Most WTF Moments In Woman’s Sports 😱 

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Funniest moments in women's sports. Wtf moments in women's sports. Most Inappropriate Moments in Women's Football

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26 feb 2023




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Idkloolol Mese fa
I think we skipped the craziest parts
Dennis Wilkerson
It’s not like he said they were crazy, just that they were the “craziest” which means the normal stuff is just ultra boring
Hi. Mese fa
Think so too
TamWam Mese fa
@Dennis Wilkerson nah the ‘crazy stuff’ is just weird sexualisation of these women 💀
Shaman Credible
I wonder why Lia Thomas ain't on this list?
Kemma _
Kemma _ Mese fa
@Dennis Wilkerson the "craziest" wasn't even crazy :skull:
Oh kay
Oh kay Mese fa
Ah yes, casual assault
Lopave Mese fa
Ah yes, making everything assault
Drone Nate
Drone Nate Mese fa
it's not assault... its ASSAULT how can you call that assault when its clearly ASSAULT
Oh kay
Oh kay Mese fa
@Lopave touching somebody without consent is literally the definition of assault. 💀 Are you slow?
Natalie Woods
​@Oh kay The answer to your question is YES
Oh kay
Oh kay Mese fa
@Natalie Woods fr 😭😭
mistyrivxr Mese fa
Bro pulled up sports + women + sexual and called it “the craziest moments in women’s sports” lmao
noah Mese fa
there’s not a lot of other crazy things that happen🥲
noah Mese fa
garfield i do during the olympics
kyle xy
kyle xy Mese fa
Love that the craziest moments in women’s sports had nothing to do with athleticism 💀
Like you do any
Mr. H
Mr. H Mese fa
we would watch men’s sports if we wanted to see that 😂
Camille Mese fa
Dude calling sexual harrasment "craziest moment", that coach is just nasty..
Aljaž Košir
You don't know the backstory. You're too quick to lean on the worst case scenario... People nowadays ugh
Usagi Mese fa
​@Aljaž Košir there is literally NO reason to touch someone's butt like that. tell me ONE good professional reason for repeated patting of the athlete's butt. just one
Elias Ziad
Elias Ziad Mese fa
@Usagi A women athlete is only worth her body, that's just reality.
LUG Media Club
​@Usagi it isn't harassment though.
Art Mese fa
People really can't controlled themselves from touching women inappropriately. Like damn touch, some GRASS
noah Mese fa
it was a hug between the two and she didn’t let go how dumb are you…..might as well critique her hugging him without consent and her being ok with it is her fault too?
Art Mese fa
@noah Imagine hugging so low you end up touching someone's ass. The arms in a hug bo above the waist are not below. I usually hug someone with my arms up high to the shoulder blade. I mean, they might have been a scene in there that showed a regular hug, but I saw someone go for the buttcheek
HDI Mese fa
Men’s crazy moments in sports: “omg he got a home run!!” Women’s crazy moments in sports: *“Haha boobs”*
Poncho99 Mese fa
Yeah, not much else going on in women's sports
BVB Mese fa
@Poncho99 there are many incredible moments in women's sports. people like to be credited for their achievements, not their bodies
Arnav Rawat
Arnav Rawat Mese fa
There are other crazy moment videos in women's sports too, it's not just sexuality
X M Inc.
X M Inc. Mese fa
Well what else are they good for?
ᵕ̈ Дженни ᵕ̈
​@X M Inc. what do you mean by that
Marie BB'A
Marie BB'A Mese fa
“Don’t recommend this channel” 👋
Cry more lmao
Our 7 Boys
Our 7 Boys Mese fa
fr bruh
Maahi Ahmed
Maahi Ahmed Mese fa
jur 🧛‍♀️
💯 + the creator of dis vid should get B headed
@jur 🧛‍♀️ xDDD Women ☕
Alexandra Selesi
The disgust that I’m feeling right now goes beyond any words, it’s not explainable
noah Mese fa
it’s a a video comp…
nws void
nws void Mese fa
Someone's upset they're an undesirable individual
Jonathan Mondestin
Leah McClusky
​@nws void no they are mad that women are being sexualized and being undesirable? Men would f a roach if they could 💀
Unknown ASMR
Unknown ASMR Mese fa
That coach is scary.
