Most Unsportsmanlike & Disrespectful Moments In Football 

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👍 Most Unsportsmanlike & Disrespectful Moments In Football
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8 mar 2022




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Commenti : 2 868   
Sumzicles 8 mesi fa
2:40 bro gave the ref a red card 😂
Wojciech Klimek
Wojciech Klimek 7 mesi fa
Echobeam 7 mesi fa
Ron Jans
Ron Jans 7 mesi fa
Did it especially cuz he knew Kids would find this really funny on the internet Ha ha
@Ron Jans no?
Ref deserved it for his TERRIBLE performance. This has been and sadly still is a big issue in the turkish league. The refs are terrible
Andres Millanes
Y quien diría que Modric y Ronaldo acabarían siendo compañeros de equipo y conquistarian en 4 ocasiones la Champions League
isabela ramirez
Jajajaja eso estaba pensando
Jou t7
Jou t7 Anno fa
Yes with considence that did happen then.
Danny Leiva
Danny Leiva Anno fa
Bueno igual me esperaba una pelea super épica, seguro que en los vestuarios del Madrid habrán discutido más que en esa jugada
Francisco Arriaza Estay
pero yo solo veo una jugada de futbol y no algo antideportivo
iPat24Rick Anno fa
Harry Kane got kicked in the head and he just stands back up, continuing the attack. That is more than rare.
Ali Syed
Ali Syed Anno fa
Kane is well known for being a diver, this instance was definitely an outlier
abdel bl
abdel bl Anno fa
이채훈 Anno fa
Hfz J.
Hfz J. Anno fa
Miss kane head. He does'nt seem to realise what just happen. If he saw the leg he will surely fall and roll
Hamam Anno fa
@Hfz J. watch it again bruv
garethbull 7 mesi fa
3:57 credit for doing it like that, could've been a lot worse, instead just wrapped his legs. As good a professional foul as you can get.
tomas, dueño del domodin de dismdale
Ese jugador se tiro asi para pararlo no para lesionarlo, supongo que el verdadero "lo hice por el equipo"
Louis J Wiese
An immediate red card for anyone caught faking... Would be best rule ever
666BMW666 -  Registeredtrademark
How you know they faking
Franciszek Hodyl
@666BMW666 - Registeredtrademark the referee is there for making decisions like that - football of 21st century is awful
Nawras77 Anno fa
@Javier Perez Lol, you saying alexis wasn't hit on purpose there?
aynalhoqu sehab
Earthwalker Est
Earthwalker Est 9 mesi fa
I love how Ferdinand didn't wanna take Suarez's hand also 😂
Connor Lynndan
Connor Lynndan 4 mesi fa
Yeah Evra was a piece of crap
JB Autos
JB Autos Anno fa
Mark Noble trying to square up to pogba was hilarious 😂😂😂
Unoriginal OG
Lmao he's squared up to troy deeney aswell
JB Autos
JB Autos Anno fa
@Unoriginal OG thinks he’s big man. I loved it when they subbed him on to take a penalty, he walked up like “ooo look at me” and missed 😂😂
Betraid6661 9 mesi fa
How big it is, it falls with more noise lol, big not mean stronger.
Turkish Collector
2:42 This was a fixed match in Turkey. It was between Trabzonspor and Galatasaray. The referee gave penalty in favour of Galatasaray and three red carts to Trabzonspor. The guy who showed red cart to referee has a statue in Trabzon. Two years later it came out the referee was match fixing.
Alper Bulut
Alper Bulut Anno fa
aynen .d
Hope that ref lost his licence
Turkish Collector
@Alper Bulut yes he did
SrEqualizer Anno fa
The best moment to read this comment.
D. Filipe
D. Filipe Anno fa
and now Trabzonspor have become undisputed champions! Karma baby
ThisIsMe 11 mesi fa
Modric and Ronaldo from enemies to friends lol Cristiano's smile was too sweet, he was more chill in early Manchester United
pittens 6 mesi fa
enemies to lovers
Felipe Giraldo
Felipe Giraldo 5 mesi fa
More chill in early Man Uted? haah your trippin, CR7 was actually an angry beast in Man Utd he always was getting revenge against whoever did a foul on him. hes actually more chill nowdays.
Nikola H.
Nikola H. 2 mesi fa
@Felipe Giraldo Also he made dives very often. As he matured he doesnt do it so frequently.
