MotoGP 2015 historic battle / Rossi’s All overtakes of Final race, Valencia / SpainGP Highlights

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It’s about Legend Valentino Rossi at MotoGP 2015 Final race, Valencia. The ‘Doctor’ could do nothing to stop Lorenzo becoming champion in the end. But he really did his best. we love it!

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6 apr 2019




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Srinivas Varma
Srinivas Varma 5 mesi fa
At Sepang, Marquez was not in the hunt for the world championship, yet he was pestering Rossi. Any gentleman rider knows that when some one was in the hunt for the world championship and they themselves are not, they would give the rider a fighting chance.
J.D. Saldivar
J.D. Saldivar 13 ore fa
@Iván Nipaidea Ola! It is very clear that MM stayed with 46. Did not try to pass or press on. However... today's MOTOGP lineup has been brilliant!! JD/82ND
Iván Nipaidea
Iván Nipaidea 13 ore fa
@J.D. Saldivar A driver has to drive by and for himself, regardless of whether the driver he is fighting against is playing the championship or not. Fortunately, in motogp it has always been that way. If it were not, much of the show would be lost. Which does not mean that Márquez behaved dishonestly in THAT particular race
J.D. Saldivar
J.D. Saldivar 13 ore fa
@Iván Nipaidea Ola! None of your business?? How is that so?? JD/82ND
Iván Nipaidea
Iván Nipaidea 14 ore fa
WTF in MotoGp you fight for YOU, and the other riders dosen't matter for you, is not your business
Milka Alves
Milka Alves 4 giorni fa
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nanok paten
nanok paten 3 ore fa
VR46 👎👎👎
bisri amra
bisri amra 5 ore fa
the power of rossi
Dgisch 8 ore fa
Pretty Pathetic from marquez He should have started last for being so dirty its like teaming in a solo Battle royale game
Malmsteen 21 ora fa
Rossi alias The karate kid 😂
Francesco Gagliardi
i'm not a Rossi supporter, but Dorna made Rossi loose that championship. period
Muhammad Amin Taat
MM3 memang cocok ngawal pembalap dibanding membalap...
Ahmed SOLTANI Giorno fa
the day rossi was STOLEN
allthingstonyj Giorno fa
Great video. Nothing like seeing them in person! I was at the 2020 Motoamerica Honos Race at Barber Motorsports Park. Made a video of all the action in the pits that many never get to see - itvid.net/video/video-prG7DG61veA.html
Anuj Mehta
Anuj Mehta Giorno fa
Karma is karma....marquiz got the taste of his medicine in 2020...he intentionally let lorenzo win. Rossi will always be a legend and likes of marquiz can never touch The legend DOCTOR.
BITE BACK Giorno fa
No Rossi no moto gp ✌️
Karminto Mugi Joyo
Karminto Mugi Joyo 2 giorni fa
Lorenzo di waktu itu bukan juara tapi hanyalah seorang pecundang, dan karmanya sekarang ke Marc Marquez... Bravo Rossi !!!! in Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Dunia Balap
Dunia Balap 2 giorni fa
I like bro marquez the best
DukeOfRecica 2 giorni fa
My 6 years old son is crazy about Rossi, he was crying like crazy after he crashed in the last two races and devastated that he will not be racing on the next one because of the virus, he says hes second favorite is Maverick, maybe becuse they are temates.
Sebastian Awwalurrizqy
Andai Rossi bisa Comeback spt Dulu
Denis La Minaccia
Denis La Minaccia 2 giorni fa
ROSSI 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
Imaginary Moon Man
Imaginary Moon Man 3 giorni fa
Butthurt Rossi fans en masse............
Edmondo Angelaccio
Edmondo Angelaccio 3 giorni fa
Marquez uno stronzo assoluto. Con Lorenzo hanno fatto perdere il vero campione. Marquez un bambino. A calci in culo se lo incontro.
H. Helm
H. Helm 3 giorni fa
Cutting off Rossi at high speeds out of spite was really dangerous and open aggression. And the real scandal.
Umesh Ranaweera
Umesh Ranaweera 3 giorni fa
rossi is our champion
pariszxc gaoszxc
pariszxc gaoszxc 4 giorni fa
love rossi
Rendi Eltari jaya
Rendi Eltari jaya 4 giorni fa
Rossi 👎👎
Main Terus
Main Terus 4 giorni fa
If rossi did kick marquez, he wouldn't got that treatment from the other team They respect it The battle of a living legend
Rizki Novianti
Rizki Novianti 4 giorni fa
Shame for lorenzo.... He should spit at the marquez face for shame race he give
Rizki Novianti
Rizki Novianti 4 giorni fa
Also pedrossa
Jon Rojas
Jon Rojas 5 giorni fa
Marquez is such a douchebag in this time
Ariel Syhydh
Ariel Syhydh 5 giorni fa
F*ck of Marquez, Shitty rider
Vysakh K
Vysakh K 5 giorni fa
I was in tears and screaming for vale .. back at 2015 , He's the greatest rider of all time and he proves it. If Marquez overtakes lorenzo it will be his 10th championship ..really missed that but vale worn our 💓 again..😍 no matter what I'll scream 'Valentino roosssiiiii on Yamaha ' we love you vale , lots of love from India .. hope he I'll recover soon from covid , waiting to see him back on the track 2020
dimasanthem Bagus Prasetyo
dimasanthem Bagus Prasetyo
TETEP ROSSSI❤️❤️❤️❤️⭐⭐⭐ ROSSI MANIAAA 🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
Gameplay Only
Gameplay Only 5 giorni fa
he's crazy omggggg
John Yates
John Yates 5 giorni fa
Everyone complaining about marquez interfering with a championship he couldn't win, rossi did exactly the same at motegi 2010 against lorenzo his own team mate 😂😂😂😂, not such a great sportsman after all
John Yates
John Yates 4 giorni fa
@Fabrizio Provenzale truth hurts 😂😂😂👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Fabrizio Provenzale
Idiocy incoming in 3...2...1... Here it is!
