MLB "NO Respect" Moments ᴴᴰ

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Sam Dyer
Sam Dyer 11 ore fa
donaldson tagging machado at 3rd is just a LOL moment, what a crybaby
King JMAN 13 ore fa
Drop D Murphy
Drop D Murphy 15 ore fa
I have no problem with a player admiring their "bombs." These guys work their hardest to do what they do, so if they want to admire when they launch a ball into the atmosphere, they deserve to do so. Smack talk is part of a game, its a man sport, guys talk smack. The intentional beanballs or spikes are intent to hurt and players should be heavily fined or suspended.
Rektorious XXX
Rektorious XXX Giorno fa
The guy in the blue shirt was like: That’s it I’m out
TheTemperIsHigh 2 giorni fa
My favorite team is LA Dodgers
Luke Holdinghausen
Luke Holdinghausen 3 giorni fa
My favorite team is the cardinals
Steven steven
Steven steven 4 giorni fa
Its its its its out of hear ? Home run
Ny'Kira Raby
Ny'Kira Raby 4 giorni fa
Christian Mancini
Christian Mancini 5 giorni fa
my favorite team is the... first don't hate on me Boston New York Yankees
Julie Gesner
Julie Gesner 6 giorni fa
The Red Sox farthest home runs ever
Heather Baum
Heather Baum 7 giorni fa
Harper does not suck
Jack Welin-Berger
Jack Welin-Berger 7 giorni fa
Video idea: funny commentators
JD Blair
JD Blair 8 giorni fa
Dodgers all the way
Uraf4aget Furmo0ther
Baseball players couldnt fight if their life depended on it lmao
Francisco Rico
Francisco Rico 10 giorni fa
R.I.P Headphone users on 1:30
Meme ageddon
Meme ageddon 10 giorni fa
I wonder what would happen if Aaron judge got in a fight 🤔🤔🤔
Gadiel espinoza
Gadiel espinoza 10 giorni fa
Young Kels aka Fortnite God
Damn what is manny machado’s problem
Christian .V
Christian .V 10 giorni fa
Luke Allen
Luke Allen 10 giorni fa
Yes you are a game play and I can give the play play and I can get a game and I can give you a play play and I had a play play and I can get the game a go play play game play play and I can get the play game and I can give it to your wife
zbaker330 10 giorni fa
baseball is literally so fucking gay.
fat man
fat man 10 giorni fa
Your intros bass hits so hard it will make people press charges
superchevx 101
superchevx 101 10 giorni fa
Dude Awesome 2.0
Dude Awesome 2.0 11 giorni fa
Both kinds of pie are nice
toxic giant
toxic giant 11 giorni fa
Roses are red Apples are too I got a like Why is it blue
toxic giant
toxic giant 10 giorni fa
The dislike vutton is just a upside down like button so ether way im still getting likes 😉
Abhijit Sipahimalani
toxic giant the button on the right is blue
ToxicroakTheGod 11 giorni fa
i dont even like baseball why am i here?
Stephen Garfield
Stephen Garfield 12 giorni fa
It is ridiculous to take all emotion of ouf baseball. Not fighting or beaning, but bat flips, upraised arms, etc are fine.
fair lane
fair lane 12 giorni fa
I’d love to watch a video without tons of self promotion in the beginning. I forgot what I clicked om
draftkings77 13 giorni fa
Cubbies all the way
Jim B
Jim B 13 giorni fa
At least the dodgers are barely in this:)
Josh Rowe
Josh Rowe 13 giorni fa
Yeah let me just go ahead and hit Stanton with a fastball, he’s only 6’6 and like 280.
Unknown T.A.N.K
Unknown T.A.N.K 13 giorni fa
How was that not respect when he hit it over the gate and threw the bat up
John Kelly
John Kelly 13 giorni fa
Bryce Harper is such a baby.
Loco Busters
Loco Busters 14 giorni fa
At 1:18 no wander #34 isnt the pitcher I mean where did his helmet go
ZercSZN 14 giorni fa
*Harper gets hit starts going towards the mound* Rest of the nationals: Ah shit here we go again 😭
Melissa Godwin
Melissa Godwin 14 giorni fa
Why does everyone come off the bench? It just causes more chaos and the fight won't be broken up
Employee Transfer
Employee Transfer 14 giorni fa
Anna Kathryn
Anna Kathryn 14 giorni fa
Payton J
Payton J 14 giorni fa
bostons_departed 14 giorni fa
Obviously, RED SOX.
Lamb 14 giorni fa
Wow what a piece of garbage. I'll never watch other one of your videos. Over a minute of absolutely nothing at the end. Get a fucking job u bum cuz u suck at ITvid...
D2oonz Gaming
D2oonz Gaming 14 giorni fa
Go Red Sox !
janet martin
janet martin 14 giorni fa
Will pv
Will pv 14 giorni fa
A bat flip dose not mean there trying to be disrespectful
Will pv
Will pv 14 giorni fa
A bat flip dose not mean there trying to be disrespectful
Dawson Darnell
Dawson Darnell 14 giorni fa
Saleen9090 14 giorni fa
Notice that the majority of the video is mostly repeat teams and repeat players
Jarrett Hickman
Jarrett Hickman 14 giorni fa
Pittsburgh pirates
동띵 14 giorni fa
우리나라 벤치클리어링 보고 왜 저러지 싶었는데 여기가 원조구나
blimy01 Maynard
blimy01 Maynard 14 giorni fa
If I was in charge, if a pitcher intentionally throws at a batter, he is suspended for 10 games. If he is a starter, for 10 starts. Just in case they bring up a scrub just to hit a batter, if it happens a second time in a season (regular and post), the pitcher is still gone for 10 and the manager is gone for 20. If these clowns want to fight, call Dana White.
