NBA 2K21: Next-Gen Gameplay + Developer Commentary

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With NBA 2K21 Next-Gen almost here, Visual Concepts executive producer Erick Boenisch and gameplay director Mike Wang highlight some of the upcoming advancements and gameplay features players can look forward to, featuring brand new next-gen footage!


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27 ott 2020




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Gabriel San Juan
Gabriel San Juan 3 giorni fa
if you have PS5 and you played it, y’all know that it has a different feeling all around, I deadass played last gen and it just wasn’t the same visual wise, I think people just expect too much, you gotta understand, it’s still a video game, they can’t copy it 100% real life.
His Airness
His Airness 6 giorni fa
For me the arms of players are too long 😕
jss w
jss w 13 giorni fa
Worst next-gen ever
LoloPannot 13 giorni fa
There should be 120 fps on nba 2k21
SaD_ counter
SaD_ counter 13 giorni fa
Nice work in Next-Gen.I want to know if there will be an update for draft nba 2020 and for the free agency too? cause i cant start saison for now :(
Psinted Rock
Psinted Rock 14 giorni fa
More light and sweat...
Matt Higy
Matt Higy 15 giorni fa
Is this what it will look like on Xbox s
Michael Simmons
Michael Simmons 15 giorni fa
The monotony in a yearly release we 2K gamers feel is the same way the developers feel having to make this game. They need a new team or members who are enthusiastic to work on a sports game and can we get a new game engine while we’re at it to see how it could look and play with a different engine. Have a team come up with a concept on what they think a basketball game should embody when you play as a my player because this hasn’t been it in a long time. The story doesn’t matter nearly as much as we want to feel like that prodigy that next Lebron the way they hype up Zion and how the league searches for that next Lebron. The crowd nor the announcers really feel life like in response to certain things that occur in game. The parent company knows every year it’ll sell crazy regardless and they only care about VC purchases evident with how egregious My Team is this year, with my player the cut back after backlash but damn they did get sneaky trying to make you buy VC if you’re a my team player you can’t level up without players that you can only get with the weekly card packs. Get a two tip of East, two West, a high flyers, a possessed player to achieve these goals to level up for these in game perks, oh by the your ability to buy way the packs for the players expire in X amount of days. You can’t grind fast enough in either my player or my team to accumulate what these packs cost. Basketball isn’t at the heart of them making this game it’s simply a VC micro transaction device that changes just enough for the masses to want to buy it.
GraveUypo 15 giorni fa
i've been out of the sport game game for 13 years. have we regressed? this looks like a cartoon
MisterBinx 16 giorni fa
This looks awful. Not buying this shit.
Marko R
Marko R 16 giorni fa
Same game dont give them money , zero effort
John Kevin
John Kevin 16 giorni fa
This more real then the life we’re living in now with all this mandate and shit
Eli_capallot 17 giorni fa
Yo did yll see that he has a zen!!
Ian Short
Ian Short 17 giorni fa
Would love for this to be on PC 😔
OfficialXOmusicman 17 giorni fa
Really not to impressed. The graphics aren't a huge leap like 2k13 to 2k14.. the crowd could be alot better. Things like people walking in the crowd or the concession stand people walking handing out popcorn and drinks. Also the gameplay looks pretty much the same as current gen. Was expecting a lot more but hopefully we get that in 2k22.
RudeBoy DaGenius
RudeBoy DaGenius 17 giorni fa
Lmao this shit looks bootycheeks! I wish Live would comeback again...
Zac Elawar
Zac Elawar 17 giorni fa
Those canned idle animations all triggering at exactly the same time lol
Bass 17 giorni fa
Listening to him lie is frustrating me
ToxicityReacts 17 giorni fa
The camera is horrible didn’t enjoy it, you can’t see the whole court , leaving you at a disadvantage 🤨 no ones going to use this no matter the Gen
MoneyManVagabon Uchiha
You don’t get snatched in in contact layups that’s beautiful 😍
bigjut77 18 giorni fa
watch jrue holiday get sucked into screen on klay thompson 3.where is the damn defense
SAPALHighlights 18 giorni fa
no EuroLeague??? why?? 2K, whyyy???
d rhodes
d rhodes 19 giorni fa
We have the right to complain, this game is supposed to be realistic, If I wanted an arcade unrealistic game I’ll just go play Nba Jam or some other shit. Yeah ofc we’re all gonna play this cause there is no other basketball game. These developers are trash, they are nothing without us buying this shit and they don’t give us the little detail that we ask for. It doesn’t have to be a full-on perfect ass game but at least tweak some stuff to show you care and stop lying to us.
apostolos dimiroudis
Thiru Veleyudham
Thiru Veleyudham 19 giorni fa
3:54 Pause it and see how amazing 2k’s graphics are
XLeszek 8GXPT
XLeszek 8GXPT 20 giorni fa
NBA Live 19 EA Sports is smoother and you can do more tricks.
