Most Controversial Fight Of Floyd Mayweather's Career

Florid Miston
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Most Controversial Fight Of Floyd Mayweather's Career | Floyd Mayweather vs Jose Luis Castillo 1 and 2 | This is the first ever rematch of Floyd Mayweather's boxing career. Three official judges unanimously decided Mayweather won, but the decision was loudly booed by the Las Vegas crowd. The Mexican boxer got the rematch but in the rematch Floyd Mayweather defeated Luis Castillo by a unanimous decision. The boxing highlights are used from Mayweather vs Castillo 1 and 2. The last fight Floyd Mayweather fought was an exhibition against Logan Paul and generated millions of dollars out of it.

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Florid Miston
Thanks for Subscribing guys 😉😎 Edit: I don't see any interesting comments guys, everyone is in tussle with everyone else, trying to prove himself/herself right over the other. It would mean a lot to me if you guys give me feedback about video, and tell me if you like the video and how can I improve it even more. 😐
✴EvilWayz✴ 3 giorni fa
@basketballfreak24 Floyd, always has my respect. One of my favorites. I love his style. Whoever doesn't respect Floyd but likes boxing, is just a hater. It's ok to hate fighters but there's a point the accomplishments are enough to earn respect. I've seen the fight like 4-5 times. And i can tell you without a doubt Castillo did land punches clean hard punches from 4-12. Unless you're only counting punches to face which Floyd landed more jabs. Mayweather landed 157 total punches(91 were jabs).Castillo landed 203(173 power punches).There's no way Castillo landed 203 punches, and all those punches or clean punches happened from round 1-3. You've heard throughout the fight the hard punches landed to Floyd's body. End of round 7 Roger tells Floyd " hug or run away. Don't let that MFkr get those punches in there. Are you alright?. Show me something then". Roger's urgency is more than clear.End of Round 10 Roger says: you're way faster but now you gotta sit & land punches & get out" sounds like Roger thought Floyd wasn't landing strong significant punches. I'm fine Floyd winning. He fought Castillo's fight, injured, & did well enough to get a win fighting Castillo's fight. But the fight was extremely close & could've been a draw.
basketballfreak24 3 giorni fa
@✴EvilWayz✴ castillo being the aggressor gives him a draw or split score cards in your opinion it seems. go look at rounds 4-12 and just watch castillo and try to find where he actually landed clean punches to give him these rounds. look at how many clean punches floyd lands while "running". i prefer clean punches landed over aggression with 2 good shots mixed in but i respect your opinion. hopefully floyd giving castillo a rematch helped floyd earn your respect.
✴EvilWayz✴ 4 giorni fa
@basketballfreak24 you're right! pressure alone doesn't win a fight but pressure alone doesn't cause bruises nor blood in the nose or lips. It's interesting that you felt the need, not just you, many others felt the need to point out the injury as if that changes anything. It wasn't the injury cause Floyd could've beaten Castillo with one hand, either hand, and his magnificent footwork. But he chose to fight Castillo's fight & payed the price. Respect to Floyd for chosing to Fight Castillo's style. But that's Floyd's fault, not Castillo's. The fight was absolutely 100% controversial. Even if Floyd fans wanna make a case. They'd be lying to themselves if they think Floyd won unanimously or that it couldn't have been a draw.
miguel gonzalez
miguel gonzalez 8 giorni fa
I'll tell you floyd lost 1 fight to zab judah he should have been disqualified in the round when his uncle jumped into the ring and thats a boxing rule make a video about that fight
0 11 giorni fa
You have to knock a champion out thats the rule
Art & Les
Art & Les Giorno fa
Same as Maidana.. Mayweather is a genius in adapting to his opponent's style. He dominated his rematches.
Jessep Barton
Jessep Barton 2 giorni fa
But if you look at all the shots castio landed in the first fight most were blocked and dodged
Hugo Boss
Hugo Boss 2 giorni fa
He lost the first fight
Rashaun Thompson
Rashaun Thompson 3 giorni fa
They are lying the crowd did not boo him bet I was there he fought I'm his hometown Grand rapids Michigan he gave floyd a good fight it was close but floyd beat him basically with one hand I. Don't take nothing away from castillo but floyd beat him then the rematch floyd flat out smoked him and put that shit to bed floyd will take a great boxer and make them look average
Jason Smith
Jason Smith 5 giorni fa
Yea respect to Floyd for giving the rematch but that don’t erase his LOSS vs Castillo in the first fight.
