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New 2019 animated stories that actually happened!

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Hi, everybody! My name is Mercy and I am sixteen. Have you ever heard of the expression that says "children are punished for the sins of their parents”? Well, I am that very kid.
I suppose the main cause of my problems is that I could never see my biological mother as my mother. Even though I knew her for my whole life and I found out that she was really my mother a long time ago - when I was eight.
It was then that my father, Ben, told me that my older sister Annice was, in fact, my mother.
Oh my God, how happy was I! Annice lived in another city, and I did not see her often, but I waited for her every time as if it were Christmas!
This also meant that Annice’s children were my real brothers and sisters! And I knew that Annice was expecting another baby who was going to be born soon. Of course, I asked my father if we could go and see Annice as soon as possible!
When I looked out the train window and thought about my first encounter with Annice as my mother, it had suddenly occurred to my mind that my father was, indeed, my grandfather. It might seem strange, but this was much harder for me to accept, even though everything had become clear now. Ben was well beyond his fifties, and he was older than all my friends’ fathers.
I was confused, trying to adapt to this new world inside my head. But this happy feeling, that I will soon hug my mother, still mattered most.
...I suppose that there was one single moment in my life when I felt that Annice was my mother. When we arrived, and I, embarrassingly tongue twisted the simplest words in the world, and fumblingly said: “Mommy, please comb me.”
While Annice was brushing my hair and we talked about the baby sleeping under her heart, I was totally and absolutely happy.
And I was happy for a while after Ben and I got back home. I did not have any close friends, but I told everybody who would listen that I would soon be living with my mother. It's good that my life did not interest people too much, and nobody asked me about it later on.
Because after a couple of months I realized that Annice was not going to change her life. Ben, who I had started to call my father again, tried to comfort me and said that Annice was having a hard time right now, waiting for the baby, and her other children needed her attention too, and that now was just not the best time for change.
But the right time never came. And I started to call Annice my sister again. Ben did not correct me, - it was easier for both of us.
Four years had passed. And suddenly Ben and I learned that Annice had left her husband… and their three children. I was already twelve, and Ben did not hide his shock from me. But I… I felt hope. If Annice had left them, did it mean that she would come back to us? To ME?
I did not tell Ben about my thoughts, I kept them deep inside my heart. But since I saw that he did not approve of Annice's actions, I argued with him, sincerely defending her and looking for any reasons that could justify her decisions.
At approximately the same time I asked him how it happened that he adopted me. And he told me. Annice was sixteen when she gave birth to me. She had to miss a year of high school because of that, and then she moved to another town to finish school, leaving her newborn, me, with her father, Ben.
And when Annice came back she did not want to stay with Ben. She had found a job and could now afford to rent a room, so she moved out... and took me with her!
But the baby, who did not yet turn two, only caused problems. When she left for work, she left me with her roommate, who worked from home. But once, he went out to get some food, you know, just for a second. And suddenly he ran into a friend. It might have been okay, but he had left a window open. It was winter, and I got a pneumonia after a several hours of crying in an ice-cold room, dressed in just a sliders.
Ben took me into his home after the hospital. He thought it would be a temporary solution. But after six months Annice got married and left town. In the next six months she had another baby. Then another one… I was already four by that time and I remember drawing a greeting card for my dear sister Annice…
Ben’s story only made me more positive that Annice… my mother, was going to come back to us.
But within a year Ben and I learned that Annice had had another baby and was happily living with him and her new boyfriend. I think that this news was the final blow to all my naive dreams. And as they vanished, I sank into the darkness of depression.

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Melody Cardeno
Melody Cardeno 7 mesi fa
And hi or yw.
Melody Cardeno
Melody Cardeno 7 mesi fa
My mom is almost in here 50's she is 44 years old.
abi Charles
abi Charles 7 mesi fa
Disney made a show about the same thing but happier.
Aidan Rodriguez
Aidan Rodriguez 8 mesi fa
"Please watch the video on this channel" bruh
JoJo Siwa wannabe Wannabe
Saideh Rajaei LKo
Hailey Shannon
Hailey Shannon Giorno fa
This happened to Eric Clapton, Jack Nicholson, and Bobby Darian as well
Samia Giorno fa
I feel sorry for Annice. Ben should not have told you in that way. She was also a victim.
