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Gambling is a risk, you either win big or lose everything, but if you buy my merch you always win :-)
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3 feb 2023




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Commenti 14 096
TheAMaazing Mese fa
Thanks for the two hundred dollary-doos mate 🪃🦘
Laura Hancock Jones
Animationz 3 giorni fa
Pippa Burbidge
Pippa Burbidge 4 giorni fa
@Death_Itself yh me too
Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo 5 giorni fa
burger lad
burger lad Mese fa
This is the first time I’ve watched an odd1sout video in a long time, and let me say… the animation has improved so much! It’s so smooth, and now animated completely, whereas before it was only just a few frames. It looks so good 🤩
mattea gatt
mattea gatt 2 giorni fa
YaBoySebas 3 giorni fa
I know right
acosta 5 giorni fa
@Angus Thank god someone agrees
Stonks the Duck
Stonks the Duck 8 giorni fa
•Clxudy• 11 giorni fa
Same! Proud James hit 18 Million subs
medumdum Mese fa
Former slot technician; as soon as you hit the play button the entire gamble is determined in milliseconds. Even if you get 1000 free plays, the end total is known to the machine right away.
Nicole Panico
Nicole Panico 11 giorni fa
I just found A among us character outside of the window at 0:36
Lolokraft 14 giorni fa
Venvendino 17 giorni fa
What dono you use to animate?
Galaxia 17 giorni fa
Does that matter? Whether the end result is known or not wouldn't make a difference if it's not rigged. I assume it's rigged but you just said it's predetermined
Meliorem 15 giorni fa
Casinos are so fascinating from a psychological level because they utilize the sunk cost fallacy and near miss effect to an absurd degree. The golden apples section is a great point to both of these.
Joe H
Joe H Mese fa
This video is so great because your experience is identical to most addicts that get hooked. I worked in a casino bar for five years, and every single one of them had DOZENS of stories just like the anecdotes in the video. They take it further though. These stories will create superstitions that completely defy rational thought as well. Had these regulars we called "the screen lickers" because one time the husband's finger was wet from the condensation of his beer bottle, and he rolled a jackpot. So then he started getting cups of water and dipping his finger in to wet the screen. And then he got too lazy for that and started licking his finger instead. And then his wife started to do the same thing. It's wild. I once tried to explain the scam of jackpots to a regular out of curiosity to see if she would understand. In my state, jackpot winners of over $1200 owe 30% of the winnings back to the state for taxes. Since regulars/addicts are statistically the most likely jackpot winners and will just put all the money back...jackpots are literally a tax on being addicted. And they just don't get it. They whooped and hollered regardless and tipped me, the bartender, hundreds of dollars for their win...on a slot machine. Because it's supposedly good luck. Gambling addicts aren't just people who don't understand the stacked math of gambling, they're actually so superstitious that logic loses meaning to them entirely.
Never gonna give you up
@Pheakdei តកី្ត Yeah bro, I can take 2 minutes off of my day (or a bit more) to write something and then there's a small chance that someone will actually think I've just wrote a book.
Pheakdei តកី្ត
@vortexjolt and I add another person who thinks 3 short paragraphs (in this case, it’s more like 2) is too long to read AKA illiterate people on the internet tally list
vortexjolt 23 giorni fa
bro for real did a whole presentation
C0NN3XXX10N 28 giorni fa
Starting watching this guy in 2017. He has really improved on his animation skills.
Sudz 18 giorni fa
I don’t think he animates it anymore, maybe a little bit but he has a whole team behind it now instead
Haminations Mese fa
Did you know that 90% of gamblers quit gambling right before they would have won 100 million dollars! Stay dedicated guys!
