My Video Went Viral. Here's Why

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My hypothesis is that the algorithm, rather than viewer preference, drives views on the site. As the algorithm shifts, various ITvidrs experience burnout (as what used to work no longer works) and right now click-through rate is the key metric. So clickable titles and thumbnails are the only way to get a lot of impressions and hence views - they are the only way to go viral. This leads me to wonder which audiences will become most prevalent on the site and if there will even be a place for educational content. In the long-term, hopefully ITvid is able to measure satisfaction through surveys and other metrics to ensure an optimal experience for everyone on the site.
Flipchart artwork by Maria Raykova
Filmed by Raquel Nuno
Thumbnail by Ignat Berbeci

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19 mag 2019




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Ryan Carter
Ryan Carter 9 ore fa
So many bikini pic thumbnails, even in subjects you would not expect. Talk about going after people's baser instincts. Wish it were not true, but so it is.
sarahieda 17 ore fa
11:49 but why? How did they came with that conclusion?
Sharal 3D
Sharal 3D 18 ore fa
This was like different but one hell of a video
Michael Beee
Michael Beee Giorno fa
What really sux is that a simple search with 4 words - author and title, doesn't actually show that video, but completely unrelated @#$@@@@!!!!! As well, I forget what I want to watch, so I subscribed and then they disappear, unless I remind myself, ahhhh long time I have checked on that. The bell sux as well, because then I get that flood of notifications and emails. #bellsuxs, #sad #algorithmsuxs. It comes to: Don't entertain me, I choose what entertains me! That's the competitive advantage of youtube. Otherwise, I just watch TV. And before somebody says Netflix, it has the same problem!
Pedrum Sd
Pedrum Sd Giorno fa
Year 0 - 2019: Kids do not judge a book by its cover Year 2019 - Singularity: Kids do not judge a post by its thumbnail Year Singularity - Universe Extinction: 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011
Adriyel de los Reyes
Very informative as a new youtuber. Thank u for sharing.
Nivlek Giorno fa
I think this was brilliant! Thanks.
Akash Priya
Akash Priya Giorno fa
Don’t hate me please but He made a viral video and made another video to brag about it. Edit: good video though
kayGW Beats
kayGW Beats 2 giorni fa
I needed this thank you 💯
NOMAD 2 giorni fa
At 17:54 it's interesting you mention this because i used to watch you alot more. Guess that algorithm toys with me too. indeed i watched the black ball video and yea, that's about the time it began to recomend you to me again. So i was just watching the tennis racket video and thought, "this is a really good video with so much info, research, editing he must be only putting out a video a month or so at best. So i came to your home page and was surprised by how frequently you upload such meaty content. That's a lot of work but we can tell you love it so win win. So can you make a video that has a super clickey thumbnail and title about density? the densities of objects like neutron stars. Is a black hole the most dense thing? And why do we call them holes? 🤣 is there a maximum density and can only gravity pull particles tight enough to form a singularity, or are they always formed from the energy of a supernova, does it shred all the atoms for a moment allowing it's collapse to form a newer and tighter, more dense object out of the particles flailing about to regain some form? Right after a supernova would the fabric of spacetime maintain that spherical shape of a star which is actually what smashes those particles back down? Seems they should shoot out for ever but there must be some ultradense mass remaining to suck it all back in again and at least prop up the fabric of spacetime long enough to suck it all back in. I have an idea for the title, "Then Density did THIS!" And just make the thumbnail a girl applying makeup or something.
First name Last name
damn now I know he really ballin. he can get COLORED PRINTOUTS
Art Photo
Art Photo 2 giorni fa
Who wouldn't love videos about snails... I know I would... Thanks for this, got a new subscriber.
Dr. Pizza
Dr. Pizza 2 giorni fa
screw it i rang the bell, least i could do
Kenny Kerman
Kenny Kerman 2 giorni fa
It's ironic I didn't view the viral one (I knew the answer), but I love this one. Superstition in pedagogy is extremely important. Also: you forgot the audience following the producers :) Chaotic cycle through a random landscape... Your best clickbait is a good question. So quality becomes also a "marketing" criteria.
troubl3gum 3 giorni fa
that's why I only use the "subscriptions" although I've heard about YT wanting to filter this section too.
Jim#jazz Moto
Jim#jazz Moto 4 giorni fa
This is great video tutorial amazing you inspire me to keep going and make it possible
MerryMustu 4 giorni fa
"The algorithm becomes the content" is a great example of Goodhart's Law.
Maya Lee
Maya Lee 5 giorni fa
This was SO incredibly helpful, informative, and I loved the visual aid. Thank you :)
Dreamer Ballena
Dreamer Ballena 5 giorni fa
1 Like = 10 New Hugs
Patrick Brett
Patrick Brett 5 giorni fa
I detest Click-bait, it's the main reason why I've been only watching video's from my subscriptions while looking for an alternative platform. The moment ITvid added that damnable bell it broke the way we used to see videos, now people who want to see everything their subscriptions make they should click the bell or just go through their subscription channels and see what they have made through all time. I've found some great content on channels I have been subscribed to by trawling the channels, video's that the algorithm never told me about so I don't rely on the algorithm to tell me what to watch!
