My Childhood Obsession with Animals

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i cannot be stopped (jk my parents stopped me)

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D May you find a creature that brings you as much joy as I do to Ari

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Lucas Kwitko
Lucas Kwitko 22 secondi fa
I have a lizard
Grapey 39 secondi fa
Maximum Ride was a great book series. Hats off the James, good stuff :)
Fsa Sneha
Fsa Sneha 41 secondo fa
I don’t think you are animal lover.Because animal lover never replace his own pets😑
Luis A
Luis A Minuto fa
I just can't believe you ask your parent for a mouse for 5 year like what???
Bob thesolider
Bob thesolider Minuto fa
Nice review bruh reference
Knight Trainer
Knight Trainer 2 minuti fa
This disabled girl at my school watches this channel and doesn’t shut the fuck up over it. Please delete your channel so her ugly ass shuts up
Kathyplayzgames 17
Kathyplayzgames 17 2 minuti fa
Congrats on numbers one on trending!!!
Blizzard Plays
Blizzard Plays 2 minuti fa
AYYY I LOVE REPTILES :P Hey, congratulations on #1 on trending!
kushagra agrawal
kushagra agrawal 2 minuti fa
Aww on the mouse but hey jaiden the computer mouse was amazing, we get all these amazing videos thanks to it and you getting a computer
Liam Shanahan
Liam Shanahan 2 minuti fa
This was me with my parents I somehow convinced them to let me get a bearded dragon 😂
Jelly OC
Jelly OC 2 minuti fa
Jaiden's kids: Hey mom can we have a shark? Jaiden: Starts sweating. Eminem: Her palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy!
Joana Soberanes
Joana Soberanes 2 minuti fa
Does Jaiden have a lisp?😳💕
Mr. ToasTerr
Mr. ToasTerr 3 minuti fa
Hold up I just heard bout maximum ride Friday in my class why looking for comic books how tf.... how tf.... just how
BellowNello 3 minuti fa
2:07 a mouse burnt down my house no joke...
Crazykiller Fortnite
I was Thinking She said Furrys holy !
Itzel Turmalina
Itzel Turmalina 3 minuti fa
I love you Jaiden kiss in México (sorry, ir dont speake ingles)
Sienna 3 minuti fa
#1 on trending!!!!
dont sub to me or else
lizzy chr
lizzy chr 3 minuti fa
Alright Jaiden, pack your stuff You’re coming to my house
Its yo gurl RoRo
Its yo gurl RoRo 4 minuti fa
Bearded dragons
Keith Sage
Keith Sage 5 minuti fa
1st on trending, nice
Alexi Volcav
Alexi Volcav 5 minuti fa
#1 on trending!!! Hello new people!!!
Chipzt Gaming
Chipzt Gaming 5 minuti fa
If you want a reptile that are calm i Think of these 3 choices beard dragon blue tunged skink and the last one and the one i have a leopard gecko
Dush 5 minuti fa
congrads #1 on trending
TryHardArts 5 minuti fa
"Parrot vibrates frantically while holding cup"
faze axel
faze axel 5 minuti fa
Good job on #1 trending
Uni Motuka
Uni Motuka 5 minuti fa
I researched, begged, and made a full on powerpoint just so my parents could get me a lovebird... I got it..... But she's a freakin brat (I still love her tho)
Rrabbix 5 minuti fa
I was constantly begging my parents for a dog as well as a child - for so many years! They ended up getting me mice to calm me down! xD
Cazycatlover 6 minuti fa
Congrats on first video in trending (again!)
SkateBoyPlays01 6 minuti fa
#1 on trending Jaiden go crazy huh
koreanjourno 6 minuti fa
i went to vidcon au and i have a picture of me with ur parents... but not u lmao
Michelle Yamit
Michelle Yamit 6 minuti fa
you forgot about kashi
Penguin King
Penguin King 7 minuti fa
*she literally wanted a mouse, A MOUSE.*
Ian Handy
Ian Handy 7 minuti fa
What about your adult obsession of living off of animations you pay others to make for you?
sharkmortal 7 minuti fa
