[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ pporappippam(보라빛 밤)

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[MV] SUNMI(선미) _ pporappippam(보라빛 밤)

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29 giu 2020




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Commenti 80
Byebible [*****]
Byebible [*****] 12 minuti fa
Pas bagian reffnya bikin nagih bgt njirrr.... Gw nonton ini MV gara² lihat tiktoknya Chaeyoung Twice;)
Don Jordan Tomagan
Don Jordan Tomagan 34 minuti fa
what does pporappippam means?
heaven torok
this is the song i didn’t know i needed right now
강정욱 Ora fa
선미언니 예뻐요♡
city pop in kpop is a masterpiece
jin left earlobes :
THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE SONG -me every sunmi comeback
Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim Ora fa
Is it only me or does anybody also feel that this music video is so underrated...?
Kathy Mae Mora
Not a fan but the moment i listened to this song i am hooked. My new fav 😍
Jyotsna Parab
Jyotsna Parab 4 ore fa
I love it. Tis 'mazing
reem karar ❥ tbz
this song brings me so much pure joy it makes me cry. sunmi how come all your releases just hit the right buttons like that
sado kz
sado kz 4 ore fa
김쥬쥬 4 ore fa
뭔가 라라랜드 느낌
Kanindita Tiara Mahanani
intronya kayak lagu garuda pancasila ga si??
IY 5 ore fa
All of Sunmi songs are hidden gems where in few months or year, people find it and be shooked that they've been sleeping on it. The songs you hear randomly and you don't rest until you find who sings it, then when you do, you WOKE. 🤯
Li li
Li li 5 ore fa
This song is so good, I'm obsessed with your songs
박수완 5 ore fa
진짜 우리 선미누나는 못하는것도 없고 표정,화장 등 제대로 살아있는듯, 선미누나 컴백해서 저 날아가는줄 알았는데, 솔직히 날라리 부터 화장이 진짜로 이뻐진듯, 대부분 선미누나는 화장때문에 인기가 늘었다고 선마누나가 말했다. 선미누나 잘 모르는 사람들은 잘 모를수 있는데, 선미누나는 화장이 젤 큰 매력 인것 같다. 우리 갓선미 누나 진짜 사랑해요 그리고 보라빛 밤 노래 너무 좋아요. 노래 질릴때 까지 볼께요💜 누나 사랑해요
SuaPatchKids 6 ore fa
the weeknd’s after hours inspired
1317최준원 6 ore fa
한국인 없습니까!!!
Líly 7 ore fa
If the color purple was a song, it would be pporappippam
Drodro 8 ore fa
my chill summer kpop song ^^
Kunai Red
Kunai Red 9 ore fa
i fell in love with this song on first listen and the video does sooo much for me. missing someone and wanting for the night to end with friends/ loved ones.
Josh T Dunn
Josh T Dunn 9 ore fa
Such a KPOP ICON! Every song deserves BILLIONS OF STREAMSS! I just made a cover of this bop on my Channel! Can my fellow Miya-ne give me some feedback!~~~
MyeonCotton 10 ore fa
Interested in KPop? Stan SUNMI, Stan ART
Zahraa Talib
Zahraa Talib 11 ore fa
Trash kpop covers
pporappimppam 🟪 i ☝🏻 like✅ it🙈 like✅ it 🙈 deo😘 gati🌸 issja🔁 ajik🤩 ireujanha👀 we’re👩‍👩‍👦‍👦 like✅ pporappimppam🟪 han🤪 haneul😌 wiro😂 teoteuryo💋 bolle😣
Perfect i love you sunmi
BokehDon 12 ore fa
This is one of those songs that could be released anytime in the last 40 years and be a hit. Really amazing pop song...
ᄋᄋᄋ 12 ore fa
선미 노래 중에서 제일 좋다. 진짜 5년 10년 뒤에도 요즘 추억하고 있는 레전드 노래처럼 세련됬을듯
Delilah Saito
Delilah Saito 13 ore fa
This song is bob tho 😍😍😍😍
jeon lina
jeon lina 13 ore fa
I love you so so so so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
najwäsyafirå _
lets all agree that sunmi is weirdly cute. well- aren’t we all that?
The french Timelord
Many people are complaining about this song not charting high enough. Like...who cares ? It still managed to gain 3 million views in 2 weeks and it's a good song no matter the position on the charts
ackabu 13 ore fa
12 outfits. Dedication.
y u k i
y u k i 13 ore fa
Kirina Rolando
Kirina Rolando 13 ore fa
Sos hermosa!!?
y u k i
y u k i 14 ore fa
이 노래는 너 무 아름답다
Hiba Mejjad
Hiba Mejjad 14 ore fa
Wwwwwwwww SUNMI I LOVE YOU 😍😍😍😘🤩🤩🤩😘😘😍
Renata Perez aguayo
I thought that the works of art are in a museum is not ITvid
이재혁 15 ore fa
한국어 댓글 찾으려고 계속 스크롤 내리신분 있나요...? 있으시면 조용히 손을 들어주세요 ㅎㅎ
y u k i
y u k i 13 ore fa
Cristina León
Cristina León 15 ore fa
Since I heard this song for the first time I go around the sites saying "pporappippam!!!"
Cristina León
Cristina León 15 ore fa
the more you listen the more addictive it becomes
i WONHOrt U 16 ore fa
