Muse - WON'T STAND DOWN (Official Video)

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WILL OF THE PEOPLE - The new album released 26th August 2022
Pre-order here: mu-se.co/WOTP-AlbumPO

COMPLIANCE out now: mu-se.co/Compliance

Our new single, out now. Listen/download here mu-se.co/wsd-out-now


I never believed that I would concede and let someone trample on me
You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but you were just gaslighting me
I’ve opened my eyes, & counted the lies, & now it is clearer to me
You are just a user, and an abuser, living vicariously

I never believed that I would concede and get myself blown asunder
You strung me along, I thought I was strong, but now you have pushed me under
I’ve opened my eyes, and counted the lies, now it is clearer to me
You are just a user, and an abuser, and I refuse to take it

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

Now I’m coming back, a counterattack, I’m playing you at your own game
I’m cutting you out, a shadow of doubt
Is gonna hang over your name
I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
I will never see you the same
I know how to win, before you begin
I’ll shoot you before you take aim

Now I’m coming back, a counterattack,
A psychological war
I’m cutting you in, I’m under your skin
Now I’m gonna settle the score
I’ve opened my eyes, I see your disguise,
I will never see you the same
I know how to win, before you begin
I’ll shoot you before you take aim

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

Won’t stand down
I’m growing stronger
Won’t stand down
I’m owned no longer
Won’t stand down
You’ve used me for too long, now die alone

Director: Jared Hogan
Producer: Savvas Stavrou
Production Company: MrMr Films

Director of Photography: Joe Cook

Editor: Paul O’Reilly
Edit Producer: Tatyana Alexandra & Polly Kemp
Edit Company: Trim Editing

VFX Supervisor: Denis Reva
Sound Designer: Christian Stropko

Colourist: Jacob McKee
Online: Joey Doyle
Grade & Online Producer: Maria Webb at Forager

SHELTER instagram.com/productions...
EP: Albert Zurashvili
Producer Dasha Deriagina
1PA Anastasiya Kovaleva
1AD Vadim YuzbaProduction Designer Danil Dubrovsky
Costume designer Margarita Shekel
Wardrobe team Iris Laricheva
Anna Maksimova
Andrew Bib
HMU Dasha Taivas
Choreographer Roman Chukmanenko
Choreographer assistant Dasha Samoilove
Casting Director Karina Melnichenko
Casting Manager ​​Sergey Pulenetz
2nd AD Misha Varopay
Stunt Svyatoslav Barabolya
PM Max Matveev

Focus Puller Eugene Bubley
Gaffer Valeriy Butkov
BTS Ira Suldina
Sergei Prostakov

Kueen: Natalia Zozulia

Erchik Vika
Yakobchuk Masha
Zakharchenko Daria
Dmitrienko Eugeniy
Gordeev Aleksandr
Grigoryan Tigran
Kabys Volodymir
Kilimchuk Misha
Kobrin Ostap
Kozenko Alexandr
Kravchenko Dima
Kudin Dmitriy
Shpak Denis
Vagner Artur
Veselov Amiran
Veselyi Andrey
Vodzianskii Anatolii
Yatsunenko Rostislav
Shtanko Dmitrii
Kostetskiy Igor
Kokritskaia Liza
Lapko Nastia
Volosova Veronika
Simonov Petr
Povoznikov Andrei
Zagorui Iaroslava
Sitalo Maksim
Isaenko Polina


