Mozart vs Skrillex. Epic Rap Battles of History

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Mozart and Skrillex combine in this episode of Epic Rap Battles Of History. Who won? You decide?
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▼ CAST ▼
Mozart: Nice Peter
Skrillex: EpicLLOYD
▼ CREW ▼
Executive Producers:
Peter Shukoff & Lloyd Ahlquist
Written by:
NicePeter, EpicLLOYD, Dante Cimadamore, Zach Sherwin & Mike Betette
Beat Produced by:
Jessie Cale
Download the instrumental here: bit.ly/ZhaG9I
Song Produced by:
Nice Peter and Choco
Mixed by:
Choco and Nice Peter
Directed by Dave McCary
Compositing and Background Design by:
Andrew Sherman
Edited by:
Dave McCary, Andrew Sherman and Nice Peter
Assistant Editor:
Ryan Moulton
Assistant Editor:
Marc Chester
Director of Photography:
Jon Na
Arthur Hong
Music Supervisor and Playback:
Dante Cimadamore
Costume Designer:
Sulai Lopez
Art Consultant:
Mary Gutfleisch
Makeup and Hair:
Ashlyn Melancon
Script Supervisor and Production Assistant:
Marc Chester
Production Coordinator:
Atul Singh
Production Assistants:
Jose Mendoza, Trent Turner and Shaun Lewin
Produced by:
Michelle Maloney for Maker Studios


