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24 mag 2019

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Commenti 251
Diego Agsaulio
Diego Agsaulio 15 giorni fa
I just had that pizza in florida
Lil Looch
Lil Looch 16 giorni fa
YouTube NOOB
YouTube NOOB 17 giorni fa
Blueface without tattoos
Hyper DRich777
Hyper DRich777 18 giorni fa
It is pronoced ge-or-don-os
gaming with patrick
gaming with patrick 18 giorni fa
Back to u jesser fuck yall
Missy Austin
Missy Austin 19 giorni fa
Jesse is the best shooter in 2hype change my mind
Tray Ski
Tray Ski 20 giorni fa
Herbs 3005
Herbs 3005 20 giorni fa
Ah ha ha
King Cory
King Cory 21 giorno fa
Put some respect on Giordano's my guy
D_ Trends
D_ Trends 21 giorno fa
9:04 “fuck”
Anthony Adams
Anthony Adams 21 giorno fa
Isela Morris
Isela Morris 21 giorno fa
gr don olds
Carter Gowe
Carter Gowe 21 giorno fa
Jesser has the ugliest jumper 😂
Juan Valenzuela
Juan Valenzuela 22 giorni fa
Andre bustamante
Andre bustamante 22 giorni fa
The sound of that rim is 🔥
SportsKing1414 22 giorni fa
Jesser high asf in the first clip🤣
William Iron Jr.
William Iron Jr. 22 giorni fa
Anytime if I want to have a challenge let me know.
Cheetogod 55
Cheetogod 55 22 giorni fa
It’s creame biggums get it right
I Vsaucy
I Vsaucy 22 giorni fa
Don’t ever disrespect the legend itself CREAM BIGGUMS🙏🏻
Tarry the fake
Tarry the fake 22 giorni fa
Cream Biggums
Justice Asante
Justice Asante 22 giorni fa
Can.the. Tall. Guy. Dunk
LEIF PALSON 22 giorni fa
LEIF PALSON 22 giorni fa
Saige Bertolas
Saige Bertolas 22 giorni fa
Once they make 7 there not out entel they miss there redemption shot.
Realistic Entertainment
Ja is more versatile than zion, lets be real.
Bean Flicker
Bean Flicker 22 giorni fa
Michael Duran
Michael Duran 23 giorni fa
Yo Chris
Greyhound 23 giorni fa
6:38 when you accidentally turn on crouch mode in minecraft
DylanFrost1295 23 giorni fa
Spice got that shot
supergamer boy
supergamer boy 23 giorni fa
Am from Chicago
TngReese 23 giorni fa
You was supposed to go to Lou Malnati’s best I’m Chicago 💯💯
XyzzyZone 23 giorni fa
ayeeee that XV during the outro 👌🏽👌🏽
Gay Duck
Gay Duck 23 giorni fa
Ah haha I just got faded
MXP 23 giorni fa
Just got faded ✂️💈 A ha ha 🤡
lil wrench
lil wrench 23 giorni fa
i thought i got a snapchat 😭 when he put the Chicago location on the screen 😭
Roberto Martinez
Roberto Martinez 23 giorni fa
It’s Jor-da-nos
xxGoesCrazyxx 23 giorni fa
Cade Primack
Cade Primack 23 giorni fa
As a person from Chicago, that’s disrespectful u don’t know how to pronounce Giordano’s😂😂
Cade Primack
Cade Primack 9 giorni fa
dynx sty jeer-oh-don-ohs
dynx sty
dynx sty 13 giorni fa
How do you pronounce it?
Igotmoredripthanurmom Lol
1:53 were they talking about LNU
Jabrony Lin
Jabrony Lin 23 giorni fa
Live in action but nigga watching the draft lottery in the hotel
Jabrony Lin
Jabrony Lin 23 giorni fa
Spice Adams about to hoop
UnknownWifi SG
UnknownWifi SG 23 giorni fa
he using a voice changer??
Ali Simon
Ali Simon 23 giorni fa
Who else wanted Cream Biggums to win?
Edog's world
Edog's world 23 giorni fa
It offended me when he said F the pelicans at the beginning cus that's where I'm from
Drew b
Drew b 23 giorni fa
8:33 Jesse- see ya lieter
Boogie Sarge
Boogie Sarge 23 giorni fa
Cream E Biggums*
Kiddash07 23 giorni fa
Shaq would DeFiNiTlY bet them👌😄
Sparky 23 giorni fa
Bro I need biggums jumpshot in 2K
PhillySports7262 '
PhillySports7262 ' 23 giorni fa
Is that 0802 in the thumbnail? 😂
Barack Obama Gaming
Barack Obama Gaming 23 giorni fa
That’s cream biggums
Peu Barbosa
Peu Barbosa 23 giorni fa
I have ate at that pizza place
Justin Carney
Justin Carney 23 giorni fa
Gia danos
Jay _
Jay _ 23 giorni fa
Ay don't disrespect my city of New Orleans
CJR425 23 giorni fa
Jay _ foreal 🤦‍♂️ disrespectful as hell
Billy Courtney
Billy Courtney 23 giorni fa
Stop editing the fart noise in
Earl Anastacio
Earl Anastacio 23 giorni fa
4:13 is the actual vid
Ed Ford
Ed Ford 23 giorni fa
What’s that thing in the pink t shirt?