For years as a kid I asked my dad for a cat and he finally caved when I was six and he got me a cat and another one that apparently "chose him" so we had go get her. I then moved away after my parents divorced when I was nine and no longer had a cat. My mum got a dog and thus I was not allowed another cat because my step dad does not like them. A few years down the line I got a snake and then forced my step dad to let me get a cat and now I have a cat with no tail called Amenadiel. My nan still looks after my old two cats and my snake has been rehomed recently but I have a love for animals too lmao
Silent Siren
Silent Siren 7 minuti fa
Haha, #1 on trending, *ClAp lIkE a VeRy PrOuD mOtHeR*
Gacha Hero
Gacha Hero 7 minuti fa
Fine come over to mine 😅
Sara Lieben
Sara Lieben 8 minuti fa
So like she’s on #1 trending
Philip Parsons
Philip Parsons 8 minuti fa
You just unlocked a memory from my childhood with Maximum Ride. The only thing I remember is the main girl trying to cut her arm open with a shell to remove a gps that the evil scientists planted inside her.
L0zR 8 minuti fa
#1 Trending??? Whaaat
GakuenAlice4Ever 8 minuti fa
Oh my gosh I have a goldfish kinda like that too!! I got two goldfish from a friend (one died after a few years). My friend called the pair Violet and Klaus after the book series (she never got a Sunny), but I always just called him Fishy, like yours. The one that's still alive started out gold and silver, and now he's basically all silver. He's at least 13 years old now. I don't know how he's survived this long o_o but he's a trooper and I love him!
MysticPelt 9 minuti fa
I also would let you play with my Bearded Dragon but she passed away
French PanWaffle
French PanWaffle 9 minuti fa
Animal obsession? *oh no she's a furry*
Daytona Fancysword
Daytona Fancysword 9 minuti fa
Lol I am in the 6th grade, and I got a cat this summer. It was so small, I remember him laying on my face purring away the first night I got him. He was so tiny. My dad had found him in the middle of an intersection, and it was dark. My dad almost killed it, but he managed to spot it and pick him up. I love my little Tiger, he's crazy and adorable, and he never goes a day without walking up to me and just purring away. Lol fight now he's in an empty cardboard box from a 24 pack of coca cola.
Nina Livić
Nina Livić 9 minuti fa
i have a bearded dragon and a hamster
BenAndJackVlogs 9 minuti fa
Hi I love you videos !
Farther Lights
Farther Lights 10 minuti fa
"Lots of love uwu"
LPS Kawaii Kitty
LPS Kawaii Kitty 10 minuti fa
A List of 6 Facts. 1. You're on ITvid. 2. You're reading this right now. 3. Four plus four equals ten. 4. Now you're thinking, No it equals eight. 5. Number 3 cannot be a fact because it is not true. 6. Since 3 is not a fact, The title should say, "A list of 5 facts." And now you may be thinking, How is 4 a fact, Because some people may not be thinking about the math problem. Leave a -like- potato emoji if I was right, Or if you enjoyed this.
Lauren H.
Lauren H. 10 minuti fa
Congratulations on getting #1 on trending!
ttv.areujayjay 10 minuti fa
Yay number one on trending :D
BLACK BOLT 578 11 minuti fa
Congrats on getting 1# on trending
Martina Rosa
Martina Rosa 11 minuti fa
Glad to hear that I'm not the only one making presentations about animals for my parents
Dicelord N
Dicelord N 11 minuti fa
Maximum Ride! Now that's some unexpected nostalgia
Beth B
Beth B 11 minuti fa
Amelia and Spirit
Amelia and Spirit 11 minuti fa
Birds are basically 4 year Olds. 😂😂😂
Dakota Lucio
Dakota Lucio 12 minuti fa
program 13 minuti fa
xXJenuwuXx :l
xXJenuwuXx :l 13 minuti fa
I have a fat little three legged hamster uwu. She is cute but NEVER ACTUALLY EATS ALL THE FOOD SHE COLLECTS ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻
Bubbly Pumkin Studio
Me at a house party:hanging out with the house pet
DragonSlayer 24
DragonSlayer 24 13 minuti fa
Its pumkin seed for james hamster video 7:40
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