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8 apr 2013




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Commenti 406 274
ERB 7 mesi fa
ERB Season 6 begins in Spring 2019. Whilst you are waiting please check out our second channel ERB2 for some 'flash in the pan' rap battles. We are busy plotting the full blown ERB match-ups right now so do let us know your suggestions.
Ryan Allardyce
Ryan Allardyce 3 giorni fa
Reply number 100! Let's get the video to 100 million views!
youtube user
youtube user 8 giorni fa
Chopin vs Liszt.
mousekateer627 15 giorni fa
@Andrew Thompson YES !!!
M Talha Khalid
Mozart won
Rin Isghei
Rin Isghei 10 ore fa
I am nerd, and i absolutely love Mozart But Who is Skrillex???
William Michaels
Little Bo Peep V.S Mary
Will Marsden
Will Marsden 15 ore fa
Your daddy issues make the Jackon Five look like a family circus... oof :/
ShadowPresident 420
Mozart isn't composing all that many dope beats nowadays. In fact you could say that he's decomposing.
destinedtogame 17 ore fa
I mean what has Skrillex done recently lol
Mae Barrett-Fox
Mae Barrett-Fox 18 ore fa
it bugs me to no end that Mozart plays a fake note when he holds the upright bass
Baraa Khalaf
Baraa Khalaf 20 ore fa
I was expecting a line about Mozart's "Leck mich im Arsch"! Why didn't that happen?!
Mocking Moniker
Mocking Moniker 22 ore fa
In reality, Skrillex probably adores Mozart.
Thom Morgan
Thom Morgan Giorno fa
I rocked harder than you when I was five years old! 🤣
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Giorno fa
Cummon everybody! Let’s get this battle to 100 million views before they do another composer battle
Peaceray Giorno fa
Isn’t it crazy this came out 6 years ago?
Jalon Fonseca
Jalon Fonseca Giorno fa
Rock me, Amadeus
Howling Burd19
Howling Burd19 Giorno fa
0:36 are we gonna ignore how amazing that violin beat is? :D
Dankalor YT
Dankalor YT Giorno fa
Its so awesome
Guy Who Ate All The Pizza
1:13 "No one even knows you" Who's Skrillex?
Superluigi881 2 giorni fa
"I'm the world's greatest composer. No one knows what you are. Except a lonely little troll who knows how to press a space bar." 0_0 Holy shit. I think I just witnessed a murder. And judging from the amount of "who's Skrillex?" comments he's right too.
Dragun 2 giorni fa
That Deadmau5 reference was gold.
John Hawkins1588
John Hawkins1588 3 giorni fa
Who's Skrillex?
Jung Damián
Jung Damián 2 giorni fa
JanPan 3 giorni fa
Skrillex 1.vers just killed him
BLACK J3W 343 3 giorni fa
It takes ecstasy to enjoy the music
Bilguun Tserenbadral
Is Chyrnoble va Fukushima possble hope this isnt offending anybody
Taufik Armaputra
Taufik Armaputra 3 giorni fa
Im going to Vienna, Austria next month and watching this again really gets me hype to see Mozart Classical Music Concert 😘
Ryan Allardyce
Ryan Allardyce 3 giorni fa
Guys we gotta get this one to 100 million views
Zach Attack 752
Zach Attack 752 4 giorni fa
Mozart won definitely
Dankalor YT
Dankalor YT 4 giorni fa
What music was playing in the backround of mozarts verses?
Sara Saiti
Sara Saiti 4 giorni fa
I've never heard of nor seen this guy before. Oh,look! There's Mozart!
Frédérick Condette
MOZART !! Moth....ckers!
Frédérick Condette
btw, who is this skrilex guy?
Nick Calvin
Nick Calvin 5 giorni fa
I was going to compare this with nowadays rap, but that would be an insult to ERB
BlackPhoenix 13
BlackPhoenix 13 5 giorni fa
God Mozart is such a savage jeez
algogy 5 giorni fa
Skrill Excrement 😁
Sackboy 5 giorni fa
It's a tie.
Kenneth Kingdon-Korab
Who the fuck is skrillex?
Some Guy
Some Guy 5 giorni fa
Here before 100M views
DJDEX04Gaming 5 giorni fa
“ I’ve seen more complexity in a couch from ikea” can we just all think about that line and how he instantly won with it
David Jones
David Jones 5 giorni fa
Mozart got em
TopGearDan 5 giorni fa
Ok, I really love Skrillex, but gotta admit Mozart won
MrClubfoot90 5 giorni fa
"...and you reek of dead mouse." That was the kill shot.
Alin Ionescu
Alin Ionescu 6 giorni fa
Skrill excrement sucks! Amadeus rulz!
Soundwave 7 giorni fa
So it was mozart who killed skrillex's career
SithCats 7 giorni fa
Mozart won this hands down because there was no way it could turn out otherwise. That said, Skrillex's verses here are better than anything the actual Skrillex has ever come out with.
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern 7 giorni fa
1:23 *"·Terry· what comes after the 68th measure of diarrhea?"* Am I the only person that hears "Terry" ?
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern 6 giorni fa
@allan scott ikr
allan scott
allan scott 6 giorni fa
I hear that too
Addicted to Cookies
Goku Vs. Superman please
Indominus Rex
Indominus Rex 8 giorni fa
lps gameslilyanna
lps gameslilyanna 8 giorni fa
there was no need to drag Chernobyl into this
youtube user
youtube user 8 giorni fa
Next . Chopin Vs liszt.
Hair J
Hair J 8 giorni fa
Almost 100,000,000 views
RandomUser_No5 8 giorni fa
DUBSTEP IS FOR PUSSIES! - Cable from DeadPool 2
20sentryboy 8 giorni fa
Mozart def won this one.
Darth Mcgee
Darth Mcgee 8 giorni fa
How Mozart actually wins this battle. Walk to the microphone and says, I'm Mozart. Farts laughs and walks away. Judges all vote Mozart
Senaleb 9 giorni fa
I thought this was about the "You're a white male!" guy
David Meier
David Meier 9 giorni fa
It doesn't matter who emerged victorious in this battle. People are still listening to Mozart while Skrillex will be remembered as the dude Mozart destroyed in an Epic Rap Battle.
Darasilverdragon 9 giorni fa
Skrillex - "You're a weirdo, Wolfie! You're into powdered wigs and poop-" Mozart - *wears powdered wig to the battle* - "...the world will forget about your skrill-excriment..." - "...the 68th measure of diarrhea..." Well... he's not wrong...
?? 10 giorni fa
Just heard Mozart’s second verse, me right now 😐
Laura Huynh
Laura Huynh 10 giorni fa
“I’m the world’s greatest composer. No one knows what you are except a lonely little troll who knows how to press a space bar.”
Marwa Qoura
Marwa Qoura 10 giorni fa
Mozart is incomparable .
Invigorate 10 giorni fa
1:36 When my math teacher explains a problem everyone got wrong
Johann Sebastian Bach
Of course wolfy won no competition
BT-5 Soviet light tank
Cillian McGovern
Cillian McGovern 11 giorni fa
Nope not yet
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