Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Backyard Sessions) 

Miley Cyrus
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@persolsims 9 mesi fa
she always manages to make her live performances sound way better than the studio versions
@indiefairy09 9 mesi fa
I wish her studio version ls sounded like this but I guess it’s good to be able to rework the songs in multiple ways live and keep fresh
@jennifers8843 9 mesi fa
It’s almost like it’s not live
@steph8030593 9 mesi fa
@@jennifers8843 just because she has auto tune in the mic doesn’t mean she’s not singing this live 😊😋
@LXPhotographie 8 mesi fa
@@steph8030593 you're aware that there are still people who simply know how to sing the good old fashioned way, right?
@lf6352 8 mesi fa
​@@steph8030593 she doesn't use auto tune in her mic
@jimmywu2648 4 mesi fa
Her backyard sessions are absolutely GREAT - just pure singing, none of the distractions.
She has such a unique voice and her music is underrated. Keep ROCKING Miley
Underrated? Are you delusional? Her music has been popular.
Whe did u get to know her bro?
@madhuritag 2 mesi fa
She is anything but underrated. 😋
I never used to like Miley when she was younger. However, I think she has matured beautifully into a great singer. Love the song.
@TraderRobin 4 mesi fa
Yup, it's official.....Miley is definitely improving with age!! 🥰
@PhoeFireaga 3 mesi fa
Finest wine!
@M2345M 2 mesi fa
most, not all but most humans do
@TraderRobin 2 mesi fa
@@M2345M Only if they're liberal and Democratic! 🙂
@rnr6657 2 mesi fa
@M2345M 2 mesi fa
@@TraderRobin people really think one side is so different. I have met so many conservatives that vote dem and so many degenerates that vote right. People are people and there's everything in both. Not everything is political
Show de música...amei
@thibault335 9 mesi fa
Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing
@tayluvofficial 9 mesi fa
Ariana Grande beat Miley from miles away! Miley can NEVER come close to achieving what Ari has done!
@scarlettcrowns 9 mesi fa
She's perfect in every way.
@k-doggy1762 9 mesi fa
Let's face it the new album is no Plastic Hearts. A major let down imo
@kellibella0804 9 mesi fa
​@@tayluvofficial why does it have to be a competition? The answer is: It doesn't!! Women support women. We don't pit them against one another like some imaginary cage match ... There's plenty of room in this world and the music industry for both insanely talented women, and there's still room left over for more! 🖤
@IvePinkOutsold 9 mesi fa
My favs Twice ended your flop white girly
@annam4352 4 mesi fa
Her backyard sessions are amazing. I love this performance !!!!! She is rising an d blooming and shinning .. Shine on girl !!!!!!
@rnr6657 4 mesi fa
It's such a simple pop song, but it's so catchy and her voice is so interesting. Always start jamming out to this
@user-ot1ce9zb8k 21 giorno fa
Its catchy because its true!!!!! Like all great songs!!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@jankrupa7042 2 mesi fa
@WMeier-kd8hz 2 mesi fa
Stay strong and enjoy the memories
I am 74 and this song brings life into my veins. I don’t know why. I do love Miley though.
@boy2010gx Mese fa
Be strong. Life goes on
@liv-ho8tz 14 giorni fa
Iam 70 old women, thank you miley. I rock you.😅❤
@oana1111 26 giorni fa
This spring I went to buy myself flowers from a nursery, in the heavy rain that soaked me to the bone. And when I went to move the car at the pickup point, this song started. I was laughing with the salesperson while loading the flowers in the trunk, with this blasting at full volume 😂 Best memory of a song, at least this year.
@Konleb 22 giorni fa
I peed my name in the snow. 😍
She has a unique voice and this song is just perfect for her. The best song so far at this moment.