Black Male Media
Black Male Media 4 giorni fa
well seeing as he didn't lose it completely erases it
noname lacsamana
noname lacsamana 5 giorni fa
He lost to maidana on their first fight
Nelson Tenorio
Nelson Tenorio 6 giorni fa
Not surprising…The judges did the same and worse during his fight with Pacquiao..
Abran Luevano
Abran Luevano 6 giorni fa
If I told you the truth about boxing and the industry, you would never believe it. All I’m going to say, is that for certain fighters, it’s more entertainment than sport (i.e. look at the most recent “fights”). It’s actually very sad that people don’t realize it…probably because they just don’t want to see the truth.
My best nugget
My best nugget 6 giorni fa
That fight is not that controversial. Both Canelo/GGG decisions are more controversial
Enrique casas
Enrique casas 7 giorni fa
To me personally mayweather is a chump who wins by points. I respect some of the things he has done for his community, but not his boxing record at all
Rafa Trejo
Rafa Trejo 7 giorni fa
Box mafia
V J 7 giorni fa
All the Mayweather haters still putting out the narrative that he loss to Castillo 😭😭 keep spreading lies it’s actually funny how much stupor fans have made this man so much money just because they hate him 😭👊👊♟♟♟♟
Yep. Alot of people lined up to pay to watch the most boring boxer in the history of the sport just to see if he would lose. Lol
Anneece Carter
Anneece Carter 7 giorni fa
I fwh heavy wish i could work with his team thtd be cool and ik id get paid well on the money team
Xavier Gomez
Xavier Gomez 7 giorni fa
This video fails to speak on the fact floyd was injured in the first fight and there were point deductions it wasn’t an easy fight to score with a lot of swing rounds.
Xavier Gomez
Xavier Gomez 4 giorni fa
@Jason Franklin nobody ever talks about the point deductions and the swing rounds. Second fight was easy to score.
Jason Franklin
Jason Franklin 4 giorni fa
Wow..won't talk about that. That's why Floyd gave him a rematch
Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz 7 giorni fa
With a little help from my friends.
DM1-5 7 giorni fa
I also thought he lost in the first fight against Maidana. But this one is the one that really should have been a L on his records
anthonysnowdale 8 giorni fa
That’s right it was controversial. He erased it. I don’t like Floyd. I can’t deny he’s the best pure boxer that ever lived. Goat.
mexica 87
mexica 87 8 giorni fa
Vegas biggest cash cow took 2 L's castillo and maidana. Greatness is not guarding yourself from the people - mike Tyson
Nick Campbell
Nick Campbell 8 giorni fa
Floyd paying for victories since the beginning.
skylimitkt 8 giorni fa
He didn’t dominate Mayweather in the first fight wtf
the goat
the goat 9 giorni fa
Floyd won the first fight, it was pretty close but Floyd dropped him in the early rounds so that maybe why he won.
No. Knockdown counts for 2 points. That's it. You guys need to learn about boxing before you comment.
scouserdan3 9 giorni fa
Dropping somebody doesnt guarantee you a win it gives you a 10-8 round.. so say Mayweather won the first 3 and dropped him in the 4th that puts Mayweather 5 points ahead.. Castillo then won the next 8 rounds.. meaning he shouldve triumphed by 3 points barring bent judging
CHEPETERON1 9 giorni fa
He got his ass wuuuup👍
Poppa Smirf
Poppa Smirf 9 giorni fa
Hahaha he won haters
Dpimpanell 10 giorni fa
Floyd won get over it
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 10 giorni fa
I think that Floyd Mayweather has been nothing but the true definition of a CHAMPION !
And before you even continue on with all that tough guy, stay in your lane bullshit, know I'm a grown ass, man of color as well, and as a man, especially a black man Gayweather makes me sick. He is a coward, and a fraud.
