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4 apr 2021




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Razana Razak
Razana Razak 2 giorni fa
damion howard
damion howard 2 giorni fa
Well... Um.... That was funny ._.
zimt1 2 giorni fa
Tawin Pue
Tawin Pue 2 giorni fa
Shaquailla Wilson
Shaquailla Wilson 2 giorni fa
He is really not a good person image if that man was blind frl he would have thief the money anyways without caring, that's y the man take him phone
Chad Boyum
Chad Boyum 3 giorni fa
I'm so glad that ITvid is showing me tiktok videos... now I don't even need the tiktok app to see this crap. Thanks ITvid
ภาณี แซ่หลอ
Masudur Rahman
Masudur Rahman 3 giorni fa
Cavid Ahmedov
Cavid Ahmedov 3 giorni fa
Kor qalasan erməni noldu bəs vermirdi paşinya muharibə vaxtı vayfay işləmirdi onda VEP çıxartdılar yəni vermirdin paşinyan nooldu🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂
Yacuub Osman
Yacuub Osman 3 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣 2-1
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 3 giorni fa
Ma che cazzo c'avrai da ride?
Elaga Eliyev
Elaga Eliyev 3 giorni fa
Qarabağ Azerbaycandır 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿☝☝☝☝ 🇦🇲🇦🇲🐒🐒🐴🐽💩💩💩
Toop Pyy
Toop Pyy 3 giorni fa
You forgot to #Overacting
Piu Piu
Piu Piu 4 giorni fa
Fuck tik tok Why tik tok virus go to youtube
orfeo dipowirono
orfeo dipowirono 4 giorni fa
This is stupid humor..🤮 sorry!!
Sabuhi Imanov
Sabuhi Imanov 4 giorni fa
CrazyGamerPlayz 4 giorni fa
funny has left the chat
CrazyGamerPlayz 4 giorni fa
Keep tiktok off youtine
dhritiyukta vangari
Kamal Kamal
Kamal Kamal 5 giorni fa
Kora Arora
Kora Arora 5 giorni fa
Thank god it has already laugh sounds so that I don't have to laugh myself
Leo MarBel
Leo MarBel 3 giorni fa
I'm gonna start screenshotting godlike comments like this so i can use it to express my genuine dislike of these kind of videos.
Rodrigo Reyes
Rodrigo Reyes 5 giorni fa
elmer laranjo
elmer laranjo 5 giorni fa
Ivanka Peceva
Ivanka Peceva 5 giorni fa
Tanneru Jaya
Tanneru Jaya 5 giorni fa
Very funny
Luis Miguel Gordon Naranjo
Como se llama esa musica
Mohamed Islam
Mohamed Islam 5 giorni fa
Alfredo Fernández sanchez
Se coge el móvil
Alfredo Fernández sanchez
manman Aammnn
manman Aammnn 5 giorni fa
T5p Rtu
T5p Rtu 5 giorni fa
انقاثىقتثاثابمبنبابنقهققتثمغقعثغقهقغقهقعلقرثاث ق وقف لافروف ف فرق تابوةبنب٣ وقف لافروف ٢ بوبةبنبوبخلبتبىبةببىىببوىببوبةبةبةةب٩ابببةبقوةبةببةق٩بوبةبةببوثة٣وبةببوبووللوولولوقوثىثةقىققتى ىبةببوو٢ةق و صدى الملاعب قفوفةةفةفقىفةقىقفةفىففىفوفةفنفىقاقاقنثاثناثقنتقتقتقاق منتدى الصور والخلفيات الرسوم المتحركة ٣صور اليابانية من ٨٨٨في ٨هو اخناتور لاب ٨٨٨توب ٨قبل ٨في ٨٨
Joy ann Padmore
Joy ann Padmore 5 giorni fa
🤣🤣🤣🤣 i 😍😍😍😍😍it 🤣🤣🤣do fu do cant be nu obeah🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Kere Poll
Kere Poll 6 giorni fa
m0sT fUnNy ViDeOs On TiKtOk
Zekhnine Rihabe
Zekhnine Rihabe 6 giorni fa
Wake Awaken
Wake Awaken 6 giorni fa
It's funny that many put this greek guy laughing
พิสุทธิ์ ชัยบุรีโอภาส
samir gojaev
samir gojaev 6 giorni fa
Qarabaq azerbayjan
nyein nyein
nyein nyein 6 giorni fa
لبنه نعنوع
Luca Rodriguez
Luca Rodriguez 6 giorni fa
Khadija Bahzaz
Khadija Bahzaz 6 giorni fa
catharine morais
catharine morais 6 giorni fa
Christina Calzacorta
NOT Funny... Reminds me of the pieces of crap that pan handle all day,then pack up their little "homeless, please help" sign and walk a couple of blocks and get into their BMW and drive home..😠
Benoit Volatier
Benoit Volatier 6 giorni fa
he makes believe that he is blind
Zaman Huseynov
Zaman Huseynov 6 giorni fa
K. C.
K. C. 6 giorni fa
Fake,..... stupid.