C Yh
C Yh Giorno fa
Edwin Mejia
Edwin Mejia Giorno fa
Bryson I am your biggest fan 𝓑🖤𝓐💜𝓝💛𝓖💙𝓣🧡𝓐💚𝓝 and they called it ♡︎🦋 𝕡𝕦𝕡𝕡𝕪 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖
e Giorno fa
Sal Mese fa
I can’t believe how much his animation has changed over the years wow! ☺️
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez 16 giorni fa
ion like it. back in the day it was so simple now it seems like these animators are doing way too much. also i hate the fingers the characters have
Auhsoj Acosta
PowerPoint odds1out still feels very good quality despite having minimal animation
Chibi-tube 🎨
Ok but the animation tho, you can see the improvement, ive had to double take and rewind countless times because the work is so *outstanding* props to everyone who worked on this y'all out did yourselves, my goodness, yalls work does not go unnoticed🤩🤩
♠ Encore! ♣
♠ Encore! ♣ 17 giorni fa
As a dedicated gambler, I came back to this channel after years just for this…. I understand the pain and glory💀💀
Goober 29 giorni fa
It’s crazy how this guy turned from a small ITvidr to having a full on Netflix show He deserves it ngl Edit: and are we not gonna talk about 2:56 cuz this just made me feel uncomfortable lol
Goober 6 giorni fa
5s 7 giorni fa
mcidontgiveacrap 22 giorni fa
If you pause it and hit the timeline then his face looks like if Morty from Rick and Morty had too much Cracker Barrel
Wonderstorm 28 giorni fa
Same about 2:56 I feel the same way
Meera Rishaan
Meera Rishaan 10 giorni fa
I will forever be indebted to you, You've changed my whole life and i continue to preach about your name for the whole world to hear you've saved me from a huge financial debt with just little investment,Thanks so much Mrs Debra Ethan.
Victor Williams
Victor Williams 10 giorni fa
I was skeptical at first till I decided to try. Its huge returns is awesome. I can't say much.
Williams Linda
Williams Linda 10 giorni fa
I have traded with a lot of individuals but I have never come across anyone as good as Mrs Debra Ethan, just by applying her strategies I now trade independently. she is the best I'd advise any newbie in investing to trade with her.
Evelyn Saucedo
Evelyn Saucedo 10 giorni fa
This is not the first time I am hearing of Mrs Debra Ethan and her exploits in the trading world but I have no idea how to get to her. Thanks for the info.
Tomás Afonso
Tomás Afonso 10 giorni fa
With the consistent weekly profits I'm getting investing with Mrs Debra Ethan, there's no doubt she is the most reliable in the market. Such a genius.
Yannik Tian
Yannik Tian 10 giorni fa
Okay thanks ma'am.
IceNinja Mese fa
As somebody who works in a casino, this is the best representation of gambling on youtube.
Mariofan18 15 giorni fa
@CraneStuffs As a nearby trash can near a casino can confirm.
Chevrolet-Poitiers 19 giorni fa
What about ‘How much money can we launder in one day?’
CraneStuffs Mese fa
@Hunter Zuest As a cat that lives outside a casino I agree
Sheridan Zhang
As a casino, this is the best representation of gambling on youtube.
Basecat Mese fa
@dragon 🐉 uhhhhhhh
Kaceyology 5 giorni fa
The OG storytime animation pioneers are diverging into different niches and I love the direction of this James' channel lool. Hes just talking about whatever that comes to mind and him plus his team produces these consistently well-made, sorta quasi philosophical commentary videos. ngl his intelligent humour, interesting topic matter and super smooth high quality animation convinces me this is truly (one of ) the most entertaining youtube channel(s) or at least among the throng of other storytime animation youtubers nowadays. So, keep up the amazing work!
Ghost 28 giorni fa
The fact that he has an entire Netflix show, not many people can say that, keep up the good work James!
Uncanny 10 giorni fa
Wow. The quality literally skyrocketed on this video! Such an awesome and talented team!
HikloGamer 26 giorni fa
My parents used to gamble, and had a set budget of 100 bucks. Sometimes, they won about 1,000 dollars, but they never exceeded their budget. They eventually stopped when the casino near our house shut down
BeefBurrito Mese fa
The animation in his new videos are absolutely crazy. His team is doing an amazing job
AK_804 Mese fa
@TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n ?
TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n
@AK_804 BRO the fact that you are reading this much into it means that you actually CARE about this stuff you think that others would post a comment JUST to see the number of likes go above 100? we live in a society man we really do 💀
TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n
@Just Some Guy with a Thicc Mustache yeah, also something about the "smooth" parts of this video just feel odd
TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n
​@Sad ghost vibes uhh yeah? look at the animation in this video: 1 second it's all bouncy bouncy poses sliding across a backround next second all the pieces of the body and animated individually
TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n
@Felipe Solis the hands are pre-drawn
M E Mese fa
From subway to having a season 2 in netflix u came a long way man! Good people wins in the end proved once again.big congratulations!
Abahcato Mese fa
I think you meant Sooubway
Selina Mitchell
Larva Tuba Show
Congrats on Oddballs season 2, man! Y'all really deserve it!
Link_master 2
Link_master 2 9 giorni fa
Im serious when i say this, you are my idle, you give hope and help me with animating, you are helping me go through middle school just by making videos, i know you dont know i existed, but you help me a lot by making me laugh and go through stress, James, thank you a lot ❤️❤️❤️
Noah Linkin
Noah Linkin Mese fa
I loved your reference to Arin’s “23” moment on game grumps. Very funny!
Sam Mese fa
I love that so much xD
Markyroson 25 giorni fa
That is still so cool that you got your own Netflix animated show. Well done, James!!
Catpaw616 Mese fa
This channel went from Jame's stories in his life to now teaching lessons about life in general, and I love it
NiceCube Mese fa
I don't
Catpaw616 Mese fa
@HE’S coming soon I know
HE’S coming soon
U must to believe in Jesus. He's coming soon
Catpaw616 Mese fa
Atheism Is Over Uh... ok
Catpaw616 Mese fa
@Joshua H Hah now u don't to wait anymore 😅
funny farm123
Oddballs should have an episode that is dedicated to James working at subway.
kaela :)
kaela :) Mese fa
as someone who legally can't gamble yet, this makes me want to so bad
Sir L
Sir L 14 giorni fa
honestly, the progression of your animation is absolutely gorgeous
really good job on the lighting and making the casino atmosphere come to life!
Ava Sim
Ava Sim 15 giorni fa
I have watched this millions of times. Me and my sister love this.
The Sans Behind The Sans
I really like how James went from life stories to more of a life lessons content channel
NiceCube Mese fa
I don't
Josias Lourenço
Hebrews 12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, James 2:24,26 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. John 3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
Will Mese fa
I miss the life story videos
Nick Reitz
Nick Reitz Mese fa
Ikr he always has little dhmis teasors
Netherite Ingot
i think he ran out of life to talk about
Krasen Lazarov
Krasen Lazarov 15 giorni fa
Bro that is amazing way to influence the younger ones! Everything you said about gambling is true, you never end up winning from those things.
Old’s Cool Gaming
Old’s Cool Gaming 16 giorni fa
All I can say about gambling is to never bet more than you’re willing to lose.
Akusa 19 giorni fa
I love the amount of references he puts in his videos
MurderDroneGuy 19 giorni fa
The dhmis is my favorite
ZTD Mobile
ZTD Mobile Mese fa
I'm now on the streets but still gambling thank James! 😀
Josequeen 11 giorni fa
2:56 As a Genshin Impact player, I can neither confirm nor deny this is what I feel every time I do a single pull.
Qocket Mese fa
The fluidity of the animation and the colours chosen makes these new videos seem like moving works of art.
Zestywesty 🥺
@leaked footage full stop punctuation
S M Mese fa
ziwuri13 Mese fa
Big ups to James' team!
Lil Dino!