@Stephen Johnson You on here talking about no proof? You sound like a real clown. Are you that much of a Floyd groupie? Come on. Most people know to jump off the gayweather band wagon when the domestic abuse comes up. Not you tho. Defending a woman beater because he can box? Smh.
@Stephen Johnson What the F are you talking about? Gayweather admitted it and was convicted on multiple incidents. Go do your research before you start cheerleading for a woman beater.
Stephen Johnson
Stephen Johnson 7 giorni fa
@SCHOLAR WARRIOR was it ever proven ? I researched the case and there was no proof. Stay in your lane with me. Seriously stay in your lane. If you don't like him, then don't, but don't slander a person on hearsay Ruben Guerrero !
If you consider a woman beater a champion. Says alot about you.
Kim Loho
Kim Loho 11 giorni fa
He was good but not that good so many of his f fights I think the ref was scoring it with his eyes close
raphael irizarry
raphael irizarry 12 giorni fa
A- Train
A- Train 12 giorni fa
Between 1996 and 2001 he avoided fighting Felix Trinidad, Julio Cesar Chavez, Marcos Barrera, Antonio Margarito... Cause all these boxers would of laid him out to sleep.. Not to mention if it wasn't for the disqualified fight Zab Judah had clearly been winning the fight.
Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis 12 giorni fa
This is why people don't like boxing.
Then came Madonna second fight! Won that too! Money still making dollars! What?
Yaaqo'v The Bishop Tv
This is True and real boxing fans can't disagree and I'm a Mayweather fan
Ricardo Burch
Ricardo Burch 12 giorni fa
Told yall...PAID JUDGES Big bank take little bank...you get it
joe 12 giorni fa
Heavy weight is better really
Battleground Baseball
Castillo was robbed
choice12ozborne 12 giorni fa
You go to ITvid and type in the fight that Floyd Lost, you're going to get a lot of results but every single video will be this fight. Anybody that is unbiased understands who got the V
sandeep grewal
sandeep grewal 12 giorni fa
So he lost at least 3 times 🤣🤣🤣
jimmy hendrixs
jimmy hendrixs 13 giorni fa
James Dean
James Dean 13 giorni fa
So because dude came back on the 11th and dominated the 12th you think he should've been giving the decision? Stooop!!!
Jimmy Aguirre
Jimmy Aguirre 14 giorni fa
There was a couple fight that they cheated for Floyd Mayweather
Calbert Marius
Calbert Marius 15 giorni fa
I’ll show you how great I Am
BROWN ON BOXING 15 giorni fa
A most fighters don't do rematches plus Mayweather in my opinion won the decision 7-5
Mel Cualpas
Mel Cualpas 15 giorni fa
He bribe judges.
Al Brown
Al Brown 16 giorni fa
We didn't mention in the first fight Floyd also had a seriously injured shoulder,never complained.
AlJabbar Edwards
AlJabbar Edwards 17 giorni fa
Udaaaa if all three judges unanimously gave Floyd the fight the Casteios lost.Simple.Except it..
cool man
cool man 17 giorni fa
It was 115-111 for castillo should have won floyd is 50-1 but it is what it is
Elias Cruz
Elias Cruz 18 giorni fa
Castillo was down he step up and win 3 rounds the fight is 12 round move forward haters you don’t win winning 3 rounds of 12 and been ok in one round
Imperial Kevin
Imperial Kevin 18 giorni fa
Yes. The first fight Castillo got robbed.
Mojo Kurk
Mojo Kurk 18 giorni fa
Yeah he doesn't get rematches cuz he doesn't want to get beat
Miguel De La Rosa
Miguel De La Rosa 19 giorni fa
it was a robbery at full hands maychiken weather never impressed never impressed only knows how to run I think the judges were blind until steven wander saw the Castillo win
mr 5.56
mr 5.56 19 giorni fa
So Floyd won round 1234689 7 rounds to 5
God JUDA 19 giorni fa
That's not the ONLY fight. Look at the Mayweather VS Victoriano Sosa. Sosa out pointed him through the ENTIRE fight.
Lmao Derek
Lmao Derek 19 giorni fa
Floyd need prep yo you see the Improvement
Greg Bagano
Greg Bagano 19 giorni fa
it is not really a perfect record.. they manufactured it to make it perfect. it reality its not. though he is one of the greatest.