AtomAyPlay 5 giorni fa
Are my videos not clickable?
VirtuallyFonz 5 giorni fa
I LOVE all the time toy took to make this presentation. There's something aesthetic about having you show us on paper than creating graphics. Amazing.
Drill SEO
Drill SEO 5 giorni fa
Very good Video
Ramata 6 giorni fa
Hmmm. Interesting rant. Well done. I don't click any bells for anyone. I just look up the channel that I want because I don't want bells going off all day on my phone. Plus my tastes change, with time. I watch you because you're referred to in many of the science channels I watch. I find your high quality videos wonderful. But I am not going ring a bell for anyone. Bad metric. I watch your videos all the way through, so I hope that helps you out. Being a subscriber is just not good enough for Google? That's a form of dedication and should be enough. I will try to walk away to let the sponsor run through to end. That's the best I can do. I am not Pavlov's dog.
Ten Second BuickGN
Ten Second BuickGN 6 giorni fa
I have a video that went viral and it was totally by luck. I recorded it on a cell phone with literally ZERO preparation!
Ace Of Spades
Ace Of Spades 7 giorni fa
I know what will be next based on what i am doing to make condensed information on topics i am interested in. 1) I creating different channels (entities) for different purposes. This channel is for ITvid education 2) I do follow recomendations of advanced experts on topics and doing PRE research to follow. I had the same thoughts as you and i have digged deeper and if you want i can have a chat with you to show 3) ITvid CAN solve my problems by giving me a chance to sort out my playlists in order to RUBRICATIONS so i can assign my own and assign channel to those rubrics so i can observe a rubric on whats new fast 4) I do listen for educated experts and this is not what majority of crowd are doing. THis brings us to a question. Do we pursue quality of audience as a CORE of channel or we pursue the quantity. THe majority unstable and they do not know what they want and there they will be so their preferences are shifting. This tells us that ITvid algos chaces the majority most of the time. 5) Algo will be forced to move from quality to quantity back and forth as with growing of numbers of clickbates, watching time will start to fail. So you need to rebuild fast too from quality to clickbates with the algorythm. 6) In order to do this you need INDEXES of youtubers who doing content of high quality and youtubers with clickbate. Once numbers of clickbate will rise high from low quality youtubers to the point than watching time start to fall - it is time to shift to quality. Once the opposite - you shift to clickbate 7) ITvid will notice these and will create index or currency so we will be able to trade it and pay for content 8) For now you need to promote videos in 2 styles depend on situation with clickbate and quality / watching time index 9) Also you need to build your channel around CORE audience which is reach and stable and i twill be SPINE or PIVOT of your channel. Also you need meat. So you can provide a LOWER quality content to a majority with clickbate. Also you need to establish payments for core audience in order to support channel while meat is in charge. 10) If you want to know which types of content you can create - lower quality and higher quality and reduce the producing time and be in touch with your brand contact me )))))
mhe. Productions /not producing/
* cringe * :/
mhe. Productions /not producing/
* cringe *
Frederik Miller
Frederik Miller 7 giorni fa
doesn't this reflect the outside world and advertising. the worst junk has the best looking packaging.
Paper Origami
Paper Origami 7 giorni fa
Gardentastic 7 giorni fa
Thanks for the visuals! Your rant seems to be hitting the iceberg on the head! 👍🏼 good job!
Jeb Fahlgren
Jeb Fahlgren 8 giorni fa
Let the users tweak thier own algo in settings.
Catulum 8 giorni fa
*U N P O C O D E T O D O*
Very nice!!! Thanks a lot!!! ✨🙏🏻😇🌠
Paulo Sebresos
Paulo Sebresos 8 giorni fa
Just to clickbait us too bad
CaptainKyler 8 giorni fa
I've watched you since you started your channel. Good presentation. I can see the frustration in your eyes. The hardest part about ITvid is that overnight, they can just decide to delist you...because it's their platform and you agree to their terms. I look forward to the day where content isn't subject to just one platform: where your content is truly yours and you decide where to syndicate it. Hopefully PBS calls you and just takes your content to put into seasons next to Bill Nye.
Nani S
Nani S 8 giorni fa
Nice presentation! Just make videos with great contents, be consistant and get people to view them like and subscribe. The End.
SouthsideCIP 8 giorni fa
Funny you mentioned the “recommended videos” with CTR because there’s a lot of times none of my recommended videos seem interesting to me at all so I have to leave and scroll through the main page again until I find something interesting. Cool video tho tbh I don’t know why I clicked It and even watched the full thing when I was wanting to watch Car Reviews 🤣
Like 189K!!