Jalen Williams
Jalen Williams 20 giorni fa
The real question is will it be cross platform?
Edward X
Edward X 20 giorni fa
That Zion dunk was crazy! Looks like they gave the dunks a lil upgrade.
SMPLZ Official
SMPLZ Official 21 giorno fa
How is it relevant to have mothers talk about their own baby...how objective is it supposed to be? What’s the point of this video. NBA 2K14 was jaw dropping transitioning from ps3 to ps4. This is like a patch update...
Chesterfieldrossa 21 giorno fa
XLeszek 8GXPT
XLeszek 8GXPT 21 giorno fa
Little possibility of throwing from under the basket (tricks, deeds).
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
Rap God 1Hour
Rap God 1Hour 21 giorno fa
This is 🔥 but I can’t get it because I’m poor
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
jean marc Giroux
jean marc Giroux 22 giorni fa
This went from 60$ to 120$ games need a loan to buy now. Assassin's creed is 160$ its ridiculous.
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
Rodluc 2001
Rodluc 2001 22 giorni fa
jesus is like nba2k14!! :(
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
dillion shropshire
dillion shropshire 22 giorni fa
still playing 2k19 brotha....this looks alright, but not overly impressive 🤷🏾‍♂️
Daniel B.
Daniel B. 22 giorni fa
2k, you know virtual basketball the betting simulator? I guess you do. It has to look more like this. Realistic movements and animations are the keys to success. Focus more on realistic gameplay. You still don't get it. Listen to your fans and audience. Simple marketing, meet the customers needs.
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 giorni fa
We all skipped David Aldridge But we want him back so we can skip him more😂
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
André Simplício
André Simplício 22 giorni fa
The "players" seem sliding all the time...it`s weird...
E 23
E 23 22 giorni fa
Can they please fix the net effects it looks so fake to me.
Don Kahn
Don Kahn 22 giorni fa
Maybe if the game wasn't so shitty then more people would've bought it. Graphics are good but, what good are graphics without good gameplay. It's just a rehash of 2k20 with a new coat on.
bilinas mini
bilinas mini 22 giorni fa
Next gen mas o Zion meche no uniforme ali na intro e o uniforme...
XLeszek 8GXPT
XLeszek 8GXPT 22 giorni fa
NBA Live 21 from EA Sports will appear this year or next year. It's a miraculous repair. You can read about it on youtube.
ImDone Trolling
ImDone Trolling 21 giorno fa
Is it confirmed or?
zachcipp 22 giorni fa
Where is the jump? Remember 2K13 to 2K14? Where is the jump? NPCs still look completely robotic, choppy and lost. Zion gets the and one and starts running into and through Draymond's torso clapping as if Draymond doesn't exist while Draymond starts complaining about the call to Zion's stomach. Steph is just idle dribbling for warmups staring into space, Ingram is just standing there staring into space before tip off as if he's being mind-controlled. The crowd has no emotion, they either stand up for absolutely no reason or just sit there all doing the same movement as the others. The NPC on offense still just runs to a given spot and stands there staring at you, getting in your way and making it impossible to simulate an actual game of basketball. The NPC on defense still sucks, if you watch around the 2 minute mark Jrue Holiday gets caught on an invisible screen and starts back pedaling for no reason, around 3 minutes Wiggins just freezes for no reason because the player did a simple behind the back move. To top it off the graphics look almost exactly the same and they just look like wax figures, despite all those screenshots making them look "more realistic than ever".
