My days of November | Ep. 48

Jonna Jinton
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Hi loves!
November has been another month with a lot of work mixed with some peaceful moments in nature. Winter came, and left, and came back again. Many evenings has been spent in the studio painting ice and snow. The night by the fire filled my heart with warmth. Nanook loves playing hide and seek.
And another friend of ours started working in our little business. These are a few glimpses of my November so far that you will see more of in this video.
I hope you will like it! And THANK YOU for all your comments! I feel overwhelmed by all your love every time I make a new video. Thank you for taking the time to write and share.
Much love to you all! ♥
► Last years Ice sound video: itvid.net/video/video-Qd-CwJa1SHE.html
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Sands of Time - Jon Algar
At last Part II - Martin Landh
Morning Mist - Staffan Carlen
Up the Winding Stairs - Million Eyes
Nostalgique - Martin Hall
Patagonia - Christophe Gorman
Balm - Million Eyes
Reykjavik - Rannar Sillard
Time without end - Spectacles wallet and watch

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Commenti 100
ocean Baadal.
ocean Baadal. 24 minuti fa
So beautiful pictures and your beautiful smiles makes it more beautiful.
Javor Outdoor
It's hard to find the Balance between how much Money and how much Time when You live Your Dream it is very important not to loose sight on why You Do the things You do it comes very fast that You in the Wheel of more more more and You endet up on the Place You was bevor Less is more You got just this live here once I love the things You do and wish You to Stay happy Greetings from Germany 😉
Pritam Panda
Pritam Panda 2 ore fa
I am from India. I love your channel. I want to go to Sweden can you guide me how I go from India.
JkJd's World
JkJd's World 5 ore fa
I'm from a tropical country and i couldn't even dare to bath with a 20 degrees cold river water.. If i ever live there i guess i have to wait until summer before i take a regular bath...😁
SRC 6 ore fa
ice ice baby ;D
Hossain shah Mohammadi
فداك روحي ياعراق
John Mikel
John Mikel 10 ore fa
Serenity, natural phenomena, beauty abounds
PaNou V
PaNou V 12 ore fa
Wow!!! I'm so happy to be alive.. Your channel brings me peace, comfort & joy. Thank you
Gideon Jager
Gideon Jager 13 ore fa
global warming happened...sigh... I'm sorry
Sandy A
Sandy A 13 ore fa
Do you ever encounter wildlife? Aren't you scared?
pana Yamilla
pana Yamilla 15 ore fa
I love your videos they are beautiful
John Brademas
John Brademas 17 ore fa
Hello beautiful Jonna, from your last 10 years experience, do you think global warming is real or just a fantasy ?
Jie Alexander
Jie Alexander 19 ore fa
Laphroaig? Amazing Whisky, your Father has good taste 😁🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 My daughter is named Isla from the Island of Islay where that it is distilled. Beautiful video, family, friends, fire and whisky 😁🙏
Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess 22 ore fa
Are there some beasts in jungle ?
Fairy Princess
Fairy Princess 22 ore fa
Are there some beasts in jungle ?
Mishal Noor Saddozai
Love from Pakistan..🇵🇰🌹❤️
Ahmed Badubyan
Ahmed Badubyan Giorno fa
Jonna Jinton is Snow-White of the North.
