Most Disrespectful Celebration In Football That Makes Rival Players and Fans Lose Control 

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Most Disrespectful Celebration In Football That Makes Rival Players and Fans Lose Control
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Frank van Dorp
Bonucci wasn't disrespectful, it was payback against an awful English team of divers who kept shouting "it's coming home!" after cheating their way into the final, while their fans booed anthems and shone laser pens into the faces of opponents' goalkeepers.
Richard Beck
Richard Beck Anno fa
Bitter much? I thought what Bonucci did was class and I'm an England fan. I wouldn't expect anything different but to say we cheated to the final is a bit much
T 4
T 4 Anno fa
Its coming home, what the whole of Europe doesn't get, is we're being sarcastic because we never do well at tournaments
Frank van Dorp
@Richard Beck But you literally did. Sterling won a penalty through diving, that gave you the winner in the semis. I'm not bitter, I'm just being factual.
Richard Beck
Richard Beck Anno fa
@Frank van Dorp we took a page out of all the other nations book. For too long we have been too honest so thought we would join in. Also would you like a drink with your slice of bitter pie?
Aj Adams
Aj Adams Anno fa
What about when Bonucci fouled or cheated when he pulled from behind on Saka shirt to take him out
relics 7 mesi fa
For those of you that werent there in the Jose Mourinho Inter 2010 UCL one of the reasons this celebration makes the moment even better was that Mourinho was one of the main managers to get the job to coach Barcelona But Pep Guardiola was chosen instead. He later coached Real Madrid and won the La Liga title. You can tell this man doesnt like Barcelona anymore.
Yuri 5 mesi fa
Won just 1 La Liga title after many years at Real 💀💀💀💀 Also lost 5-0 to Barcelona They did well in choosing Guardiola instead of that bum Pourinho
Soumyadip Ghosh
Soumyadip Ghosh 4 mesi fa
@Yuri Mourinho far greater than Guardiola The reason of Barcelona's success from 08-12 was mainly that the Barca team was fuckin great during that time. Barca 2009 being the Best Prime any Club could have achieved. Mourinho won the UCL with Porto in 02, give some respect to the "Special One".
xoda345 4 mesi fa
@Soumyadip Ghosh That's true. The team was great but Pep created beautiful football, just don't see Mourinho doing that even if he wins more UCL.
Soumyadip Ghosh
Soumyadip Ghosh 4 mesi fa
@xoda345 It's not about winning more UCL bt the Fact that he won with Porto matters the most. If Guardiola can win the UCL with Newcastle, Villareal, Marseille, Leipzig, PSV then we can compare him with Mourinho.
Moch Ardiansah
Most of the clips have a preceding moment before the action took place. Like it is the Andorra's Captain first who mock van Nistelrooy after the failed penalty, or Podolski that says Germany beat Turkey 3-0 to Nuri Sahin, or Moyes that said Suarez is a diver, or the same Suarez that refuses a handshake with Evra, etc
Mohamad Nasiruddin Bin Nordin
Yes. This video very misleading just posting without knowing the truth behind some of celebration.
JK 7
JK 7 Anno fa
But Moyes was right tho
R R Anno fa
Ricardo Suarez
But refused AFTER Evra was an asshole to him😂
Dian Arifin
Dian Arifin Anno fa
Pake bahasa Indonesia aja bang. Gw tau lo orang sini
innocent gomashie
Sweden celebration to Kurzawa confirms the saying he who laughs last laughs best
Darío Valverde Sosa
That was the most satisfying karma.
S.A 9 mesi fa
reminded me of Haaland's meditation celebration vs PSG
Ivan Dankob
Ivan Dankob 9 mesi fa
@S.A that was crazily funny of seeing team of multimillionaires attempt at trolling a single teenager together
Cuca Beludo
Cuca Beludo 9 mesi fa
@Ivan Dankob it doesn't matter, bro. If you start the trolling, be ready to be trolled. That simple!
Baris C
Baris C Anno fa
Unbelievable... In this category, the legend is not included. Graeme Souness Known as The Eternal Rivalry, games between Galatasaray and Fenerbahce were notoriously heated affairs to begin with, so the act of planting a flag in the middle of the pitch was incredibly provocative. The day after, he had to leave the country due to his safety issues
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Anno fa
Lies again? No respect
36minutesAgo Anno fa
Very true, I think that must have been before the creator of the videos time.