TechnoGame 6 mesi fa
5:29 I lost it at this one💀💀🤣🤣🤣🤣 Got hit by ball....then start craying like a little kids🤣
Tiến Dũng
Tiến Dũng Anno fa
The man who gave the red card to the referee is so funny
Crusader SNK
Crusader SNK Anno fa
Kayhan Üresin
His name is Salih Dursun he was playing for Trabzonspor Türkiye 🇹🇷. It was a really big event.
Mehmet Yılmaz
@Kayhan Üresin as as as
Kayhan Üresin
@Mehmet Yılmaz 🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷😁
Rabie Diab
Rabie Diab 9 mesi fa
Sanchez dive after the throw in and Neymar moving the foam are hilarious hahaha
Lucas Sidney
Lucas Sidney 10 mesi fa
Eu morri de rir quando o jogador puxou o cartão vermelho para o juiz kkkkkkkkkk
Fatih Çevik
Fatih Çevik 9 mesi fa
Türkiye trabzonspor
kwisso javer
kwisso javer 9 mesi fa
Harry Kane got kicked in the head and he just stands back up, continuing the attack. That is more than rare.
†palhaço sem graça†
@kwisso javer Yes, you said that before.
MethLover 5 mesi fa
same lol
kioshy 3 mesi fa
@†palhaço sem graça† wasnt even him who said it xD
Aelson Junior
a comemoração do cara imitando o goleiro pulando foi a melhor kkkkkkk
Nicolino 10 mesi fa
Real kkkkkkkkkkk
Don 10 mesi fa
Se eu fosse o goleiro, pisava na cara dele com a chuteira.
Vinícius Oliveira
Kkkkkkkkk verdade kkkkkkkkk Não consigo parar de rir kkkkkk
Brek 7 mesi fa
@Don ?????????? ._.
Christopher McHale
Respect to player #9 in white at 3:45. Kicked in the head and gets up without a complaint to continue the play. What sports should be like.
merlin_SDF 9 mesi fa
it was probably near the end of the game. at that point the losing team becomes immune to damage somehow
SML 7 mesi fa
That's harry kane mate
Epic Marschmallow
That player is infamous for diving and cheating lol
MagicalHikari 7 mesi fa
And to think people thought that either Mané accidentally kicked Ederson in the head, or that Ederson ‘jumped into his foot’
Харц Стаг
Неймар симулянт от Бога долго отходил от смеха на 7:45🤣🤣🤣😂
Gonzalo Pizarro
Gonzalo Pizarro 6 mesi fa
La falta del 3:55 es una falta táctica, no es antideportiva. Fue una falta muy limpia y sin intención de lastimar al rival
Eletrodo 7018
Eletrodo 7018 6 mesi fa
kkkkkkkkkkk foi nanda.. normal.. nem relou kkk
Liam Casilimas
Liam Casilimas 6 mesi fa
Le agarró las piernas
Quegei 4 mesi fa
@SMT and Earthbound Suck tiene razón
Daniel Espinoza
For women's football, pulling hair should be automatic red card.
should be red no matter if it is male or female football yes!
Daniel Espinoza
@Cockoff Gewgle No, my misogynistic friend. Grow up!
ReflexFUT Anno fa
@ThomasNesse Jack grealish and Savic
João Miranda
I think same
Bevsworld04 Anno fa
@Daniel Espinoza it was a joke...
Carlos Costa
Carlos Costa Anno fa
Maior ironia que eu ja vi, simplesmente o Pepe reclamando de uma solada do João Felix
E o Kante fazendo uma falta dura
Carlos Costa
Carlos Costa Anno fa
@LUNC DA DEPRESSÃO KKK ne, universo paralelo realmente existe kkk
Maria Anno fa
Suarez é foda kkk
Castel The Ghetto Monk
5:44 that dive from sancez lmao 🤣😂
Scott Wallbank
Shit like that needs red cards (not that we'd see it much with VAR everywhere nowadays).
ivi fidi
ivi fidi Anno fa
Who is sancez?
Castel The Ghetto Monk
@ivi fidi exactly 😂😆
Scott Wallbank
@ivi fidi Pretty clear who he means despite the typo. Point of this comment outside of pedantry?