Pedro Marin
Pedro Marin 8 giorni fa
I think this is the best analog presentation I have seen in my life, I had to pause the video to add it to the favorite list to use it as guide someday at the university. Also I care not If you use clickbait as long as you really have content, I hate not when I see a clickbait, I hate when I see a clickbait without proper content
David Andersen
David Andersen 8 giorni fa
During all of this you didn't talk about YOU. You are the product. People click on your videos for many personal reasons, but they do so out of habit. That seems important to me.
fake hood
fake hood 8 giorni fa
Good sir
coming soon
coming soon 8 giorni fa
swap subscribe👉. im fast
OSKI That’s Broski
The Unboxing Experience
I'm amazed by how much effort was put into the preparation for this video
Nicolas Sobczak
Nicolas Sobczak 10 giorni fa
Clicked the bell! Thanks for everything you do 👍
Jody The Joe
Jody The Joe 10 giorni fa
I’ve been posting videos every day random probably not nothing good enough to go viral but I’m trying... That’s all that matters ... If y’all could check my stuff out like ,dislike Comment Or subscribe I would highly appreciate it .... itvid.net/show-UCf9txowpK4wuohA6zQaEjAA
Chamila Wijesinghe
Chamila Wijesinghe 10 giorni fa
This video was an eye opener and was an amazing presentation. Yes, I clicked the subscribe & bell 🔔 !
The Enthusiasm Project
This is masterful. It does make me wonder though about creators who don’t work for the clicks but still find success. Like Luke Towan, who sporadically uploads 20-45 minute videos about making scale miniatures and every video immediately gets hundreds of thousands of views. It gives me hope.
Taylor Juchau
Taylor Juchau 11 giorni fa
Very nice to see a youtuber be this transparent. Totally agreed with your thought process, easy to follow, great explanation. I don't think anyone will be upset by clickbaity titles as long as they accurately foreshadow what the video is about. I wouldn't want to click on a 10min video only to find out that it had nothing to do with what I thought it was about. Stay transparent Ve and we will stay tuned ;)
HeatherJustCreate 11 giorni fa
Just seeing this. I'm new to your channel, never heard of you but I LOVE how you explain things! I didn't even see the viral video but I was doing research on the ITvid algorithm, or rather, what the current experts are saying about the algorithm and found this video. I agree that no one can truly be an expert since it's always evolving. As a creator and ITvid coach, I try to have the best understanding about the platform. It's definitely frustrating but I'm cool with my smaller audience. It goes back to what you were saying about how the threshold of the numbers just keeps increasing with growth, 100k views isn't special anymore when you can have 200k, 500k, 1 mil.
alghuds wav
alghuds wav 11 giorni fa
I make and sell beats check me out!!
Viral Gif By Marius
Viral Gif By Marius 11 giorni fa
For me, the YT algorithm does not work. YT doesn't show my videos. Instead I get ads from YT to invest money in campaigns. On Instagram I managed to have followers and likes organic, for free. I think YT has the best money making algorithm, the organic one is almost 0.
Agustin Marquez
Agustin Marquez 12 giorni fa
All the videos on my channel has more than a million views At least on my liked section
J Randall Murphy
J Randall Murphy 12 giorni fa
This got my like. Another tip is that on my video pages, I encourage other ITvidrs to comment and post links back to their own videos so that we network. It's as easy as cut and paste, but it is also important to be discreet and not just spam everyone. Only do it for relevant content and always say something nice or at least constructive. Like I could insert a link back to mine here as an example, but mine are music videos. They aren't really relevant to this particular content. So I felt it better not to post a link here. But even so, if someone likes this comment, maybe they'll click my avatar and visit my channel. So the thing to do is to be positive and make friends, which brings me to the last point for this comment. Derek comes across as a really likeable guy who is easy to relate to. He goes on about algorithms, thumbnails, and click throughs, but the reason I watched it all the way through is that he as a person kept my interest whereas I didn't bother finishing a number of other similar videos. So if you are going to be the star in your own video, make your viewer feel like you are relating to them in a positive way rather than simply delivering information. Derek does this expertly.
Adi chalke
Adi chalke 12 giorni fa
i ringed the bell . this is my first . I am on YT from the start
fairz animations
fairz animations 12 giorni fa
it went viral because you have big sub count
Bourbon and a Baby
Bourbon and a Baby 12 giorni fa
Excellent and informative presentation, thank you!
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee 12 giorni fa
Yes you should ask...tell people that watch your videos to be interested in "Subscribing" and to "Click the bell to get notifications", and to encourage them to share your videos. And to tell others about how great your channel, and your presentation of ALL the topics and subject matter, is. btw great INFORMATIVE..."rant"!
Tommy Lee
Tommy Lee 12 giorni fa
I think you are going to have to find a way to map a wave of what is popular enough to initial "Clicks" and those "Clicks" by us diehard subscribers and find where the confluence of what metrics overlap.
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