Idk why, but the song makes me feel sad. Apparently, pporappippam means Purple Skies and this has a lot of meanings,such as a storm incoming or death. Sunmi talks about how much she loves this certain person and she considers the person her purple sky or she wants to spend her time with this person under the purple sky. My theory is, this song talks about what unconditional and obsessive love is. Loving someone too much even if it causes you pain and suffering means you are ready to die for them. To simply put it, this song talks about loving someone to death. Or Sunmi loves this certain person but she knows this person will onky cause her trouble (symbolzing the icoming storm), but despite of knowing that her life will be messsed up, her love for the other person still overtakes her emotions. The song sounds really nice and nostalgic and surely it is a song you do want to listen to when you die while thinking about the person you love or while you die beside the person you love. OR when you spend the hapoiest moment of youd life with that other person because you know it is only temporary. Truly a tragic yet beautiful song is you ask me.
HOLY SPIRIT 17 ore fa
The vibe reminded me to the weekend's into your eyes! That 80's bass line is indeed feels very nostalgic even if I was born on 90's 👁👄👁💖
Carol Sousa
Carol Sousa 17 ore fa
Sunmi you are amazing💕💕
Carol Sousa
Carol Sousa 17 ore fa
Our loved music ❤❤ is amazing Sunmi you deserve millions of views
cloudfuhl 17 ore fa
i’m kinda in love w/ sunmi i think i’m going to stan :]
LEE K KING 17 ore fa
This ppam ppam ppam ppam ppam!!!!
brain eater
brain eater 18 ore fa
My favorite korean artist and the most beautiful one ..... Crushhh😘
Rafinha briit
Rafinha briit 18 ore fa
sunmi é suas músicas perfeitas
xoaelsvgoo 18 ore fa
this song make me feels like I'm in the 70's again. Wait what
No One
No One 18 ore fa
yasmine JAZZ
yasmine JAZZ 19 ore fa
I love the melody of this song 🤧🤧🤧whatta Aesthetical Anthem 💜💜💜💜💙💙💙
Adelin 19 ore fa
아 말할때마다 보라김밥으로나와;; 젠장ㅡㅡ
S I L A 20 ore fa
This song deserves to have 1million likes,fans you break your head with other bands of the most famous KPOP(Blackpink,BTS,red velvet,exo....)
Huy Lê Vũ
Huy Lê Vũ 20 ore fa
This song is so good and pleasing I'm obsessed queen Sunmi you deserves everything
서찬용 21 ora fa
키야 구독자수 딱 2020
haejin park
haejin park 21 ora fa
라라랜드같은 분위기 뿜뿜...너무 좋아
haejin park
haejin park 21 ora fa
노래 여름밤 스럽다 역시 선미
Sep 23 ore fa
nice song!
wonwoo's burger
wonwoo's burger 23 ore fa
sunmi please make me straight
wonwoo's burger
wonwoo's burger 23 ore fa
Hyuna and Sunmi teaching us that tasting your hands and fingers aren’t that bad at all
LE E Giorno fa
중간에 외계인 가사 뭐임...? 알라깔라야게~ 낄랑빨랑뽕
Israel Dugenio The Great!
Argh! I hate the fact that I slept in this comeback! WHAT THE HELL, SELF?!
SNSD my first love
This is a bop love from moomoo
Daniel Lam
Daniel Lam Giorno fa
구독을 눌러라
조회수 겁나 적네. ㄷㄷ
팔색조 Giorno fa
백댄서 모자 컨셉 좋네요
초누나 Giorno fa
어엉 무슨 슈가슈가룬 같음 노래 넘 좋다...
moss balls
moss balls Giorno fa
sunmi never disappoints me
Cordelia Rem C.K
Guys i really love this song but I don't know what pporappipam means?
rifa Giorno fa
its "purple night"
안예지 Giorno fa
왠지 모르게 장만월생각나욥 ㅠ .ㅠ^ㅠ 호텔델루나ㅜㅜㅜ
Welly Yuwono
Welly Yuwono Giorno fa
So beautiful
Thuraya shukur
Thuraya shukur Giorno fa
Sunmi amazes me everytime
I'm A WonderFul
I'm A WonderFul Giorno fa
Almost 4m!
Riantha Sembiring
This is so catchy ?
Laffing Disease
Laffing Disease Giorno fa
sunmi is so flippin great. Dazzling performance and O___O eye opening aesthetics :)
y yoning
y yoning Giorno fa
처음엔 그냥 좀 비슷한가보다했는데 신곡 진행이나 코드 느낌이 왜 전곡을 듣는것같지..;; 새로운 곡이 아니라 이전곡 베이스로 조금 변화만 준 느낌 점점 하락세타는 이유가 그건것같네요 곡이 비슷해서 질려요
River River
River River Giorno fa
Current playlist: Sunmi - Pporappipam Hwasa - Maria Chungha - Play I call it “Listen until I get tired of it” playlist. Probably never.
Blank Flower
Blank Flower Giorno fa
i'm pretty sure if this song has an acoustic, it'd be a super sad song--i'd cry
Minty Giorno fa
The beginning of this song reminds me of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
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