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@Muse - "Won't Stand Down" Lyric Video
Muse - "Won't Stand Down" Official Music Video:
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Muse - "Won't Stand Down" Lyrics:
I never believed that I would concede and let someone trample on me
You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but you were just gaslighting me
I’ve opened my eyes, & counted the lies, & now it is clearer to me
You are just a user, and an abuser, living vicariously

I never believed that I would concede and get myself blown asunder
You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but now you have pushed me under
I’ve opened my eyes, and counted the lies, now it is clearer to me
You are just a user, and an abuser, and I refuse to take it

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

Now I’m coming back, a counterattack, I’m playing you at your own game
I’m cutting you out, a shadow of doubt
Is gonna hang over your name
I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
I will never see you the same
I know how to win, before you begin
I’ll shoot you before you take aim

Now I’m coming back, a counterattack,
A psychological war
I’m cutting you in, I’m under your skin
Now I’m gonna settle the score
I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
I will never see you the same
I know how to win, before you begin
I’ll shoot you before you take aim

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

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12 gen 2022




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Commenti 271
Lyrics On Lock
Lyrics On Lock 5 mesi fa
👍if you think this new Muse track is 🔥
Have been for years..
Joseph Clark
Joseph Clark 5 mesi fa
This is arguably the best "new" song I've heard in the last 5 years
Choir TcrMaloy
Choir TcrMaloy 14 giorni fa
…then they had to write “Compliance”!!!
Ulysses Mese fa
@Unmxal I've listened to plenty, and this is pretty forgettable when compared.
Unmxal Mese fa
@Ulysses ig you rlly haven’t either huh
Celine Legrand
I am listening to it before going to work..✊✊ hysteria is also one of my favorite
aguyfromsocal 2 mesi fa
There really isn’t much rock on this level these days. Incredible
babylon333 5 mesi fa
Muse is aware, of the psychological warfare the world is under. Love Muse so much. Thanks for speaking out.
Justin Valente
Justin Valente 2 mesi fa
I think what’s funny is how no one names them.
Killer King
Killer King 3 mesi fa
@seca and government is not a bully since when? I don't remember you all compliant 4 years ago.
Have been for years
stephane varin
stephane varin 3 mesi fa
. @Tanel
Patrick Whelpley
And today they release a song called Compliance which is being called an Anti Vaxx song. Lol they heard you about the 7th dose @Infinite Consciousness !
Brian Oleniczak
Brian Oleniczak 5 mesi fa
This is it. The perfect Muse song. It's like Origin of Symmetry, Absolution, the hard rock of Drones, and the flow of Simulation Theory. Topped with some Black Holes and Revelations.
Krisp 15 giorni fa
Oh man, when I heard it I replayed it a bunch of times, but if it's that good I wish they made it a 6 minute piece.
Anthony Call
Anthony Call Mese fa
@Joshua Mulligan peak Bellamy - Micro Cuts. Fight me lol
Barcley Ayres
Barcley Ayres 3 mesi fa
This song is going in my animation because it is SHEESH
Luis Pinto
Luis Pinto 3 mesi fa
This song tell us what happens in society in 2022. Amazing song, awesome work of you guys, you’re my favourite band of all time. If you come to Portugal i want to see your concert.
SHAAFreeSh 4 mesi fa
Not normally a fan of Muse but this song kicks ass 🤘🏼 definitely need more heavier songs like this. Also love Uprising because it’s just excellent
Tori Tailz Stahlbrand
Same. Never really cared for muse but this jam hits and sticks
Vincent Aldazabal
This is their best song in years. First listen is catchy but then you quickly realize Muse has done it again and created another masterpiece
SwinePHrog 4 mesi fa
This is EXACTLY the sound that they were going for on Drones, but didn’t get it. Now that they have got it, I can’t wait to hear more 🔥
Quick Man
Quick Man 2 mesi fa
It has kinda The Handler vibes. Drones aimed to be like "old Muse" but missed that old Muse was MORE than just pure rock.
