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NBA HYPED PLAYS! The Loudest Crowd Reactions of the 2023 NBA Season! This video showcases the best game winners, buzzer beaters, dunks and more! It features NBA superstars like LeBron James, Steph Curry and more!
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24 giu 2023




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Commenti : 289   
@Hicko 6 mesi fa
Check out this video after! 😮‍💨Most Rude and humiliating plays ever: itvid.net/video/video-S4dcvERnlvo.html
@youngcnyce 8 mesi fa
Kings have the best crowd tbh
@FijiGoonda916 8 mesi fa
Light the beam!
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
Yea kings crowd goes crazy
@mmm3d736 7 mesi fa
It’s been 18 years since they had a team like this I’ll be going crazy too 😂
It was ridiculously wild in 2002. I was at some of those playoff games. Totally insane atmosphere.
Glad they are my hometown team
@PowersPoch 8 mesi fa
Bruh when Luka was just bouncing like an excited baby was just the cutest thing
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
Yea that was adorable 🥹
@cryptidian3530 8 mesi fa
His body didn't know what to do with all that excitement. xD
@nenegortat5106 7 mesi fa
What in the sus is going on in these comments
Bro idk know how to respond to this 🤒
@BingTheKing 6 mesi fa
cute ? 😂
@Sirnextinline 8 mesi fa
4:11 that celly in front of they bench is crazy 😭
@mellviingg 8 mesi fa
caleb martin's 3 pointer on giannis' face was the coldest
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
That was tuff 🔥
Jimmys stepback was out of this world though. He just walked up and did that shit
@mellviingg 7 mesi fa
@@georgeguerra2461 true man, that game was his shit
@ImNotKlawth 7 mesi fa
They way kyrie looked at the hoop and remembered he could dunk was funny af
@BingTheKing 7 mesi fa
ong LMFAO took me by surprise myself
@mosestih8634 6 mesi fa
Seeing the Aaron Gordon dunk in OT LIVE was an experience. For sure the greatest poster of all time
@xbom3229 6 mesi fa
are you smoking
@LuckyKlvrSyx 5 mesi fa
Nah that poster was insane though, idk about the best. Now if it contested, from were he jumped and made it, then we might have a debate.
@kbeg33 7 mesi fa
It's wild that kings really got the loudest crowd in the league. Theres a sound difference in the video when heurter hit that
@cartolagoec 3 mesi fa
I like that most of these are 1 or 2 plays. For Bucks-Heat Game 4, you had to include like 5. Loudest and craziest I may have ever seen an arena.
You didn’t watch the finals this year then
Or any of the nuggets run tbh haha
@sozo4483 4 mesi fa
​@@almostawesome5934I saw your other comments in another comment section, at this point you just dick riding nugget man, stop it
@moneymachinezo 7 mesi fa
3:21 Zion 360 windmill at the end of the game, he did it with such ease 😮
@Adaan415 6 mesi fa
Bro one of the best dunks last season, he had EVERY right to do it 😂
@KN2X2 7 mesi fa
This season was fire
@Ninja-gt3zi 7 mesi fa
Shame about the final tho
@TWINTOWERS4123 7 mesi fa
How can you not love this game!❤
As a laker fan even tho that ar15 downtown shot was super cold I can’t get over that JB performance against bucks in Miami. Gives me goosebumps and hyped up how insane that game was beating the #1 seed bucks. Never seen anything like that in my life 🔥🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
@jakefucci66 6 mesi fa
Was blessed enough to be at that game myself
This haunts me
@MrJuggzmarley 6 mesi fa
Nah that Zion sequence.. the dramatic “ No no nooooo” !!! I LOVE IT! ☠️🔥
@sebo8125 7 mesi fa
5:20 luka's reaction 😂😂😂😂
@grant1272 7 mesi fa
The kings crowd almost blew my speakers
Jimmy Butler setting Miami on fire was one of the sickest things I’ve ever seen.
