzo
Marvin has the biggest martial’s heart ever, absolutely great🔥❤️
slayerBO2EPC Mese fa
When he fought Izzy everyone shat on him, when he fights Paulo who was overweight everyone suddenly loves him and calls him professional, the man has been the same since the Karl Roberson fight and before, just shows how fickle the mma community is
slayerBO2EPC Mese fa
My man Starvin Marvin, keep up being a savage
MORI Mese fa
Not a Costa fan but I think he won this fight to be honest
Yuki Hotta
Yuki Hotta Mese fa
Absolute respect to this dude. He essentially took down a guy 30 lb heavier.
Francis Ncanu nr one of the worlds!!!
Abuyin ibn Djadir
Marvin "Uomo Di Ferro" Vettori 🇮🇹
locksmith db
locksmith db Mese fa
I really like Marvin! Great fighter,amazing will power and high fight IQ! (Don't care for his manager at all)
Alex 1978
Alex 1978 Mese fa
heart and steel thats Marvin💪💪lets go rock!
Omar Perez
Omar Perez Mese fa
BS costs all day
CrimsoN Mese fa
Bravo Marvin! Forza!
Sven Jakopcevic
I used to really like Costa but ever since his title fight hes been weird in some way and unenjoyable
Kraft Punk
Kraft Punk Mese fa
I think Costa knew he'd lose and changed weight class to avoid going down in rank for the middle weight division.
Arnold Perez
Arnold Perez Mese fa
Good day for the orc community.
Sie Walker
Sie Walker Mese fa
Marvins scream 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ifti Alam
Ifti Alam Mese fa
This was a fight of the night worthy. But it wasn't awarded cuz I'm sure Dana didn't want to pay Costa anything extra due to the weight miss. But hey, this was a banger🔥. Completely worth it.
antonino luva
Vettori sei l'orgoglio italiano, adesso riposa e recupera bene perché hai ricevuto dei colpi molto pesanti
Juan Palacios
Acosto hin wont
Kylle Esteban
Would like to see Marvin fight the winner of Brunson vs Cannonier
bhud Mese fa
Grande Marvin che parla veneto!
David Gugsa
David Gugsa Mese fa
Great fight
Jazz Ba
Jazz Ba Mese fa
Costa vs Romero at Bellator
José Luis Cabanillas Lizarraga
Marvin got fucked up in this fight, rocked again and again, he is fresh at this game but if he keeps eating shots like this, in a few years he will get K.O. every time his mom kiss him in the cheek.
IGL Elegy
IGL Elegy Mese fa
Jesus is the truth
IGL Elegy
IGL Elegy Mese fa
Jesus is the truth
gaoda cheese
gaoda cheese Mese fa
Vettori is a real Orc... dude ate a bunch of bombs and didn't seem phased at all
Scott Mescudi
Marvin is becoming very good.
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