William Taylor
William Taylor 3 mesi fa
yeah, this could definitely be the unifying sound between old and new muse fans.
SabbraCadabra 3 mesi fa
Drones has some of my favorite songs on it though. Reapers and Revolt are bangers
l33tshinobi 4 mesi fa
They did talk about wanting to make a sequel to Drones. This definitely could be it.
James Garcia
James Garcia 4 mesi fa
Drones did sound pretty iffy. Still glad they made it, it lead to this sound after all. It feels like most of their sounds over years came together. Haven't felt this hype since 2nd Law. So good.
Endo Stoic
Endo Stoic 5 mesi fa
This has got to be one of me new favorite tunes. Somehow Muse just keeps getting better and better! 🤘
Jon Tyson
Jon Tyson 4 mesi fa
I love it, bringing metal to the mainstream, the public can handle it.
Kyle P
Kyle P 2 mesi fa
It will ruin everything so no!
Nishant Gandhi
Nishant Gandhi 5 mesi fa
Muse going back to their old sound is a good start to 2022.
Mitchel McGowan
Mitchel McGowan Giorno fa
It's commonplace to"repeat" music. But anyone who has come to respect the style of music that muse plays has listened to this multiple times, and then fallen in love with it more deeply every single replay.
LoserPlay 5 mesi fa
Love when muse goes metal
Kyle P
Kyle P 2 mesi fa
That's not metal
Zibi Fox
Zibi Fox 2 mesi fa
i agree
SuperYoshi1213 4 mesi fa
I heard this on the radio the other night, and wasn't sure it was Muse until Matt's voice came through a little more clearly. I was pleasantly surprised to hear how this song unfolded. I missed this Muse.
Such an incredible song !!!!
Nina Areshidze
Nina Areshidze 5 mesi fa
I am speechless. Masterpiece 😭
Billy Pochapsky
Billy Pochapsky 5 mesi fa
Great to see the fusion of alt and heavy. Awesome song!
Carl Parkinson
Carl Parkinson 3 mesi fa
Loved muse for years and this is just awesome and it's pretty apt for what I'm going through at the moment thank you muse ❤️
Chris Holland
Chris Holland 2 mesi fa
Muse is definitely a big influence in music for me. They definitely are.
Tori Tailz Stahlbrand
Never really listened to muse but this song came on a sat radio playlist and I immediately fell in love with the ebb an flow lyrics with the music. Fucking amazing 🤘
kevin heatcoat
kevin heatcoat 4 mesi fa
Alt Nation
Carole van Troeyen
Sublime comme toujours.... un retour aux sources ? Un mix de différents sons des différents albums ? J'adore...
Jean-Philippe Blondel
Peut être un espoir de retrouver le feeling rock des premiers albums...attendons l'album complet pour se prononcer, mais ce titre vraiment excellent me fait bien monter la hype !!!
Arkiel 5 mesi fa
Moi aussi j’adore je vais peut-être aller les voir en Grece
Sharon Bromley
Sharon Bromley 4 mesi fa
Speaking out against the narcissist, well done Muse!!!
Barbara Guzmics
@Sharon Bromley thankyou Sharon ..xx
Sharon Bromley
@Barbara Guzmics 💗
Barbara Guzmics
Iv dedicated this song to my daughters other half …a total narcissist ,who has put me through hell for 9 years !
Sharon Bromley
Sharon Bromley 3 mesi fa
@Patrick Whelpley gosh?! wow... I didn't realise that 🤯
Patrick Whelpley
Funny thing is the music video to this song was filmed in Ukraine last fall. It was released January 13th & I think their timing for this song was perfect.
