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In this #NBATogetherLive Classic Game, we look back at the duel between Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash from May 27, 2010.
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26 mag 2020




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I remember this game like it was yesterday. Some of the best games I ever watched. R.I.P Kobe 👑
@HEHEHEHA-if8cf 2 mesi fa
@lukejanis2016 2 anni fa
Amazing to watch how compact defenses were back then. The game has changed so much in a short time
Bc of curry and klay. Jp but it went from centers dominate the game to guards putting up unimaginable points bc of the 3 and their new wave of shooting abilities. If you cant shoot you wont go far
@@yeboid.p.3641 they’re not really putting up that much more points. And it has a lot to do with the modern offenses and analytics. But yeah, Curry and Klay are great shooters
@Dnero518 Anno fa
@@lukejanis2016 its funny cause this Suns team was actually one of the first teams to do the free to launch as many threes as u want at any time offense too when Dantoni was coach with his system a couple years earlier. They have two centers here with Lopez starting idk if thats cause they were doing that all season or cause they were facing Lakers twin towers but with Dantoni he liked to put Amare at center and surround him with shooters like Houston many years later with Harden and it made Nash and Stoudemires pick and roll game lethal. Mike Dantoni was actually way ahead of the whole analytics movement with spreading the floor, open the paint, rapid shooting offense he just never had a Curry and Klay but Steve Nash and Jason Richardson were close and Jared Dudley and I think even Frye all shot around or above 40% so Phoenix was the Splash squad lol. The big difference is Kerr is an all around great coach on both sides of the ball and Dantoni had/has a terrible reputation for not coaching any defense so his teams were usually ass on that end while Golden states great with Draymond as the anchor and Klay before was nice too on d.
@oppai9611 Anno fa
you got to guard curry at half court
@@Dnero518 Absolutely, Phoenix during this era were way ahead of their time. They were my favorite team for this style of play, even though they could never seal the deal. They paved the way for the current NBA, for better or worst lol
This is one of Kobe’s greatest playoff series! 34, 8, 7 on 52% fg and 43% 3ptfg. And also so many clutch shots.
@saadk8905 6 mesi fa
Seear he blew a 3-1 series lead
@ACGreenworthy 5 mesi fa
@@saadk8905not this season
They didn’t have anybody to guard him old grant hill
@paultiplea 4 mesi fa
@@saadk8905 That was in 06 buddy. It's a miracle he even got them to that point playing with G league players like Smush Parker and Kwame Brown; Kobe stopped shooting the ball in that series as a form of protest against the front office. This video is from 2010 where they went on to win the Finals.
@saadk8905 4 mesi fa
@@paultiplea oh I see in 06 he blew a 3-1 lead
Pau in his prime was something else. I knew he had great footwork, could back down, turn over the shoulder, shoot the mid, pass out of the double, etc. One thing I didn't appreciate until now was his ability to string a series of movements together so seamlessly when off the ball. Like he could set a screen, come off, go across the paint, line up with a driving Kobe, catch a tight pass, and lay the ball up in the same stride while maintaining his body control. This Laker front court was pretty unique, now that I look back on it. I know this isn't considered one of the great teams of all time, but I think their length/skill/mobility would give a lot of teams trouble.
@Youngguy2024 2 anni fa
He had no wasted movements or dribbles, everything was planned and he was always in control. And Kobe loved that cause he knows in order to have something that down pact u have to work on it everydY
Prime Pau is like a Jokic in MVP form
@csmooth202 Anno fa
Prime Pau with a healthy Bynum, and an aggressive Lamar Odom was tough to deal with.
Kobe put up: 34, 8, 7 on 52% fg and 43% 3ptfg and COUNTLESS clutch shots, and you're talking about PAU? Kobe would've won 2 more rings with freaking Zach Randolph if Pau wasn't there. Pau was a very good player but not a GREAT player. What did he ever do without Kobe? Nothing. And if anything, Kobe made him a better player the same way MJ made Pippen a better player by toughening him up and pushing him in practice, even to the point of physical confrontation. Pau was great, but he was a replaceable part (Lamarcus Aldridge could've done what Pau did for those Lakers teams). ZERO First Team all nba selections during his time with Kobe. Maybe one 2nd team all nba selection. Again, very good player but not great. And did not make the NBA's top 75 list.