Crowns 99
Crowns 99 9 mesi fa
I swear I heard or saw a video about this a long time ago, I'm not from Turkey but this story is pretty well known if you're a fan of football, that's a serious rivalry between those teams, any Turkish viewer can update me on what is the state of this rivalry nowadays??
Johannes Gabriel
Nobody cares about that league
Samy Pons
Samy Pons 9 mesi fa
@Johannes Gabriel care about this ratio
Chris Tiedtke
Van Nistelrooy got provocated by the Andorra captain after his missed penalty before.
Julian Ramirez
Still... Come on man, it's Andorra.
Central Anno fa
@Julian Ramirez and? Hes celebrating in the captain face no the fans LOL
Ronald Huizenga
Ronald Huizenga 9 mesi fa
@Julian Ramirez the man laughed straight in front of his face after van Nistelrooy missed the penalty. So Ruud celebrated kind of the same way.
Bad Peanut
Bad Peanut 9 mesi fa
Opponents celebrating away goal This man: "DISRESPECTFUL"
Renê César
Renê César Mese fa
You can't leave out São Paulo's Müller's third goal against Milan in 1994. That was fantastic.
HS_93 11 mesi fa
Mourinho gotta know what goes around comes around , he done that many times 😂😂😂
detroit20081 8 mesi fa
I remember 2009 to 2010 season. Mourinho lead Inter Milan won the triple. Few months later he got his face slap 5 times by FC Barcelona. Mourinho must have forgotten pay back is a bitch.
Abdulrahman Younes
yeah i mean how come he can celebrate against whole barca fans in the barca vs inter match , but gets heavily provoked when a chelsea staff celebrated infront of him lmao
The_Wanderer 4 mesi fa
You're acting like he started it. He didn't. The opposition crowds were mercilessly taunting him at both the matches against Barca and Juventud, he was responding to the taunts after he won
Bronco Rob
Bronco Rob Anno fa
Nuri Sahin celebrated in from of Lukas Podolski because both got into an argument minutes before and Podolski showed him a "3-0" because Germany beat Turkey 3-0 a few days before. Ruud van Nistelroy celebrated in front of his opponent because he mocked him for missing a penalty earlier in the game.
Dannimacsl Anno fa
I love the retaliation of Sweden vs France 😂😂
Phillips Ofokansi
TheMan750 9 mesi fa
Karma works
André Sanabria
0:48 yeah, because English players were so polite and never said “is coming home”
John Mitchell
"It's coming home" are lyrics from a song that was used for Euro 96
Danish Imran
Danish Imran Anno fa
@John Mitchell still rude
Jordie MD
Jordie MD Anno fa
Hahahahha 🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹 😘
Ketchup Lad
Ketchup Lad Anno fa
@MLM just a bit of banter m8 init
Arif Ikram
Arif Ikram Anno fa
0:02 When Nabil Fekir did that:That celebration was disrespectful When Messi did that at El Clasico 2017:Its okay.His celebration was savage and cool.Lets not put him in this video. Come on thats not fair.😒
Masoud Ally
Masoud Ally Anno fa
Bro don't compare the 🐐 with rubbish
Neb Anno fa
it was disrespectful but there is a difference between Messi and fekir
Gaby_ Anno fa
Sasuke Uchiha
goat or not goat. I dont fucking care. If messi's celebration isn't disrespectful then is fekir's too
LKSantos 9 mesi fa
Não saber perder é a coisa mais desrespeitosa que existe e disso ninguém diz nada.
Tan Thai Trip
This is football, this is passion!!! If you are a player once, you will understand the emotion bro! Respect or not but it is a football! Enjoy the emotion! Enjoy your winning! Be a winner, that is keep your be the best player.❤️
Bonucci wasn't disrespectful, English fans deserve it after booing the italian national anthem
Fortress.13 Anno fa
James Benson
James Benson Anno fa
Both disrespectful. 2 wrongs don't make a right.
James Benson
James Benson Anno fa
@mbaye diagne came to Rome. Past tense. If you want to give abuse, at least try to be grammatically correct about it.