Malaak Amr
Malaak Amr Mese fa
I believe he is her dad
Kai Grier Murphy
​@Malaak Amr omg that is so much worse😭
Infamous B
Infamous B Mese fa
This behavior makes me sick! Hands over the "'Beltline'" man!!!!
Infamous B
Infamous B Mese fa
​@Kai Grier Murphy i agree its even worse!
Kurger Bing
Kurger Bing Mese fa
@Infamous B bro it’s her dad giving her a hug and it’s not creepy until you make it creepy it’s not like he was waiting for this moment stfu
that isn’t crazy. thats just sad…
kare. Mese fa
I bet this dude lasts an average of 2 seconds
Benjamin Johnson
To much, he prolly nuts at the sight of a woman 💀
CHUU Mese fa
@Benjamin Johnson 😭fr
Joris kok
Joris kok Mese fa
Na your just to heated about this video
Aika Ameya
Aika Ameya Mese fa
Guess he lives up to his name then
Abu Chomel
Abu Chomel Mese fa
This is not craziest moment in women's sport, it's just a complation of women athletes being sexualized
Rohit Nath
Rohit Nath Mese fa
no shit
KEKAS Mese fa
always the same shit, if where a man like that nothing happens, no one say nothing
Lil EDH Mese fa
How else would women sports gather an audience?
Unga Bunga
Unga Bunga Mese fa
This guy really posted a compilation of women in sports being sexualized with the title of craziest moments
S M Mese fa
The fact this video has so many likes is concerning. It’s just fucking creepy. These woman should be respected and admired like the athletes they are.
Charlie Senti
right holy shit more than 1million likes 😮
Ñís hàñt
Ñís hàñt Mese fa
Those hug slaps were personal 💀
As Niffer
As Niffer Mese fa
Coaches and the athletes having some romance affair is pretty common
Maybe to personal 😅
Nobody Mese fa
Thats was her dad 💀
Jacob Otstot
Jacob Otstot Mese fa
That's her dad too. So much worse when you realize that.
Grace W
Grace W Mese fa
Thanks again for contributing to the objectification of women that never asked to be instead of highlighting crazy moments in their actual sports career…we thank you👏🤦‍♀️
Lopave Mese fa
Your welcome
bigahbird Mese fa
animebunkey Mese fa
I don't disagree wit you . Ur are correct about the objectification instead of showing achieve ments
Sarabjeet Kaur
That coach is wild-💀
Maeve Malyon
Maeve Malyon Mese fa
These are not crazy things in women’s sports, it’s sexualising women in sports.
ItsMindless Mese fa
It's crazy the amount of channels are doing this, and people(mostly men) wondering why we're are fighting for women to be able to wear different clothing in sports
Cutie Piee
Cutie Piee Mese fa
@James no they believe women whine and that theirs no pint bc it's always been this was this one r talented n r making their living they're not thinking of men while doing it
ItsMindless Mese fa
@Elsa Anna do the men not wear shorts that cover them then and in gymnastics, do the men not wear clothes that cover them. Why can't women have the choice to wear that...also calling me slow, when I'm voicing my opinion seems a bit over the top don't you think
Mahira Hasan Karim
Women's sports is sexualized.. But women consider it liberation empowerment 🤣most watch ut for their shorts
Corvus Elizabeth
Him smacking her like that is literally sexual assault and he's molesting her. My grandfather did that exact same thing which was why I stopped hugging.