@OilBarron84 3 anni fa
Hard to believe Nash was 36 years old and playing like this. Amazingly underappreciated today.
@saintdropez 3 anni fa
Fax, he was still balling like this in 2012. He was 38 years old. UNDERRATED
Everybody says the sun's conditioning staff is the best like the fountain of youth
This is why i find it hard to believe that 90s players couldnt make it in todays NBA. Theres tons of old perimeter players in the NBA.
@nagboinfi 3 anni fa
BigBody Rico its a stupid claim, the only truth to it is that the game is Way lesss physical than in the 90’s, but a good player is a good player
@DeathWatch13 2 anni fa
What a great game. One of Nash's last playoff games, Kobe's last championship run, five hall of famers (Kobe, Nash, Phil Jackson, Pau Gasol, Grant Hill), a Slovenian rivalry (Dragic vs Vujacic), and such great versions of both the Lakers and the Suns.
@joeseida8715 3 anni fa
I loved this matchup, Nash being my favorite player of all time vs the Mamba. It was just extraordinary they both revolutionized their position.
@nilekhalaf4091 2 anni fa
his handle was so sick
ଗର he
Amazing to see Kobe and Nash go it like that I'm glad Kobe came out on top, this was truly his passion. I'm loving every minute of it. Thanks, NBA, and thanks, Kobe. R.I.P. Kobe and Gigi.
@This_tub 2 mesi fa
Given that Nash was such a gifted passer, his ability to shoot was really slept on. I mean, the dude nearly averaged 50-40-90 for his career, which is mad.
@Anthonydu01630 2 anni fa
Same for CP3. And Curry and Kyrie are such gifted and efficient scorer that we forget they are great playmaker as well, especially Curry who don’t even have to touch the ball to create space for his teammates the guy is literally double teammed as soon as he pass the half court line lol
@corn204 2 anni fa
The only people sleeping on Nash's shooting are casuals brah dont worry about them. A problem with Nash is that he didn't shoot enough!
@calvinlotz4863 2 anni fa
It wasn't slept on at the time.
@@Anthonydu01630 !,. m. .
RIP Kobe and Gianna. Kobe fought a good fight winning all those games with the Lakes, win or lose you're still a SUPERSTAR, KING, of the LAKERS. You're our GOAT and we love you, Kobe. When the going gets rough, you still rise to the occasion and get the job done. There is no holding you back, pain, or no pain you're still on the court being the leader of the LA. Lakers. What a great leader you are, thank you for the examples you set for all of us to follow. Thank God for you Kobe, you're one in a million in a lifetime. Thank you, NBA for sharing these classic games of Kobe's.
I was a huge Suns fan during this period and OMG the heart break, but I loved watching the Steve Nash/ Kobe duels in the mid to late 2005 to 2010 period of time
I remember watching this as a kid ...such a heartbreaking loss this was the best season for Phoenix to win a championship...
@truebluetv22 3 anni fa
I hate the fact that comments are at the top cuz I’m tempted to read them and then find out something I didn’t want to know so thanks now ik who won🤦🏾‍♂️
@@truebluetv22 my bad 🥺🥺
@OilBarron84 3 anni fa
Would say that 2006-2007 was their best team and chance. This was their last shot. Nash was 36 and they didn't have Marion but he still carried them this far.
Thank you Kobe for keeping the Fans on their feet as only you can. Thanks for never giving up when the chips are down. You're one true friend, and thank you for teaching and showing everyone who ever dreamed of being a basketball player the art of the game. Thank you for showing all those who will come after you what it means to play and play hard to win. Thank you for teaching all of us to stay focus on the goal because the reward is at the end of the game not in the middle. Thank you so very much for loving and caring enough about the game to work hard and level your game each and every day. And to those who will dare to follow in your footsteps, that much always be prepared to win at all cost. Also that they much have a winning attitude, stay focus and horn their craft, through practicing and practicing hard, playing and playing hard to be a winner and leader. Thank you, God, for Kobe and the Lakers. Thank you again, Kobe, for we miss you every minute of the day.
jesus christ how many of these sappy posts are you gonna make in 1 comment thread?!