Piyush kumar
Piyush kumar 5 giorni fa
Brilliant performance by Valentino Rossi.. Amazing, brilliant, fabulous....None other than..
The Schnibble
The Schnibble 5 giorni fa
Please take a look to this video, it explain very well what's happened in Sepang. (for non italian viewer please activate english subtitles) itvid.net/video/video-4TV58IanjnM.html
Yuyun Irawati
Yuyun Irawati 6 giorni fa
Rossi amazing👍👍👍
Jorge luisYT
Jorge luisYT 6 giorni fa
Good VR46
Hello fErguso
Hello fErguso 6 giorni fa
I Love You #ValentinoRossi
Herru Kurniawan
Herru Kurniawan 6 giorni fa
Lorenzo fuck
ARIQIN Eby27 6 giorni fa
The doctor ✨
Bibhu 7 giorni fa
Qistina Harry
Qistina Harry 7 giorni fa
He steal whole crowd attention. LAGEND!
Ubay 1234
Ubay 1234 7 giorni fa
Try rossi move to honda and marquez move to yamaha. Whether can marquez became champion but if rossi move to honda of course rossi will became champion and unbeatable. Because before marquez became a racer, rossi had became a racer who was feared when he was at honda🙄
Athul Mohan
Athul Mohan 7 giorni fa
Chaidar Sparda
Chaidar Sparda 7 giorni fa
Marq protect lorenzo
antonio di viesti
antonio di viesti 7 giorni fa
Rossi, the first man and pilot in everitime
Azzon Motovlog
Azzon Motovlog 7 giorni fa
Wow amazing
Mr Afrie
Mr Afrie 7 giorni fa
For the first time ever in my life, i've seen that the winner didn't get a cheers or applause from everybody.
Stefano Succu
Stefano Succu 7 giorni fa
This is Marquez, he could easily attack Lorenzo and nothing did, but he became a lion against Pedrosa...Marquez in a word ? A SHIT
Joko Mulyono
Joko Mulyono 7 giorni fa
Body gard spanyol. 😂😂to lorenzo.
SURAJ JADHAV 7 giorni fa
01:26 nicky hayden... how.
Cahya P
Cahya P 8 giorni fa
Rossi was more interesting than the first position
Matheus Felipe
Matheus Felipe 8 giorni fa
If Marquez scorted Lorenzo,the rest of the grid let Rossi pass...its a shame and people try romantize that shit.
Ronny Lehmann
Ronny Lehmann 8 giorni fa
rossi is this like schumacher for f1
Julián González
Julián González 8 giorni fa
Second is the first.....loser
manuguit twentyfour
the crowd knows who won even the paddocks knows. winning isnt everything, but the respect the Doctor got from the crowd and from the other teams is much more than you can get from winning the championship. the doctor is one of a kind.salute to VALE!!!
maharani rani
maharani rani 10 giorni fa
Rossi doang yang bisa begitu
TeraNova 10 giorni fa
Rossi... the kicker LOL
TeraNova 10 giorni fa
Rossi dibantu rider lain dalam race ini, diberikan jalan.... Juara sesungguh nya mm93.
Axter Empire
Axter Empire 9 giorni fa
galih sahar
galih sahar 10 giorni fa
If I were two-faced, would I be wearing this one?
Federico Baccinetti
Federico Baccinetti 10 giorni fa
Marquez you are an asshole, you didn't deserve your talent and you're a dishonor to this sport. Retire dumbass piece of crap.
Akmal Ariq
Akmal Ariq 10 giorni fa
We all know how fast MM93. He can win this race very easily. But he just follow JL99 on 2nd place. What a play lol
Akif 11 giorni fa
remember 2015 season was the one with the most riders as world champions , and rossi came through them like it was nothing.
joe cards mixed vlog
congratulation...you got it.
shirish bobade
shirish bobade 11 giorni fa
4:04 wtf 🤯
Lestari 11 giorni fa
Q bangga sama rossi dri dlu skillnya dewa Smoga kau dapat raih podiummu yg ke 10 😊
adro gal
adro gal 12 giorni fa
5:17 uhmmm what does "99 HL" stand for?