Lil Dino! Mese fa
this channel is the definition of "worth the wait"
Lucas.H 13 giorni fa
He is probably the most successful animation ITvidr
vitamin c
vitamin c 13 giorni fa
I just wanna say good job on oddballs its my new favourite thing to watch i love to watch the episodes over and over qgain
Franky Mese fa
As someone who lives in Vegas, I can confirm that there are slot machines at almost every single place you go at the strip
Danielle Proctor
Danielle Proctor 22 giorni fa
James you make me laugh all the time thanks for making these videos
bclynch30 Mese fa
Idk why it’s so satisfying to see how SMOOTH James’ animation is, especially in his show
TzargAnimates previously muf3n muf3n
@Senpai yeah, although in my opinion I like the bouncy pose-to-pose, I can also say for a fact that not everyone agrees with me, and that odd1sout probably likes making them more now, so yeah I guess that is true
Benelux Empire(at greatest extent with colony's🇪🇺)
@_xo3ah1_ iam calm just accidently had caps lock on
_xo3ah1_ Mese fa
@Benelux Empire(at greatest extent with colony's🇪🇺)calm down
_xo3ah1_ Mese fa
@Sagetrue, but we’re older now so
Senpai Mese fa
He's a bigboy animation team nowadays. I sure miss the mom's basement James, but we all got to grow up. He's a picture of success. Just look at that dog. Success
Hailey Bargas
Love your animation it's simple and neat
HFJStudios Mese fa
I always thought that, before oddballs, if theodd1sout ever made a show it would be about seatbelts
Red Pill Awake
Red Pill Awake 22 giorni fa
At the end of the last episode of the second season of oddballs, my sons told me you had a ITvid channel. I was like, “what?“. Now I have to watch every one of your videos.❤
TNTCAT2468 Mese fa
Congratulations on odd balls making it into the week jr!!!
KC_artz 18 giorni fa
I hope you can hit 20m soon, you definitely deserve it man!
TimeBucks Mese fa
The animation had just gotten do much more better than the last videos
Abhishek Kumar
Dhvani Patel
Dhvani Patel Mese fa
Parvin Akter
Parvin Akter Mese fa
Ibrahim Mohamed
Jovin DavEastGusShan
This animation was awesome James! I love your videos and Sooubway. This will be one of my favorites as well.
Olivia da olive
I watched your show on Netflix! Its absolutely hilarious!
TheAverageDexter 23 giorni fa
The way season 2 ended was amazing!
LSP Mese fa
Congrats on a new season of Oddballs can't wait to watch!!!!!
Mhjff Jnkm
Mhjff Jnkm 19 giorni fa
Its not related to the video but I was one of your fans, as old as having to watch you sprinkling down that cake of yours for the 100k subs, as I child you were one of my literal idol, I took up drawing because you made drawing fun, telling funny stories and stuff, but then life took a read dark turn and havent seen this channel since but now i see you have 18mil subs, good shit man ahahha congrats hope you continue what you enjoy doing🥰
Life Noggin
Life Noggin Mese fa
Gambling can very bad, but also bring back the game corner in pokemon. Life is complex.
CubedMelons Mese fa
Don't give them ideas. Bringing the Game Corner into the modern gaming industry would just result in lootboxes.
Josias Lourenço
Hebrews 12:14 Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord. Acts 3:19 Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, James 2:24,26 Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only. For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. John 3:16 'For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 3:17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 3:19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
Chris W
Chris W Mese fa
I haven’t seen you in years😅
I love your videos and your show, keep up the good work ❤
Mix Studio -Sham
The animation and detail of everything hit me like a truck
Orlando Lopez
Orlando Lopez 17 giorni fa
These videos get better and better
I don’t know when it happened, but the fact casinos are full of computer screens for every game (slots to poker) makes me question ever giving them a go
MisterPeels 15 giorni fa
this is just 10 minutes of james saying i got lucky and i love it
Paula Kwena
Paula Kwena Mese fa
i loved the oddballs episode on passive aggression. It was relatable, how i imagine life could get out of control if i didnt speak
taxfraud Mese fa
At this point, James is flexing that he can draw hands.
totally not kendyl
totally not kendyl 17 giorni fa
as someone who lives in las vegas, this is *very* true.