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12 gen 2022




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Commenti 15 802
Melodicka Bros
Melodicka Bros 4 mesi fa
Man, these riffs hit hard. Love it!
C Dot
C Dot 13 giorni fa
YES! and also their melodies are bold and absolutely fearless !!
Andy Evig
Andy Evig 14 giorni fa
It reminded me too much of Parasite Eve from Bring me the horizon
Valentina Gargiulo
Valentina Gargiulo 24 giorni fa
Favolosi non si smentiscono mai
Let's Play Guitar
Yep! When they hit this thing live, people are going to lose it.
Sebastian Rodriguez Lemoine
The riffs should last longer... I hope in the album version they do...
internet enjoyer
probably one of the best attempts of modern muse to blend their heavy old school instincts and their newer electro pop sensibilities, the integrations sounds much more mature than recent albums
ogam5 10 giorni fa
@snikrepak : though not TOO far removed from what QUEENSRYCHE was reaching for on 1986's Rage For Order, their second full album (and one ARGUABLY 2 decades ahead of ITS time.....)
snikrepak 16 giorni fa
This is almost a new genre
San Mama
San Mama Mese fa
There is no modern Muse. Only Muse.
Diana Di Melfi
Jack Tilley
Jack Tilley 5 giorni fa
Love muse but Getting better? they peaked in the early 2000s
kapatgung Mese fa
Katie Tidswell
Legit thought the SAME THING!!
Hollow Animations
The perfect blend of early Muse and modern Muse, it’s beyond words! Makes my body feel things I can’t explain 🤟🏼✌🏼
Cloten 20 giorni fa
I thought the same!
Chuck Dilley
Chuck Dilley 27 giorni fa
this is my life......
Corey Tyler
Corey Tyler 13 giorni fa
It feels criminal that I'm just now getting into this band. Why haven't I not listened to more of this band?!
Barbara Guzmics
Barbara Guzmics 3 giorni fa
@Jörmungandr …every album is just FANTASTIC
faerygoddyss 11 giorni fa
Muse is a music journey. 😆 have fun going down that rabbit hole.
Jörmungandr 12 giorni fa
welcome! they're awesome, and they make songs that belong to a large variety of music styles, i hope you enjoy many of them!
Agufish 4 mesi fa
So Muse with breakdowns is what I've been missing in this life 🤘
Gatsu Gambino
Gatsu Gambino 21 giorno fa
#Agufish what about the screams there almost at the end?
Fábio Solimann
listen to thornhill
Doubleo497 2 mesi fa
You are forgetting Knights of Cydonia and so many others of their amazing catalog!
Rusty Nailz
Rusty Nailz 3 mesi fa
I'm guessing you've never listened to Muse before
kevin heatcoat
kevin heatcoat 3 mesi fa
@h0pesfall I Listen to This Rock Song While Driving the Car But It Can Be Very Dangerous While Driving And Not Paying Attention To The City or Town You Know Distracted Driving.
Mathieu Rodrigues
Mathieu Rodrigues 7 giorni fa
Muse has basically entered the electronic metal sound with this song. Mind =blown
Sam Clemence
Sam Clemence Mese fa
Makes me feel like I’m not alone on my thoughts about the world thank you muse
MissJensk1 15 giorni fa
@Sam Clemence You're not alone. x
Ian Bartley
Ian Bartley 25 giorni fa
Is it just me that thinks this song is about The Queen not standing down because she cant hand the control over to Charles?
Ian Bartley
Ian Bartley 25 giorni fa
Now I wish ITvid had a love button
Johnny Mese fa
You’re not the only one that walks between the rain, there are many. You’re not the only one when everything is lost that doesn’t surrender. #detdisp
Adam B
Adam B Mese fa
The irony that all these other bands out there that were originally "anti-establishment" are now fighting for the establishment. MUSE is the only one to stay consistent. Makes me have a huge respect for them. Reddit is having panic attacks over these songs I think.
CJ Dalley
CJ Dalley Mese fa
Easily their best song for a very long time
Kavin Murdock
Kavin Murdock 5 giorni fa
Best song since Reapers/psycho/the handler
San Mama
San Mama Mese fa
Easily most underrated
Jillian Jovanovic
h4x3l 13 giorni fa
How is it possible that Muse can keep it so fresh for over 20 years? Bravo
Bradley Hall
Bradley Hall 4 mesi fa
Yesssss what an absolute BANGER!
Positive_Negative 17 giorni fa
erusantte 2 mesi fa
It sounds heaaavy right Bradley??? Sure you like this a lot! Love your content btw
Garrett White