ivi fidi
ivi fidi Anno fa
@Scott Wallbank in spain we call him Alexis, not Sanchez i didn't notice him
Vinícius Oliveira
Achei engraçado o cara curtir com o goleiro após o pênalti, apontando e tals kkkkkkk
Tom Neale
Tom Neale Anno fa
2:25 isn't a foul that's a good tackle
NexpoCLIPS Anno fa
the card could have been for disent after the tackle
Ninjamage Anno fa
Nah it’s a foul, studs are up
Tom Neale
Tom Neale Anno fa
@Ninjamage He didn't make contact with the other player before getting the ball out and I've also seen much more savage tackles that weren't straight reds
Biggie Smalls
@Tom Neale again it was the behaviour after the tackle
Da Sab
Da Sab 7 mesi fa
6:17 isn't disrespectful, that was just good timeplay
Trap Anno fa
Of course Diego Costa made an appearance 😂
playing doesn't have to be rough, you have to be sporty in the game
Javier Uranga
Javier Uranga 2 mesi fa
No podemos hablar de momentos antideportivos sin mostrar la quebrada de Carlos Tevez
Чермен Айларов
2:28 - попадание по мячу до контакта с соперником. Чистый подкат
Bro Science
Bro Science Anno fa
That penalty towards the end was hilarious 🤭🤣🤣
Haha yess
É cada merda mais vergonhosa do que a outra. Como esses caras conseguem dormir a noite com a consciência tranquila ??? Eu teria vergonha de mim mesmo se agisse assim.
Un 10 mesi fa
수아레즈 진짜ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 시작부터 ㅈㄴ웃엇네 진짜 같은팀일땐 든든한데 적일땐 죽이고싶은 스타일이네
Ryan Preston
Ryan Preston Anno fa
2:09 Mpbappe didn’t even get touched and he rolls over
John Angel
John Angel 2 mesi fa
Learning from his idol
Murat Yılmaz
2:42 Footballer Salih Dursun shows a red card to the referee who showed three red cards in that match. And the fourth. He sees the red card himself.
Laffey412 9 mesi fa
7:46 ese día neymar si que nos hizo un show para un penal.
"El éxito es donde la preparación y la oportunidad se encuentran". Bobby Unser
GhostGemaa 5 mesi fa
3:17 bruh that was a clean pass that he blocked
Roni Pacheco Zarate
Esa jugada de Modric con Cristiano no tiene nada de antideportivo
Kaitlyn Anno fa
I wouldn’t say the Mané one was unsportsmanlike, he was just looking at the ball and unfortunately made that kinda contact with Ederson
this. his foot was way too high and its a fair red card but it wasn’t unsportsmanlike. he didn’t go in with bad inentions
Kaitlyn Anno fa
@Knaussenheimer exactly!
Bryan Tan
Bryan Tan Anno fa
Ferdinand have my respect always and forever.. the way he protect his teammates is absolute class
Mr Edi
Mr Edi Anno fa
Really. He act like suarez
Gage Felstead
Yeah, massive shame he's a proper nobhead though. But least he has his mates backs
EMC 9 mesi fa
Unlike Suarez tho Ferdinand isn’t racist
Ale Loliponsipon
Miralo a Modric fauleando a Cristiano no me acordaba de esa jugada, terminaron siendo parte vital del gran Real Madrid
Skyglorius Anno fa
Nunca pensei que o vídeo game ia nos trazer realidades a famosa "tesoura" kkkkkkkkkk
Yayo Polo
Yayo Polo 7 mesi fa
Man el del minuto 3:56 es un héroe sin capa esa falta era justa y necesaria la tenía que hacer si o si si no era gol
Herbert Läppert
Please dont mix women football in …
Creature Anno fa
Brazilian guy straight up said no way in hell I'm giving that man a free shot.
Edson Pacheco
Faltou um monte de situações, cabeçada do Zidane por exemplo
Sone Poulter
Sone Poulter Anno fa
haha amo o futebol raiz onde a onu nao entra na jogada. Saudades do verdadeiro futebol sem frescuras. From Brasil
Raquel Silva
Raquel Silva Anno fa
no futebol raiz não marcavam falta?
Sone Poulter
Sone Poulter Anno fa
@Raquel Silva quantos anos vc tem? Nao tenho muitos mas talvez posso responder de forma melhor
-- Anno fa
Tu ama o futebol raíz, mas era primeiro a sair a chorando quando pintava briga na pelada.
iFefe Anno fa
O verdadeiro futebol raiz é quando a gente ia pra praça jogar futebol descalço
Sone Poulter
Sone Poulter Anno fa
@-- deixa de ser zé bcteña... jão igual tu eu mesmo parado dou um elastico e deixo no chao sentado. Dae tu descobre o que è fut raiz ksjk
Yisusmen95 6 mesi fa
5:34 This is the perfect definition of a soccer player
Tormintor 53
Tormintor 53 Anno fa
Pepe cuando vio que el João Félix con el que tuvo el cruce iba a ser su compañero en la selección: 😲😲😲
SPEEDYYY 8 mesi fa
kante getting a yellow card... rare 🤣
Lemon Acid Rounds
Mbappe is a world class actress
op commanders
Referees are real heroes
Persey Anno fa
Смешно выглядит как они бегут к обидчику типа щас подбежит и даст в голову,а на деле подбежал и спросил " ты че офигел" 😃
Jordan Clark
Jordan Clark 7 mesi fa
Freakin' love Broony even more for cheering on a crunching tackle!
