Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut

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Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut
#Cut #Lineup #Challenge


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22 mag 2019

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Commenti 4 768
Cut 26 giorni fa
Follow Cut Allstar Duranged Pitt on IG at instagram.com/durangedpitt
Steve Thea
Steve Thea 12 giorni fa
@Trisha Ebina 🙏🙏 what's yours
Trisha Ebina
Trisha Ebina 12 giorni fa
@Steve Thea @yana.demeester
John C. Fontenot
John C. Fontenot 23 giorni fa
@Natalie Deeble &j*
N P 23 giorni fa
Where is the rest of the peoples instagrams, what kind of shit is this
Steve Thea
Steve Thea 23 giorni fa
vanbebbs Song list?
Christina C
The sexy tractor part hhahahaha
Sister Frick
Sister Frick 3 ore fa
Voice Guesser: Old town road Singers:💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾
Syd T
Syd T 4 ore fa
“What language was that bro?” “Fuck if I know”
The odd baby 123
The singing dude seems like a theatre kid who's talented but nice to everyone
Emily L
Emily L 9 ore fa
Yana is gorgeous whoa!!
Destinee Davis
Destinee Davis 15 ore fa
She ruined that l.o.v.e. song 😂😂😂😂
R. Francis Martin
7:14 The guy with the black panther shirt is the one who over sings and puts to much vibrato on Happy Birthday 😂
Alina Adam
Alina Adam 17 ore fa
I loved the phantom dude haha
Shawty Yocelin
Shawty Yocelin 17 ore fa
Me: Nice young emo girl Her:HelLO MY NAME IS BRANDON IM A GUY
AnthonyAndEhab 19 ore fa
That girl was cringe
FireRam YT
FireRam YT 23 ore fa
Match the student with the report card
JAN JAN Giorno fa
Where can I contact Jane? Or what’s her social media 🤔
Shasta McKinney
Shasta McKinney Giorno fa
I'm so happy they ended this with country roads. WV baby (':
BoZo Giorno fa
♪ *You think my tractor’s sexy, It really turns me on* ♪
charlotte skupien
2:39 is that one theater kid
Feynren Giorno fa
Shit dude Brandon can sing so fucking well
Nahir Riveros
Nahir Riveros Giorno fa
please don't ever bring that vocal coach back for any video
Billie Eyelash
Billie Eyelash Giorno fa
3:26 I have respect for him only because she sang Billie Eilish 😂
Brody Johnson
Brody Johnson Giorno fa
At 1:11 she was singing in cursive
Wtf is that voice
Keiko Bailie
Keiko Bailie Giorno fa
i need to follow Brandon on INSTA!
WhatButt Bubblecrap
Yea vocal coach lady was annoying, but why is no one talking about the first girlll...she was sooo good ughh love that raspy voice
Amber Bastianelli
They're way too nice, lmao. They were all pretty bad singers tbh. The dude who sung Phantom of the Opera was okay, the Native guy was okay, the other three are fucking terrible.
crystal Giorno fa
the vocal coach is rude
okay izy
okay izy Giorno fa
the vocal coach needs a vocal coach
NANI !?!?
NANI !?!? 2 giorni fa
Simon Wolaus
Simon Wolaus 2 giorni fa
I hate the first girl she was so extra
grace 2 giorni fa
the woman with the curly hairs voice is so hot omg
SerenaN724 2 giorni fa
the half red hair person was annoying the fuck out of me
SerenaN724 2 giorni fa
i feel like the purple sweater girl couldnt sing
Robby White Head
Robby White Head 2 giorni fa
Really? old town road? Wtf that crap sucks
Madison Martel
Madison Martel 3 giorni fa
3:40 I-I have a crush on this person right here, not because he has good voice but because He mad relatable and GORGEOUS
YouTube Trash
YouTube Trash 3 giorni fa
The guy with the outward hair is a perv
Gaby Dominguez
Gaby Dominguez 4 giorni fa
Some of them weren’t that great if I’m honest
Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira 4 giorni fa
Yana is the most incredible person.
Alan Winters
Alan Winters 4 giorni fa
I feel like the first girl could do a really pretty cover of "Jolene" 🥰
Frederik Morsing
Frederik Morsing 4 giorni fa
"What language is that?" "Fuck if i know" -Pitt
Ruby Vlogs
Ruby Vlogs 4 giorni fa
The vocal coach is sooo annoying
MusicHappy 4 giorni fa
Ok but like is no one going to talk about how he went out there with Phantom of the Opera...?
yee haw
yee haw 4 giorni fa
Hectiic Lynx
Hectiic Lynx 5 giorni fa
2:07 *left*
Clara Saad
Clara Saad 5 giorni fa
couldn’t they bring in people who actually know how to sing
Derek Busey
Derek Busey 5 giorni fa
wait thats a nigga??!
Thegooob95 5 giorni fa
If ur voice teacher is like this chick, run, and don’t pay for the first lesson.
malini !
malini ! 5 giorni fa
Match the name to the person
alexkg1 5 giorni fa
Does anyone know the IG of the chick in white? For uhh...research purposes 😉
nerfermodder 5 giorni fa
First girl was too breathy.
hannah 5 giorni fa
You should do a matching best friends video!!!
Alexandria 5 giorni fa
4:54 Poudii Is that u??
Jinx Snipe God
Jinx Snipe God 5 giorni fa
Brandon is a girl
Natalia Gil-Rodrigo
i’m trying not to hate on them ...by there um voices are terrible ......
sela sumaya
sela sumaya 6 giorni fa
The vocal coach can’t sing for shit, she is also rude as hell