I've listened to this and Compliance a bunch of times in the past couple of days. Stoked for the album. Fantastic stuff.
Kyle Dellinger
Kyle Dellinger 2 mesi fa
this is 100% the best song muse has put out in like a decade. They never stopped making "good" music, but i havent been a fan of anything they have put out after The Resistance. We havent gotten quite back to their "ethereal space rock" vibes that i miss so much, but this is a step in the right direction. I just miss the angst they had with Origins of Symmetry, still my favorite album of all time.
J Longstreet
J Longstreet Giorno fa
Have you heard Dig Down?
Kavin Murdock
Kavin Murdock 5 giorni fa
I don't think you likel muse OVERALL then cause that was their second album and was 21 years ago
Onni Nurmi
Onni Nurmi 21 giorno fa
Have you heard Animals?
skyler boyce
skyler boyce 22 giorni fa
Have you heard survival?
Cassio 2 mesi fa
@JaS Reapers and Handler are my favorite tracks from that album
Caro Lina
Caro Lina 7 giorni fa
Love it 🖤
Tomas Slamka
Tomas Slamka 2 mesi fa
Whoever did the sound mixing on this one is a fucking genius.... Haven't heard a sound mix this awesome for a long time. And yeah...the track is an absolute killer. Can't wait for the album...
Hana D'Asgard Keindlová
It's weird to say it, but my brain went "Oh, how I missed Matt's voice!" all of sudden. I love that there's frustration, agression, but I feel hope and courage and strenght from that all as well and that's what I love about it. The lyrics are superior again, with the music sometimes so raw, it's so pleasing yet terrifying. And the video itself? Speaks for itself... What I am trying to say is thank you MUSE, it is so great to see you again, and in full power.
Arek 10 giorni fa
Yes, Muse is cool
MissJensk1 15 giorni fa
@Hana D'Asgard Keindlova Its not weird at all! I'm with ya.
QuickSqueeze Mese fa
Sounds like Imagine Dragons
Petros Solomon
Xxxx G5 to see tee tee to
Abbi Gail
Abbi Gail Mese fa
Jeremy Radic
Jeremy Radic 5 giorni fa
This song has such a good meaning. I hope all watching take the time to look it up.
lovelycelticopera 2 giorni fa
Amazing. Everything about this is amazing. I'm really looking forward to the album.
When Muse goes heavy, no one else stands a chance
Kavin Murdock
Kavin Murdock 5 giorni fa
@Marco Antonio Martinez Ramirez muse as musicians>
Cryptati0n 10 giorni fa
they’ve done a good amount of heavy songs. but i agree
Joshua Fraim
Joshua Fraim 15 giorni fa
i just they would do a song where chris actually yells unlike the "yell" he does in this song supermassive blackhole and reapers.
Marco Antonio Martinez Ramirez
@CyberOstrich true
Ödin son
Ödin son 18 giorni fa
This is barely heavy though.
Vicente Ziegler
Vicente Ziegler 2 mesi fa
H of The Stage
H of The Stage 4 mesi fa
Spread the good Muse!
Matthew Fiedler
I haven't listened to new Muse songs in years, but this songs has brought me back. I forgot how truly great they are when they are on!
MLG Mese fa
They've always been on. Ur missing out
OCX600RR Mese fa
I was in a similar boat. Then I started listening to Simulation Theory. Holy shizzle I don't know why I ever stopped staying up to date with Muse. They just keep getting better and better!
Dave Simmons
Dave Simmons Mese fa
They are grand.
Riccardo Gianluigi Terzaghi
This is the type of sick and distorted Muse I love it. Great work indeed!
Goatman1000 2 mesi fa
MUSE back to their heavy best. Matt's voice sounds amazing too. Brilliant tune!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘
Greg Andre
Greg Andre 2 mesi fa
The whole lyrics hit me hard, I love every single verse. I’ve spent the first 20 years of my life being used by people because I was too kind with everyone. Always remember to set yourself some limits as a giver because takers don’t have any. Now I’m done being too kind.
Joseph Mese fa
Don't stand down
Ann Marie
Ann Marie Mese fa
I get this. I can’t stand takers. Met my cousin the other day sense we live in the same apartment complex and we talked for a while. He’s a giver to and so am I so it just works out. Cool dude and really helps people in the world. Some people just take and take and take though
Keyla EXA
Keyla EXA Mese fa
good luck on your awakening bro !
dahkneelah Mese fa
The religion of kindness.
KRT_DS 2 mesi fa