Eva Sánchez Sáez
Normalmente uso estos vídeos con la letra (lyrics) para cantar y practicar con la voz. Esta canción, juro por dios, que es extremadamente difícil de cantar. Yo soy mezzosoprano y tengo experiencia cantando. He pertenecido al coro que representa a mi ciudad. El estribillo (chorus) requiere una impostación de la voz, propia de un canto lírico (ópera). Impostación, diafragma, control de aire, uso de técnica de maschera,... El resto parece fácil pero no lo es. Se pasa de voz de pecho a falsete o impostación lírica en un segundo. Es decir, se pasa de una nota grave - media a una muy aguda. La laringe se tiene que mover muy rápido. A veces, no se llega y suena mal o se canta otra nota. Requiere una gran precisión. Admiro a este hombre. If anyone wants me to translate this text to English, just ask me. I'll be glad to do it. I wrote it in Spanish because I felt more comfortable.
Eva Sánchez Sáez
@May B Gracias! Lo voy a intentar. Saludos.
May B
May B 3 mesi fa
Prueba a anticipar el levantamiento del velo desde los principios de frase, y a abrir la boca en las notas de cabeza como si fueses a tirar a belting. A mí me funciona 😊
GhOst_ FaCe
GhOst_ FaCe 2 mesi fa
Never know that Muse makes so hard Musik with scream and like that,sounds new for me but awesome. And they never lose this Musesound they have as a band 👌🏻🤘🏻
Ultimate gamer boi
It’s a great song always been a fan of muse
Kaycee A.Saunders
This !!!! Sounds like the relationship I just left ! Thank you MUSE ... ! You always know what's happening ! .....👍😘💃🏻
_snips__ 22 giorni fa
God dammmm!!! A thousand times YES!!! Thankyou Muse, once again delivering the goods.
5 mesi fa
Lyrics - Perfect. Music - Perfect. Amazing!!!
Tash21 5 mesi fa
And relatable
Sergey L.
Sergey L. 5 mesi fa
Просто на репите с утра,когда увидел премьеру. Превзошли самые смелые ожидания старого фаната..сразу в ТОП. Как они это делают до сих пор? Узнаваемые мелодичные ходы в припеве вкупе с жирным мясом этого риффа..Ух,то что надо было.
Tony Hernandez
Tony Hernandez 5 mesi fa
MUSE Fan till I die! Together, we WON'T STAND DOWN!
jonboy6257 Mese fa
Love this song
Lady Gaga1972
Lady Gaga1972 5 mesi fa
One step ahead for Muse ♥️
Jimmy Russell
Jimmy Russell 5 mesi fa
Having such a hard time not overplaying this
blade6309 5 mesi fa
Yes finnally, the electronic phase was good but hard rock is the shit
Zibi Fox
Zibi Fox 2 mesi fa
i couldnt agree more
John H
John H 4 mesi fa
It's actually hard rock AND electronic. The best of both worlds combined to be sick as fuck
Julie Hornby
Julie Hornby 4 mesi fa
Absolutely fantastic song for 2022 . Love their songs and music
kevin heatcoat
kevin heatcoat 4 mesi fa
Heavy Metal 2022.
Amar Fajri
Amar Fajri 5 mesi fa
The lyrics so good
Nasrul Fzi
Nasrul Fzi 4 mesi fa
I've lost the previous muse album now I see the light at end of the tunnel. How deep muse impacted me for their previous album not feels quite right. The old muse is back with extra sauce.
Caboose DestroyerOfWorlds
This song is badass!
VBM VBM 5 mesi fa
Like I said Meuse will never fail us they're a hundred percent original hundred percent real I effing love muse
Ulysses 3 mesi fa
@SweetDannyAndLisa Cope
@Ulysses Also, I'm not talking about any song. I'm talking about the "logic" or thought process you're applying there.
@Ulysses What an idiotic reply. If you don't remember, you can see what comment of yours I'm replying to in this thread by just scrolling upwards a bit.
Ulysses 3 mesi fa
@SweetDannyAndLisa I don't remember this song and I don't remember whatever comment of mine you're replying to
keknouw 4 mesi fa
Just broke up with a narc, the lyrics!!! This is where I am now, perfectly. Song of my life!!!