1: felt that tbh, we get sweaty up there qwq 2: now that’s just a violation 3: absolutely savage actually
Joey H
Joey H Mese fa
1. Is fake.
Ramirez1109 Mese fa
2. its a greeting in the country their from, not sure what its called tho
Virgin Mese fa
But man spreading is illegal
I eat oil
I eat oil Mese fa
The last one is a Italian greeting called pacca sul sedere it’s like a slight slap on the bottom or like a pinch or brushing against it. Each women reacts differently to it and it’s really just a weird greeting to be honest but usually three things happen 1 she ignores it maybe even laugh it off 2 she shouts something and slaps him or 3 which happens more often now they take them to court for sexual assault.
@I eat oil ah, excuse me 😅 i do agree tho it is kind of strange
Wanderer Mese fa
If self righteousness was a smell, this would be the crappiest place on Earth.
salty_ fish
salty_ fish Mese fa
That’s one way to admit you’ve never been in a relationship with a woman
HelpTowin Mese fa
That coach knew what he was doing
Zlysium Mese fa
Apparently the other commenters say its her dad.
Equal Mese fa
It's her dad so it's not sexually
Cotton Rain
Cotton Rain Mese fa
@Equaleven if it’s her dad at that age he should not be slapping her butt 😂 at any age rlly he shouldn’t be slapping her bottom that’s just weird asf
Equal Mese fa
@Cotton Rain its weird af that you see it sexually, when its her dad. Some Parents kiss their kid on the lips, which for me is weird af. but its not that uncommon either.
Cotton Rain
Cotton Rain Mese fa
@Equal it’s weird that you can’t understand how it could be viewed as weird. You yourself just said parents kissing their kids on the lips is weird to you, well a parent slapping his child ass when she’s clearly a teen/young adult is weird to me. If me seeing that as weird is weird then you seeing a parent kissing their kids on the lips as weird is weird as well 🤷🏾‍♀️
Honneko Mese fa
This guy has never interacted with a female in his life
ok but the girls slapping their teammates ass is normal. Don’t even get me started on the softball teams💀
AlohaDiana Mese fa
FYI the tennis coach was her dad…which just makes it a million times creepier
Sweet home Alabama
Alovatololo Mese fa
Seems like that was her father. The tennis coach was standing nearby. Apparently also have her a pat.
Kurger Bing
Kurger Bing Mese fa
No it doesn’t. I’m tired of people thinking it’s creepy when a dad loves his daughter. Sure maybe he expressed it in a weird way but it would have been worse if it was a random person.
Nøva Mese fa
All you guys in the comments are absolutely disgusting. All y'all ever do is sexualize women for wearing COMPLETELY NORMAL clothing. "Oh, if she doesn't wanna be sexualized, then don't wear crops tops and leggings!" Literally all of y'all saying "it's all they're good for" and defending the people sexualizing these women are a part of the problem. You know it's bad when all the women's "craziest moments in sports" are just clips of them and their bodies. People actually like being credited for their hard work and effort, and not for their bodies. Embarrassing.
Bro wtf the coach slaps the girls butt.... 💀💀
Kelvin Lam
Kelvin Lam Mese fa
That girl smiling to the camera had broken the 4th wall. No one should notice the existence of the immortal cameraman.
Tacolarg Mese fa
1.4k likes with no comments?
Emmanuel Ekpenyong
If this comment gets 200 likes someone should type dodo sports
XDchannel Mese fa
3.4k with 3 comments :)
Sara Reiss
Sara Reiss Mese fa
Better than she hulk
Jak Hollow
Jak Hollow Mese fa
Men's sports crazy moments: 16 touchdowns in 14 seconds Women's sports crazy moments: ass and titties
Elle Crescent
Ah yes, women simply existing
Dead Hooker Productions
Put bro on a watch list for this one
KP Mese fa
Frfr 📸🤨
Mr Blue
Mr Blue Mese fa
Lmao goofy sjws y’all don’t realize the more comments this video gets the more popular this guy is gonna get
sonic boom
sonic boom Mese fa
X M Inc.
