Minecraft, But Structures Are Extremely OP...

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In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but structures are extremely OP! How OP can I become? And can I beat Minecraft? Watch to find out!

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22 apr 2021




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Commenti 6 060
AlchaTech46 7 mesi fa
" I'm not ready for the nether yet " Has an elytra netherite sword and armor with a totem of undying. lol
Shrihan's World
Literally lol
Arie Krijgsman
He was not ready for the nether but for a raid
BB Boston
BB Boston Mese fa
BB Boston
BB Boston Mese fa
Funny 😁 I’m listen 🎧
Preetham A.H
Preetham A.H 2 giorni fa
Try to join dream smp whean u enter the smp they will start killing u
Levi 3 giorni fa
Roujatul Jannat
Roujatul Jannat 6 giorni fa
He threw a god like trident
Flying Mouse
Flying Mouse 6 giorni fa
SB: I have only got 3 stacks of netherite when he has four.
abdul basit man
abdul basit man 9 giorni fa
Stoeney 10 giorni fa
He got “Cover me in debris” before “We need to go deeper”
Matthew Bird
Matthew Bird 11 giorni fa
Me: Even desert wells?
appu gamer
appu gamer 11 giorni fa
Alexander Johnson
Alexander Johnson 11 giorni fa
op staneds for over power
ParkerPlayz 11 giorni fa
You’re really good. You should be invited to the dream smp
Kimberly Asher
Kimberly Asher 11 giorni fa
No I didn't see that was
Kimberly Asher
Kimberly Asher 11 giorni fa
Erica Roberts
Erica Roberts 12 giorni fa
U mised a diamond
Amy Curd
Amy Curd 13 giorni fa
you should make any thing ores
Yellow flash
Yellow flash 13 giorni fa
When you realise sb is more powerful in his hardcore world than on a modded world that gives him more op loot
Rowfin Islam♪
Rowfin Islam♪ 13 giorni fa
2:26 what is the music name?
Sub-zero Clipz
Sub-zero Clipz 14 giorni fa
So you play in bedrock or Java??
Stellar Cinema & Old Serials
The better the harder that's what thay say
ENDERMAN YT 15 giorni fa
Does anyone saw the ruined portal as an ENDERMAN ? 😹😹😹
Bùi Nguyên Phong
Bùi Nguyên Phong 15 giorni fa
sb link this mod in this video pls
Lolz 18 giorni fa
“Wow you are a very rich sir can i steal your stuff?”
the MAN
the MAN 21 giorno fa
SB has half netherite armor, elytra,god apples but still not ready for nether XD
♥︎ 𝕊𝕡𝕒𝕣𝕜𝕝𝕖 ♡︎
Speedrunners : I only need iron armour for the dragon SB : Let me introduce me to you
Maestro's gaming lounge
Imagine you get that loot in vannila Minecraft
Pinal Patel
Pinal Patel 24 giorni fa
SHxNAFIZ♪ 24 giorni fa
I want to try it too😆
SHxNAFIZ♪ 24 giorni fa
Where did you get this mode?
null 24 giorni fa
Village and pillage story :)
WirxYT 24 giorni fa
"Prepare to be flung into next Tuesday." -SB737 2021
Peanuts will eventually take over the world
We don’t want to make it to op Edit: Starts mining diamond blocks
Cheese Foot
Cheese Foot 25 giorni fa
I don't know if that's a 'Terrible' fortress lol
Elliott Cleary
Elliott Cleary 25 giorni fa
Raiders: get him!. Sb: try me
Dog and cat cam
Dog and cat cam 26 giorni fa
The true fastest obsidian miner in this vid
TTV_Mystify 26 giorni fa
Come on so close to 3 mill I'm not even kidding it went up .1 while Ive been watching!
Doger Fhil
Doger Fhil 27 giorni fa
That isn’t the dining room. It’s the map/planing room
BozzBois 29 giorni fa
Would mineshafts be OP?
Jesmin Khan
Jesmin Khan 29 giorni fa
5:55 SB: has full netherite armor, an elytra, an op sword, and several notch apples also SB: iM nOt rEAdY fOr ThE nEtHEr yET
Ollie Gittins
Ollie Gittins 29 giorni fa
SB: lets eat a golden apple before i die Me: you literally have a totem of undying
Aide Media
Aide Media 29 giorni fa
Custom badge for members Custom badge for members Custom badge for members
Is it just me or did the lava pit look like a heart
SK Gaming Gg
SK Gaming Gg Mese fa
I NEVER see this before
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang Mese fa
He would be unbeatable
Ethan Wang
Ethan Wang Mese fa
Could’ve made an anvil and combined everything together
MeerkatPlayz 13 giorni fa
Yep lol
He’s 5 minutes in with full netherite and a elytra.
Infinity Playz
DEVA Mese fa
i want data pack