César Augusto Hermoza Romero
siempre uno va a seguir escuchando esta banda, pero hace 3 discos q lo único q haces es sobrevivir agregando nuevos sonidos actuales. Le falta volver a sus raíces más punk melódicas.
Nolan Knight
Nolan Knight 3 mesi fa
I'll make sure the whole neighbourhood listens to this
Yana Permana
Yana Permana 5 mesi fa
Nice lyrics nice Arrangement Music very Heavy rock 🤘🏻😜
NYG1119 4 mesi fa
This song is 🔥 🔥 🔥
Haqimie Bajuri
Haqimie Bajuri 5 mesi fa
Make sure you are here after watching the Official Music Video . Support Muse ❤️
jay77 4 mesi fa
Muse actually rule!
Brian M
Brian M 4 mesi fa
this is fantastic
-MiaChrst -
-MiaChrst - 5 mesi fa
Pthumerian Hunter
This song slaps 👌
Th4t_w31rd_k1d 2 mesi fa
I heard this on the radio and HAD TO FIND IT
I like Cheese
This song goes perfectly with the amber heard and Johnny depp issue that’s happening right now lmao
Ian Samuelson
I totally agree. This song is my divorce anthem.
Sicksixsixsix 5 mesi fa
Imma metalhead, don't know what I'm doing, here... BUT Butt ehm, this is sick af!🖤
MITCH 4 mesi fa
Muse has other metal songs like Fury, Stockholm Syndrome, Assassin etc.
Andy Moore
Andy Moore 2 mesi fa
The very beginning sounds like they are gunna start playing "Take on me"
Tetsuo Max
Tetsuo Max 5 mesi fa
Eva Sánchez Sáez
Iira 5 mesi fa
Go Boys! Awesome Muse Song!❤️❤️
kevin heatcoat
kevin heatcoat 4 mesi fa
I Fucking Love Muse.
David Hidayat
David Hidayat 5 mesi fa
Debuted in my weekly personal music charts on January 16, 2022 edition :)
GottaloveMuse1 2 mesi fa
The verse vocals absolutely grate me in their Imagine Dragon's esque way but other than that, not bad.
teaxstains Mese fa
I'd like to dedicate this to my mom
#scottyourback 2021
I'm fighting tonight and this is my walkout music
#scottyourback 2021
@Simulation algorithm Bit old at 38 now to be going anywhere with it 😆
Simulation algorithm
Keep it up man! When you make it big I’ll say that guy right there…I knew him before he got famous!
#scottyourback 2021
@Patrick Whelpley Lost on split decision to someone three weight classes above me. Great fight.
Patrick Whelpley
Did you win??
M W Mese fa
I hope they do a remix with a different style of vocals…
Matt 3 mesi fa
My only regret is I do not have a photograph, to capture this moment forever.
spagetti001 4 mesi fa
he'd better do those screams live
Sir SpookyBones
Sir SpookyBones 4 giorni fa
While Will of the people feels a bit like The resistance, this one is closer to Absolution with something new
Jakub J
Jakub J 5 mesi fa
perfect, i wanted a version without the intro, thanks
Manx A
Manx A 4 mesi fa
why don’t Muse just be come a alt metal Band. I mean if Linkin Park can pull it off so Why can’t Muse? Cause this some pretty Metal Shit.
sharon mire
sharon mire 4 mesi fa
Ty for this song. I just ended a friendship with an ex. This is his song.
ngl i keep thinking that take on me is about to start every time i hear the beginning
Ravciozo 5 mesi fa
Saaaaame xD
A. Mortem
A. Mortem 5 mesi fa
Same lol. Or the final countdown
Paul Mercuri
Paul Mercuri 5 mesi fa
Perfect song to an ex
prrrft 5 mesi fa
My ex is narcistic, so yes perfect song to an ex
Gabriel Krupaz
Gabriel Krupaz 5 mesi fa
or governments.