Hammadi Leigh
The way Ferdinand also ignore Suarez was so superb
oilfan pw
oilfan pw Anno fa
@Wayne Menary Tough to ruin the reputation of a guy who bites people
Rob Hernandez
Yea noticed that too lol he looked like he was ready to knock him out too if there was any problems
Matthew Marshall
@Wayne Menary If they think that's ok then their entire culture is disgusting. You do not use that word to refer to a human being. Ever.
Wayne Menary
Wayne Menary Anno fa
@Matthew Marshall thats not the point, youre just being ignorant now by disrespecting an entire continent, theres no literal translation for the phrase in english, you need to know that. Its not rude at all
MetiUU 8 mesi fa
1:23 i wouldnt say its that bad, look how long that slide was, he wanted to hit the ball, he just misscalculated
Riju Mondal
Riju Mondal 10 mesi fa
The man showing the referee red card 🤣🤣🤣
Rosario Espinoza Ticeran
En el Mundial de España 1982: Schumacher lesionó a Battiston, no fue expulsado del partido. En el.Mundial de México, un jugador italiano lesionó a un jugador español, no fue expulsado pero después fue castigado por la FIFA. Mundial 2014, Zúñiga lesionó a Neymar, no fue expulsado. Los malos árbitros han permitido que muchos defensas violentos lesiones a delanteros hábiles.
Tommy Anno fa
El del wolfsburg estuvo bien, les saco el gol, aunq la entrada fue un poco fuerte
Yanko Hristov
Yanko Hristov 7 mesi fa
9:34 - Gets hit on the shoulder, grabs his face and starts crying on the ground.. EPIC MANHOOD !!!
Bing Bung
Bing Bung 11 mesi fa
McGregor was missing the ufc clearly 😂
branchyapple 7 mesi fa
5:33 lmao alexis needed to process it and realized, *Ah let's dive, cover my face and overreact*
Mario Lucatoni
0:33 Luego serían compañeros de equipo. Giros de la vida.
CroCop Gt
CroCop Gt 11 mesi fa
Me hizo reír el jugador en el minuto 5:50 jajaja
Valpuia Sailo
I always loved it when ferdinand didn't wanna shake hands when suarez didnt shake hands wit evra.
D C Anno fa
mtksbctk Anno fa
Yeah quick thinking on Rio's part👏
Kurify 9 mesi fa
Nübek with his karate kick on the chest of Gacinovic would fit perfect in that video, that was ridiculous, it was really lucky for him.
Kuro Koro
Kuro Koro Anno fa
Love that you included Crow's Zero' track in it 😂 brings back some nostalgia
Ronny Sulistio
The man who gave the red card to the referee is so funny…
Totally Unsuspicious
1:06 Mane was just trying to go for the ball ;-;
Iceronx Anno fa
Some of these things belong to justice courts more than to referees
윤푸우 Anno fa
0:33와 감독님한테 빌런 짓 하니까 다 달려나가는거 ㄹㅇ 개머싯다 평소에 얼마나 존경받는 분이면
xmjtwn wjmdkt
We are Korean🇰🇷😃🇰🇷Dokdo is Japan.🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷
김재현 9 mesi fa
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 존경안받아도 뛰쳐나가야지 순진하긴 ㅋㅋ
윤푸우 9 mesi fa
@김재현 순진하긴 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아직어리군
Sothei Kashak
Sothei Kashak 5 mesi fa
Ronaldo reactions was so sweet❤
quike#8282 Anno fa
Min: 0:30 todos persiguiendo al jugador pero nadie ayudando al viejo. Que grandes
Nazri Buang
Nazri Buang Anno fa
Lies again? Minnesota Dallas
Juan Araujo
Juan Araujo Anno fa
@Nazri Buang ñ
Dante 11 mesi fa
Jajajaja, unos ídolos
Zyo 4 mesi fa
JuanMi Veizaga
JuanMi Veizaga 6 mesi fa
Modric y Ronaldo.. Irónico encuentro en la premier..
