My Childhood Obsession with Animals

Jaiden Animations
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i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you find a creature that brings you as much joy as I do to Ari

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Nuke plays 11 minuti fa
#1 on trending lets gooopo
Terra Lex
Terra Lex 12 minuti fa
Congrats on being number 1 on trending
Sean Connolly
Sean Connolly 12 minuti fa
That's exactly my life
YouTube Moderator
YouTube Moderator 13 minuti fa
Oh wow! That is relatable!
Noah Forbes
Noah Forbes 13 minuti fa
I can give her a ferret named lola
QueenTay •
QueenTay • 13 minuti fa
Her mom is savage. She gave her a computer mouse instead of an ACTUAL mouse. SAVGE
Go away No-one home
Go away No-one home 14 minuti fa
#1 on trending
Go away No-one home
Go away No-one home 14 minuti fa
Sam Berg
Sam Berg 14 minuti fa
I love this video. Yay!
Things And stuff
Things And stuff 14 minuti fa
I read the entire maximum ride series (graphic novel) before I ever saw this vid... I'm so glad I did
Krypto 301
Krypto 301 15 minuti fa
With the amount of times you've been on the for you I wanna know how you dont have like 20mil by now
SillyChotu 2008
SillyChotu 2008 15 minuti fa
Congrats on trending
metticandy 15 minuti fa
Victoria Gowin
Victoria Gowin 15 minuti fa
congrats on being #1 on the trending page sorry for the future ones watching
Miscellaneous Stuff
Miscellaneous Stuff 16 minuti fa
I want a mouse for a pet Mom: here is computer mouse I wanna rat for a pet Mom: ok, here is computer
Darthellax 12 minuti fa
You copied this comment. And got more likes...
Dawn Rude
Dawn Rude 16 minuti fa
I never read word book series of Maximum Ride, but i did read the manga
Jessica B
Jessica B 16 minuti fa
You're not the only bird-obsessed monster James Patterson created ◝(⁰▿⁰)◜ I loved that series. Did you know they made a manga?? (yes I bought it) And a movie I heard was terrible. Side note, all the fish my family bought back in the day died within weeks too until we had some success with Mollies and they multiplied like rabbits for a while. Even the snail hatched about a thousand eggs but then we couldn't clean the tank properly because the babies were practically microscopic... We also got kind of lazy then they eventually all perished as well.... (Our two parakeets multiplied too. We thought they were brothers and we were wrong (° _ ° )).
Noah Apland
Noah Apland 16 minuti fa
Congrats on #1 on trending Jaiden! I love your videos! I know you’ve gotten #1 before so that’s awesome you’ve gotten it again (╹◡╹)♡
Zoe Klassen
Zoe Klassen 16 minuti fa
Congratulations on trending!!!
θr@ng€ 17 minuti fa
Im obbessed with animals but i don't act like that not in a mean way......
Ethan33442 17 minuti fa
I have a dog named Pepper she is really cute!
Galaxy_Gamer2020 17 minuti fa
I have two rats
Haley Ramer
Haley Ramer 17 minuti fa
Ye ye
hany wahba
hany wahba 17 minuti fa
Me: I heard someone had a bear. Jayden: MOM I WANT A BEAR Jayden's mom: what have you done...
Tuna King5
Tuna King5 18 minuti fa
Nice to see that Jaiden animations is above frozen 2
Tyus Tuber
Tyus Tuber 18 minuti fa
Denise Guajardo
Denise Guajardo 18 minuti fa
Instead of skink you should get bearded dragon there so cute
Matthew Desrochers
Matthew Desrochers 18 minuti fa
Very nice reviewbrah nod 3:03
MeannCat 19 minuti fa
OMG! You read Maximum Ride?! I've been looking for someone else that also read it! It's one of my long time favorite book series growing up! ^^
Meepy Morps
Meepy Morps 19 minuti fa
Congrats on being #1 on trending.
Lunarmoon L.
Lunarmoon L. 19 minuti fa
I hot obsessed at 5th grade. Geez jaiden, thank u for getting me a birb.
Mytato 19 minuti fa
I'm so proud of Jaiden of getting number 1 on trending
larry thegreat
larry thegreat 19 minuti fa
Jaiden you finally made it #1 on trending. now you can tell James and he'll be jealous
Crazyshela 19 minuti fa
Random Taco
Random Taco 19 minuti fa
What about Renee?
What about Renee? 19 minuti fa
Cool videos..new subbie check me out fam!
_.CreatureOfHabit._ 20 minuti fa
Number one on trending! CONGRATS!
Mejo Trousers
Mejo Trousers 20 minuti fa
Lol I love animals lmao like if u agree also I could never gets dof
Mejo Trousers
Mejo Trousers 20 minuti fa
Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka 20 minuti fa
I have 3 dogs ha
Marcy the demon loves Asha :3
Hey congrats on trending
Joshua Waines
Joshua Waines 21 minuto fa
for the algorithm
KA ZOO 21 minuto fa
I have a lizard named bob
Elody Melody
Elody Melody 21 minuto fa
i love that youtube likes terrorizing me by the fact that it’ll only notify me about a day later than when you upload.
Silly_ Puppr1107
Silly_ Puppr1107 21 minuto fa
Good job for being #1 on trending, Jaiden!
jordy peñaranda
jordy peñaranda 21 minuto fa
Como carambolas llegue aqui Estaba viendo un video de tienes in ganzo remix
Cream Cak3
Cream Cak3 21 minuto fa
I feel bad for Jaiden's parents lol
peter scott
peter scott 21 minuto fa
How about you get a tarantula
Kattbjörn 22 minuti fa
I hade a ston for It was a swedis ston
cat gamer
cat gamer 22 minuti fa
Me to
Orange Moose egg
Orange Moose egg 23 minuti fa
#1 on trending, hmm? *good job jaiden*
Cosmic Axolotl
Cosmic Axolotl 23 minuti fa
porridge4512 23 minuti fa
I work at a pet store... they probably died because of ammonia and nitrite build-up because you didnt cycle the tank. And you probably didnt have a big enough tank for Goldfish. Fish are complicated, you need filters and bacteria
Logan Thomas
Logan Thomas 24 minuti fa
im reading maximum ride.yep its still here and i FREAKING LOVE IT
Oreo the CookieAnimator
mE in every nutshell. I just couldn't get a cat because my aunt is allergic to anything exposed to the sun :( Not to mention my parents said no to everything so...
Hannah Jenkins
Hannah Jenkins 24 minuti fa
Marco Pines
Marco Pines 24 minuti fa
Oh my God that's one on trending
littlelickingllama 24 minuti fa
I was in the middle of watchinf anthony pidillo and say this and clicked on it immdeiently 😂❤
Dylan P.
Dylan P. 24 minuti fa
I love skunks. They're adorable.
Jason Bee
Jason Bee 24 minuti fa
Alejandra Valles
Alejandra Valles 24 minuti fa
Happy late bday jaiden
Dani Kruzick
Dani Kruzick 24 minuti fa
Me I have a blue tounge skink,kingsnake,crested gecko,and few other turtles and snakes
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