Patric_yt098 7 giorni fa
Did I miss the joke
Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday 7 giorni fa
Not Funny at all
ANDINIツ 7 giorni fa
Одинаьекова Чамила
ابو كوثر
ابو كوثر 7 giorni fa
vakur_ panter
vakur_ panter 7 giorni fa
It is not even funny
Muhammad Ibrahim
Muhammad Ibrahim 7 giorni fa
The sounds in background 😂😂😂
Kadmiel Sampaio
Kadmiel Sampaio 7 giorni fa
Que bosta de Vídeo
Artist Surekha
Artist Surekha 7 giorni fa
T H 8 giorni fa
Dear ITvid please reinstall the dislike counter
Sensei 8 giorni fa
Anuar Badri
Anuar Badri 8 giorni fa
Hebat tu orang
Ziya Rahmaan
Ziya Rahmaan 8 giorni fa
Aydin Esedov
Aydin Esedov 8 giorni fa
yo 8 giorni fa
wow not funee
Gullam Shbeer
Gullam Shbeer 8 giorni fa
Tv smart
Tv smart 8 giorni fa
Tuskish Games
Tuskish Games 8 giorni fa
Ermenistanin bayragi var
MIriam Miram
MIriam Miram 8 giorni fa
T de los
MIriam Miram
MIriam Miram 7 giorni fa
T a los que no se ha enviado a la espera del pago y no sé si y
MIriam Miram
MIriam Miram 8 giorni fa
T a las que se hace
MIriam Miram
MIriam Miram 8 giorni fa
Alessio 8 giorni fa
Lol the camera man power of invisibility
Steve Bennett
Steve Bennett 9 giorni fa
Can someone please let me know if they can explain what's supposed to b entertaining or funny about this. Thanks.
VOZAMARAK TV - ART 9 giorni fa
Tik tok is like plague.
Roma SmirnOFF
Roma SmirnOFF 9 giorni fa
уебали прикол с " негрози южному централу"
Angshu Roy Chowdhury
The funniest thing I found in it was chiki chiki
Leena Briana
Leena Briana 9 giorni fa
BREAKING NEWS : The tik tok virus has now affected ITvid . Stay safe everyone
ThunderSTaLKeR 4 giorni fa
No youtube affected itself lmao, im not in favor of tiktok i dont like it but youtube shorts is parody/copy of tiktok. So plz
elmer laranjo
elmer laranjo 5 giorni fa
Aisaxo Nawiat
Aisaxo Nawiat 9 giorni fa
Another lame tick tock video where they inject their asinine laughter because they think the public has to be told It's supposed to be funny But it is really just lame as h***.
Menor a cero Adri
Menor a cero Adri 9 giorni fa
Joep vdm
Joep vdm 9 giorni fa
but we all do know, if you use tiktok, you're gay
Mariam Asaad
Mariam Asaad 9 giorni fa
Mariam Asaad
Mariam Asaad 8 giorni fa
Jimis Gaban
Jimis Gaban 9 giorni fa
Η βλακεία είναι ελληνικό προνόμιο.
DED SİNYOR 9 giorni fa
Mada fuck armenia👎👎
Nileahparekh Parekh
DaEggie 9 giorni fa
Was that supposed to be funny or something
DJ Single string
DJ Single string 9 giorni fa
Please once search Dhri Assam in youtube
Krazy Horse
Krazy Horse 9 giorni fa
Not funny loser
Trov Auto reparo
Trov Auto reparo 9 giorni fa
Tik Tok os cancer
Jeff Barnes
Jeff Barnes 10 giorni fa
The dumbest thing I've ever seen in my life and the stupid laughing makes it even worse
LOL__Animals 10 giorni fa
FURIY- ME 10 giorni fa
Armeni fakyu 🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿
Jyoti jadhav
Jyoti jadhav 10 giorni fa
Hatta Ngawing
Hatta Ngawing 10 giorni fa
LeTtie GuNgAb
LeTtie GuNgAb 10 giorni fa
Zeyneb Sultanli
Zeyneb Sultanli 10 giorni fa
Армению южных
Miki KikiRiki
Miki KikiRiki 10 giorni fa
MD rezaul korim
MD rezaul korim 10 giorni fa
চোরের ওপর বাটপারি
MK Gaming
MK Gaming 10 giorni fa
Since everyone seem to have missed a good opportunity I'll use it myself . . *TIKTOK IS CANCER*
Georgia Morgan
Georgia Morgan 10 giorni fa
Fucking stupid And that laugh in the background..ugh idk what's more annoying..smh
Faqih Adib
Faqih Adib 10 giorni fa
Serxan Nesirov
Serxan Nesirov 10 giorni fa
Sizin arxadaki bayrağinizi sikim bayragda deyil heç tumuşdu
Cayden Graham
Cayden Graham 10 giorni fa
THIS VIDEO SUCKS. I don’t care if the creator doesn’t speak English. He or she needs to know that people just dislike it and find it annoying 👎👎👎👎
DWYS WYSD 10 giorni fa
Because of all these people making these fake videos and the sad people who believe this is all real we now have to have warning labels not to put industrial glue into your hair. Look up the lady that used industrial glue has her hair product and then sued the company because they didn't have warning labels
Koalaelli 10 giorni fa
What the hell were they thinking this is funny like what...
Khai Rou Soo
Khai Rou Soo 10 giorni fa
What the heck wrong with the music
Charlotte Williams
Charlotte Williams 10 giorni fa
What is up with this?? It's not funny
Bahram Mohseni
Bahram Mohseni 10 giorni fa
clearly bright
clearly bright 10 giorni fa
The cameraman was never there
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