I'm learning not to be too kind anymore with people too, only with my real friends, because if you're too kind in this world you're gonna get severely punished
Chaz D
Chaz D 4 mesi fa
That’s what I love about muse: they reinvent themselves while keeping their own signature in every song! Can’t want to see this on tour!!! 😍
Josh Allen the GOAT
@Peanut Jams But it isn't reinventing themselves if they're going back to what they did in the past.
Adnan Awan
Adnan Awan 2 mesi fa
@Nina Bauer i couldnt agree me
Nina Bauer
Nina Bauer 2 mesi fa
@Adnan Awan ¹¹¹¹1¹¹1½ in da firma und donn 323zť6y3
Peanut Jams
Peanut Jams 3 mesi fa
@Emanuele Bellè they said "reinvent themselves" not reinvent music... yes this song is very different than what they delivered in last album
missmiss76541 3 mesi fa
exactly...it infers that there will be an upcoming tour.
Jasdan VM
Jasdan VM Mese fa
I listened to Compliance before this, and I thought "oh they are leaning into that style even more..." and then this comes out, was not expecting it, and I love it.
Olek Paturaj
Olek Paturaj Mese fa
Same, I glad the album is going to be a mix of genres.
AcS 2 mesi fa
This is one of my favorite music videos ever. Goes amazingly with the track!
AcS Mese fa
@fofodragon alright, I watched every single music video ever made just now, and this is my favorite.
fofodragon Mese fa
i encourage you to watch any other music video made
honeypot 21 giorno fa
Heard this on my radio yesterday and became OBSESSED until I found it 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Etringer
Thomas Etringer 14 giorni fa
Can’t wait to see live version 😭
The Bowtie
The Bowtie 4 mesi fa
As a muse fan: Could be better As a metal head: Could be heavier As a muse and metal fan: Perfection
The Horizon Blue
Is Alternative Hard Rock/Metal
Miguel Hernández
@Pi ou jajajajajjajajajajajajjajajajajajajajjajajajajjajajajajajjajajajajajjaja
Ricky Baillie
Ricky Baillie 3 mesi fa
@atomic critter I would say industrial metal is really just electronic metal, saying that it's just good music for me lol
atomic critter
atomic critter 3 mesi fa
@Ricky Baillie sort of electro metal - interesting but I didnt particularly like it - could be a slow burner though
makanamy Mese fa
seriously, i got goosebump. that breakdown part, i lose it. totally killing this song. welcome back muse. one of my favorite band forever. fighting!!!
Hannya Man
Hannya Man Giorno fa
Muse rooting back to their old heavy riffs and My Chemical Romance just released their single with sound from 2005 intact. what's going on with 2022? i'm scared and glad that the same time. both of these bands are my childhood band by the way.
Thanks for taking a stand guys! Looking forward for the epic release tomorrow! Hope you stay strong even if it hurts! #nocompliance
paksutassu7 Mese fa
Did you notice no one talks about this in the comments.. Seems that some fact checkers have been cleaning the upper comment section 😅 Stay strong you too, good will win evil at the end...
LordGrimmie 2 mesi fa
I recently came out of an abusive relationship, and let me tell you, this song spoke to me. Thanks Muse, always love your stuff. Peace.
Lordgrimmie - good on you. Never let someone tell you you're worth anything less than EVERYTHING. k? All the best
Agustin Miranda
@Felipe Hildebrand bro wtf chill out 💀😂
LordGrimmie 2 mesi fa
@Felipe Hildebrand I hope that you can overcome whatever you're going through that made you stop to post that comment. Be well.
Momolo 4 mesi fa
i am so glad that muse are incorporating heaviness into their music again.
The Horizon Blue
@Raymond Hartmeijer Is Alternative Hard Rock
Spetsnaz Beaver
Spetsnaz Beaver 4 mesi fa
@Vogel true
Vogel 4 mesi fa
Honestly, Muse's music is always slaps. But the content of their lyrics never changed since OOS 😂. It's just that they make it simpler and more straight-forward for each new album.
Spetsnaz Beaver
Spetsnaz Beaver 4 mesi fa
@Raymond Hartmeijer this shit will absolutely slap live. Minds will be melted. The body piles will be biblical
Zeoden 2 mesi fa
Muse vuelve al ataque. Esta canción tiene mucha 'fuerza'
Mex 22 giorni fa
This is disclosure to help people wake up. Keep it up Muse :)
him 8 giorni fa
VWrijder77 Mese fa