JustHuy Anno fa
That slide from Adebayor is so iconic lol No wonder Spurs signed him later :v
Tomás Figueroa
Tomás Figueroa 10 mesi fa
1:47 la de van persie no es irrespetuosa, el otro jugador se la merecía por provocarlo antes
Ederson Zonta
Mourinho gosta de provocar, mas quando é provocado sai fora da casinha...
LB Gameplays
LB Gameplays Anno fa
É algo que na Argentina chamamos de "cara dura", ele representa perfeitamente.
Space Music
Space Music Anno fa
Mourinho saluait les supporters de l'inter c'est le gardien du barça qu'a perdu la tête car le barça ne sait pas perdre
Turkey Man
Turkey Man 9 mesi fa
@Space Music exactly
Adebayor is sill mote legendary then all, run all field 2 times...what a legend
Michael Johnson-Thiman
His stamina has increased
@Michael Johnson-Thiman yep, by emotaions
saldo_ jr
saldo_ jr Anno fa
Bonucci wasn’t disrespectful at all he was only saying it’s coming to Rome
lucianok Anno fa
I absolutely love when they score an go up to the opposite teams fans an they all screaming in rage 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Linda Ramirez
Linda Ramirez 5 mesi fa
La celebración de Van Nistelrooy no fue irrespetuosa, ya que en ese partido, antes del gol, él falló un penal y el capitán de Andorra se burló de él.
Gordon Ramsay’s Lamb Sauce
for context Mourinho celebrated that way in front of Barca fans because Barcelona players and fans were so focused on trying to win the UCL at the Bernabeu, that they thought they had already beaten Inter. Jose obviously didn’t take too kindly to that
dvdinf Anno fa
Messi did the same as Fekir against Real Madrid and I didn't see it in this video. I guess it's ok since he is Messi... 🙄
Shake n' Blake
Yeah pretty much 🙄 theres no other way to put it
Doğan Gültekin
yes, another question?
dvdinf 9 mesi fa
@Doğan Gültekin no thanks, you can go.
ً ً
ً ً 3 mesi fa
@Doğan Gültekin stop being turk
Doğan Gültekin
try to be human too
Felipe Ribas
Felipe Ribas Anno fa
Teve apenas 3 comemorações que se excederam, de resto tudo ótimo. Isso é futebol, zuar e saber ser zuado. Hoje em dia não se pode fazer mais nada
Joel Moraes
Joel Moraes Anno fa
Esses jogos são antigos já
Emjay Anno fa
I guess Kurzawa didn't see that coming. He never knew he was giving the swedish team a better and sweet way to mock him even better at the end LMAO
As an Arsenal fan, sad to see Adebayor's celebration.
Francisco Ayala
Francisco Ayala 9 giorni fa
Quien no puede con el peso de ganar… jamás soportará la carga de perder.
Koen FRFC Anno fa
Wish to have seen some backstories cuz most are paybacks instead of being arrogantly rude
Fábio Fussball
Bro, this is just football (or soccer, if you prefer). It's a emotional sport and some of these moments are so memorable
Dark Side
Dark Side Anno fa
Bonucci did the right thing england fans deserve it
Bonucci lacks class and respect
Asger Søndergaard
The English wanted it to come "home". How's that when they have never won it? As a Dane🇩🇰, who got cheated by England in the semifinal, I support Bonucci.
Ajs 1988
Ajs 1988 Anno fa
And in the same video, mourinhio celebrated in front of juve fans, and bonnuci runs over crying telling him to stop 🤣🤣🤣
Ajs 1988
Ajs 1988 Anno fa
@Asger Søndergaard You're best player made his name in England, you didn't get cheated, you just got beat
Thiago Andrade
None of these were as disrespectful as Berrío goal vs Rosário Central when he was playing for Atlético Nacional
Mustafa Fazal
Fernando Torres also celebrated right in front of Barcelona fans after scoring the last minute goal against them in the champions league semifinal 😂😂👍👍
iamjeffness Anno fa
Oh I loved Mourinho back in the day.