Anon View
Anon View Giorno fa
The dog has the best of life.my wolf would love playing in that much snow.I bet that night sky is georgious.Amazing life and place you have,but the snow and ice are not for me,or ice baths,but enjoy watching anyway.Im too lazy and old to live that way even tho it makes for pretty,rosey cheeks
Wilko Betzin
Wilko Betzin Giorno fa
Bezaubernd schön! Also die Landschaft .😉
Amleta Bloom
Amleta Bloom Giorno fa
I have pain in my muscle with this cold weather. I neve could swim in cold water. You're crazy 😂
саша Giorno fa
Дуже гарна природа та казкова краса !!! дякую за відео
Renato Ortega
Renato Ortega Giorno fa
I’m love too 🇨🇦🌹🐝. Merci pour cette belle conversation 🦋
Amy Dobson
Amy Dobson Giorno fa
Jonna, you are my INSPIRATION, my visual reason and humility to keep going. I am going to learn other languages, set up a blog and hike every weekend doing landscape photography, I'm going to camp out and photograph the night sky. I'm going to start painting again, and start doing the things that are important and put my mind at peace whilst expanding all possibilities, THANKYOU JONNA!❤
Marina Kaiser
Marina Kaiser Giorno fa
What a beautiful Country, magnificent really ❤
Ana Maria
Ana Maria Giorno fa
The view from up high is wonderful. Thank you for showing us the beautiful sights
Yashodha Krishnan
Love from India♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kim de las Alas
Kim de las Alas Giorno fa
lové ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Christina Panait
Yani Francisco
Yani Francisco Giorno fa
So beautiful 😘
Fabio S. Brandão
Olá! Eu sou brasileiro e estou gostando muito dos seus vídeos. As paisagens de inverno são realmente fantásticas. Abraços! Tchau!
Vincent V
Vincent V Giorno fa
I'd be pissed if someone said I looked like Jim Carrey's ugly ass.
Tarot London
Tarot London 2 giorni fa
Yo Adrian!! Hello.
gabriel gervais
gabriel gervais 2 giorni fa
Jeg trodde du ble redd for å tygge maten din foran oss og at vi skulle se deg spise...😂😂
DIKSHA PRASHER 2 giorni fa
Mam u are the fairy 🧚 of this beautiful land... I wish I could come and meet u once...
Jimmy 2 giorni fa
огромное спасибо за русские субтитры!
Hussain Almahri
Hussain Almahri 2 giorni fa
Hugo osorio
Hugo osorio 2 giorni fa
I'm in love with the place where you live ..all the way from Mexico 🇲🇽 Blessing
Karishma B.C.
Karishma B.C. 2 giorni fa
You are so blessed to live in such beautiful part of world and we are blessed to witness this beauty because of you. Thank you alot 💓 Much love from Nepal.. keep growing
Samson Morozov
Samson Morozov 2 giorni fa
СУПЕР ПОЗИТИВ 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
kashi nath
kashi nath 2 giorni fa
Thanks for very beautiful videos. God bless you always
Антон Малиновский
So beautiful, thank you so much.
zulfiqar abbasi
zulfiqar abbasi 3 giorni fa
you are so brave girl
Emiels 3 giorni fa
Your life is magic, and Nanook is the sweetest dog there is 💞
Alden Goode
Alden Goode 3 giorni fa
Beautiful imaging and messaging.
Dimitar 3 giorni fa
Its magic
Andrey M
Andrey M 3 giorni fa
Бесподобная девушка.
Rich-ArD-Style 4 giorni fa
I am very grateful for your videos. They are my treasures, too, like as for other people too. They remind me of thoughts, feelings and things I used to do and things I wanted to do and that being in Natur is the true place to be. Thank for being here and sharing with us your passions, dear Jonna. I watch you for some years now and spread your video messages to my best friends, or have told other people about you, also while on a Trip to Sweden to Sweds. ❤️⭐️✨😊👏🏻⭐️😊THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH.
Rich-ArD-Style 4 giorni fa
Lovely video, but Nanook gripped my heart strongly in it . Such a sweet dog.
Casimir Ozias
Casimir Ozias 4 giorni fa
You are so beautiful like a Spartan girl very original women
Addie Hathaway
Addie Hathaway 4 giorni fa
Jonna - goes in freezing cold water Me- with a sweat shirt and 3 blankets on watching her Lol
Annika D.