@@georgesears2666 Hater spotted
@@feynmanschwingere_mc2270 bro is GLAZING it, calling Kobe his friend so yeah, I'll be a hater
A beautiful game, a legendary duel!
@ruchpat1 3 anni fa
I remember watching this 2010 NBA Western Conference Finals on TV Live when it actually happened. Fun series, to the eagle eyed viewer there is a lot of interesting things to look for in this series. This is the last NBA Western Conference Finals that Kobe Bryant plays in his illustrious NBA Playing Career. This is the last season to date the Phoenix Suns have made the NBA Playoffs. This is Amar’e Stoudemire last season has a member of the Phoenix Suns. So those are some interesting things about this game, you may have not known or remembered.
Now the suns made the playoffs and the conference finals
What is it ?
@huntno Mese fa
Since your comment, they've made the playoffs every season and will likely continue to do so (this season at least)
08-10 Lakers' hustle was crazy. Solid starters, also the bench played their roles so good.
Great Game RIP Kobe He will forever be in our Presence🐐🐐🙏🏾🙏🏾
@nomundarie111 3 anni fa
This is the first basketball championship I've ever seen. I don't want to judge, but I felt that the Lakers were really playing with their hearts. Rip Kobe 🙏❤️
@258athletics7 3 anni fa
Tournament? Cobe?? 🤔
@nomundarie111 3 anni fa
I'll edit it 😉
@TheEastside661 3 anni fa
Nostalgia, the good ol’ days. I remember being 17years old and watching this series. I was so hyped when Artest hit that buzzer beater and when Kobe hit that clutch shot over Grant Hill in the closeout game in Phoenix. Time has flown by so quickly.
@philsobkow8941 2 anni fa
thank you for posting this. I remember watching this as a teenager and this just brought that all back to me. So awesome!
This game was fantastic and Koby was on fire. I am the Suns fun but I loved how the LA Lakers played on this final conference.
@knighheart06 6 mesi fa
Watching right now, year 2023. The NBA when "REAL DEFENSE" still exist. R.I.P. Kobe, I've missed you. You inspired me to play basketball even though im not tall. I'm from the Philippines you've been here couple of times unfortunately, i haven't got a chance to meet you in person but i just want to tell you that you impact a lot of people not just in basketball but mostly everything that you believed it in real life.
@redt7452 2 anni fa
Bro I already had respect for Kobe but this series made me know he was one of the GOATS. The insane clutch shots he hit🥺. Die hard suns fan too and suns came so close
@317MaseX 4 mesi fa
this was the APEX of basketball in the NBA.. the golden era
Thank Lord for Kobe Bryant's parents for giving birth to him and raising him to be the athletic that he was. Thank you, NBA for posting this game allowing us to be able to watch them and see Kobe and the Lakers play again. Kobe is such an amazing player and his teammates are great they play well together as a team. R.I.P. King Kobe and Queen Mamabacita Gig.
To be fair it's mostly Kobe, his frame was nothing special, very average athletet for the NBA, but his hard work and will made the difference
@hv8423 8 mesi fa
Daym crazy how much the NBA changed since this! Having 2 bigs in the starting line up was a MUST still!!!
@JJ-rm9xz 3 anni fa
I'd like to see game 6 of that series, it was unforgettable clutch performance of Kobe, one of the wildest in the NBA history🔥
@ekweaet7176 4 mesi fa
Goes to show how great of a coach Phil is, alot of coaches would have sat Artest would the game he was having
@briansung3172 3 anni fa
Tears filled my eyes when I back to see Kobe hugging Artest happily at the end of game. Seems Kobe were still alive.
@glenseruela 2 anni fa
Steve Nash is the kind of point guard that we are missing on this basketball generation.
Halliburton is here to fill that role
@XavionMoore 2 anni fa
3/4/2021 game still does something to me. Miss this team.. Miss you kobe
@reneealexiss 9 mesi fa
man these were good times. loved this laker team. rip kobe 💜
Pure love to the lakers and Kobe
@arminski1996 29 giorni fa
Idk if it’s cuz I’m old but I tear up a bit when Ron ran at Kobe with the biggest hug in the world. Die hard Kobe fan, super happy we won and got it done with Ron. He deserved it.