Seedling tray
Seedling tray 19 giorni fa
🗑🗑🗑 🗑🗑🗑🗑🗑
Alejo Arpad Erdös Savanco
Against Maidana was even worst
Irma Pla
Irma Pla 19 giorni fa
Is call corruption.
Jacob Cocain
Jacob Cocain 20 giorni fa
They don't call him Money Mayweather for nothing.
Decetion Gaming
Decetion Gaming 20 giorni fa
legendary running boxer
Beach Samurai
Beach Samurai 20 giorni fa
Floyd 50-0 media and everyone can cry 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂
alfredo rodriguez
alfredo rodriguez 20 giorni fa
Trying hard to some how denied that he lost 3 fights and the mafia gave him the victory..
Dom Lefante
Dom Lefante 20 giorni fa
What 😂😂😂
Z S 20 giorni fa
Floyd won the first Castillo fight easily, I don't know what people are seeing. Floyd won the first fight 9-3 and that's being generous to Castillo.
Pete aguirre
Pete aguirre 13 giorni fa
chicken weather lost, and he lost to maidana as well the first fight
Falco Lombardi
Falco Lombardi 18 giorni fa
Lol ok bud I want to know what you’re smoking. Must be some good ish.
DaaBoys2138 20 giorni fa
Na Roy Jones was the best fighter from 1996 to 2005 you know nothing about boxing please go away.
Rodel Sanchez
Rodel Sanchez 21 giorno fa
all of fight floyd im not impres
NLMB KRE 21 giorno fa
only ppl who hate floyd think he lost that first fight, he clearly won
Pete aguirre
Pete aguirre 8 giorni fa
open your eyes itvid.net/video/video-Na2T9xYVv0g.html
Pete aguirre
Pete aguirre 8 giorni fa
@Emmanuel Asiamah it's not lucky its corruption
Emmanuel Asiamah
Emmanuel Asiamah 9 giorni fa
@Pete aguirre hater. He can’t be lucky all these years. There’s something he was doing better than he competitors
Pete aguirre
Pete aguirre 13 giorni fa
chicken weather did lose, he lost the first fight with maidana as well
Franco Lopez
Franco Lopez 18 giorni fa
Yeah ok
Beni J .
Beni J . 21 giorno fa
Floyd has it all he can get everything he wants it he pay any amount of money to keep he's record almost 60 wins 00 lost he pay 9.0millions to each judge's he is always paying for his own attentions he it giveng free money to his fans canelo got more millions than Floyd in the fight against him Floyd pay canelo almost 30 million's payperview pay canelo almost 47 millions plus Don Abraham 3.millions Donking 250.000 one Quarter of million dollars + canelo almost got 70 millions and Mayweather got 32 millions this is pure trash today boxers if it is a billionaire Like Floyd Mayweather you can get away with it money can by me love you Know how much Floyd Mayweather It'll pay any amount of money to keep he's record clean 100 % percent wins 00 Lost so it's going to Retired with no losses he is smart and canelo to money money money money moneeeyyyy
xxFactsxanxLogicxx 22 giorni fa
Ain't nobody gonna talk about the beginning. From 96 to 2017. He dominated for 21yrs. That will never be done again. No fighter comes close!
Oscar Acevedo
Oscar Acevedo 22 giorni fa
So he’s 48-1?
Savage Pat
Savage Pat 22 giorni fa
The Floyd vs Canelo fight hurt
Michael M.
Michael M. 22 giorni fa
Yeah I saw that fight Floyd is one boring person to watch
SSChicago 22 giorni fa
Avenged ✅
Yavuz Adam
Yavuz Adam 22 giorni fa
Judges are humans therefore they can be sold or bought by enough money. There are no honest people there are not enough money.
John Jessie
John Jessie 22 giorni fa
Fuck ! He is most awful fighter 😂😂
Tyrone Biggums
Tyrone Biggums 22 giorni fa
Goat shit.. Floyd is a master of masters
Mohamed Mohamed
Mohamed Mohamed 22 giorni fa
Because Floyed is also Illuminati agent
Russel Igonia
Russel Igonia 22 giorni fa
Top boxer of the world???