Shrek Mese fa
It’s OP
Ana Yave Alcalde
cuick but not as cuick as xnestorio noting is as cuick as exnestorio wit absidian
KnightWithout AnArmor
N o m a n
N o m a n Mese fa
Game Phone
Game Phone Mese fa
Wadzee: Haha SB ur weak SB:...ARE U SURE ABOUT THAT?
Sb- oops, i am close to death Chestplate-am i a joke to you
Noah Gaming
Noah Gaming Mese fa
SB: I’m not quite ready for the nether yet Me: bro you have full netherite armor and elytra and netherite tools wth
Mrfroggy Mese fa
XNestorio could never be the fastest obsidian miner if SB is his competitor
dream dos 20 min for beating the game in iron armour you belike : nope just one more hour
SoaR Damjan
SoaR Damjan Mese fa
there is a elytra with prot x and his ignoring it n ice golden apples
Raines32 Mese fa
I don’t want to make it to easy gets 16 netherite blocks
Raines32 Mese fa
Sorry two stacks
Uesugi. Mese fa
this guy us a legend he plays all single player worlds on hardcore
Bailey Forster
Imagine SB played a dragon ball mod
Bailey Forster
Lol i mistaked the ruined portal for an enderman
Skater pex
Skater pex Mese fa
Are you on controller
Storm Holmboe
Kieroz1 BG
Kieroz1 BG Mese fa
Of my gosh even here youtube is actually learning minecraft skills in sb737 thats why youtube always comment
Biswajet Dev
Biswajet Dev Mese fa
I did it before
Biswajet Dev
Biswajet Dev Mese fa
The number means it stronger you can do more damage to the mobs if it's 1 you can do less damage but if it's 5 you can do more damage than that
Mads 2012
Mads 2012 Mese fa
He said he was so relaxed
Mads 2012
Mads 2012 Mese fa
He drank
River Haviland
What if you fall into the void with so many totems of undying?
Shady Roblox
Shady Roblox Mese fa
Dont click more Never gonna guve you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna ran around and desert you
Hassnaa Aghezzaf
Somwone lost his pipi whitout du in the pipi trainen
Dre are9863
Dre are9863 Mese fa
Lol those mobs really want to flex
BB Boston
BB Boston Mese fa
The netherite sword is insane then I thought It Was haste x 10
BB Boston
BB Boston Mese fa
Green yellow yellow red red yellow green red red blue green red yellow red red yellow green yellow yellow green green yellow red yellow yellow
PacTheCake Mese fa
minecraft but videos are the most relevant thing rn
atthaphon ya
atthaphon ya Mese fa
Sb: golem do something i did not mean to hit you :but sb did not hit the golem because his sword has fire aspect and the golem is not on fire
Deyon sheehy
Deyon sheehy Mese fa
Hi sb737
Smelly Maquan
“I don’t want to make this *too* easy” Finds and ocean monument, a shipwreck, has enchanted netherite amour and tools.
Bodox Mese fa
Sb says I’ve got to much netherite in the woodland mansion but when he’s in the nether he’s mining for netherite lol
Guys I think this guy is lying. 1 firework to travel hundreds of blocks? Bs to me
Dipankar Roy
Dipankar Roy Mese fa
love the vids
ssundee Mese fa
At 4:42 he did get the trudent
Blake Oswell
Blake Oswell Mese fa
Adam Yin
Adam Yin Mese fa
You could’ve built a full netherite beacon
Bhavana Khare
Ezio18rip is indian SB737
Its_Jessi OwO
“I’m not ready for the Nether yet” *5 mins later* “Let’s start a raid!”
Archer w MTB
Archer w MTB Mese fa
When he got rid of that Trident I got so triggered
Anne Skulevold
I love your videos
Aspect Gaming
Mr Exotik_Bakka
i love him saying hot tourist destinations!
SB and Philza are the hardcore kings
Zombo092ver2 Mese fa
5:55 "not ready for the nether yet" me: you literally have full netherite a totem an elytra how THE HELL ARE YOU NOT READY YET!?!??!
Mohammadreza Gholami
You are very cool
Justin Litao
Justin Litao Mese fa
Why every intro got a shocking face 😮
Katrina Jones
Katrina Jones 2 mesi fa
I am sick of getting rotten flesh.
Chayn Gupta-Murthy
*Get ready to be flung into next Tuesday* lol
Keshav 2 mesi fa
SB's Reaction when he saw the Pillager Outpost and saw the Netherite Blocks was so funny 😂😂.
Game Phone
Game Phone Mese fa
@Keshav Yea, "OH MY GOSH" was my favorite quote in his entire career
GamingTimes 2 mesi fa
*diamonds are for peasants* ♡
miss scatterbrain
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