@228allday Anno fa
Wow this game seems like it was yesterday. I was 16 now I'm 28, it's funny to think some people couldn't get over the fact that Shaq was really gone from the Lakers and was traded 5 years ago at that point. It just shows how fast time can really go by
Alvin Gentry casually puking in his mouth and then explaining to Dan that he just puked in his mouth then spitting the puke into a towel on the bench is absolutely timeless.
@KayCraZy 11 mesi fa
Time stamp ?
Wow, I miss these 2005 to 2010 Nash(Suns) vs Bryant(Lakers) duels. This give me some Stockton vs Jordan vibe 😅
Is it just me but this game, looks better than what we have today...
When Kobe smirked @ Craig & said “We’re gonna go 4-2 tho” I laughed & cried. That they did. Life is so fleeting guys 😭
@droiddevx03 Anno fa
He said "We're looking forward to it though"
@Watikusi19 2 mesi fa
Kobe Defense was on another level 🔥
Love this game. I saw it when I was twelve. So impress with the last shot with Kobe and Artest. beautiful game🎉🎉🎉
this the most poetic game ive ever watched 😭
I miss this Laker squad. Kobe surrounded by good vets and a young + deep bench is championship material.
Being an old school fan this was already an ers I did not enjoy as much but compared to today this is way more beautiful. The players act much more mature.
I love Ron postgame interview “just play ball” he knew he took a bad shot but like he said that’s a shot he’s once made plenty times just didn’t fall but he kept playing and ended up with a game winner..
@bradylee2537 7 mesi fa
What a great game to go to!! Lets go Nuggets!
@dustin24001 3 anni fa
Nash game is beautiful to watch so smooth! Underrated point guard
@arabking91 Anno fa
i can sit and watch those games of that era from start to finish without getting bored or annoyed unlike the current nba
So happy for Artest. He was so disappointed after attempting that three. Then to win the game!! I miss watching the Kobe Lakers so much. RIP KOBE!!!
@smokeg1177 2 anni fa
I love Steve Nash & Jason Kidd free throw Routines, they make shooting free throws look cool.
Legends never die 👑🙏🤾‍♀️
@janetkien3210 3 anni fa
Lbj: they stole my mvp but they'll never ever get my 4th ring and i will complete my #8 ring "tribute to kobe"
@Demarion Abram say what?? 😂🤔😑
@globalisite 3 anni fa
Thank you NBA! For posting and not adding a spoiler in the title. Love NBA!
Nash, was very fun to see him play. Amazing player, phenomenal like Kobe or MJ
@Danny888_ 3 anni fa
Thank you KOBE for giving us the NBA 🙌🏽
@trooperb2530 3 anni fa
We all love Kobe but it’s much more than that tbh.
Gshit thank you MAMBA FOR PUTTING YOUR LIFE ON THE COURT!!! YOU CHANGED THE GAME FOR THOSE 2 COME!!! You was and forever will be a blessing to basketball.
@hyungeum2907 3 anni fa
I remember watching this as a kid ...such a heartbreaking loss this was the best season for Phoenix to win a championship...
@drrydog Anno fa
thank you kobeee! omg without you there is no NBA omg omg
Nice to watch this again after CP3 drops 41 on the Clippers to move us to the NBA Finals again🔥
thank you NBA for giving us Kobe 🙌
This 2010 game is so much more competitive and physical than in 2021/2021
@bthediff 3 anni fa
1:31:43 What a beautiful camera angle - I’ve watched thousands of hours of NBA games, but rarely have I seen the courtside view. You can feel the urgency... #MambaForever 🐐🐍🏆🙏🏼💜
@insaviour2783 3 anni fa
I Def would want to see this angle more often, def looks more natural & you can feel the game differently!
@@insaviour2783 i felt like i was on the sideline bro. boutta check in
I feel like I should be paying thousands of bucks for this camera angle
@devon3576 10 mesi fa
As a Suns fan I was heartbroken after this game
@OdeeLive 3 anni fa
I like how the NBA has fully embraced youtube. The next will be to at least show re-runs of live matches here daily, when the season starts again
@the509king100 3 anni fa
@wmr845 3 anni fa
The NBA's analytics and marketing team is the best of any sports league in the world! They really understand who and what their fanbase want.