X M Inc. Mese fa
@Mr Blue Including yours genius
ntshx lee
ntshx lee Mese fa
The others are just sexualising women but the last one actually looks cuteee
Colt Walker
Colt Walker Mese fa
Give me a break. This dude "this is the craziest moments in woman's sports, watch!" I bet his mom did crazier things back in the 70's.
Lelo Mese fa
People in this comment section fr need to get out and do something with their lives instead of treating these women like objects
LycanTroop 3
LycanTroop 3 Mese fa
If these are the craziest moments then why do women's sports even exist?
drooling box
drooling box Mese fa
For once, I'm actually deleting something from my browser history.
roku576 Mese fa
infinitylord Mese fa
music lover9000
rcdudeq Mese fa
How do you delete this
Creamy Peanut Butter
Your comment is evidence
EG Mese fa
those damn trainers who became trainers to get in touch. that's pedophilia
Devide Thomas
The bad part is that dude slapping the butt is actually her dad... I saw that and I couldn't believe it, extremely inappropriate
Vivid_Ad Mese fa
Unfortunately all the craziest moments in women's sport lately involve men.
castern charger
Still waiting for the crazy moments
katie Mese fa
Canel Buino
Canel Buino Mese fa
Craziest part of women's sports is men being allowed to compete.
Lulu Mese fa
can we please let women play sport without sexualising everything they do?
KJ Mese fa
“First few slaps” Alright, he could be mistaking it for her back- “Reaches lower”
Jaernblade Mese fa
I will quote Abu Chomel, Another commenter. These are not craziest moments in women's sports, it's just a complation of women athletes being sexualized
Origyn MV
Origyn MV Mese fa
ah, I see the sport federation equipped their women...with ballistics too
Bodie Robertson
Damn, these are some crazy moments. 😐 You really compiled some wild displays of talent. 😐 I'm sure that all these athletes would agree that these are the moments they're most proud of 😐. I can tell you respect the amount of effort they put into their sport😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Galya Dimitrova
Guacamole Mese fa
Yeah your such a respectable man 😐😐😐😐😐
True 😐😐 I loved this display of talent in this video 😐😐
truth teller
truth teller Mese fa
The craziest moments in women's sports are when the competitors have a penis
Erica Mese fa
"She was sexually harassed! How crazy 🤡"
Letizia Mössler
You know, People like to be remembered by their achievements instead of their bodies.
Galya Dimitrova
I know, this video rubbed me the wrong way
Nami Ko
Nami Ko Mese fa
​@Galya Dimitrova same
meow Mese fa
Not the first girl
meow Mese fa
But the first girl was such an attention seeker
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee Mese fa
funny how they worked their entire lives for these moments and are sexualized instead of celebrated for their achievements
Lord Foog The 2st
That was the most awkward skate match ever, I remember it live
ChaKl Mese fa
brother wat u doin??? 💀💀💀😭😭
The guy that plays games
“IM NUTTIN WALTUH”- kid named finger.
An obvious good guy
​@The guy that plays games💀😭
Basement Guy
Basement Guy Mese fa
bro's down to earths core ong💀💀💀
Anja Mese fa
As a woman, this doesn’t help me with fear of men sexualizing everything they can
Ytremz Mese fa
Be afraid then.
Anja Mese fa
@Ytremz um okay weirdo
Redpandakiwi Mese fa
This is just women in sports being sexualised
smart_ass Mese fa
That hug and butt slap was a social message
Sebastian Sanchez
Is the father😂
Anne Mese fa
@Sebastian Sanchezthat makes it even worse-
telemaque ewin123
Your 1000th like
Vivek Reddy
Vivek Reddy Mese fa
​@Sebastian Sanchez step father 😂😂😂😂
ihateschool 🏳️‍🌈⃠
@Sebastian Sanchez ...
MariahCHILL Mese fa
Fucking hate the "hugs" middle aged men give...
Naomi Eleanor
I’m so glad to see everyone in the comments being as disgusted as me
xxxx Mese fa
It’s honestly sad how this video is only about how women were treated during the game not how good they did
Cry more.