Layken Nungester
5:49 wasn’t a flop, the device he picked up bursted his eardrums
Everyone Anno fa
2:48 That's the most pointless 'tactical foul' I've ever seen.. Unless her 'tactic' was to give the other team an advantage.. lolz
Masud Saleh
Masud Saleh 23 giorni fa
Women ☕️
kelves :3
kelves :3 Anno fa
3:55 não foi desrespeito, foi o certo, sacrificou-se para o time não levar o gol!
aynalhoqu sehab
VecRB Anno fa
también creo que hizo lo que debía para evitar que fuera gol, aunque también siento que la entrada fue brutalmente salvaje
ewer Anno fa
Tremenda llave en las piernas,que grande ese arquero
WM 8 mesi fa
It’s hilarious when someone try’s to cause death by dangerous tackle then looks surprised asking why he’s getting sent off 😂😂😭
Archie Sinfield
Archie Sinfield 7 mesi fa
Soccer players complain about anything. Tbh I would love to see players getting cards for chatting back to the ref like that. Look at rugby as the example, only the captains r allowed to challenge the ref on their decision and the ref will respectfully explain the decision. Super respectful and soccer looks like a game played by little boys
Frog/Life S
Frog/Life S 7 mesi fa
@Archie Sinfield Average American that doesnt watch football 🤮🤮🤮 Dont talk about football when you know nothing about it. USA football is only one hour of playing...2x less running ...3x less skill...
Wanderson Reis
Quem fez essa seleção de momentos desconhece nitidamente a LIBERTADORES! PQP!
aynalhoqu sehab
Alexandre Vilarinho
5:06 one of the WORST things that happened to the sport... and he still plays!
paper cup innit
“I just love how tough Scott Brown is. In this video twice.” - Rangers fan.
Carlos Aquino
Te hizo falta el cabezazo de Zidane a Materazzi en la final del mundial de Alemania 2006
애븜 Anno fa
07:15 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 골넣고 골기퍼 따라하는거 핵웃기네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Ikhsan Billy
Ikhsan Billy 2 mesi fa
Sebenarnya ini bukanlah moment tidak sportif tapi dendam pribadi bang 🤣🤣🤣
MERT Anno fa
2:40 As a result of the referee of the Turkish Football Federation showing an unfair card to Trabzonspor players for money, he reflected his upright stance against injustice. The only unsportsmanlike situation here is cheating by the referee.
dutcharest 7 mesi fa
i remember watching that ridiculous match as a galatasaray (the opposing team) fan and almost every time that referee blew his whistle i just kept thinking wtf he was on about
Venena Religio Est
Most of these incidents can be put down to good old ‘diving’ (cheating).
огромный респект фердинанду,что не пожал руку
MMM18092 2 mesi fa
Nothing unsportsmanlike about the time wasting at 6.25, absolutely epic!
Waldo Anno fa
Ross Barkley done nothing wrong, he sent the keeper to the shops and celebrated
Miguel Gaitan
Miguel Gaitan 9 mesi fa
Faltó la lesión q le causaron a falcao cuando quedó fuera del mundial
Tony Rony
Tony Rony 10 mesi fa
Pensei q iria mostrar o Edmundo dando de cara na mão do jogador
Gang Right
Gang Right 3 mesi fa
0:34 if he had stayed down , it could have easily been a riot .
Angel Garcia
Angel Garcia Anno fa
Minuto 07:50, gente como Neymar le hace mucho daño al fútbol!
Scott Wallbank
No idea how the referee didn't give a red for that Brazil handball with Ronaldo through on goal otherwise.
Simon W
Simon W Anno fa
And then he instantly booked one of the Portuguese for going up to him
Grollyolly 4 mesi fa
You forgot one incident from a Man U game last year in the europa league where the opposing defender did a full on dive and saved the shot got sent off for it and we scored from the pen anyway
Gaurav Nath
Gaurav Nath 8 mesi fa
6:06 the goalkeeper 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luiz santos junior
Foi-se o tempo em que comemorar um gol era uma coisa normal. Hoje em dia é motivo de mi mi mi
Luuk 9 mesi fa
Mark noble is brutal😂
llenger los
llenger los Anno fa
Ferdinand's reaction is absolute word class
bill_99 _9
bill_99 _9 10 mesi fa
A real captain
Pozhilaya Panda
4:06 наоборот уважение, аккуратно сыграл, чтобы игрок не сломался
Anet Alimzhan
если верить логике автора видео, то и Вальверде тут должен быть
Stitch ♥ Angel
Bro straight up did the splits 😂 (Soz forgot to put when it happened, here it is 3:49)
Leo Badajos
Leo Badajos 9 mesi fa
Kante switched to kill mode. 😂
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