@honeyturkey 3 anni fa
@adaja05 3 anni fa
@@mcbuckets813 how
@mrboss20ten 2 anni fa
Kobe was such a great defender
두 팀 모두 수비력 미쳤네
@25dua23 3 mesi fa
If it weren't for Kobe's last three-pointer, I guess this wave would have been taken away by the Phoenix Suns.a wave of victory。
I missed these players on Lakers. This lakers group are one of the best group in their era. ❤❤❤❤
@mtnvaldez7343 3 anni fa
Dang! Nash still ballin' at this level at 36 is🔥🔥 and Kobe's amazing like always.
@shonuff4323 5 mesi fa
This is defiitely in my list of favorite Lakers moments
Artest was a wild card, but his fearlessness paid off mightily in game 7 against the Celtics. He knocked down that 3 pointer like it was no big deal.
@junmingsu1362 4 mesi fa
Oh My Goodness!!! Steve Nash is amazing!!!
That triangle offense was a thing of beauty !
That was badass of him to leave memorabilia behind. People will be talking about those shoes for a good while.
The way people talk about Nash lets me know how old they are. He is a master.
Both Team play very good Defense. I Rate it 10/10 for the Defense.
@SB1_NETWORK 3 anni fa
Crazy how much basketball has changed man.. I'm watching this whole game and the vibe is different lol I miss late 90- 2010 basketball... It really changed when LeBron when to heat IDC what nobody says 😂😂
That moment when world peace hugged Kobe, I Shed a tear.
@one1564 2 mesi fa
What a game🔥🔥
Gigantic match ! Just awesome.
Ganito kaganda ang mga playoffs dati ,lalo na championship e sobra tlga higpit ng tao sa bawat isa
I’m Lakers fan and I wish this series went 7 but Kobe was too determined, also this suns team had legends like Nash,Hill, Richardson, and Amare plus roll players like Frye, Dudley, Goran Dragic, barbosa, and Lopez
@heabucket24 3 mesi fa
What a poetic ending.
@secularsailor 7 mesi fa
I was at this game sitting next to a family of Suns fans 😂 go Lake show!
That is a real final game! Not like now, almost 3points!
@redwardog9176 4 mesi fa
After this series..10 years playoffs drought for my Suns 😢
@rfpchar 3 anni fa
This ending was lit 🔥 i still remember this game, Artest was trash this game but makes it up in the end.
Fact's 😂
@shermanngjazz 3 anni fa
If I could play in the NBA I hope to play like 2010 Artest. Dude was so underappreciated in this title run.
2:53 was a massive travel by Nash.
@-jmsb-4765 Anno fa
1:28:12 that right there is mamba mentality. Rest in Peace Kobe! 💛💜💛💜
@aickavin5353 2 anni fa
I miss this series 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽
this game is unforgettable for me. RIP KOBE THE BLACK MAMBA BRYANT . KOBE FOREVER
@malatech8412 3 anni fa
We miss you Kobe😭😭😭
@brucelau2023 3 anni fa
can't believe this was really the Sun's final chances to ever reach a NBA Finals appearance sadly that era had so much bad luck
@MrGenexxx 3 anni fa
Black Mamba literally ended Suns. Decade later they still can't recover.
@mrjade4950 3 anni fa
it's a team effort guys, this wasn't a 1 on 1 game itvid.net/video/video-FVS1WFESXRI.html
@@mrjade4950 we know that, but Kobe was the spearhead and the only real problem the Sun didn't figure out. Kobe was the problem for them and the Spurs.
I miss this era of basketball where you could rip through and get free throws easy 😂😂😂
@samuelkim5703 3 anni fa
I blame it on the refs
I watched all these as a kid when I was 12-14. Completely forgot how good fisher was for us.
@nykia31 2 anni fa
Man..peak Nash was amazing, Masterful control at all times.
My favorite moment of all time watching the nba
@johnc.5311 2 anni fa
The first 4 minutes of the game. I am really loving the tight defense of Phoenix. Really cool
I miss that all around now days
He ever be in our hearts R.I.P KOBE
We miss you KOBE! Mamba Mentality lives on.
wow kobe carried the lakers in 09 and 10 wow never seen a team win a chip with that much of talent compared to today
@nmbileg Anno fa
Nash was 36 at the time and playing like this. unbelievable.
years old and playing like this. Amazingly underappreciated today.
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