The craziest moments in womens sports are when men join and break all their records.
blake the great
Thank god people in this comment section have the sense to call out sexualizing people
shut blake
That last 2 ladies seemed like really close friends ❤
11Brownie 12
11Brownie 12 Mese fa
Wet moist purple Barney gloves
What nice *friends* they must be 😏
Yep they are totally “ *CLOSE FRIENDS* ”
Emil Pedersen
they were roomies
Anxiety Mese fa
They are roommates
Celia Hou
Celia Hou Mese fa
“Craziest moments of women sports” Proceed to show female athletes being sexual ones and harassed.
YoUr BeHaViOr Is So UgH
Basically just sexualizing women… got it .. also the last one is quite common in woman’s sports. My volleyball team did it all the time so it’s really not that bad
Tell me why…
Women being sexualized = craziest moments 😐
rubma Mese fa
Bro what can I say😔😔😔
Tristan Mese fa
Wake up to reality man, there was never a time where they weren't sexualized.
Tell me why…
@Tristan I don’t recall saying that there was time where they weren’t. The point of my comment was to point out how the “craziest”moments were the women being sexualized. Does that make sense?
Tristan Mese fa
@Tell me why… yeah of course, I took it a different way
behavior Mese fa
why are the craziest moments in women’s sports women being sexualized by other men and not then actually playing? double standards.
Camila Mese fa
The one girl got insecure
Ray -
Ray - Mese fa
I hate how sexualized this is vs the mens craziest moments in sports
X M Inc.
X M Inc. Mese fa
Because men have talent. And no one will sleep with you making that comment. But I guess you already knew that with the anime girl profile pic lol
Jordyn Randoms
@The Elite Bxy nah bc why is that so true 😂
Dada 5000
Dada 5000 Mese fa
You watch women’s sports for the skill?
SaVVY Mese fa
That coach made sure he tapped it enough.
OK. Mese fa
I'm gonna start watching more women's sports.
Alisa Rhein
Wow. So great to see such meaningful and impressive performances in women’s sports.
Robert Spegal
True, numbers looks better on a resume
shmunked Mese fa
so great to see men cutting out all the parts where they actually do something worthwhile and just blatantly sexualise them huh? gotta love it
​@shmunked It never changes... Smh
King cold
King cold Mese fa
@shmunked i think the commenter is a girl, clearly being satirical
Iara Orellana
​@King cold nah it doesnt matter
So..the craziest moments for you in women's sport, its athletes being sexualized ._.
Oghosa Amayo
Oghosa Amayo Mese fa
Leave the woman alone man sheesh
Y Y 2 mesi fa
Lmao at the clapping before the hurdle even started
a3hfjgshshuf Mese fa
And she only went over like 2 hurdles bro what is this
Karan Jain
Karan Jain Mese fa
The people at the back were able to get an enjoyable view ig😳
I eat oil
I eat oil Mese fa
@a3hfjgshshuf she went over 3 and there isn’t a lot of hurdles placed in the 100 m run it’s only going to be 3 or 4 depending on how long the track is.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Mese fa
Bro used lmao correctly….
Brew 2 mesi fa
Wow she looked at the camera and smiled. Totally a crazy moment in sports.
Bobby Green
Bobby Green Mese fa
I bet she's fun
Muspel Mese fa
That's probably the craziest moment in sport ever witnessed by humanity
AK 25
AK 25 Mese fa
the first woman felt overpowered
Claire K
Claire K Mese fa
ofc the wtf moments in women’s sports all have to be sexual
P De
P De Mese fa
:/ men
DaBurak Mese fa
When they play as %10 of how men play then we can make a normal video. Other than it is just girls with booties
Dayum Mese fa
Well ofc
Definitely Disappointed
​@DaBurak We do, yall just can't keep your games up.
Phee Mese fa
When she realizes that the girl in yellow has grapefruit and she has oranges.
Camba619 Mese fa
Men of culture, we meet again
Kevin Guillemette
Wow yah that was crazy man! Never seen something in sports this crazy! Its wild
Fish Do Eat Fishes
Meanwhile men in the locker rooms.