Imagine what will happen when they play this live and the crowd will do that choreography. And believe me: they will
Triplet Taxi Music
Man Muse is ALWAYS evolving and switching their sound up while still sounding like themselves. Incredible.
Bisquick 4 mesi fa
Exactly! Getting Muse-infused djent vibes. Judging from video, I feel like (and honestly hope, cuz it'd be awesome) new album will be like a Muse version of Veil of Maya's False Idol. Whatever it ends up being of course, it will inevitably rule. The dialectic continues...
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias Mese fa
I always wanted the old sound back, AND this mix with their 2010's sound Is 🤯 amazing !! Cant wait for the live!
Isiah Drak
Isiah Drak Mese fa
This is truly a real mother trucker of a hit!!! Absolutely love everything about it. 😎🥳❤
Rubs 2 mesi fa
Vengo del video de ShaunTrack para ver esto y es realmente brutal, no soy fan fan de Muse conozco la canciones populares que tienen y wow que gran cambio ojalá sigan así.
The Horizon Blue
No conozco a Shauntrack pero esta rola me llevo gracias aún lyric Video!
Cesar Calderon
Cesar Calderon 2 mesi fa
@Jhonny Aiza Rodriguez igual. Y en verdad no soy seguidor de Muse. Pero me gusta esta versión
Jhonny Aiza Rodriguez
Si les gustó les sugiero que escuchen "The handler" 🤔
Joseph Arauz
Joseph Arauz 2 mesi fa
Vengo de allá también jajaja
Pablo Campos
Pablo Campos 2 mesi fa
yo también, jaja
Alex Mortimer
Its no secret that Muse are fans of Deftones, covering My Own Summer (Shove It) in the past. That riff when it kicks sounds remarkably like Swerve City by Deftones. A. nice little heavy asf nod to the Sacramento boys! Love it!!!
Alva Goëtia
Alva Goëtia 4 mesi fa
Esto es MUSE, majestuoso, simplemente sublime. Qué honor ser su fan, qué orgullo.
Asuka z
Asuka z 4 mesi fa
@Christian Cárdenas y así será siempre
Christian Cárdenas
Que bien que se siga haciendo buena música
Юлия К
Юлия К 2 mesi fa
уливительно, насколько пророческие песни есть у талантливых людей 💓👏👏👏👏
Jackjude 2 mesi fa
Exclusive Memes
Exclusive Memes 2 mesi fa
остановить вторжение в Украину
Eugeniya Egorova
те же мысли)) потому зашла сюда сегодня)) вспомнила
Иван Аврелиан
@Юлия К 9 мая нужно будет спеть и отпраздновать двойной праздник! надеюсь, успеем до памятной даты!
Юлия К
Юлия К 2 mesi fa
@Иван Аврелиан согласна. давненько таких не было
BradJ 6 giorni fa
Hearing Matt put a cheeky few screams into a song actually made my day
psycho4ag Y
psycho4ag Y Mese fa
This song personifies why I love Muse so much!!💙❤️💙
И Б 17 giorni fa
Deep drums, deep riffs, what could be perfect!
Spuudnic 4 mesi fa
Seems like they're going back to their roots but with a new, heavier twist and I dig that! Been a fan forever and I must say I am very excited for the new album, I know there's great bangers to come! 🤘
Atlas 4 mesi fa
@Danger Cat I do agree. Except the chorus in the Small Print is full on metal. Back from 2003.
Spuudnic 4 mesi fa
@Danger Cat I definitely don't think they've ever been metal, but what I meant was, they're slightly going for something a bit closer to their roots with the types of rifs and melodies they're going for, but I do agree that the whole metal touch is a new thing for sure. That's something we haven't seen from MUSE before. Also you have a cool profile pic.
Danger Cat
Danger Cat 4 mesi fa
Their roots have never been metal. Not sure why so many "fans" keep saying "oh, Muse is going back to their metal days". They were never metal. This is something new for them.
Jo Ioss
Jo Ioss 4 mesi fa
Vinson Clark
Vinson Clark 2 mesi fa
I CANNOT WAIT to see this performed live! Even if I have to travel :)
Jorge Sergio
Jorge Sergio 2 mesi fa
It's a different rhythm that what we are used to hearing from muse but i love it, it's more like metal 🤟👐, and the bass at the beginning of the sound is brutal
LDM 20 giorni fa
@Marcial Benjamín Díaz Flores What about Assassin?
Marcial Benjamín Díaz Flores
@Eldias Mahdi Sastra and also the iconic Hysteria
Yamil Gambluch
u probably hear muse about a year then
Eldias Mahdi Sastra
You should listen BLISS...
Ben Gagnon
Ben Gagnon 2 mesi fa
It's more like what Muse USED to be.
gonzotolkien 2 mesi fa
This is the best Muse song I've heard in years, maybe since Knights of Cydonia.