@MileyNation 9 mesi fa
her backyard sessions are now basically better than the grammys
@dnmurphy48 9 mesi fa
I agree, she has done some amazing performances in the backyard. I always look forward to hearing of a new one
100% true
I also uploaded this song on my ITvid channel😊😊
@NRam-ke6cs 9 mesi fa
@adanilsoncapel 9 mesi fa
超喜歡這種帶有復古風的歌 再配上她的嗓音 超搭的 真希望她多出這種曲風的歌
Дякую 😊
@lilypanmei7215 2 mesi fa
Loved her as a teen , love her now as a woman. Love all her songs ,it's touching and realistic. She deserves recognition for her talent.
@Chill_Love_Songs 4 giorni fa
Classics never die, they just find new people.
A song of growth and self empowerment if I ever heard one. I went tonight to search just one song and am falling into a rabbit hole and really impressed by her.
@popmusic369 17 giorni fa
I love her voice! It’s raspy, strong and her belts are gorgeous.
@libbylacy7666 9 mesi fa
Her live performances are stellar! Always hits the right notes. Love her.
@deckenneth 9 mesi fa
Can people really not tell this isn't live? Its painfully obvious.
@KeiPug 9 mesi fa
Auto tune
@Vipwhips13 9 mesi fa
@@deckenneth I had the same thought lol
@trumstrunk 8 mesi fa
@@deckenneth 👆☝☝
@_____2219 8 mesi fa
This was obviously recorded live by how her voice doesn’t have that smooth feel and high notes compared to the music video.
@suesingh981 14 giorni fa
What a stunning voice and rendition of a beautiful song ❤
This is a perfect song: the lyrics and the music are awesome! And Miley’s voice and performance is unbelievable! And the drummer is great!
@thelmasbar 28 giorni fa
Best breakup anthem ever!
@silviavargas8965 6 giorni fa
Bello hermoso como canta😊❤
@RayneBlakeman 2 mesi fa
her accompaniment is so good! the backup vocalists make this performance really special
@thelmasbar 28 giorni fa
She shares the spotlight with the voices that surround hers. ❤
@WorldwideWyatt 9 mesi fa
She’s always been very talented, but she’s grown into being one of the best right before our eyes. She’s one of the few who escaped from Disney and the destructiveness of child stardom.
@missmayflower 9 mesi fa
Escaped? There’s definitely damage.
@EthanWhiteTV 9 mesi fa
@@missmayflower She still overcame challenge and adversity tho 🤷🏻‍♀️ and she’s still slaying in her career 17 years later
@robinberry2471 9 mesi fa
And what a BEAUTIFUL woman she has become 🌈🔥❤️‍🔥☮️
@Hmfirestormz 9 mesi fa
😂 your on drugs if you think she escaped destructiveness. That choice of wardrobe should be a red flag
@octopus8747 4 mesi fa
With this album she definitely found her way. Amazing!
@raregoddess444 4 mesi fa
@rnr6657 4 mesi fa
@leftofcentermo 4 mesi fa
She is growing into her own, and her voice is really coming around. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next. And I am 58 years old.
@faerlywell 2 mesi fa
I love this song and think she sounds fab in the recording but I genuinely think her voice sounds even better here live. Also her dancing on the rooftop during the chorus is the cutest
Miley has a beautifully unique voice unlike no other. Before I knew for sure that she sang this song, I would hear it playing and I'd be like... "That sounds an awful lot like Miley Cyrus." Very beautiful singing!
50 anos já ouvi muitas músicas milhares mas amo essa música de uma menina que fazia um programa infantil assistia com meu filho e a amo como fan
@letivarys9607 9 mesi fa
I love how she's feeling herself to the music. It's so carefree. Like how we sing when we're alone in the house, nobody's watching so we can really let loose. That's how she sings here and I love it
@dariencoffee94 8 mesi fa
I don't think anyone was there lol she was singing by herself and her band
@willtmurray 8 mesi fa
Yeah she owned that shit. Good vibes.
@@willtmurray Jumătate melodia cânta fetele din baching????....melodia este frumoasă și atât !!!!
