Miley Cyrus Teases Her Star-Studded New Year's Eve Special with Dolly Parton | The Tonight Show 

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Miley Cyrus reflects on her past appearances on The Tonight Show before talking about returning to Miami for her New Year's Eve special with Dolly Parton.
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Miley Cyrus Teases Her Star-Studded New Year's Eve Special with Dolly Parton | The Tonight Show
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8 dic 2022




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Galway Girl
Galway Girl 5 mesi fa
She has become more and more likable over the years. She has gotten so much more honest and confident
Bluenoser27 5 mesi fa
Everyone has a young and crazy side I guess haha
Chris Cunningham
"likable"....? 😂🤣😂🤣😂
Danielle Sanders
She really has grown into an awesome person! I totally understand now why she had those couple of crazy years, growing up the way she did.
Dr. Long Monkey
Dr. Long Monkey 5 mesi fa
Shes always been honest and confident
Kacper 5 mesi fa
Miley is truly in her golden era. she’s beautiful, authentic and just amazing in so many ways.
swiftie vale
swiftie vale 5 mesi fa
she is authentic ❤
Anne Lee
Anne Lee 5 mesi fa
@swiftie vale plastic surgery overload. How authentic is that🤣😂😅
laura mendoza
laura mendoza 5 mesi fa
@Anne Lee would you say the same thing about Dolly Parton?
Anne Lee
Anne Lee 5 mesi fa
@laura mendoza yes, I would and I do. The post is about Miley so I said it about Miley. I will say that Dolly had a lot of body sculpting, much more than Miley. Actually she publicly admitted to it in the nineties, said she did it for her fans.
Jenelyn Tomaquin
@Anne Lee cool
Chris Petrillo
Chris Petrillo 5 mesi fa
Miley has it all: looks, talent, intellect, etc. Part of what makes her so loveable is that she is incredibly down to earth.🧡
RoboVac 5 mesi fa
She's clearly had cosmetic work done that's improved her looks.
George Washington
@Mike Litoris She sounds creepy AF
Tyler Kochman
Tyler Kochman 5 mesi fa
Forgot that she also has loads of personality. That’s a big part of her loveability too
Danny Mccune
Danny Mccune 5 mesi fa
She looks like she has had too much work done
Ivana 5 mesi fa
I love Miley and the connection she has with Dolly Parton! They were meant to be in each others lives.
Tijera Slack
Tijera Slack 5 mesi fa
Brenda K.
Brenda K. 4 mesi fa
Dolly is her Godmother ❤️💜❤️ Love them both 💯🔥🔥🔥
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
She’s no bs, no mind games, straight up, unapologetic. ❤
Tugay Kaya
Tugay Kaya 5 mesi fa
Ppl need to understand that you can be unapologetic and an asshole at the same time :D Is not always a good thing
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
@Tugay Kaya Sure the word unpolagetic can definetly have dual meaning in context. But in my context i mean it as a compliment to being proud of individual strong sense of self :)
diego gallardo
diego gallardo 5 mesi fa
Sarah B
Sarah B 5 mesi fa
Can u belive she use to twerk on everything haha
Chris Finch
Chris Finch 5 mesi fa
Looks and sounds like Justin bieber with a blonde wig on
Tijera Slack
Tijera Slack 5 mesi fa
I love her deep voice and she seems so humble. ❤
Tijera Slack
Tijera Slack 3 mesi fa
@szm Maybe so, but I don’t know.
Gieszkanne 2 mesi fa
You mean male voice.
Belladonna 5 mesi fa
She looks more and more like her mother the older she gets. Gorgeous woman
Arrania Winter
Arrania Winter 5 mesi fa
marnzi 5 mesi fa
Copy paste
Cameron velska
Cameron velska 5 mesi fa
@marnzi who cares???
Errol Flynn
Errol Flynn 5 mesi fa
Avril Lavigne is better
Antonio Capulera
I really like how Miley started off the interview and was very courteous and receptive to courtesy! This is a new Miley and I like her conscience effort to try to make people have a better day! 🇺🇸🙌🏻
Mathew Larosiliere
She has ALWAYS been like that it’s not new. She has one of the best more genuine personalities in Hollywood
Antonio Capulera
@Mathew Larosiliere Even Miss Miley herself admitted her friends were very intimidated by her “at times” due to her passionate personality and dominate demeanor. Being the boss has made it where she never knew where she stood with friends. Admittedly, Miss Miley is usually very intense; therefore, This relaxed, confident, polite, and softer Miley is very refreshing to mature fans whom may deal with hard lives. 🇺🇸🙌🏻
Pookie Smoochie
Pookie Smoochie 5 mesi fa
She’s got Dolly as a role model.