Nico Bass
Nico Bass Mese fa
the handler in 2015?
EngelX 2 mesi fa
Me dejaron asi ira :o Es una locura ésta canción, ME ENCANTAA!! la verdad esperaría que el álbum sea casi en su totalidad con esta estilo
Cptn. Wolfe
Cptn. Wolfe 4 mesi fa
Muse is one of those bands that makes songs that are unique to their discography and none of their songs sound exactly like another. That's what makes them so legendary
Cptn. Wolfe
Cptn. Wolfe 4 mesi fa
@wolfgang verheyen and as I've mentioned before, Whitesnake has their self titled album that has most of the songs there start the same. When I listened to the album and had it on shuffle, I had no idea what songs I were listening to since they started with the guitar slide
wolfgang verheyen
@Cptn. Wolfe okay if you're talking about that kind of exactly the same, I agree. They have never made songs that sound exactly alike. But that is a pretty low treshhold.
Cptn. Wolfe
Cptn. Wolfe 4 mesi fa
@wolfgang verheyen they sound similar but not exactly the same. It's like how Under Pressure and Ice Ice Baby sound exactly the same.
wolfgang verheyen
I love Muse but in recent years they have tried to use old formulas for some of their new songs. The trio madness, dead inside and dig down is a good example. Structurally these songs are identical. Starlight and Mercy is another example.
Ashley K
Ashley K Mese fa
This new sound hits so hard, I love it!
EspressoDepresso x
gotta say I wasn't feeling it at first but as the song went on I really got into it looking forward to hearing the new album!
Helmond Araque
Helmond Araque 2 mesi fa
This is the most satanic, bizarre and darkest Muse music video ever. And I love it. I love to see how Matt Bellamy becomes a kinda dark entity or a demon. It's such a masterpiece. Outstanding and aggressive new metal concept.
Hicham Baladi
Hicham Baladi 13 giorni fa
Eliane Chrysostomo
Estranho não arrepiou...bem produzido,com o talento digital e muito técnica musical.Mas é MUSE.LoveMuse!!!
セル 4 mesi fa
This song is a combination of their early 2000s, 2009, and 2019 style. And i find that amazing.
セル 4 mesi fa
@Nox yeah, it’s so amazing how they’re able to do this but at the same time all three go perfectly together.
A-List ... by Adrienne
Great point!
Nox 4 mesi fa
And it's amazing those three styles are so clear cut within the song.
4k1R4 4 mesi fa
yeah, its like they used all the best parts of their earlier songs and combined them into this song
.Лютик 8 giorni fa
ох уж этот ангельский голос Беллами. Трек пушка. Жду альбом и Лайвы, эта группа в живую просто космос
Reikan Art
Reikan Art 2 mesi fa
🎵 Lyrics: I never believed that I would concede And let someone trample on me You strung me along, I thought I was strong But you were just gaslighting me I've opened my eyes, and counted the lies And now it is clearer to me You are just a user and an abuser Living vicariously I never believed that I would concede And get myself blown asunder You strung me along, I thought I was strong But now you have pushed me under I've opened my eyes and counted the lies And now it is clearer to me You are just a user and an abuser And I refuse to take it Won't stand down I'm growing stronger Won't stand down I'm owned no longer Won't stand down You've used me for too long Now die alone Now I'm coming back, a counterattack I'm playing you at your own game I'm cutting you out, a shadow of doubt Is gonna hang over your name I've opened my eyes, I see your disguise I will never see you the same I know how to win, before you begin I'll shoot you before you take aim Now I'm coming back, a counterattack A psychological war I'm cutting you in, I'm under your skin Now I'm gonna settle the score I've opened my eyes, I see your disguise I will never see you the same I know how to win, before you begin I'll shoot you before you take aim Won't stand down I'm growing stronger Won't stand down I'm owned no longer Won't stand down You've used me for too long Now die alone Won't stand down Breaking out Won't stand down Won't stand down I'm growing stronger Won't stand down I'm owned no longer Won't stand down You've used me for too long Now die alone
John Skelton
John Skelton 23 giorni fa
Dude! 😳 I did NOT expect Muse to have a song this HARD! 😂🤘