PA R 14 giorni fa
This is barely a disrespect video, it’s just batters getting hit.
5Minute Major
5Minute Major 14 giorni fa
Machado : born in the USA. Said he’s never playing for them internationally. Fuck him
James Koons
James Koons 14 giorni fa
Bench clears in baseball are useless
Vatan Rangani
Vatan Rangani 14 giorni fa
I loved the part when players weren't fighting
Angie Wells
Angie Wells 14 giorni fa
Moxfox21 14 giorni fa
Braincrusher tv
Braincrusher tv 14 giorni fa
why hiting a home run is disrespect? literrally they where awesome i can't understand.......
Adam Gregory
Adam Gregory 14 giorni fa
Pitcher: Throws ball low and outside Bryce Harper: gets ungodly angry and stares him down Pitcher: breathes Bryce Harper: starts his approach to the mound
何宗翰 14 giorni fa
It's ridiculous that bat flipping and Machado are being compared.
폭두성한 14 giorni fa
이분들은 반도의 오재원 빠던을 안봤군...
Just Cray
Just Cray 14 giorni fa
Mets 4 life
Aidan S
Aidan S 14 giorni fa
Alright, Asbrubal Cabrera's was fine
マキシマムHOPE 14 giorni fa
One percent Yt
One percent Yt 14 giorni fa
5:08 GHOST!!!!!!!!
J M 14 giorni fa
Bryce Harper (AGE 26 , OCCUPATION fighter )
Video for Life
Video for Life 14 giorni fa
That fan: Boo you suck That player: Without our team, there wouldn't be a game to watch you ungrateful jacka** (Reverse) Player: Bow down to my skills! Fans: Without us, you wouldn't be living the good life. Ya can't win on either.
Andrew Berg
Andrew Berg 14 giorni fa
I feel like the brewers are the team always getting bullied
DFISHY 11 14 giorni fa
Quadruple Squad
Quadruple Squad 14 giorni fa
I like the Brewers
박준선 14 giorni fa
Why bat flip is “No Respect” moment I can’t understand
Angel Reyes
Angel Reyes 14 giorni fa
stupid video with too many commercials
J, Williams
J, Williams 15 giorni fa
IDk.. if i took a 85mph plus hit, ide loose my shit as well. ide be fightin me a pitcher.
Rtv_ thielebobt36_yt
Fav team Yankees
clocknane 15 giorni fa
Bautista is such a bitch.. glad Odor popped him in the jaw!
Frank Heath
Frank Heath 15 giorni fa
Harper is such a crybaby bitch, he deserves every shot he gets.
its ye boi
its ye boi 15 giorni fa
What’s the intro beat name?
Peter Gianakopoulos
Peter Gianakopoulos 15 giorni fa
Why is this stolen content watermarked?
Nikia Amann
Nikia Amann 15 giorni fa
Dude they were excited and some of those was a walk of but some I think was true
Hjhhh Jhh
Hjhhh Jhh 15 giorni fa
Banana Monkey
Banana Monkey 15 giorni fa
Machado has always been nothing but a dick
Colten Williams
Colten Williams 15 giorni fa
Man baseball players are tough
joshua tube
joshua tube 15 giorni fa
No PIEfor your
oj1101 15 giorni fa
Harper can throw down lol
Baseball gamer 714
Baseball gamer 714 15 giorni fa
Make a cover of Oakland Athletics
Ryne Polkow
Ryne Polkow 15 giorni fa
Damn go after him go cubbies
Nickolas Jackson
Nickolas Jackson 15 giorni fa
It always confuses me how a pitcher can yell and cheer and scream after a game winner or even just a strikeout but if a batter hits a homer in or even a walkoff to win the World Series and flips his bat he’s getting hit by pitches for the entire season
bryce Flanigan
bryce Flanigan 15 giorni fa
I don't know much about baseball but I can see that pitchers are basically all flaming faggots.
Andrew Azevedo
Andrew Azevedo 15 giorni fa
Why was Machado limping?
yea bouy
yea bouy 15 giorni fa
Baseball players are some of the most entitled, whiney fucking pussies.
Arbiter Sux
Arbiter Sux 15 giorni fa
3:39, the bat lands standing straight up.
EX_GucciGod 15 giorni fa
David B
David B 15 giorni fa
1:20 i remember trying to teach my gf about baseball and i turn onto this game then 30 seconds later that fight happened and i had to explain that shit instead of the actual game 😂
Kendall Windsor
Kendall Windsor 15 giorni fa
did anyone else notice that none of these are indians❤️💙
Dhanush Rajendran
Dhanush Rajendran 15 giorni fa
Dont worry we are here also true baseball fans
Random Videos
Random Videos 15 giorni fa
The first clip is the best cause I'm a mets fan :D
Xd_ Chronium
Xd_ Chronium 15 giorni fa
LoganFuzz 15 giorni fa
Little did David Price know he would be with Boston
rosinantedelafuente 15 giorni fa
Yall see that fat bitch homer in that softball game the other day? Fat as hell
Toyjack Games
Toyjack Games 15 giorni fa
I love the Yankees
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