Kelly Martell
Kelly Martell 5 mesi fa
@Antonio Capulera it's because she has borderline personality disorder. They have an intense disposition at times. I love Miley. She is so beautiful. But yes at times she can be attention seeking and dominating. So she needs to be more courteous and self aware so she is maturing nicely.
Macron87 5 mesi fa
It was a pile of bullshit. The way she looked towards the audience for some acknowledgement, the way she said he’s always announcing people - what else do you expect a chat show host to do when a guest walks on stage?
Skorpija 5 mesi fa
I've been a fan of Miley since I was little like 8/9 years old, now I'm 23 and I still get excited when I see her🥰 never stopped loving her 💕
rti moh
rti moh 5 mesi fa
Same i was a fan since i was 8, and now im 23 😭
Skorpija 5 mesi fa
@rti moh truly an amazing childhood, adolescents and now adulthood ❤️
me to,💞
Denise Solari
Denise Solari 5 mesi fa
Me too 😊💕I have been a fan of Miley since I was 8 and now I’m 24!
Adam Serna
Adam Serna 25 giorni fa
I love how this just feels like a conversation between them two. Miley is just such a genuine person. I love how she's talking directly to Jimmy, and the audience just happens to be there 😂
friend2y0u 5 mesi fa
Miley is such a good hearted class act. I wish nothing but the best for her.
shai R.
shai R. 5 mesi fa
What is your definition of a class act?
Jay Selwyn
Jay Selwyn 5 mesi fa
@shai R. being kind and respectful to everyone
J J 5 mesi fa
@Jorge she just turned 30
Lip sync inc.
Lip sync inc. 5 mesi fa
Why does she not look like Miley?
babydino23 0
babydino23 0 5 mesi fa
Miley Cyrus once stated “When the clock turns midnight they think we’re all going to magically change but nothing changes unless you change.”
EnRico van Keeken
*! **#true** 🙃*
ThatClaudiaKid 5 mesi fa
I love Miley! So genuine, beautiful, talented. She's become an incredible woman! 💛
Ben Levine
Ben Levine 5 mesi fa
I couldn't agree more
Brian Leake
Brian Leake 5 mesi fa
she’s always been an incredible woman 💅🏻
Tabatha Ogost
Tabatha Ogost 5 mesi fa
I think that the way celebrities appreciate Jimmy shows that the admiration and giddiness that he always has shown towards his guests; and which people think is fake, is in fact, genuine. He really is a super fan of everybody.
Jo Montanee
Jo Montanee 5 mesi fa
And many guests said the same as Miley. Jimmy made them feel comfortable. We audience may think his over complimentary is cliche but in fact it boosts up morale of the guests. ❤❤
Uncle Ben
Uncle Ben 5 mesi fa
met him at an irish bar in New York day after xmas '07, and after i got done telling him what a fan i was, he was genuinely excited to meet me (and buy me a shot), & I'm nobody! A genuine, classy guy.
Octagon9 5 mesi fa
he ain’t fake but do recall he is on his own show key word ‘show’ so it’s understandable
N 4 mesi fa
He is a super fan of himself.
N 4 mesi fa
@Uncle Ben be polite with yourself, you're not 'nobody'.
Jefferson Cardenas
I'm 28 yo and Miley holds such a place in my heart. I will NEVER FORGET being 16 yo in 2010 and singing can't be tamed, the climb, when I look at you as I was trying to figure out who I was.. I have so many memories attached to her music.. we have grown up but our memories will always remain .. love you Miley
Lawless Nomads
Lawless Nomads 5 mesi fa
My exact sentiment…she literally was such a big part of my childhood the good part that is
No miley no clout
she literally raised us 😭😭
jae 5 mesi fa
this made me cry I'll be 29 in April and those were my favorite songs
Melanie Groff
Melanie Groff 4 mesi fa
I'll be 28 in March and I remember being the lead singer in a Hannah Montana cover band lol it's really inspirational to watch her vulnerability and unapologetic confidence grow. It's truly been a privilege, especially comparing wrecking ball to flowers. If yall haven't done that yet, please do!!! The power that you have growing into your late 20s into your 30s is untouchable and empowering
9nineteen 2 mesi fa
I’ll be 28 in a few months and same!!!! ❤ no one can replace Miley in my heart. will love her forever!