Ana ☆彡
Ana ☆彡 Mese fa
You’re animation is constantly improving and all I can say is WOW
cookie gaming
cookie gaming 19 giorni fa
The animation on this video was definitely better...must be because he animates a Netflix series, by the way I love oddballs.keep up the good work James
Leena Brown
Leena Brown Mese fa
The improvement over time of James' animation is so incredible. Good job to the oddonesout team!💖
Koi🌷 Mese fa
So you know those books you made a kid.. '__'
y e s
A_turtle Mese fa
@aFreakThatIsUnique \/
@RoyalEric0809 ik
Omg these bots saying finally it’s here won’t shut up
Bluesteel Mese fa
As a person who lives in the Las Vegas area, I can confirm, I’m in millions of dollars worth of debt.
Charlie Gehrig
Gotta praise two things: The Kakegurui reference and how Caked up your character got like damn James those cheeks!
Wilfoe 21 giorno fa
I've been wanting to try gambling with real money for a while now...I'm not bad at some of the card games, but I've never played for actual money, so there's a good chance everyone in a real casino would just outclass me. On another note, Oddballs is a blast! I watched the ribs episode from season one last night.
dawaiira 15 giorni fa
Heres a tip. Dont gamble with real money. You will lose it all and cry over the crippling loss you’ve put yourself in.
Foxツ Mese fa
im glad hes teaching good lessons, its entertainment 🦔❄
Carson Robinson
Carson Robinson 18 giorni fa
I bought ur book and I love it it’s a great book your parents must be so proud of u you went from a kid working at soubway to having 11 million subs and 2 famous books keep up the great work
SMToon Türkçe
*Ah yes, Arin’s legendary big win. What a moment to be alive.*
Reggae Lion
Reggae Lion Mese fa
Damn Trump tower of chips
wick Mese fa
itvid.net/video/video-aAsbvZUYFV0.html Finally It’s Here🤠
Demorid Mese fa
I'm so glad he referenced that
Esme L
Esme L Mese fa
ToonChit Mese fa
I think Beginner's Luck is the worst kind of bad luck. If you lose everything as soon as you do and waste your fortune, you won't even look at it again, but if you experience winning even once, you'll keep thinking about that feeling even if you keep losing.
Rens Kooijman
Keep it up man we al love your content
DogLover 25 giorni fa
I can see that ur animation has gotten better ur character moves more and stuff good job to u and ur team
JimmyWill Game
As an Aussie I can confirm that all us mates down under call cash dollary-doos
Video_clips 15 giorni fa
I really love this series on netflix I hope this series have forever season like other cartoons series❤
Michael Rowe
Michael Rowe Mese fa
The Luigi casino mini game forced me into this life James, I can’t stop
TypicalDF Mese fa
(Wigi, numba one)
Michel K.
Michel K. Mese fa
Luigi, That little Cheater I remembered back when I thought I beat Luigi in Poker with a Full House AND THEN HE COMES AT ME WITH A 5 STAR FLUSH🤯
TophatOodle Mese fa
Bro, I remember playing that game a lot when I had NSMB DS. I felt like a true kid gambler. Always at school, I challenge my friends into this minigame and if they lost, they would give me their kitkats and smarties they got from the school store. Lets just say that I had the feast of my life after a nice game. But I stopped gradually thanks to a talk on my parents and stuff.
ميراكلوس ١٠٠
And he talked about it in this video
Funixx YT
Funixx YT Mese fa
Blame it on luigi
BluBee Mese fa
Hey James, fun fact: When you made the video “My Horibal Speling” I literally learned the word “antidisestablishmentarianism” from you, and now I know the basic definition of it. Thanks James!
ccstarr Mese fa
may I just say that when I was in elementary school, I'd watch ur videos constantly especially whenever I was at home sick. Now I'm graduating high school this year and I'm at home sick with covid and guess what, I'm binge watching all your videos now
Andrea Korecki
Andrea Korecki 20 giorni fa
I love your show man I just started season two and it’s so goofy😂
Long Pham Hai
I just watched an old video where James asked Jaiden what is the legal age for gambling before this one. How much he has changed!!
Nina’s World
Nina’s World 7 giorni fa
As a vegas native, this is 100% true.