Sonia Alexander
Sonia Alexander 3 giorni fa
I am glad they went for Harvey, I was worried the story would end without him getting help.
Mikieo winson
Mikieo winson 11 giorni fa
O my ur mom is so crazy 🙄
Scfty 15 giorni fa
Am I the only one who's confused??
ShinChan Dude
ShinChan Dude 18 giorni fa
Next : My brother is actually my grandpa and my mother is actually my uncle !!
E Nation!
E Nation! Mese fa
this is actually the prettiest person on here i EVER seen < 3 .
Zuley Ortiz
Zuley Ortiz Mese fa
this is like andi mack
Aiden Ramirez
It is best that her Mom is not in her life, you saw that apartment
Tracie Button
I REALLY want to know what happened to Harvey
isafrmkalihi Mese fa
tbh i can relate alot yk because my whole life i thougt my grandma was my mom and my REAL mom was my sister but till the age of 12 i was looking for my birth certificet and i found it but it was with adoption papers and i thought we were gonna adopt but i saw my grandparents names and for my b.c i saw my sisters and my brother inlaws name so i showed it to my parents and they were shocked and they told me to sit down and they showed me the pictures of my real mom holding me and my neice that is actually my older sister by her my mom had me at 13 and had my sister at 10 so yea then i asked them why she didnt want me they said bc my mom was to young to have kids but i just got mad bc if she was to young to have kids then why did she keep my sister sialalani and after when i was born my mom had more kids and now i dont really care abt her anymore and just call my grandma and papa mom and dad
Cassandra Buxton
the mum is horrible
I was a doctor at 7 *ACTUALLY HAPPENED*
I can’t change my pfp help !!
When is there gonna be one of these about corona virus lol
Jada Sims
Jada Sims 2 mesi fa
Why Is She Throwing A Fribsee In The Supermarket...
Jada Sims
Jada Sims 2 mesi fa
1:15 What The Heck Kind Of Train Has Two Seats ?!?!?!?!
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My imaginary friend is actually my OC ACTUALLY HAPPENED
22Precious Pumpkin22
I really feel bad for her Mom's children 💔😢 they shouldn't live in that type of state.
Lillie Brown
Lillie Brown 2 mesi fa
That's weird that her mother is her sister
Bree 2 mesi fa
the fact that they left her in her room crying for hours cold af. makes me wanna push the roommate and her ‘sister’ off a cliff. no baby should suffer like that🥺.
SiimplyGloriia 2 mesi fa
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Niah J .
Niah J . 3 mesi fa
God Bless 🙏🏽💜 , have an Blessed one everyone Amen 🙏🏽💜
infinitesky RBLX
2020: my sister is actually my biological mother 2030: my pet dog is my dad but he ate my mom and sister, and put his dong on a sticck
Kommand Vlogz
Kommand Vlogz 3 mesi fa
Clap clap clap best title ever
Dandielion Gacha :3
Omfg the comments have come true
Christina Thompson
Hold up.. Pixie cut, parent is grandparent, sister is mom? AndiMack, is that you?
Audrey Ramos
Audrey Ramos 3 mesi fa
Ahh it finally happened...
Why do certified losers end up having kids. It should be made illegal worldwide. Save the kids.
T - T
T - T 3 mesi fa
Anniece needs to learn about birth control methods
sargent-nova 2511
I am kinda confused how your sister is your mother
The Sim
The Sim 3 mesi fa
Next video:My father raped my cat and now she is working at walmart?
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert 3 mesi fa
Good grandpa.
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert 3 mesi fa
She had 5 kids this is crazy.
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert 3 mesi fa
Woe sad her brother was abused too.
Patrema Gilbert
Patrema Gilbert 3 mesi fa
Sad she had no child care. An left her fren who left her alone. Woe crazy.
Fahima Akter
Fahima Akter 3 mesi fa
That is really sad!!🙁😥
Be Volkisch
Be Volkisch 3 mesi fa
About 100 years ago there was no requirement than anyone take care of their children, that is basically a social construction and a new one.
That one kid who always says "I'm older so I'm in charge!" Mercy walk in: "THINK AGAIN CHILD!"