@trumstrunk 8 mesi fa
@@dariencoffee94 👆☝☝
@marcotrina4336 6 mesi fa
J’adore sa voix , et cette chanson lui va comme son fourreau bravo Miley 👌🏼
que música linda, transmite um sentimento muito forte,amor próprio acima de tudo, Brasil❤️❤️❤️
@jvdoe9714 2 mesi fa
I like this version a lot more than the studio radio version because I can actually hear her effort in her vocals
@ilonaanela2828 4 mesi fa
Никогда раньше не слушала её песни, но после этой песни просто влюбилась в её творчество. Запоминающаяся личность и песни со смыслом. ❤
Love her backyard sessions. This song is just perfect.
I think she has a special place in our hearts because a lot of us got to watch her grow up. It’s so cool to see her evolution as an artist and as a person. 🥰
Her daddy watched her grow up...I mean...
@@michaelclayton2323 yes ☺
@cineva0008 8 mesi fa
And while she was growing up we all grew up right along with her. ☺️💖
@@michaelclayton2323 Thank you for the insight General Obvious. ☺️👍
Gracias a esta hermosa mujer por ser de inspiración para muchas otras!!! Sin duda el mejor comienzo es AMARSE a una misma!!! ❤
Wuaoo me encantó esta presentación, su voz grave se oye más sutil, delicada y relajada, al igual que la de las coristas. El oír la belleza de los violines, enriquece la melodía. Aplausos para ti, bella niña, sigue brillando con tu talento. Dios te bendiga
@saradiciomma6900 4 giorni fa
Bellissima musica, da emozioni incredibili da viverle , grazie Milley
@OKBeard 4 mesi fa
I absolutely love this song !!! Bravo !!!❤
@tamunagegiadze6594 11 giorni fa
Perfect 🥰 She is so talented and her voice just wow 😍😍
Her voice has always been too powerful for pop, glad she's doing songs that perfectly fit her voice now
@vivouser8267 9 mesi fa
SeweRs the samet isaaa
@TheZeeme 9 mesi fa
this is pop
@burizaemon9305 8 mesi fa
Uhmm..but this pop..🙄🙄😗
@yarajamal1782 8 mesi fa
@@burizaemon9305 He didn’t say that it’s not!
@igorkosek2094 8 mesi fa
​@@yarajamal1782 He said it was wrong for pop and now when she's doing pop it sounds good?
@est6360 4 mesi fa
Watched her in Hannah Montana because my daughters loved her. I didn't become a fan until this song. I now realize I didn't give her credit. Miley Cyrus is a powerful, beautiful, talented and just wonderful young woman. I'm a fan! 🎉❤
One of her best performance and at the stage!
@stephenbrooks6174 28 giorni fa
That cheeky little grin at the end. Wonderful. She has successfully moved from teen brat to rock chick and what a voice, nice and husky.
Que música perfeita! Amei! ❤
Maravillosa simplemente❤
@safiiruu 9 mesi fa
Miley has been genuine throughout the years. Showing us who she is in each phase of her growth and healing. A reminder that healing is not linear-and has its up and downs. Beautiful Miley! 🫶🏻
@mongie1186 Mese fa
Her voice is soo strong and pure…just iconic!
Her Backyard Sessions were amazing. Yep, we have watched this little girl grow up into an amazing women. Miley is gonna be around for a very long time. No one can touch her voice!
Essa música é lindíssima amoooooooo muiiiiiiiiitooooooo
I absolutely love this song . I love the video also and Miley looks stunning
@dionisis5206 4 mesi fa
Perfect performance ❤
@chelestialle 9 mesi fa
This proves that if you are really talented, singing in your own backyard can look/feel like a grand stage. Great job Miley
@artbyyogita 8 mesi fa
And lighting
@jphgaming6391 8 mesi fa
Sure, she is a very talented singer, but I think what makes this look and feel like a performance on a grand stage is the production around her. The band, the mixing, the lighting, the camera work... The budget for this performance must've been pretty large just to make it seem close, intimate and small scale.