Lionelle animations
That snake was so, Interesting, In the best way possible. Why did the voice, character, and animation all fit so perfectly?!! James, your legit a legend.
what da dog doin
@Lionelle animations Sorry but that comment sounded like some copypasta material 😭
Lionelle animations
@what da dog doin How original eh?
fish kid
fish kid Mese fa
3:55 _for anyone who wants it_
what da dog doin
That snake was so, Interesting, In the best way possible. Why did the voice, character, and animation all fit so perfectly??! James, your legit a legend.
A Pack Of Extra Gum
Atheism Is Over imagine having to read that
Tony's Stoner Saloon
Love your show James, hopefully you get green lit for a 3rd season!
laika and kefir
TisNessie Mese fa
Can I ask what the thought process was behind making more human characters for his new show versus the marshmallow ones he makes for his ITvid channel?
coopertrooperboi 20 giorni fa
Me who is Australian watching James make fun of Australia 👁👄👁
Red Sin
Red Sin Mese fa
I just found out u had a tv show. Congrats. A famous ITvidr and now this! U deserve it
Mintyxoxo 5 giorni fa
I’m so happy there’s more I finished all the eps on Netflix while ago!
Lucijan96 3 giorni fa
Hey u saw among us 0:36
Ralphie the best game
Fun fact: I gambled probably over $300 of my parents money once trying to win a sonic plushy at an arcade and never got one, still haunts me to this day
Ralphie the best game
Tell me about it, that sonic plushie was starring into my soul and still haunts me in my dreams. Although I would do anything for a sully plushy
Ralphie the best game
@Jake Langlois I know you are but what am i
Marikke László
Marikke László 29 giorni fa
I gambled away $30 at a claw machine when I was in Tokyo just for a sulley plushie and I still feel ashamed of it because I could’ve saved it up for the train station tickets (me and my mom missed the train because of that 😭) gambling really messes your mind up and you forget the value of money when you get addicted to it
Jake Langlois
Dumas- I mean dingus
ssppiiddyy11 Mese fa
@Ralphie the best game mannn that sucks it sounded sick
Nina Hemmes
Nina Hemmes Mese fa
your videos are so fun and i love the animations :D
Taron J.
Taron J. Mese fa
Congratulations 🎊 on the show looks awesome! 😁👍
Taron J.
Taron J. Mese fa
@T-elegram me 👉@SMG4_0 What’s the gift
Monika Legwant
Monika Legwant 25 giorni fa
Honestly I love how flexible gambling can be, you don't have to gamble money. For example some cheap not important item is on the line and whoevers wins a Pokémon card game or digital Pokémon online battles game wins that item etc.
Livia Cook
Livia Cook Mese fa
I love the "lets get our gambling freak on" reference ^^
Donnie 17 giorni fa
The amount of references in this video was awesome
Bryant West
Bryant West Mese fa
The red 23 number popping to Arin going crazy was a perfect Easter egg 😂
OctavGG Mese fa
@Diesel Marcus well said
Diesel Marcus
@Bartix And?
Bartix Mese fa
@OctavGG pov: you just swore in a reply to a reply to a comment on a family friendly video
ВоIugа 🅥
*Here is the full clip explaining why dad left you:* *(Making fun of bots)* *itvid.net/video/video-jhTTxdBKSyI.html*
OctavGG Mese fa
@yes fuck i got pizza rolled
It’s crazy how much his videos have evolved
Raiker the destroyer
1. Gambling can be bad but it has moments of fun 2. That kakegurui reference was a nice touch James 3. This animation is wild
Raiker the destroyer
@Aidan Misura I did that nobody caught it or at least most praised the animation
Aidan Misura
Aidan Misura Mese fa
scrolled to see if any1 else saw it
Pizzinity 5 giorni fa
as a las vegian i thought slot machines were at every single airport and it was a normal thing
That ending caught me off guard so hard.
Avengers GZ
Avengers GZ 7 giorni fa
Poker with Luigi on the DS is scarily relatable I've never won once
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SuperBoy Helping Out💪#shorts
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Bro ascended 👁️👄👁️ #comedy
la photo 🤣🤣
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giải trí video ngan #status
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