Novakeno Tira
Novakeno Tira 12 giorni fa
mantap apalah daya cuma punya yamaha rx king🏁
gamer Miguel istoner puglieze
The best.........
luis arias
luis arias 12 giorni fa
Valentino es el mas grande de todos los tiempos, dio una clase magistral de conduccion. ES TODO UN " AS ".
Billy Mohammed
Billy Mohammed 12 giorni fa
Typical Italian, obnoxious!
Davide Loi
Davide Loi 12 giorni fa
It still hurts to see something like this, even if 5 years have passed, because this was a very clear sport injustice. Rossi was alone vs the Spanish power (Lorenzo, Marquez and Dorna)
Paul Schapen
Paul Schapen 2 giorni fa
The spanish mafia
Akmal Ariq
Akmal Ariq 10 giorni fa
Me too. Marquez can beat JL99 and be the champion. But he do shit and protect JL from Pedrosa. What a play
Davide Loi
Davide Loi 12 giorni fa
I'm still angry for this ...
Davide Loi
Davide Loi 12 giorni fa
Ridiculous Lorenzo and disgusting Marquez, Honda and Dorna. They all should be ashamed. Rossi fucking legend
Davide Loi
Davide Loi 12 giorni fa
And also Yamaha, who let this happen without protesting because Lorenzo was also their rider anyway. Rossi is the real 2015 champion.
Davide Loi
Davide Loi 12 giorni fa
Marquez was disgusting in this case (and in many other ones). Not only he didn't attack Lorenzo, but he fought back vehemntly Pedrosa lol, his team mate. Ridiculous.
rui marques
rui marques 13 giorni fa
Rossi lost the championship when he lost is cool with that NASTY RIDER number 93 in Malaysia !!
Gorkie 13 giorni fa
fuck Murkez fuckin bitch!!
Roman Ruiz 61
Roman Ruiz 61 14 giorni fa
Still hurts five years later, but its one of the greatest comebacks in MotoGP history.
Negeri Kaya Katanya
Negeri Kaya Katanya 14 giorni fa
I hate u Marquez 🖕
Topse Cret
Topse Cret 14 giorni fa
#46 ❤️
Kartik Devnani
Kartik Devnani 15 giorni fa
Good start matters 👍
Anwar Madhar
Anwar Madhar 15 giorni fa
This is why Rossi is the God of MotoGP. Marquez Should Dream of doing something astonishing like that.
Adrian Mustaffa
Adrian Mustaffa 15 giorni fa
Don't care about Rossi win the championship or not...😁 Don't support him anymore after the Sepang incident...
Salvatore Salvia
Salvatore Salvia 15 giorni fa
Un mostroooo forza vale
ali ibrahim sirat
ali ibrahim sirat 15 giorni fa
Fuck Marquez 🖕
Tahmid Anam
Tahmid Anam 15 giorni fa
outstanding performance by ROSSI...👌
Radoslav Solaja
Radoslav Solaja 15 giorni fa
21 to 4 WOOOW
RMG 15 giorni fa
🦵 =🖕
Jorge Navarro Rubio
Jorge Navarro Rubio 16 giorni fa
Que cojones tío, el puto payaso italiano le pega una patada a Márquez en Sepang y aún se quejan de lo que Márquez hizo en Valencia? A Rossi deberían haberlo descalificado del campeonato por la acción de Sepang, perdió el mundial como se merecía después de esa acción. A llorar a otro lado.
Stanis Kynjing
Stanis Kynjing 16 giorni fa
Rossi46 will always be our champion. If he was not place on the last, he would surely have win first.
carlos pacheco
carlos pacheco 17 giorni fa
El mundo queria ver ganar el título a Valentino, en Valencia se escucha la gente emocionarse cada vez que Valentino ganaba un lugar.
Rumple Stilskin
Rumple Stilskin 17 giorni fa
But Rosi will always be the winner in our heart
Cor 64
Cor 64 17 giorni fa
Muy sucio Marquez ese mundial
boy akz & Mis kim Channel
rossi was drunk at these moment we hardly drink carlo rossi that time hihihihi
Iqbal Hamzah
Iqbal Hamzah 18 giorni fa
for me V.R46 winner..
Pilot DaratUdara
Pilot DaratUdara 18 giorni fa
Rossi is real champions 2015 😘
SS쌀배달 18 giorni fa
Pilot DaratUdara Really true~!
Fadillah Pradhana
Fadillah Pradhana 19 giorni fa
This gonna be our best moments of Valentino ROSSI. Only him can do this!
mc aury
mc aury 19 giorni fa
valentino rossi estrechar su mano seria como tocar el cielo con las mano.
AUTOS ART ID 19 giorni fa
7:29 WHO CARE TOP 3..
Jimmi Setiawan
Jimmi Setiawan 19 giorni fa
VR46/best of the best
Ian Alexandrov
Ian Alexandrov 19 giorni fa
I am remember that race very well marq didnt even try to pass lorenzo whole race, great race for vale but, lorenzo just a king guard by a knight
omarveneno 20 giorni fa
Some riders let him pass them showing much respect to the doctor
omarveneno 20 giorni fa
Marques protecting and helping Lorenzo , both are dirty riders.
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