Dominic Mcmahon
Dominic Mcmahon 23 giorni fa
No disrespect to lsk I’ve been watching for three years but I’m just saying
The Great Shampoo Bottle
See I get to eat that pizza every day
Jamie Salinas
Jamie Salinas 23 giorni fa
Aha ha
Brandon Playz HD
Brandon Playz HD 23 giorni fa
I literally thought Spice Adams was Cash Nasty in the thumbnail
Lub bers
Lub bers 23 giorni fa
What is the difference between spice Adams and cream biggums
Austin Hoffman
Austin Hoffman 23 giorni fa
G or don o’s
Redskins Tribe
Redskins Tribe 23 giorni fa
5:11 dat shot tho 😆
Clarence Alexander
Clarence Alexander 23 giorni fa
When I was in Chicago we went to Geno's Eastto get that deep dish
Royze 14
Royze 14 23 giorni fa
Chicago's the best
Demir Erdem
Demir Erdem 23 giorni fa
6:08 to 6:49 2018 3 point contest first round
Li Jinfei
Li Jinfei 23 giorni fa
Wtf I watched 8 minutes of bricking
Julius World
Julius World 23 giorni fa
nyc pizza is the best pizza dont at me
FJ Nemo
FJ Nemo 23 giorni fa
Johnny 2k
Johnny 2k 23 giorni fa
4:08 haha lol
Anthony Allen-Rice
Anthony Allen-Rice 23 giorni fa
I new he was going to be on the pelicans
DENO Royale
DENO Royale 23 giorni fa
Why y'all hating on New Orleans, f*ck these tanking Teams
SSSuperBBBlack 23 giorni fa
Dr. Mike
Dr. Mike 23 giorni fa
Spice the GOAT!!
Jayy tatted
Jayy tatted 23 giorni fa
No cap bro I would love to be in 2 hype on yall team when you guys do 2 hype basketball events yall was in Chicago I'm in rockford literally a hour away from there if yall see this heart this I deserve a 2 hype tryout
Rhythm G
Rhythm G 23 giorni fa
where is Spice Adams at? you got him in the title...where is he tho???!!!
Dylan Turpin
Dylan Turpin 23 giorni fa
Rhythm G are you serious or sarcasm?
Rhythm G
Rhythm G 23 giorni fa
"We literally got all hyped for Zion to go to New Orleans..." .........dont get jumped kristopher....plz dont...
GN x Pxint
GN x Pxint 23 giorni fa
Yeah it’s hard to be a suns fan 😑🧡💜
ProGamer 04
ProGamer 04 23 giorni fa
I'm italian come here and you will eat the best pizza in the world
Iyl Will
Iyl Will 23 giorni fa
Lmao it’s pronounced gee-or-don-o’s ..... best pizza u will ever have bro
Suave Zay
Suave Zay 23 giorni fa
king 23 giorni fa
imagine that dudes jumper in 2k20 😂😂😂
D3 Kinney
D3 Kinney 22 giorni fa
I'd buy it😂
Official Alondo
Official Alondo 23 giorni fa
they gotta put biggums shot in 2k20
Crazy Cash
Crazy Cash 23 giorni fa
Spice is a bear legend
FORCE- Marveto
FORCE- Marveto 23 giorni fa
Go to Humboldt park court
DR SOOS 23 giorni fa
Goga Beatadze will be in Boston
A Wright
A Wright 23 giorni fa
Supreme_john 1
Supreme_john 1 23 giorni fa
NOT FOUND 23 giorni fa
Its McDonald’s but wit you in front of it🤦🏾‍♂️
Nolimitdb 23 giorni fa
First time seeing him actually shoot 💯
BUNEDİO BU 24 giorni fa
Trevy ™
Trevy ™ 24 giorni fa
Jesse insulted everyone in illinois for not being able to pronounce Giordano's
Lee Webster
Lee Webster 24 giorni fa
Who else thought they had a Snapchat notification at 0:05
Jacob Blim
Jacob Blim 24 giorni fa
I love how I be having giordanos every month and Jesse and Kris can’t even say the name
LEGIT_HARRY 24 giorni fa
We got the best pizza here in Chicago ❤️
TheGerberPanda 23 giorni fa
You got clickbaited
John Filloramo
John Filloramo 24 giorni fa
Giordano's pizza sucks
zeus44tko2 24 giorni fa
Spice Adams!!
Football God21
Football God21 24 giorni fa
Rip knicks
Danny Wall
Danny Wall 24 giorni fa
I live in Chicago and giordanos thin crust is Godly and deep dish
Joey Lacca
Joey Lacca 24 giorni fa
who else looked at their phone when the Chicago tag popped up in the beginning
MOB MCB 24 giorni fa
Bro I seen y’all I just didn’t think it was y’all
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