John Pirrone
John Pirrone 2 mesi fa
WOW. This is a headbanger for sure. This is going to be epic live!
Burak Kilic
Burak Kilic 4 mesi fa
This song is MUSE. It consists of everything they were, everything they become and everything they are going to be. BEAUTIFUL
Deniz Sakar
Deniz Sakar 4 mesi fa
harbiden öyle, inanılmaz bir grup
Richard Silva Arevalo
La mejor música de los tiempos
Boakaj 27 giorni fa
What a freaking powerful moment in history this song arrives in! Freedom on earth we demand! #WontStandDown 🦋🌍🙏
RockNotDead 2 mesi fa
I love this song... Idk why, but I have to listen once a day
Eduardo 14 giorni fa
Me imagino está canción en vivo pffff va a sonar de p()ta madre 👍🏼
h0rnet88 4 mesi fa
Finally, a return to powerful sounds. We have been missing this for a very long time. A piece of good work. I hope the new album will be a smashing one.
Thomas Pankiewicz
simulation theory had some pretty powerful songs
Jeff Stevenson
Jeff Stevenson 2 mesi fa
After my heart being broken for so long not having any new music from you guys.....I hear a slight knocking at the door....then it explodes into splinters and what's behind it melts my face off like the end of Raiders of the lost ark. And I loved every second of it.
Leo tenso
Leo tenso 2 mesi fa
Cara vc é BR e tá ouvindo isso.. continue sendo esse guerreiro gostando de músicas como essa ao em vez de se render as porcarias brasileiras como funk
Ryan Stiller
Ryan Stiller 22 giorni fa
Duuuuuuude!! Absolutely love the heavy guitar riffing and the double kick. Y’all killed it with this one!
Samira Mirzapour
This video demonstrates all this band stands for! AND I LOVE IT!
Clem Chaos
Clem Chaos 4 mesi fa
I just can't believe how hard it goes I'm way too happy about it. LET'S GO MUSE
Fukada Av-jk
Fukada Av-jk 3 mesi fa
*Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la* *LAMETE.SITE* hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy. Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Clem Chaos
Clem Chaos 4 mesi fa
@Fatmatt Bellamy that's right!
Clem Chaos
Clem Chaos 4 mesi fa
@Gamesabogey Gaming you're absolutely right omg
Vincenzo Celano
Vincenzo Celano 2 mesi fa
Questo pezzo è magnifico ragazzi and the 'message' from the text of the song is clear to me. Muse siete Grandi davvero!
Daniela Cordiano
Daniela Cordiano 17 giorni fa
OMG!!!! Creo que ésta serie de videoclips es lo mejor que vi en mi vida, me dejaron sin aliento ver y oír estas maravillas 😍 Aplausos de pie a todos los involucrados.
max pereira
max pereira Mese fa
I love this song!
Claudius Weson
1:22 - 1:40 this part is addictive. Came here again & again to listen to it.
This feels like it has elements from every Muse era and it's DELIGHTFUL
Ahh Mahh
Ahh Mahh 3 mesi fa
I thought the exact same thing. This is almost nostalgic, especially the chorus. A brand new song that sounds familiar and Muse-y.
Fukada Av-jk
Fukada Av-jk 3 mesi fa
*Asi con toy y sus mañas no se la* *LAMETE.SITE* hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy. Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente. Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались. #Чо #эт #делает #на #2 #месте #в #тренде #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾
Rosa Leite García
@LucianTheBanshee That's exactly what I feel and think. You've expressed it so well...Thank you! My cat Muse has listened to it too and he was pleased.
Mike R
Mike R 4 mesi fa
Like everything has been leading to this moment!
Just imagine hearing this live!
James Macdonald
James Macdonald 6 giorni fa
It’s something else live, heard it 9th and today and it’s just something else 🎶🔥🔥
steffistrawberry 7 giorni fa
@mrmonkeyman79 I'm jealous haha
Maartje Bossenbroek
It was epic 😍
mrmonkeyman79 7 giorni fa
Don't need to, heard it live last night and it was a banger!
Maartje Bossenbroek
Maartje Bossenbroek 17 giorni fa
May 9th I hope to! Counting down the minutes...
bigstef2010 Mese fa
Awesome song. Im so glad they came back to their more progressive metal style.
MR Dave
MR Dave Mese fa
Music is such a marvelous thing. People who live in different worlds can come together to enjoy a single masterpiece.
Eduardo J. Perez R.
Este cambio ha sido brutal! Un nuevo sonido de la banda que alucina con este single. 10+