Xariah 5 mesi fa
Such an incredible, magnanimous woman she’s become. She is such a skilled entertainer! Love how she shines❤🎉
Den Soto
Den Soto 5 mesi fa
The Astrologeek
The Astrologeek 5 mesi fa
Unbelievable ❤
Den Soto
Den Soto 5 mesi fa
@The Astrologeek 🗣️ unbelievable 🤔🤔🤔🥳
Den Soto
Den Soto 5 mesi fa
Try perhaps if one can to never put oneself down no one is a geek they're mere words and labels perhaps of those often some say, mock what they can't mimic 🙌
Den Soto
Den Soto 5 mesi fa
🗣️Yes she shines up here in New York City it's been raining for 24 hours and her sun rays come right through the clouds my whole room is illuminated🤔 I will say this personally "believing is a achieving" although it is pretty safe to say in my opinion that the beauty of life is in the simple things for as I came out of my mother's womb so shall I return to the Earth.. you are special and let no one tell you you're not above anybody but nobody is better than you nor you better than anybody ⚖️🙌🗣️ I probably make no sense as I am wrong 99.99% of the time 💢
Person 5 mesi fa
What a legend. Even in the first 30 seconds. Such a kind soul. Loving her journey, it's been incredible!
Leonardo Fernandes
She is iconic
JS Star
JS Star 5 mesi fa
Dolly is legend. Miley? NO.
Kiley Allen
Kiley Allen 4 mesi fa
I really love how Miley is so well spoken and really confident putting herself out there, truly an icon
Shanika Bascombe
She has a signature voice ❤️
mxchic05 5 mesi fa
That is why I love her!
mytube001 5 mesi fa
That's what being a heavy smoker does for ya.
Jay Selwyn
Jay Selwyn 5 mesi fa
@mytube001 y’all say the same thing everytime it’s getting boring
mytube001 5 mesi fa
@Jay Selwyn No less true just because it's repeated often. Her voice is like that because she's damaged her body.
Mary Fifita
Mary Fifita 5 mesi fa
@mytube001 how do you know? she had that voice since she was a kid
Stephanie Ann
I love watching Miley grown and evolve as an artist, it’s been a hell of a ride & I can’t wait to see what’s next!
swiftie vale
swiftie vale 5 mesi fa
its been a hell of a ride ❤❤
No miley no clout
it’s been an insane ride 😭🫶
AlienHunter47 5 mesi fa
I love Miley appreciating Jimmy in the beginning. I feel like he gets a lot of unwarranted hatred. I enjoy his show and his kind nature and games.
græssefar 5 mesi fa
maybe cuz he is so fake
hsd287 5 giorni fa
He deserves it for the way he treated guests before 😑
Crazylenibaby98 5 mesi fa
I'm living for her deep voice ♡
Floof 5 mesi fa
Den Soto
Den Soto 5 mesi fa
EnRico van Keeken
*she also has a Great TALKING voice ~~ i´m a "sucker" for voices🙃 / Ánd she gets better and bEtter looking ~~ she´s awesome - ´Love her*
Tracey 4 mesi fa
Her vocal surgery did wonders for her voice. I'll say that Plastic Hearts is my fav albums & I enjoy watching her live.
ST ST 5 mesi fa
Seeing all these beautiful comments about Miley, makes me cry 🥹 When I was a child, many bashed her and mean to her, but now people started loving her and I’m so happy 🥹
hannah montana
hannah montana 5 mesi fa
Same, every comment used to be mean and now they’re all nice!
ST ST 5 mesi fa
@hannah montana I think she was ahead of the time too much 😂 Now people started realizing, women with opinions, free thinking, so whatever she wants, are cool. Before, doing anything women wants to do was bad. I’m happy for her 😭
hannah montana
hannah montana 5 mesi fa
@ST ST She kinda paved the way for per peers and younger artists in that aspect and gets no credit for it.
Rachel Howard
Rachel Howard 5 mesi fa
Miley's always been awesome
hsd287 5 giorni fa
@ST ST no she wasn't Miley was problematic and went downhill feminism doesn't mean doing absolutely anything 🫣
CaptainCat101 5 mesi fa
You can tell she did a lot to make herself a better person. I'm proud of her
I love Miley. She is so beautiful and always her authentic self. 💗
DMB1990 5 mesi fa
She looks rough
Fyn Kozari
Fyn Kozari 5 mesi fa
I dont like women with deep manly voice. It confuses me what gender they are.