Jahvyon Casley- El
Jahvyon Casley- El 22 giorni fa
J Constitution 👳 🥊🥊Re match Mayweather
Burnpit Cav
Burnpit Cav 23 giorni fa
If you are scoring a close fight it’s hard for judges to forget a knockdown. Just saying, falling to the canvas isn’t easy to forget
Alvaro Alaniz Jr.
Alvaro Alaniz Jr. 22 giorni fa
Mayweather was getting tagged in the first fight
Dro 23 giorni fa
Most boring fighter in history
Robert D
Robert D 23 giorni fa
Floyd has great cardio. He has run thousands of miles in the ring over the course of all his matches.
tulpar 23 giorni fa
So he lost 1
Joshua Pfeifer
Joshua Pfeifer 23 giorni fa
never forget Floyd waited until Pacquiao was out of his prime to challenge him
King Julian
King Julian 21 giorno fa
The first fight was our fault. We just should have said, 'F--- it,' and done the testing. It was 100% our fault. -FREDDIE ROACH, Pacquiao's trainer
Akita_kong 22 giorni fa
Yeah and he lost to someone who was out of his prime so your point doesn’t make sense, 3 matches won 2 he wasn’t In prime and then he beat someone in prime while out of prime
Chance Smith
Chance Smith 23 giorni fa
Sounds like he would have a loss on that card if he didn’t have so much favour lmfao😂
exhausted fan
exhausted fan 23 giorni fa
Floyd didn't really have a perfect record he lost the first fights against Castillo and Maidana
Eternal drakkon
Eternal drakkon 23 giorni fa
Actually he won 7 strait rounds castillo didnt wim
Abdul Ahad Adyan
Abdul Ahad Adyan 23 giorni fa
Mayweather only gives rematches to the guys who almost defeated him
moseyo tam
moseyo tam 19 giorni fa
@Giorno Y they're already washed up when they fought imo.
Giorno Y
Giorno Y 21 giorno fa
Why didn't he give Pacquiao tho?
Gongg T. Pagongg
Gongg T. Pagongg 23 giorni fa
And that's how he copied Ali's punch and pull technique. You punch, go out. Then he learned the pull and counter strat with lots of weaving and dodging to tire out his opponents.
Eric Scott
Eric Scott 23 giorni fa
Well that’s the white male patriarchy for you…
Josiaxz 23 giorni fa
Yes he did win the rematch but that doesn’t excuse the robbery that happend the 1st fight we not goona pretended that there wasn’t a 1st fight
Louis Kennedy
Louis Kennedy 24 giorni fa
Yeah yeah yeah.he won all too fight.
Lucas Alvarez
Lucas Alvarez 24 giorni fa
Fake ass champ
XxMiDNITERxXAoD ! 24 giorni fa
If you ITvid that fight and look at the scorecards Castillo won every judge and still lost
OGKUSH 1 24 giorni fa
Good fighter but also the most boring fighter in boxing history!
Khairul Azlan
Khairul Azlan 24 giorni fa
2nd most controversial, Mayweather vs Pacqiao. Pacqiao literally dominate from the 1st to the end of the round. And still lost. Stupid judges. Biased
Akita_kong 22 giorni fa
PAC could not get points for get a lot of blocked and misses he is known for footing and ring iq he makes people miss it’s a smart tactic but may be boring to others
BUNI 24 giorni fa
Let's be honest here Floyd lost to Castillo
Simon Pierre
Simon Pierre 24 giorni fa
Floyd is over hated
Sukrit Akhauri
Sukrit Akhauri 24 giorni fa
All the comments - "Not a Flyod fan but...." 🤦🏻
Daily Read
Daily Read 24 giorni fa
D' sories
D' sories 24 giorni fa
So you're forgot that take-down completely? That's was a huge Point.
zZzLulzZz 24 giorni fa
He's choosing his rematch carefully, remember the time when Pacquiao wanted to reached, Floyd ducked every single time
DVT Gang
DVT Gang 23 giorni fa
Manny ducked Floyd for five years
Eternal drakkon
Eternal drakkon 23 giorni fa
U sound crazy he only rematch a fight thts close that manny fight wont close at all
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