Oksana Strunskaya
I can't even believe how I missed this type of sound: heavy, full of rage and power - I can really hear MUSE as I love them! Thank you, guys, you've still got it!
Grey Silence
Grey Silence 3 mesi fa
Lol what on earth u speak of metal been around but muse is good but there isn't better lol have u never heard of Erra ... veil of maya... volumes..... etc etc etc
Aaron Gagnon
Aaron Gagnon 3 mesi fa
Reminds me of their early 2000s stuff. Similar to Absolution. Can’t wait to hear more!
1 2
1 2 3 mesi fa
@noneovurconcern When you live your whole life perfectly knowing that any elected idiotic president and every incautious submarine might be that thing that terminates sentient life on this planet, it's very natural to become depressed and anxious. Just never ever give up and do everything you can to let us all survive, that's a primary objective for anyone who is sentient. No matter what multifaceted and warped enemy entropy is, it is your enemy, and in no way we're losing.
Amusegirl1980 4 mesi fa
@evilcowboy I adored every word, it's what I've been wanting to sot down and write for a while. X
Szweety Mese fa
This one just makes it that much harder to choose your favorite Muse song! Much Love
Cameron Brent-White
Can't get enough of this song. Muse the band that will always surprise you
LongReachOne Mese fa
I'd love to meorialize a live show with lovelyrics. You guys are awesome. My youngest son loves your work and I do too. :)
Charlene Weider
Hallucinant !! 😍 Hâte de voir ça en live !!!
Marina Petillon
Cette été il son dans un festival gratuit dans les Pyrénées orientales
Ori Ran
Ori Ran 4 mesi fa
Been listening to Muse for more than 15 years now, and they never seem to disappoint... Awesome song!
James Quinn
James Quinn 4 mesi fa
@Evil Studios maybe when your current vision is itself entorely divorced from your initial vision its time to hang it up
James Quinn
James Quinn 4 mesi fa
@Amusegirl1980 thats a funny way of typing "I'll enjoy any old shit with the right branding"
Evil Studios
Evil Studios 4 mesi fa
@James Quinn ppl were talking shit about resistance too in 2009 when it came out… you gotta understand that they are growing and their visions change, they cannot release same music over and over… this is called finding yourself and experimenting…
Amusegirl1980 4 mesi fa
@James Quinn Because we kept our minds and ears open and you struggle to move on from songs that only speak to the youth in you. You probably fear death, so renewal isn't for you.
James Quinn
James Quinn 4 mesi fa
What is it with die hard muse fans having shit taste. How has anything since resistance been anything but a disappointment
Negrus 2 mesi fa
Vídeo atemporal y terroríficamente actual, gratamente sorprendido con este sonido, no soy fan pero reconozco que es un grupazo.
Daniel Bagnicki
Absolute masterpiece..
F U Mese fa
Está buena! Es genial que Muse siga siendo Muse.
tksims07 2 mesi fa
Heard this on the radio after a really shitty day and this song fully brought me back to life and thought this exactly what I needed to hear! 😩 The deep crawling that I love!! Thank you!!
Sam W.
Sam W. 4 mesi fa
I love these guys. I've been a fan for two decades.Their sound changes but there's always that Muse feel.
Sam W.
Sam W. 4 mesi fa
@Euan Harrison Right? I used to listen to a burned CD of my favorite songs at the time while I did a charity run. The fact that younger people won't get the anti-skip feature won't understand. Well, I suppose it's like buffering. We're both old! Haha
Euan Harrison
Euan Harrison 4 mesi fa
Shit it's been 2 decades! I'm old as dick 😬
Miguel Pierna
Seguid explotando todo ese talento que lleváis dentro! Larga vida a Muse.
Melissa Antonio
This shit hits home!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Shell Pen
Shell Pen Mese fa
Muse is still one of my favourite bands, they keep bringing out amazing songs! And this definitely describes the struggle of a person being stuck in a narcissistic relationship, but finally break free and standing up for themselves, and walking away for good! If you listen to the words!
I love the song and the video gives me early pre Davros of the Daleks in his youth vibes.
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