Angel Oviedo
Angel Oviedo 5 mesi fa
A really toxic one lol
anaelle demoury
anaelle demoury 4 mesi fa
Mieux with lyrics... Pas facile de partager le clip qui peut fr peur mais qui est cinglant de verité
bro gamin
bro gamin 4 mesi fa
Wish I coulda shown this to my dad.
Olek Paturaj
Olek Paturaj 3 mesi fa
Tomislav Bašić
They lost me with simulation theory. I tried so hard, listen so much but that album is just bad for me. Now im coming back on the muse wagon
C A 2 mesi fa
#scottyourback 2021
The base is killer
Alexander Aguayo
This song goes hard as fuck
Fuck this is awesome
Matt Cannon
Matt Cannon 5 mesi fa
Just imagine the tonal whiplash of performing this song, followed by Panic Station 🥴
Mohd Khairul Najmie Mamat
This is supermassive Muse
No More Saul
No More Saul 5 mesi fa
Things I misheard: “But you were just backsliding me” “Now you have brushed me under” “And I refuse to take care” “You’ve used me for too long - I’m dying”
MITCH 4 mesi fa
Still works!
Christine Ringuette
Not always easy to understand Matt lol.
jamlaw 5 mesi fa
God i can't wait to hear the dubstep remix of this ❤
Andre Tyrone II
Andre Tyrone II 5 mesi fa
Ppl still make dubstep remixes?
oyami4444 5 mesi fa
A song about how the abused becomes the abuser. But I still like it.
oyami4444 5 mesi fa
@Laced Hexes counterattack is actually... well... an attack
Laced Hexes
Laced Hexes 5 mesi fa
More like outsmarts the abuser 🤔
MAxAMILLIoN 2 mesi fa
They took some inspiration from Matthew Perryman Jones - Living in the Shadows
Jakub Kovar
Jakub Kovar 5 mesi fa
Before end part sounds metal core, daahmn
eric draven
eric draven 2 mesi fa
Bad day at work......Check Paid for gas and drove off without putting any in....Check Down to my last cigarette...Check The sound from my speakers still work - All is better now.
AquaDronix 5 mesi fa
This is what I need in my diet
bruce connor
bruce connor 5 mesi fa
It’s fuckin ace,welcome back muse only been 16 years…
kevin heatcoat
kevin heatcoat 4 mesi fa
Brand New Muse.
S H 5 mesi fa
s ee z 👏 da 👏 m ee n z 👏 y'all 👏 let's 👏 go
Billie C
Billie C 5 mesi fa
Ahhhh i dedicate this to my narcissistic ex... now die alooooone
Oregon Pacifist
Oregon Pacifist 2 mesi fa
This song is so fucking good.
Derek Armunendua
For the narcissist ex.
Neymarinet 5 mesi fa
Am I the only one who feels like the verses are clunky? The production is also kinda sterile too.
Welp, the chorus and heavy parts are awesome, but gotta say I hate how those one sections sound like Imagine Dragons
d-lo 5 mesi fa
The verses for sure
Makis Tsopanoglou
Totally agree
Leonardo Mello
Leonardo Mello 5 mesi fa
Muhammad Amry Sahrir
Like a WWE theme song
Archangel Leonhart Gamer
It most certainly does sound like a wwe face theme, i wouldn't be surprised if CFO$ makes a reference with the main hook as a theme
Steve Gould
Steve Gould 2 mesi fa
Killer riffs! Can't stand his voice.
sobering cat
sobering cat 5 mesi fa
What masterpiece is this? Its like their last few albums, sounds the same. Muse is Muse 17-20 years ago. Next please
D I O N Y S U S 5 mesi fa
Reminds me of the Arcade Craniacs situation
I don't know if this is really stupid or topical or whatever but these lyrics seem to apply like 100% to what happened to Johnny Depp.
Wibisono Danu
Wibisono Danu 5 mesi fa
MITCH 4 mesi fa
Underrated comment.
Rebecca B
Rebecca B 4 mesi fa
Freeze em n free em
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