Ray Man
Ray Man Anno fa
Rbv wasnt direspectful. It seems that he just realised he slid in front of the opposing fans and got straight back up. Kinda funny actually
McPilch Anno fa
Suarez dive in front of Moyes was the best "in your face" in football history.. until Bonucci took that title haha.. brilliant stuff.. football would be boring af without such characters (and yeah sometimes the baggage is worth it.. people need thicker skins!)
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 6 mesi fa
3:29 imagine having such a big ego you think you are tough for beating ANDORRA
gancar styawan
gancar styawan 9 mesi fa
Adebayor's still the most iconic
EL ONE Anno fa
Kurzawa se humillaba solo jaja
The hub
The hub Anno fa
The one with the Chelsea staff is a childhood classic
Eder Cordova
Eder Cordova Anno fa
La mejor de todas, definitivamente fue la de Moutinho 😅😅😥
Philip Kariuki
The Chelsea one I guess
Arpan Karna
Arpan Karna Anno fa
Sahin's clip is not a disrespectful moment either ..it was revenge!
ninobrownish Anno fa
Just like Nabil Fekir!
Diego Anno fa
@ninobrownish like all clips
Rak CV
Rak CV Anno fa
Mourinho se pone bien loco cuando se la aplicaron pero cuando el lo hizo ahí si no decía nada JAJAJAJA
Terence Dhlamini
The Mourinho incident was funny 😂
Yuhin 6 mesi fa
Messi raised his shirt in front of Madrid fans during 2017, no mention of that. Double standards.
Pedro García
Pedro García 9 mesi fa
6:55 en la previa del partido cuando los jugadores se saludaban, Suárez no le quiso dar la mano a Evra, de ahí la "venganza"
Sinan Topcu
Sinan Topcu 9 mesi fa
Robin van Persie became happy but at the end of the season oguzhan had the cup in his hands
Hernán Salto -Dumb Attempt Racing-
You need the entire context in at least 95% of the cases in this video
serback1 10 mesi fa
Evra was mocking Suarez because Suarez refused to handshake with him.
Roberto Furukawa
Ruud Van Nistelroy celebrated in that way cause minutes before the captain laughing in Ruud's face after errate a penalty. Isn't irrespetful, is eye for eye 👀.
Roberto Beltran Loya
Algunas tienen un contexto previo en cada partido, y prácticamente se daba el karma.. Hubiera sido mejor si incluyeras todo el contexto
Nicolas Anno fa
Creo que peor es creer que el fútbol es tan importante como para enojarse por perder.
Ramon Gamez
Ramon Gamez Anno fa
El de Patrice Evra no es irrespetuoso, Luis Suarez fue racista al momento del saludo por no querer saludarlo
luckboysunny Anno fa
This is why I love football.
Edy Barr
Edy Barr 10 mesi fa
Esa celebración de Mourinho fue en venganza por el odio que le tiene a Messi.
Anthony Efe
Anthony Efe 8 mesi fa
I must comment, Jose’s mo is funny and that last part is the best ever😂😂😂😂😭😭😭 Do to others what you wish them to do to you 😂
lel 10 mesi fa
The ref doing the chicken dance 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Daman K.K
Daman K.K Anno fa
Circumstances like this should happen in order to make football more interesting 😉
Altafy 8 mesi fa
Sometime you didn’t get the disrespect comes from. It can be revenge
Joey Muhanna
Joey Muhanna Anno fa
3:36 that laugh 😂
Mikey Fama
Mikey Fama Anno fa
The ruud van nistelrooy one was because that guy laughed at him for hitting the post from a penalty so he took his sweet revenge
Michael Clark
Michael Clark 8 mesi fa
Van Nistelroy owed the Andorra captain (who went right up to him and laughed in his face after hitting the post on a penalty). Suarez definitely had it coming from Evra (refusing to shake hands because of his skin color). Would’ve also loved to see the full pitch sprint by Adebayor; that was the disrespectful part 😂
Akun Gabut
Akun Gabut 9 mesi fa
1:32 Maybe Rooney is still getting carried away and he thinks he's still playing for United, but it's still possible in my opinion, ✌✌
Moataz Seada
Moataz Seada 6 mesi fa
Adebayor's is still in 2022 the greatest celebration in Football history
football fanatic1
The special one 😂🤣 Mourinho 🤣😂
Andreas Bäcklund
Van nistelroy have a reason...
