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No trip to the movies is complete without these guys.
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Commenti 41 175
CFC Reviews
CFC Reviews 5 ore fa
Harry Potter is on drugs
DarkRose Gaming
I'm the loud eater
Tom B
Tom B 9 ore fa
58:92 The Texter
Matthew Leung
Matthew Leung 15 ore fa
why Tyler's always the RAGE MONSTER??????
Joseph Anthony Dalton
5:12 garret on his phone instead of watching the movie
Ayden Trinidad
Ayden Trinidad Giorno fa
My friend if some on asked is Mr.buttered popcorn because I like butter popcorn
Browen 247
Browen 247 Giorno fa
the loud eater is ASMR
Razertor Gamer
Razertor Gamer Giorno fa
Snoozer is the most common stereotype
Jahangir Iqbal
Jahangir Iqbal Giorno fa
Why cody not in the poster.
Magdalena Daniel
*well expelliarmus*
Owen Rebello
Owen Rebello Giorno fa
Garret had hair in the first segment
Rafa Radhitya
Rafa Radhitya Giorno fa
Can you speak hindi or some other language
KING Acnologia
KING Acnologia Giorno fa
Watching in 2k19
Bacon Man#999
Bacon Man#999 2 giorni fa
I am the coughing guy lol you forgot to add that because I cough a lot and my friend is probably the mooched or the loud eater or the super fan.
Amanda Mo
Amanda Mo 2 giorni fa
I LIKED IT WHEN THEY SNEAK CANDY IN IT'S SO SMART but i probs get caught like if u argee
Rexy Boi 727
Rexy Boi 727 2 giorni fa
5:42 she says excuse me when no one is there
tmdw924 2 giorni fa
Your next stereotypes video should be Swimming Stereotypes
Nahar Shueley
Nahar Shueley 2 giorni fa
Love u guys
billy bob
billy bob 2 giorni fa
1:33 lol
jessie Hendricks
jessie Hendricks 2 giorni fa
why don't you guys do soccer stereotypes
Carina Reyes
Carina Reyes 3 giorni fa
Movie is cool because he rega monster
A Very Special Someone
Im the moocher... AndTheSmugglerAndTheBathroomChampionAndTheSunlightShocker
Noah mike
Noah mike 3 giorni fa
Hey Tyler why are you doing the wage monster every video
Aiden Lyons
Aiden Lyons 3 giorni fa
Ping pong sing song 3 Litiel star
xXKitty CornXx
xXKitty CornXx 3 giorni fa
Did ty actually smash ur grandpa’s earn
X TheFallenShadow X
Lukey Joe
Lukey Joe 3 giorni fa
Gary Johnson
Justin Leeman
Justin Leeman 3 giorni fa
Hit me with a pond it
Aidan Rawlinson
Aidan Rawlinson 3 giorni fa
This is probably in their private cinema
Maria Butterworth
Maria Butterworth 3 giorni fa
You should do last to leave the house and then they get to keep it😎😎😎😎😎
Jo Farabee
Jo Farabee 4 giorni fa
RIP the old guy :(
Noah Gillum
Noah Gillum 4 giorni fa
Dude, Harry Potter !
chevelle girl
chevelle girl 4 giorni fa
The old guy is annoying
chevelle girl
chevelle girl 4 giorni fa
I'm the moocher
Daniel Akin
Daniel Akin 4 giorni fa
My favorite baseball team is the Texas Rangers
Peyton Hylton
Peyton Hylton 4 giorni fa
You need to do classroom stereotype 1: the chatter box 2: the jock 3: the mean girls 4: the lonely kid 5: the bully 6: the rage monster 7: the nerd 8: the class president 9: the show off 10:Mr can I copy off your test and finally 11: the hot teacher dude perfect if you do this please it would be amazing if you give me a shout out after the video
Kyle Ward
Kyle Ward 4 giorni fa
Once i went to see a movie with my friend and we were the only ones in there 😺
Hamza Nadeem
Hamza Nadeem 4 giorni fa
Do phone addict steitotyps
XDgam3r -07
XDgam3r -07 4 giorni fa
1:50 what happens when they walk out and the staff see that she suddenly gave birth??
Demigod Legion
Demigod Legion 4 giorni fa
LucidxDreams 4 giorni fa
On the manager getter the Panda was the best 😂😂
Ajay champ
Ajay champ 4 giorni fa
I liked. the harry potter
So Billybon918
So Billybon918 4 giorni fa
Natasha Wallace
Natasha Wallace 4 giorni fa
It should have been Tommy texter
Aki Schmidt
Aki Schmidt 4 giorni fa
The Panda is back!!!!
LEFT 0VERS 4 giorni fa
You should do road stereotype
Sky DemonDJ Gacha
Sky DemonDJ Gacha 4 giorni fa
U should make video games stereotypes
Sid Reilly
Sid Reilly 5 giorni fa
When you meet your friend named Tyler for the first time, one sentence you would never expect to say to him is "Put my grandma back Ty".
Emmett Worden
Emmett Worden 5 giorni fa
What’s sad is the theater near us butters the popcorn. 😰😰😰😰😰
Lisa Butterworth
Lisa Butterworth 5 giorni fa
I’m a butter popcorn guy 😂😂😂😂
Emma Bunt
Emma Bunt 5 giorni fa
4:57 did anyone else see panda
Emma Poffinbarger
Emma Poffinbarger 4 giorni fa
Emma Bunt no he’s just right behind them we totally didn’t see him yes we saw them you dumb
JE Gaming - Roblox Developer
5:10 you can see the guy in the blue shirt behind Cody trying to hold his laughter...
Scotland is da best
I am smuggler. I once had 9 boxes of candy. The key is a big sweatshirt
TERRY branthwaite
TERRY branthwaite 5 giorni fa
U actually destroyed the only thing that u had to remember ur grandma?:(
Jake Grisdale
Jake Grisdale 5 giorni fa
I love how panda is just there
JaduaPlayz 5 giorni fa
1:33 duba ba ge minss
chetan yadav
chetan yadav 5 giorni fa
i think i am the bathroom champion
Craig Dejohzs
Craig Dejohzs 5 giorni fa
I:44 his face lol
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