@yammmit 8 mesi fa
it helps to have lighting and legit camera work lol
@AdoptmeDayz 8 mesi fa
Its not her backyard
@robinskull 8 mesi fa
Great song and performance !!
Muito maravilhosa 👏❤️🥰💃🕺
Is it me or is this video just suited perfect for this song! Movement! Voice, song, set. Perfect
Another great song by an awesome artist. Love that voice.
Amo su música, me siento muy muy identificada con sus canciones en especial con flowers
@hzm7163 9 mesi fa
This is how you make live versions better than studios. Take notes people. 🔥
This isnt even live, they edited the hell out of this video, if this was 100% live it would sound different.
@ML-jk3sz 9 mesi fa
@@danielzertuche7053 Its a live performance. The audio techs are very good at what they do and they know how to mix down the recordings and the video is edited from multiple cameras.
@chrishicks6367 9 mesi fa
Take notes. This is a cut and paste studio recording, not a "live" performance.
@jvalentino6466 9 mesi fa
@@chrishicks6367 who cares mileys bern around for so long she has nothing to prove vocally
@ML-jk3sz 9 mesi fa
@@chrishicks6367 LOL OK
@richardc2134 5 giorni fa
Love this song and on repeat.
@roryreid307 3 mesi fa
Absolutely perfect powerful performance.
@elizam8714 2 mesi fa
She's exactly where she needs to be on not just her journey, but expression of life ❤
Miley never fails to read the room. Too many heartbroken folks out there not realizing they can just spoil themselves instead of waiting for somebody else to do it.
The older she gets the more I love her!!!! She's Beautiful ❤️
She sounds better Live than majority of the artists! So much genuine talent!! 👏🏻👏🏻
One is miley Cyrus and another is an imagine dragon, who is very good even in live performances.
This is not live.
@D1ON1807 9 mesi fa
@@sanchayansarkar2953 yes it is, Miley never lip sings…
@omarali1098 9 mesi fa
All” Except shakira & sia
@@amankumaragrawal2553 Absolutely. Just heard their live recently. Was brilliant
I can't get this song out of my head, I love it!!!!!!!!
Great version! Have always liked her unique voice, and think she is a very talented singer. Very catchy song so you just have to come back again and again.
I love this version of Miley ❤ love this whole album. It speaks volumes 🎵🎶🎵
@bernmay6650 18 giorni fa
Miley, When I need a inspiration your songs are the way I go , totally thanks !!! Keep doing what you do !!!
@robbier7337 Mese fa
Such a beautiful unique voice , keep singing miss Cyrus !!
One of the few artists that doesn't need an auto-tuner. Her raw talent is undeniable.
@marlemor-_- 8 mesi fa
@aidenyou3 8 mesi fa
and my finger was on your profile picture for a second! you got me!
@smithwez1101 8 mesi fa
Undercover talent
@Landa13 Mese fa
Maravillosa canción ❤
@bobfritz4448 4 mesi fa
These are Miley years!! She is on fire and she is evolving right before our very eyes.
Canta muito ❤
@kevinallen4052 4 mesi fa
what an entertainer still retains the country sound in her voice . Brilliant.
@PlainJohn_Kop 3 mesi fa
Thts why I love her music so much ❤❤
Mi canción definitivamente este año me la dedique yo mismo ❤
@7MUSICZz 9 mesi fa
She was born to be the star she is. Her evolution and growth are incredible. She’s a true icon. Thanks, Miley, for this amazing masterpiece.💛
@7MUSICZz 9 mesi fa
i will remix this miracle on my channel
@audacityx 9 mesi fa
and you were born to be the fan that you are
@DeenBorno 9 mesi fa
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what you talking about go and read the lyrics this is absoutley not okay
@nicareguera452 8 mesi fa
Here’s the karaoke version I found of this very backyard session- itvid.net/video/video-RWVYhkOSueU.html Thank me later 😘
@maryollila8598 3 mesi fa
LOVE THIS SONG! ♥️ Miley ❤️
@MehmetN 4 mesi fa
This woman, with the understanding that it is so for a lot of people already, will be a global legend. I am pretty sure as someone who's seen the early times of "legends" of this time.