Bro hugged the girl butt not her lol
Nikola Lutov
Nikola Lutov Mese fa
She is quite accurately named Kok...
CrescentMoon Mese fa
Wow, it's so amazing that this man cut out all the parts of them actually being great at sports and doing amazing things and instead clipped every single thing in the entire event that could be considered even remotely sexual! So awesome, 10/10 video, you're so cool Edit: dear god what is this comment section
Guacamole Mese fa
Just an amazing person isn’t he 😊
SweetGrap_s Mese fa
Are you being sarcastic? If not then thats just so wrong
Blood-Blue Mese fa
​@SweetGrap_sthey are definitely being sarcastic lol
Crabnity Mese fa
This is the only reason men ACTUALLY go to woman's sports
Coco●Bean Mese fa
Women being sexualized is not crazy. It's a daily thing.
Devika Mazumder
Creepy men are everywhere
rajat Kumar
rajat Kumar Mese fa
Beautiful girl every where
rajat Kumar
rajat Kumar Mese fa
Devika pta h kya ...jo tum kah rhi ho wo sb bhut sahi h. .tumne kuch aisa sahan kiya hai... Agr tum baat krna chaho to msg jrur krna .. Kyuki mujhe na ye mazumdar surname acha lgta hai.. Filmo me hi suna aaj tk...
Galya Dimitrova
​@rajat Kumar u ok???
Me Mese fa
No way you are still calling men creepy after watching this video of girls sexualizing themselves. The first one, she knew what she was doing. The second one, she liked what her husband was doing and didn't stop him from doing so. And the third one was just confusing to watch
jenzstetic (aditri)
​@rajat Kumar bengalis log ka mazumdar title hota hai bruh
Toby like turtles so much
I like how everyone is saying that “Women’s sports is being sexualized in this clip” *BUT* if the roles were reverse I surely bet you that nobody would give a fuck bro.
TamWam Mese fa
oh dear god i bet my sleep paralysis demon is traumatised from this as well
Dillon 2 mesi fa
Wow, content creators work so hard. Really dug up the craziest moments I’ve ever seen.
Lo Co
Lo Co Mese fa
I mean he got you to watch it and even comment on it lmao
Dillon Mese fa
@Lo Co you sound satisfied that the bar is set so low…
jeetsupa Mese fa
​@Lo Co I mean you have to watch the content in order to review it...
anonymous Mese fa
There isn't much to find.
Simba Zanzibar
Stop complaining guys we all know no one for us is here for the craziest moments
The Skeleton
The Skeleton Mese fa
bruh this is gonna be a blast to read through the comments 💀
Space Huntress
This guy prolly never talked to a woman before
Scott W.
Scott W. 2 mesi fa
CRAZY!! Unbelievable. I'll never recover from seeing such zany moments.
TheAnnoyingBoss 2 mesi fa
This comment section is filled with sin
Joey H
Joey H Mese fa
Zany 😂😂
I eatDogShitButStillReplyingToYouBecasue
Still waiting for the "craziest moment"
c e m e ♡ n
Are these the 'cRazIEsT mOMEnTS' of women's achievements in sports or a compilation of creepy angles by sex depraved weirdos on the internet?
Phage Official
Nothing escapes the cameraman
Silenced, but not forgotten.
Okay, but who is that girl? You know who I mean.
✧ Lana ✧
✧ Lana ✧ Mese fa
Y’all don’t know what respect is
cubs Mese fa
That's enough youtube shorts for today 💀
Bro same 🤣🤣🤣
Jill Casey
Jill Casey Mese fa
Kakashi Hatake
Smolmemes Mese fa
thanks brother, i was stuck
@Kakashi Hatake I just went “nahhhh, I scrolled too far” lol
Aarzu :)
Aarzu :) Mese fa
Ah yes, a casual vid of women being sexualized
Billy Murray
Billy Murray Mese fa
Why else would people be watching women's sports?