Epic Troll
Epic Troll 3 mesi fa
We called this story
Fiona Seybold
Fiona Seybold 3 mesi fa
andi mack has left the chat
Renny Sings
Renny Sings 3 mesi fa
i swear i thought of andi mack when i clicked on this and when i saw the hair omg i swear this is just like a new version of andi mack
The Master Tanker
Actually happened Also known as The tales of Alabama
Ebizzill 3 mesi fa
Anise is getting it on
Marinela Bates
Marinela Bates 3 mesi fa
She probley had all these children and gave up on collage in order to recive goverment benifits
Marinela Bates
Marinela Bates 3 mesi fa
Its sad that people like this exisits giving up on collage or mature life dreams because they cant resisit the d*cks.
WiseCurrentGleefulGames Official
HAHA! This made me LMAO!🤣
Astrum 3 mesi fa
Now you know what to not be as a woman but just damn you never thought about your siblings
Mister C F
Mister C F 3 mesi fa
lonewolf031 3 mesi fa
Anise is trash..
Kungfu Monie
Kungfu Monie 4 mesi fa
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Diving Diva
Diving Diva 4 mesi fa
Next on actually happened: my best friend is actually my grandma
Fernando Perez Moeales
ANNIcE needs to stop being rich A bad mom and taking care of her kids
congly vo
congly vo 4 mesi fa
I’m confused
Shana Manning
Shana Manning 4 mesi fa
Where is Anieces mother at?
Savye Guerra
Savye Guerra 4 mesi fa
𝑨𝒏𝒅𝒚 𝑴𝒂𝒄𝒌?
Tyia Smith
Tyia Smith 4 mesi fa
Wait does this mean that her father had sex with his own daughter
Malik Gordon
Malik Gordon 4 mesi fa
This is why kids should not be raising kids.
Jxrdyn __
Jxrdyn __ 4 mesi fa
Andi Mack entered the chat: 👀
raerae4867 4 mesi fa
Wait so her grandpa slept with his daughter???? Or she had a completely different dad and he just raised her?
daniella reayy
daniella reayy 4 mesi fa
bruh i just watched a vid where it says “i hate my child cause he won’t let me party” and the lady gave him to her parents and now this vid oh my
Sinstation JDF
Sinstation JDF 4 mesi fa
Not surprised with the fact that the oldest child in my family is 22 years older than the youngest--
ThE45clown 4 mesi fa
Dj Khalid:*watches video* Dj Khalid: another one when she had a baby
jojocutie14 4 mesi fa
Why don’t they just sterilize her. No more children from this crazy irresponsible human being.
Shafin Shikder
Shafin Shikder 4 mesi fa
father having intercourse with his daughter.i mean ,i can't even
Skinny Bones
Skinny Bones 4 mesi fa
Damn this is deep 😿
Rai Samore
Rai Samore 4 mesi fa
Andi Mack is that chu????
hiitsmebella01 123
Next story: my lightbulb is really my mom AND dad!!
C.I.A Agent Tequila Cat
The Kai
The Kai 4 mesi fa
i hate that animation
LASHK001 4 mesi fa
Some people keep having babies in order to feel some kind of love and attachment, but it doesnt last because babies take a lot of work and dont give a whole lot of love. So she will probably keep having babies because she likes the feeling of being needed and getting attention until it becomes too real and she hurts the poor kids in one way or another :-(.
Disdanny 4 mesi fa
Title sounds like a comment from any of their videos.
ThatGurl2002 XD
ThatGurl2002 XD 5 mesi fa
Called this months ago
Adele Jones
Adele Jones 5 mesi fa
Andi Mack who?
Jangochy and Mangochy Games Videos Afridi
This story is very sad and why the mother has to leave their children and the mother is a bad woman it's very very sad and again it's very sad 😂😂😰😨☹️👹👺👹🦈🎄
onyinye b.
onyinye b. 5 mesi fa
Soo what happened to her other kids
im suck at fortnite
I l love turtles
im suck at fortnite
My Bff is my DADD
Sydney Neizer
Sydney Neizer 5 mesi fa
What kinda andi mack stuff is this
Rob But while
Rob But while 5 mesi fa
Andy Mack plot
Abyss 5 mesi fa
this is the story of andi mack
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