Annika D. 4 giorni fa
I just love every video that you are making ♥️ it is clearly to See that you love what you are doing and charing your Life with us is just amazing! Thank you Jonna🙏🏽
Fahri Akdeniz
Fahri Akdeniz 4 giorni fa
Ірина Лазоренко
Bianca Jaguer
Bianca Jaguer 5 giorni fa
Gracias gracias gracias por los subtítulos 😘😘 Saludos y bendiciones de San Francisco CA 💞💕
tractors addict
tractors addict 6 giorni fa
Lucky dog kissed by you
Henrik Larsson
Henrik Larsson 6 giorni fa
Adrian looks way more like "Jack" in Lost ^)^
Your videos are like therapy to me.
Opalotus e antigos
Opalotus e antigos 6 giorni fa
Estou apaixonado q mulher linda 😍
E. Nees
E. Nees 7 giorni fa
I want to be your dog😩living its best life ❤️
Linh Trần
Linh Trần 7 giorni fa
Watching your video is like to meditate while learning English. Send to you all so much love 🥰
Justin Coleman
Justin Coleman 7 giorni fa
So you originally went from being popular on the internet because of your cattle calling to now focusing on your artwork. The most important thing is that you're doing what you want in your life & you're happy about it.
Jonas Henrique
Jonas Henrique 7 giorni fa
I relax with your videos, sound and voice. I am a Brazilian fan of the channel. Thank you
Foysal bokaul
Foysal bokaul 8 giorni fa
Love since 2017 💙💙💙beautiful country sweden.
alina amalia
alina amalia 8 giorni fa
Sybille Lorenz
Sybille Lorenz 8 giorni fa
Thank you very very much for all ! Your spirit is wonderful. When I see you cuddle with Nanouk I got tears in my eyes... I have a dog (and a cat) and love to be with him together on the floor ❤️💚
Larry Green
Larry Green 9 giorni fa
Just wanted to say thank you for sharing what you do. Especially the cinematic videos they are so calming, I have health issues which causes anxiety and your videos help me. I live in Nashville Tennessee with my beautiful wife of 45 years. I just recently turned 69 years old, time has flown by so fast. I am a grandfather and a great grandfather, I’ve been blessed to say the least. Thank you again. Larry
Bharathi Shanmugam
Bharathi Shanmugam 9 giorni fa
U people where do u dry ur clothes in winter...?🙄 bcz even we r living in the tropical region if we'll get winter or rainy for 2 days we are struggling to tolerate stay in home with the smell of wet clothes...and finally when the sun climbs up we realise that we are alive...love from India♥️Tamilnadu...
Thyessa 9 giorni fa
I feel cold just watching your videos, 2 minutes in a place like this and I would be having a hypothermic collapse lool
avalandliving 9 giorni fa
Dear Jonna :) I have just found your channel and WOW, you have the most beautiful soul and way of expressing yourself and creativity. Thank you for existing and for being you
مريم مريومه
انت حقا مبدعا 👄💖
Eka Mor
Eka Mor 9 giorni fa
I just wanted to THANK YOU from all my heart for the amazing inspirational and soul cheering videos that you've been creating. It is amazing to see your journey from 10 years ago. See the evolution of your work and how much you've grown as an artist. It was great to learn that you had a turning point in your life: when you decided to give up everything you had and start a new life ... a simple life far far away from a city all alone, with the calm mind and the acceptance that you may never find a soul mate....of course the Havens had a different perspective on your life :D and you found Johan.... but at that time, it is admirable, how strong you were, how fearless you were..... how positive you were to give up everything and just go all alone on the journey of your life .... it was extremely inspirational to see you, calmly shopping the wood to keep your home warm as no big deal :D. It was amazing to see how with this channel you showed to the whole world that it's ok to make a leap of faith in your life, it's ok to give up everything and start over. And it's most certainly ok to be alone.. ..... we are stronger then we think. Thank you, Jonna for being you and for sharing stories of your life with us!
Danica Etnel
Danica Etnel 10 giorni fa
She is a real life Elsa
Tish Parker
Tish Parker 10 giorni fa
Must be the Trolls, hiding and scrambling around to watch one of their favourite people! All the best to you and yours this year. From Canada.