hungry pete goes yeet
Can u do a metal scream 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ No he cant
Jiffiez Games
Jiffiez Games 6 giorni fa
tHiS pErSoN dEfiNiTeLy SmOkEs A LoT oF wEeD fuck that bitch
KITTY QUAILE 6 giorni fa
The first person with the red hair sounds like Micky mouse
ST Panda123
ST Panda123 6 giorni fa
Gotta love durranges hair
Emma 6 giorni fa
Jesus that woman with the red nd black hair can't fucking sing x-x
TheDzudas 6 giorni fa
"Singing coach" my shit, she is so bad at singing, also rude comments to people Who are better than her.
Lucas Ramirez
Lucas Ramirez 6 giorni fa
Looking at people sing make me cringe so hard ffs
x2Twats 6 giorni fa
The first girl can’t sing
asheema Martin
asheema Martin 7 giorni fa
When tha black guy started singing I screamed "oh no"
asheema Martin
asheema Martin 7 giorni fa
How she finna teach singing when she cant sing?
Deanna Hope
Deanna Hope 7 giorni fa
3:53 quick juul rip
Anela Rei Tan
Anela Rei Tan 7 giorni fa
the guy singing phantom is my mood 😂
Bryce Converse
Bryce Converse 7 giorni fa
I saw deranged pit and I just laughed 😂😂😂😂😂
mia liotine
mia liotine 7 giorni fa
when his hair said “T” i felt that
Army Babe
Army Babe Giorno fa
Kayensea ._.
Kayensea ._. 7 giorni fa
The vocal coach with red hair... Tsk, this'll be mean to say but- Her eyebrows...
nerfermodder 5 giorni fa
At least you aren't commenting about how she's a bad singer. When everyone is and barely heard her sing. And I have an ear for music, and from what I heard she can sing.
Cutekoalas19198 7 giorni fa
No offense but the one really nervous one kinda looked like Michael Jackson HeE-hEe
Ndine 4 giorni fa
Cutekoalas19198 NOOOOONSSNSNSNJ😭😭
THICC YOSHI 7 giorni fa
That first girl had such a raspy voice and she kept like trying to sound good after she sang a word that was kinda wack
Fleur 7 giorni fa
Someone pretty please tell me the instagram pr something of Brendon, he be fucking gorgeousss😍😍
Lovely Lox
Lovely Lox 7 giorni fa
Omg duranged pitt sounds like deranged armpits, i'm so sorry Duranged pitt BTW just for people out there you knoww who don't know what deranged means, (also I know a lot of people know what it means so don't comment me saying like "jEsUs evErYonE kNoWs whAt iT mEaNS" but deranged means mad or insane. Alsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't tell me ''ThEy cAn jUsT sEaRcH iT uP fOR thEMsElvES bRo'' like they can but this is faster ;) Ex: ''tHerE'S a DeRaNgEd pHyScO oN tHe lOoSe''
Duranged Pitt
Duranged Pitt 4 ore fa
cancer 7 giorni fa
Yana's insta damn
LoanLeaf 7 giorni fa
That black dude sang best 👌
LoanLeaf 7 giorni fa
I hate when singers don't finish the words.
Pablo Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez 8 giorni fa
yall ugly
hellavator 8 giorni fa
Janes eyebrows are fucking hideous
em0ti0nal Nebula
em0ti0nal Nebula 8 giorni fa
Can yall stop bashing on the vocal coach, she literally didnt do anything wrong
natalie !
natalie ! 8 giorni fa
heheh at 3:31 she’s singing a billie song don’t attack me
Kattykat49 8 giorni fa
The "vocal coach" was such a fucking bitch! Especially since she can't sing for shit herself
Musicalmeme 8 giorni fa
Daaamn Brandon had me FOOLED. Like...HOO.
Glacies.Yin 8 giorni fa
jess gao
jess gao 8 giorni fa
Match instrument to musician
Shenaniganz 9 giorni fa
They should do a lineup on guessing this persons gender 😂😂
bubbles #2
bubbles #2 9 giorni fa
The fact that the "vocal coach" thought smoking make peoples voice incredibly raspy kinda pisses me off.
Jood Alruqayb
Jood Alruqayb 9 giorni fa
Johnny_D 9 giorni fa
Yana is pretty damn cute tbh
Dayanara Torres
Dayanara Torres 9 giorni fa
Watch comes on:I START BUSTING MY BUTT OF SINGING i know all the lyrics
notjustplainJane 9 giorni fa
I wish they had gotten a real opera singer : / that shit woulda been fun
Have Fun Having Fun
Brandon fucking KILLED it, absolutely phenomenal voice
Potátó Potátó
Potátó Potátó 9 giorni fa
Girl: *sings in italian* Guesser: okay she must be russian if she sings in russian.
Winter Wolf Simon
Winter Wolf Simon 9 giorni fa
Another native makeup wearing alternative singer with an emo Fringe, Brandon marry me
Kameshia Elsenpeter
I want his hair....someone teach the ways!
Krisztina Varga
Krisztina Varga 9 giorni fa
TBE TELEPORT 9 giorni fa
What about a holistic vocal coach lmao
PndaPrncz 10 giorni fa
The vOcAl CoAcH needs to chill
heather worrell
heather worrell 10 giorni fa
The end every one sings county roads girl see what I did here
boltfansquad5 !
boltfansquad5 ! 10 giorni fa
Omg I hated that guys hair it was bothering me so much 😤😤😤✋
Sagal Haji
Sagal Haji 10 giorni fa
When the goth person sAid he was a boy named Brandon I was shook #sistershook 😂😂
Earnest Flowers
Earnest Flowers 10 giorni fa
Devan Key
Devan Key 10 giorni fa
match music artist to their beat/production piece
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