Ben Levine
Ben Levine 5 mesi fa
​@Fyn Kozari they are still women having a deeper voice doesn't change that
c é s a r
c é s a r 5 mesi fa
@Fyn Kozari go to bed grandpa
Jesi Pohl
Jesi Pohl 5 mesi fa
don't feed the incel trolls, call the feds on 'em before they get violent.
hutch 5 mesi fa
She went from this little girl, to her crazy late teen years to this beautiful grown-up woman. I'm so happy for her.
Cyrus 5 mesi fa
Miley has it all: beauty, a unique face, a wonderful personality, funny, elegant speech, an amazing voice, and an amazing talent that really is the best 💟
H H 5 mesi fa
Well she’s had a lot of work done to her face, as all of Hollywood has. But Miley is cool AF she seems to be way more down to earth than most celebs her age.
H H 5 mesi fa
Riley would be unique if she had kept her original face
H H 5 mesi fa
Geneva 5 mesi fa
@H H actually, she’s had little-to-no work done. If you actually research this and get plastic surgeons’ opinions (which they’ve done in plenty of articles), literally every single one of them says in their professional opinion, she hasn’t touched her face or body at all.
Mariela W
Mariela W 5 mesi fa
She is stunning 💟Love her voice, her music, her talent, her art and her personality. I can´t wait for her next album!
Abel Rego
Abel Rego 5 mesi fa
She’s a mega talent with vocal acrobats. There’s is no other artist like her. She’s perfection. Can sing anything.
Maha Alkhulaifii
I love her…she was my childhood and i was obsessed with her and now i just respect her and appreciate her ❤️
Anusha Perera
Anusha Perera 3 mesi fa
My favourite night TV programme.I love ❤ jimmy
Cinderella ASMR
Cinderella ASMR 5 mesi fa
She’s always been beautiful but lately she’s been looking more beautiful 😍 I love the hair and the style lately.
Montesinos Valadez Jorge Enoc
We love Miley so much ❤❤❤
Lacondra Thompson
@Montesinos Valadez Jorge Enoc Same ❤❤❤
Anna Banana
Anna Banana 5 mesi fa
She looks beautiful but she might have lost too much weight. Hope she's well.
AM 5 mesi fa
Her mom is very petite. I think Miley losing weight made her look more like her mom
MK Edits
MK Edits 5 mesi fa
It is soooo true, Jimmy Fallon is the best talk show host ever, he is always kind and respectful to his guests and non judgemental which puts everyone at ease
Zoe Stopford
Zoe Stopford 5 mesi fa
I agree. I think that with the revelation of how Ellen Degeneres is with her guests I felt that this was a really poignant point that she makes about how kind he is to his guests and clearly the culture of his show is so much kinder than Ellen's is.
Luis Medina
Luis Medina 5 mesi fa
I love when two celebrities are just humble and grateful. This is beautiful
Len Drury
Len Drury 5 mesi fa
One of the greatest singers of all time Her voice is amazing She can sing anything and put her own unique style on it And Miley is the hottest sexiest woman in the entertainment industry No one is even close to her
Reece E
Reece E 4 mesi fa
Andres Erickson
Andres Erickson 5 mesi fa
Man I love Miley. Anyone who has been avoiding her for the past several years and still has a negative view of her is missing out
Dena Rendall
Dena Rendall 5 mesi fa
I will adore Miley forever. Growing up with her has been amazing!
Raul Garcia
Raul Garcia 5 mesi fa
I’m waiting for the day for Miley Cyrus to get her own talk show she is a great talker and listener
Julie Ogden
Julie Ogden 5 mesi fa
This!! Would love it
Mirjam Unterreiner
More of a talker though
Maria G
Maria G 5 mesi fa
She is my favorite person. She has evolved so beautifully and it’s been a pleasure to watch her from Hannah Montana to now ♥️
No miley no clout
queen of disney
Catrein 5 mesi fa
How did they manage to built a time machine and bring 1970s rock star in the studio? Her vibe here is just... wow
Shannon Baker
Shannon Baker 4 mesi fa
She has grown to be an even more delightful woman than ever. I love her to pieces 💗
Kayla Kim
Kayla Kim 5 mesi fa
I love her voice ❤
Honey 5 mesi fa
Last new years was the most fun I've ever had watching a new years show and I'm so excited for this year!! Thank you Miley!!