@AGBeattie1 4 giorni fa
You cant love yourself better than someone else can.
Awesome song ❤
Uma das melhores músicas dos últimos tempos 🎉❤ Maravilhosa Miley, uma música que fala de amor próprio ❤🎉
I’m usually strictly into metal but I’m absolutely in love with Miley’s voice, it’s matured as she has and is so damn powerful! I cannot get enough of this song.
give her cover of heart if glass a listen!! ive been ibsessed with it for a while
@noneyabiz1513 9 mesi fa
You'd love her rock pop with hints of disco album before this one then. The one with Midnight Sky
@omarali1098 9 mesi fa
Go for zombie and nothing else matters yup cranberries and matallica
​@Noneya Biz Her voice is totally different now... the surgery really changed the deepness. I have always liked her, but this song kicks ass!!
Love this it has a beautiful meaning to me🎼🎶🎵☮️❤️🕯🙏🏼
@itesolo514 3 mesi fa
Listening to this without looking at the video. Im surprised she sings so beautifully in live than her studio version
She is the Best vocalist in the world
@jakobwhaleart 3 mesi fa
I'm really happy to see that even though she's gone through hell and back with the media, she always got taken care of by herself and/or the people around her, and that she stands so tall and *strong* still.
This music is in my mind forever!
@bullet759 3 mesi fa
I love your voice ❤️
@judyrodda4211 7 mesi fa
I am 70 years old and I love her sound. Her voice is incredible. This song is like and anthem for women. Love it. You rock Miley.
@ljones396 6 mesi fa
Good for you, so does my Mum! I agree, I'm never usually much of a fan of chart music/current artists, but Miley is in a totally different class of her own.
@stevie362 6 mesi fa
Hi, Miley cyrus was sent from heaven to pleasure the world with her absolutely amazing outta this world Fantastic sensational music 🎶 I'm getting on and I've heard hundreds of rockbands over the years and i can honestly say hand on heart that I've never before heard anything like this young lady she's in a totally different class she unique there'll never be another like her, Miley cyrus is a once in a lifetime Rock sensation ❤
Elle sort du lot . mais j'ai peur que ça devienne plus tard trop commercial
@vienchan4975 6 mesi fa
You not 70 years old 70 years young more like , I am 60 years young and love this song love her vocal and I will buy my self flowers that is the easiest part but Dancing is not so much lol we still young at haart girls.
@stevie362 6 mesi fa
It just go to show how amazing miley cyrus is because she has absolutely millions upon millions of fans from all ages from 9 too 90 , its because miley cyrus is the Greatest Rockstar on earth, the girl is outta this world totally sensational ❤
Me encanta su canción😊 y qué seguridad tiene
😮🎉🎉🎉 muito linda música...!
Congratulations to Miley Cyrus for her award winning song,,, flowers at tonight's vma awards in Newark NJ,,,,well deserved Miley Cyrus,,, you are a true star,,, God bless you ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
@wehcd 2 mesi fa
Miley is such a queen!
I love her Backyard Sessions!!!
@martinor52 9 mesi fa
Ella está a un nivel diferente. Fuera de los charts, fuera de los puestos ella es la mejor de la generación 🇦🇷👑
@Halo-wm2dg 9 mesi fa
Es un hecho que Miley es muuucho más que artistas de tiktok y de moda, no necesita de charts para romperla, la más versátil y talentosa
@cesarrv546 9 mesi fa
Tampoco hay que exagerar.
​@@cesarrv546 no exageran Es verdad es la mejor
@cesarrv546 8 mesi fa
@@judithbizama5527 Es cuestión de gustos, claro. Pero no es la mejor de su generación.
She leaves me speechless everytime
Hermosa canción! 😍🥰
Espectacular voz.
Il prossimo
Would you win?!😅
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Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Lyrics)