Usel Ssaj
Usel Ssaj 11 giorni fa
Wolf Willow Wild
Wolf Willow Wild 11 giorni fa
What lens do you use?
Dwight Schrute
Dwight Schrute 12 giorni fa
The trick to a brush fire is to start it small and consistently feed it until it's done. Makes controlling it much easier in case it got out of hand.
МишНяш 12 giorni fa
Вова Бублей
я как сталь)))
Giraffe Neck
Giraffe Neck 12 giorni fa
can you record the forest sounds now? since last year you've said that it was too loud in the summer and spring to hear the "odd" sounds in the forest!
Irina Sokolova
Irina Sokolova 13 giorni fa
Спасибо за титры на русском языке! Природа прекрасна💖
Yesica1993 13 giorni fa
I keep hearing there are stars like this but... I have never seen them. I've never seen a mountain. I've never seen a forest.
Oana Zamostean
Oana Zamostean 13 giorni fa
Do you still use those natural pigments for your work?
hannaj Mendoza
hannaj Mendoza 13 giorni fa
I hope I can buy her paintings! They're so beautiful but I'm still in college so I hope someday when I finish school, I can buy them.
Guillermo Borda
Guillermo Borda 13 giorni fa
Me encantas..💖🌹
Valentina Turetta
Valentina Turetta 14 giorni fa
Sorry, last question, what do you use to film yourself? Thank you again 😊😊
Star ship
Star ship 13 giorni fa
It was answered in her previous videos itvid.net/video/video-tsWHyQHFoR0.html
Valentina Turetta
Valentina Turetta 14 giorni fa
Super video as always 😊 thank you for sharing this:)) quick question, which make-up do you use or do you have any suggestions in this way? Thank you a lot! And happy new year! 🥳🤩
Lady Of Sedahs
Lady Of Sedahs 14 giorni fa
WOWW PAINTINGS ARE AMAZING 😻 COLD COLORS OF WATER AND ICE IS JUST WONDERFUL 🌺 I will help much as I can to promote your work Very impressed with the path you choose.. not made for everyone to live the way you do! Lol And very talented 💫🌺
A Alexander
A Alexander 14 giorni fa
Thank you for all you vlogs and video i am from Curacao thank you 😘💝
Loes Werleman
Loes Werleman Giorno fa
Hey and I'm from Aruba 😃. Also enjoying the videos.
God_speed Jensen
God_speed Jensen 14 giorni fa
When i feel alot of inspiration, i need to play world of warcraft.
Michelle West
Michelle West 15 giorni fa
Jag är besatt av naturen nu på grund av dig Jonna. (For those who want to know what I said I said “I am obsessed with nature now because of you Jonna) (still trying to learn Swedish so forgive me if I messed up)
Michelle West
Michelle West 12 giorni fa
@rolf ehrling :) thank you
rolf ehrling
rolf ehrling 12 giorni fa
Perfect Michelle!
nicole trapelove
nicole trapelove 15 giorni fa
Women's Health
Women's Health 15 giorni fa
Thank you so much!
Hajar Sajid
Hajar Sajid 15 giorni fa
I love you 💖 you give me Hope
Robert Heger
Robert Heger 16 giorni fa
Try a leaf blower next time the fire does not want to start. Works every time!
Joan Brucks
Joan Brucks 16 giorni fa
Beauregard Frost
Beauregard Frost 16 giorni fa
Beautiful! I love it.
Ly Malk
Ly Malk 17 giorni fa
Jonna - your videos and happiness are like a medicine for a soul! 🌟
Melanie Cropp
Melanie Cropp 17 giorni fa
Help? I'm looking at buying a camera, and have looked everywhere for the ones Jonna use, in the descriptions to her videos, but can't find it anywhere? Does anyone know what she uses or could send me a link? Thanks!
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