Daniel Prieto
Daniel Prieto 5 mesi fa
I absolutely love her. She's funny and she always knows what to say. 😍
Aww Miley touched my heart by thanking him. I really do think all his guests and audience just love him and he is so nice to everyone.
Jennifer McNutt Music
She has grown so much and her decision to be sober has absolutely positively affected every aspect of her career and I suspect life. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Donna Dopazo
Donna Dopazo 5 mesi fa
Miley is a treasure & true gift of talent, beauty, & authenticity ~ an enlightened soul ✨
I find it really hard to believe she is in her 30s now, I remember watching Hannah Montana and she was 13 when the show started and 18 when it ended. She has made it iconic in celebrity history
Tom S
Tom S 5 mesi fa
She is such a creative! Such a musician, performer and singer!
Stuart Rowe
Stuart Rowe 5 mesi fa
The deepness of her voice is so unique
Angela Wilson
Angela Wilson 5 mesi fa
She had surgery on her vocal chords many years ago I think. After she had a virus
Noura Edwards
Noura Edwards 5 mesi fa
she's incredible . always been my fav and jokes apart , she's so nice and funny . hope more people were like her , sh'es amazing .
Micalah 5 mesi fa
This is so special. I love seeing the woman that Miley has become.
Miss Madeline's adventures
He always sings her praise. About how professional and kind she is. How she never asks for anything and is always so generous.
LifeSavor ASMR
LifeSavor ASMR 5 mesi fa
She has such an amazing voice. One of my favorite performances with her was at the tribute show for Chris Cornell. It's still on ITvid. Watch it if you haven't. She totally won over a doubtful audience. Can't wait to see her with Dolly
Cathleen Alambra
Love you, Miley! You and Jimmy need to sing in the subway again! That was awesome
A Yen
A Yen 5 mesi fa
Yes! Second that!!
No miley no clout
save_animals_76 5 mesi fa
Her and Dolly for NYE is going to be SUPER cool I definitely will be watching 🍾 🥂
Tish W
Tish W 5 mesi fa
Her New Year's shows are so fun. I'll watch every year if she puts it out there.
Cel Tic
Cel Tic 4 mesi fa
*Miley has aged beautifully - hasn't gotten anything done & has really turned her life around*
Jared Knapp
Jared Knapp 5 mesi fa
Super glad to see Miley back in the building. Miley looks great - has a beautiful outlook on life - great to reconnect with after a while.
ZoranPrimorac 5 mesi fa
She’s honest about everything love her
eternalgemini 5 mesi fa
It's amazing that she just turned 30 last month. Time flies, she's all grown up!!!
Tijera Slack
Tijera Slack 5 mesi fa
You can tell she as matured and I’m here for it. She kinda has a Carly Simon + Madonna vibe.
simodn28 5 mesi fa
Shes just the best! Genuine, talented, beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous, creative, it’s just endless ❤
No miley no clout
she’s the best
Sun 5 mesi fa
She gets prettier every year! So down to earth
boots canlas
boots canlas Mese fa
The voice that stand out amongst others ❤
Afonso 5 mesi fa
The older she gets the prettier. Don’t know why but she looks different, and even more beautiful!!!
Cali 5 mesi fa
yes like that‘s amazing❤
Fashion  Fashionista
Her teeth are new it looks like
Reena Singh
Reena Singh 5 mesi fa
@Fashion Fashionista 😳😳
P. B.
P. B. 5 mesi fa
Cheek implants and upper lip filler? Perhaps a little brow lift. I'd do it if I had the money and the PTO to recover
Georgi Porgi
Georgi Porgi 5 mesi fa
Cheek filler
Mariela Mundo
Mariela Mundo 4 mesi fa
Miley will always be one of my favorites!!! Love her! ❤️
Lilylalala 5 mesi fa
So excited to watch Miley’s New Year’s Eve special!! ❤️ she looks incredible and seems so kind and sweet!! I hope Fallon and the roots do become a part of Miley’s New Year’s Eve special!!
Katie 5 mesi fa
I love Miley! I didn't when I was younger because I didn't see who she really was. Genuinely good human being!!!!