Gobshite Anno fa
Bonucci maybe a defender but this guy can't defend himself when he's in controversy moments
OMAR ESTRADA 7 mesi fa
Samuele Gottardi
harry maguire left the chat
Wandersartori96 9 mesi fa
Isso pq não conhecem o Gabigol aqui no Brasil, todo jogo é uma provocação a torcida adversária😂😂😂
vinny 11 mesi fa
Faltó la de Dibu Martínez a Jerry Mina 😄
Season Of Rain
I love when Manchester United's Rooney celebrate against Manchester city's fan
William Fils Dorvilier
Morinho was only a coach (Inter) happy of the qualification of his team, I don't see what is disrespectful
big boss
big boss Anno fa
there were a lot of heat and taunting from both sides leading to that match, the guy who made this video didn't give much context check the "Mourinho versus Pep - The Feud" documentary it's available here on ITvid, really really good
Jef Costello
Jef Costello Anno fa
He's an old-man-child
The young Disciple
@big boss the ref was biased for barca
big boss
big boss Anno fa
@The young Disciple no shit, ref is always biased for Barca lmao
Willy Zirio
Willy Zirio 10 mesi fa
@big boss ofc not ur prolly talking about madrid
Hussien Mohamed
Hussien Mohamed 2 mesi fa
Morinio is a real character
lou. Anno fa
adebayor is probably the coldest one🤣🤣
Carmelo Armas Perera
Mou dijo que su familia estaba en esa zona... pero vamos habría que creérselo jajaja
Im french but good job on Kurzawa 🤣🤣👍
Heru Irawan
Heru Irawan Anno fa
Most of these clips are not an action, they are reaction. Calling them being disrespectful just irrelevant.
Matt Is Playing
I'm agree with you
Divine Willie
Divine Willie 11 mesi fa
Your opinion
KKR Gaming Boss
KKR Gaming Boss 26 giorni fa
That's why Cricket is the gentleman's game
Hazmi Kamel
Hazmi Kamel Anno fa
Hope Gary Neville still celebrate after the 0-9 aggregate from Liverpool this season 😹
T C Mese fa
Alot of these weren't disrespectful. There were reactions to disrespect.
Eric Wang
Eric Wang 3 mesi fa
And this is another reason why football is so awesome!!!!
Try Sutrisno Nasution
Ade bayour & shakiri celebration is legend of provocation
Azim Iqbal
Azim Iqbal Anno fa
Mourinho is the best😂
Kaydee Duminy
Really most disrespectful moments 👌🏻💯
Cárdenas R.
Cárdenas R. Anno fa
The best was Mourinho mocking Barca fans followed by Evra celebrating in front of Bitey Suárez
Simone Delprete
i am italian and i apologize to the english fans for bonucci's attitude
rebound12 9 mesi fa
the last one is legendary 😂
Eema 7 giorni fa
Suarez tho 💀😂
#Top 10
#Top 10 10 mesi fa
Man i love jose Mourinho 😂😂😂
Leclercq Thibaut
I love that Argentinian referee doing the chicken as well to explain the yellow card... 😅
Kaien 5 mesi fa
The question is, if our club supporters in the other side of the goal, are we must run far to them just to celebrate the goal ?
Peter Mese fa
Mourinho wasnt disrespectful ,you only know how it was hard to beat barca at that time
Richard smyth
Richard smyth 11 mesi fa
I Was there when Neville went over to the Liverpool end and done that with the badge, nothing bad jus banter between rivals
Daniel Monge R
Podolski le hizo una al de Dortmund rato antes.
Gonzalo Rodríguez
Faltó la de Messi vs real Madrid, que le muestra la 10 a sus fans en pleno bernabeu
Gonzalo Rodríguez
@Federico Gonzalez por que
Cárdenas R.
Cárdenas R. Anno fa
PissMenn 10 mesi fa
The ending part is gold🤣
Marcos Rosa
Marcos Rosa Mese fa
tevez haciendo la gallinita lo mejor jajaja
Dombie D Arengh
Dombie D Arengh 10 mesi fa
Van Persie did that because he was calling him old
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