Lance Lagran
Lance Lagran 22 giorni fa
Nba 2k52 ps15 his not working on tv 🤣🤣🤣 brooo its working on big tv like cinema 🎥
ceeinoTV 21 giorno fa
LMAO Check my video on my channel I’m not asking for nobody to subscribe I won’t force nothing but tell me how u fell bout my content 😇
Samantha Rivera
Samantha Rivera 22 giorni fa
0:40-0:52 WTF? How hard is to fix players moving at the same time side to side? Visual Concepts executive producer Erick Boenisch and gameplay director Mike Wang need to find a way to start fixing all the small things that has to do with animation, That's just not acceptable. You guys have to stop copy-pasting and start everything from scratch. The nba2k formula is getting old and keeps worsening as time pass.
R Z1
R Z1 22 giorni fa
@NBA2k And PC users can't get this updated version why?????????? BS...
Rick Slim
Rick Slim 22 giorni fa
Everything they be bragging about the game is what comes with every game on next gen and anything else new they could've put into current gen but didn't to make y'all pay up again haha watch yall get finessed again. This company will never see the full potential this game has, they have no innovation and are so disconnected from their community its laughable. This shit looks the exact same mechanically. Broken shot contests and lobs are broke still etc etc. Not getting a dollar outta me have fun with it. 2k is so money hungry they dont care how obvious it is just look at MyTeam.
Psycho Mind
Psycho Mind 22 giorni fa
I think we can safely assume that we reached the graphical limitations with the PS4 & XB1, because these graphics don't look that much different from the stuff we've been getting.
Ada Bowler
Ada Bowler 23 giorni fa
can u add backboard breaking animations pls
It's Me
It's Me 23 giorni fa
2k17 on ps3 Was my first 2k ):
aguilar carmelina
aguilar carmelina 23 giorni fa
casey neistat
gustavo santiago
gustavo santiago 23 giorni fa
And PC?
Lucas Retamal
Lucas Retamal 23 giorni fa
0:41 First gameplay so i guess everybody was nervous,thats why they all freeze
DislikedTrue Gaming
DislikedTrue Gaming 23 giorni fa
the way zion did curry
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 23 giorni fa
I hate how the announcers didn’t even react to that Zion dunk on Curry, if that shit happened in real life it would be all over social media and ESPN
Bruno Felipe
Bruno Felipe 23 giorni fa
Next gen mas o Zion meche no uniforme ali na intro e o uniforme...
John Memekek
John Memekek 23 giorni fa
Yeah man idk if this is what I wanted to see. I think imma just skip this one this year and stick to Demon’s Souls Remake lol
Lane Crooks
Lane Crooks 23 giorni fa
After seeing the trailer, this is a letdown. 🤦🏻‍♂️
seiom jvony
seiom jvony 23 giorni fa
Cloth physics are pretty unbelievable.
Jay A
Jay A 23 giorni fa
Looks the same
Hudson Schunk
Hudson Schunk 24 giorni fa
What are these graphics? Looks like NBA live 19
Th3BOssChronicles 24 giorni fa
Next gen overrated I can barely tell any differences
anthony poitier
anthony poitier 24 giorni fa
where David
K Cooper
K Cooper 24 giorni fa
Zion's hand aint even touching his uniform wen he's trying to fix it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙈
Der Hans
Der Hans 24 giorni fa
I paid to have to buy this game again in the same year. Im done. Straight 🗑
Why u Mad at Facts?
Why u Mad at Facts? 24 giorni fa
2k needs to work these people . Skip the video to about 1:30 to where they start showing the dribbling . itvid.net/video/video-pBkFAIUmWu0.html
Hxzi 24 giorni fa
Looks like nba live
RushmoreGaming 24 giorni fa
Big man Bob
Big man Bob 24 giorni fa
Curry looks fucking dead bro tf
Brick Boss
Brick Boss 24 giorni fa
wtf where's David Aldrige
Tartanplanet355 24 giorni fa
Honestly just looks like a lighting mod on 2k21 PC.
Ben gszy
Ben gszy 24 giorni fa
What about compare this to the PC version
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 24 giorni fa
I like this but we still need to fix the robot like motion during cut scenes. The player movement on cut scenes are really unrealistic.
George P. Salazzar
George P. Salazzar 24 giorni fa
Cloth physics are pretty unbelievable.
Juiced Out
Juiced Out 24 giorni fa
Look at curry man so inspirational
M_W501 Wilburn
M_W501 Wilburn 24 giorni fa
0:40 Why are the players swaying in sync? That doesn't look realistic at all. Come on 2k. Still some work to be done.