SaltSucker 4 mesi fa
Miley is back with some flowers 🌺 Trending no 1 everywhere 🔥
Steve Newcomb Music
Respect! I’m not normally one for NYE specials but if Miley is bringing 💥 vibes I’ll tune in 🎉
lautaro britez
lautaro britez 5 mesi fa
Ella cuando canta..su voz es de otro mundo...💯👑real queen
cecez 5 mesi fa
I love her voice I'm talking about her natural speaking tone 😍
Cali Kiwi
Cali Kiwi 5 mesi fa
My kids introduced me to miley .. watched her grow through her story, ups and downs. The next I saw was her mentoring on the Voice, she such an amazing coach, watching her talk about music the way she does was brilliant! Amazing and talented young woman!
K Francis
K Francis 4 mesi fa
She has a phenomenal speaking voice.
catalina ruiz
catalina ruiz 5 mesi fa
she is increíble singer !!! really!!!❤❤❤❤
leo lorusso
leo lorusso 5 mesi fa
Miley is THE Queen, her style and personality are amazing!
No miley no clout
Lora Gradinarova
Miley has matured so much. Amazing 👏
Zwin Kuo
Zwin Kuo 5 mesi fa
What a warm and genuine interview this is!
She’s amazing :) Great singer, humble, kind, and such a strong individual!!
No miley no clout
I love her
Martin Balcar
Martin Balcar 5 mesi fa
Shes grown to be an amazing person ❤
Lovely Kari
Lovely Kari 3 mesi fa
It's nice to see her maturing into this woman that she's becoming 👏 good for her !
Fabio Silva
Fabio Silva 5 mesi fa
I love her voice, speaking and singing ❤️🇧🇷
Linda F.
Linda F. 5 mesi fa
She looks exactly like her mom!! 😍
Brian J
Brian J 5 mesi fa
Amazing how much she's starting to look like Tish, yeah.
No miley no clout
tish genes strong
eternalgemini 5 mesi fa
Only when she dyes her hair.
Ella-Shanie Orbach
I agree with her Jimmy is the best host nothing like him!! Feels natural and authentic, feels like you’re talking to a friend :)
Johanna Singan
Johanna Singan 4 mesi fa
I am very proud of Miley from the time I knew her when she was a teenager until now..
vanessa 5 mesi fa
Love her voice!
Nico 5 mesi fa
She's amazing. A few years ago before the pandemic, while Dua lipa was in the U.S. she had suggested Miley go with her to some local festival all the way in Kosovo. I was in Croatia at the time, and we ended up driving to Pristina for nine hours just to see her. The roads were horrible but we made it and it was all worth it.
No miley no clout
Omg was miley in Kosovo??? 😭
R. D.
R. D. 3 mesi fa
She made me cry in the beginning, what a beautiful person inside. First time seeing her interview.🥰
BUDDAHSAM 5 mesi fa
wasnt a fan of her years ago but now I am. she has just evolved into something quite special.
Troy MacDonald
Troy MacDonald 5 mesi fa
I been a fan since the 90s to today and many years to com. 😎😎😎
CB 5 mesi fa
Miley shows gratitude as everyone should. I think that's awesome!
Somara 5 mesi fa
I love Miley. She is so genuine.
Sara Mese fa
Ella es una Reyna del momento! por talentosa!! y trabajadora!!!
Maylin Rebollar
Maylin Rebollar 5 mesi fa
Love her ! She’s changed so much love the person she has become
just subscribe
just subscribe 5 mesi fa
love her voice ❤❤❤
Moegyo iLL
Moegyo iLL 5 mesi fa
Love how her career is looking, the way she carries herself ❤
Rusty 4 mesi fa
I just watched her cover of zombie and holy shit like I've always loved her cover of Jolene but for her to cover zombie so effortlessly is amazing Also Jimmy is the best talk show host we have ever had and you can see it by how the guests are with him.
prettilicious 5 mesi fa
She growing up to look more and more like her mom 💗
Samantha Whitter
I just love Miley and the Amazing woman she has become and always just great energy in her interviews
Michele Murphy
Michele Murphy 5 mesi fa
She is a gem. I love her so much. ❤
Keine Ahnung
Keine Ahnung 5 mesi fa
She so has left the girl behind. I love how she sound, and how she looks, and the artist she has become.
Letícia Luiz Calegare
The best artist ever ❤️ she’s incredible
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Cubo da 1€ VS 110€💰
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MamboLosco, Anna - Vodka
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