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi 24 giorni fa
Peep what happened to jrue on that off-ball screen that let to the Klay splash. Same bs, he went around the pick on one side then got sucked backwards to the other🤦🏽‍♂️
Lou Sirls III
Lou Sirls III 24 giorni fa
This looks like nba live... idc what anybody says😑
PL Lyons
PL Lyons 24 giorni fa
Why 1000+ dislikes???? Is 2k19 the best game they made??
Jelue Ifeanyichineke
I am disappointed
Me Thinking
Me Thinking 24 giorni fa
Improved lighting 1 play by play announcer Crowd is unresponsive, 2k16 crowd looks better. Gameplay looks somewhat the same, need more.
Horizon 24 giorni fa
Lmao it looks exactly the same just with player retextures 🤦‍♂️
IBALL UFALL 24 giorni fa
Good.... Now when will the game get better??
VikingZ 24 giorni fa
So no Next-Gen for pc? That's suck man , every years pc is boycott .
Angus Irons
Angus Irons 24 giorni fa
So you going to pay any attention at all to my league this year or are you going to just continue to neglect it...
Junior Lifter
Junior Lifter 24 giorni fa
I hope the game’s better in gameplay. I don’t give a **** about sweat. I played with the Bulls with Jordan. I can miss wide open shots, but the computer makes contested shots with ease. If it’s Jordan, Curry, Bird, or a player with a high shooting percentage, they’re not suppose to miss 4 times in a row wide open! The computer makes every shot. Sports games are garbage. Madden and NBA 2k!
Kyle Casey
Kyle Casey 24 giorni fa
0:40 That robot children of the corn movement gotta get fixed. Wdf is wrong with 2K
abc 24 giorni fa
Is this ps5 or xbox series x?
Rod B
Rod B 24 giorni fa
Current gen player models minus the faces wbna included. Similar looking gameplay just slightly better animations (like some of the dunks and landings/step back js I have seen tho). Slightly improved graphics. Same unrealistic way the uniforms look on the players. Skin colors and just overall looks similar to current gen. My guess is a copy paste rebuild with some extras thrown in to make it look just different enough to make some think its next gen worthy.
Chris_ Robby
Chris_ Robby 24 giorni fa
Looks fucking awful.
Matthew Townes
Matthew Townes 24 giorni fa
I can t wait to get 2k on ps5 im so exited
pughdog757 25 giorni fa
Peep what happened to jrue on that off-ball screen that let to the Klay splash. Same bs, he went around the pick on one side then got sucked backwards to the other🤦🏽‍♂️
Sh3llz 25 giorni fa
I hope NBA Live comes back and comes back better because this not it, it still looks the same honestly just a mild upgrade
Brad Hall
Brad Hall 25 giorni fa
Reminds me of nba live
TAVE 25 giorni fa
Brandon Ingram blowing past marquis chris on the reverse... he didn’t even try to but his body on him. Not looking too next gen...
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 25 giorni fa
Slim Jim
Slim Jim 25 giorni fa
you guys literally have SO much money that you guys made from the 2k community, QUIT WASTING OUR TIME AND MONEY FOR THE SAME GAME EVRY YEAR WITH MINOR UPDATES
King Folk
King Folk 25 giorni fa
So now we just turn it into a cartoon?
Toxic Melody
Toxic Melody 25 giorni fa
DELAY THIS GAME -Fix defense, its not smooth or anything -The crowd doesn't react to anything, Zion just shitted on Curry fully body and all they did was clap sitting down -The bench did the same bs reaction like ummm use more real animations from real players -The announcers need to be a bit more hype after dunks and 3s -Running/walking doesn't look that good -no one is playing in this camera view, get this shit out of here -I swear to god y'all better not have took out the camera options in park and or practice facility and my court... Y'all gave us the most bullshitting cameras and only let us use all of them during Career games. Allow all the cameras to be picked
Joe Aragon
Joe Aragon 25 giorni fa
I wonder if the commentary will feel real because sometimes it sounds lack luster. Especially in clutch time situations.
BLAKE DA GREAT 25 giorni fa
Kobe is rolling in his grave rn smh 🤦🏿‍♂️
BLAKE DA GREAT 25 giorni fa
If ea has rights to espn 2k should make a deal with tnt love to have marv albert Reggie c Webb as analysts that commentary dry asf
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