5:33 luka is so good holy shit
love these videos
@sprazini3014 5 mesi fa
NBA hyped plays 🥶 September 7, 2023
@ashton7590 5 mesi fa
I don't care about playing in the NBA, just wanna sit in bench and react to insane moments
@snakers83 8 mesi fa
Gordon's dunks are a loud scream of robbery since 2016
@Willsold_ 7 mesi fa
Matt Ryan lakers legend 😂🐐
My favorite NBA Hyped Plays (Loudest Crowd) of 2023 0:15 Luka Doncic's Dunk against the Milwaukee Bucks 0:46-1:24 My #8 seeded Miami Heat Comeback Win in Game 4 of the 2023 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals against the #1 seeded Milwaukee Bucks to take a 3-1 series lead (Let's Go Heat! 🏀🔥) 2:10 Kyrie Irving's Dunk against the San Antonio Spurs
@s0meguy09 8 mesi fa
Sacramento has the loudest crowd
@GeminiJets22 7 mesi fa
My favorite season of all time (LETS GO HEAT)
@osnsenior7218 8 mesi fa
this is a banger
@DaReaIJesus 7 mesi fa
Flight’s worst nightmare 💀😂 0:28-0:49
frfr lol
When it comes to just spur of the moment AR15 killed it with that buzzer beater half court shot! JB juat put on a show! Still all reasons why I love thw NBA!!!
@vyebrator8664 7 mesi fa
Gordon really fed Shamet the goodies🥜
@ttvdizturb3d 2 mesi fa
7:16 that was completely fucking insane, he looked down to make sure his feet were not over that line and still nailed it
That utah jazz game was so fun to go to what a win
I was at the jazz kings when lauri hit the buzzer beater. We all went so crazy we almost didn’t realize it didn’t count.
@iluvmycam1613 7 mesi fa
Kings crowd the best imo, y’all sleeping on the nuggets crowd tho
@s0meguy09 7 mesi fa
nah. nuggets crowd wasn't even loud in the finals
@ComicEdits313 7 mesi fa
@@s0meguy09Fr They Were More Louder in the Lakers Series
@iluvmycam1613 7 mesi fa
Y’all gotta be smoking the crowd erupted every shot the nuggets made in game 5
@stanley7257 6 mesi fa
Kevin harlan really the season's best commentator
I just love watching Lebron
@Petalwandperson 23 giorni fa
That game was so loud by the kings 🎧🎧🎧🎧📣📣📣📣📣
@AcenBanz 7 mesi fa
Can’t believe they said jimmy taking that 3 was a bad shot last year
@AntechamberAE 2 mesi fa
0:12 Whole place went deaf after this 😭😭😭
1:33 I'll never forget that dunk. Like ive seen some great dunks with great vert but that was insane. Aint no way i wouldve just sat under the tim and let AG run full speed at me and take off like that.
@host7867 7 mesi fa
was at the game in the first clip, was legendary. i have a video of the buzzer beater still
@il100374 2 mesi fa
That first one was so loud lmaoo
5:20 luka reaction is underated
@BigHeeboMane 7 mesi fa
Litty 🔥🔥🔥
Gordon's dunk on Shamet while OT gives me a strong goosebumps tho😯
@locoattack1210 6 mesi fa
Such a sick photo too if you've seen it.
@rudeboyyy1218 2 mesi fa
this is happening in euroleague in every shot not only from 1 play 😂😂
The white boi in luka came out to play for a second 😂😂😂 @5:25
@Jwil1995 7 mesi fa
A bunch of sick plays. But no fan base gets as loud as Sacramento. It’s not even close
@touroewilliams 7 mesi fa
if you listen closely the mavs are kinda close, but sacramento is unbelievably loud
@noahlocke9302 4 mesi fa
@knox8113 7 mesi fa
I still cant believe Ryans 3 from the corner to send the game to OT.
@JimmerSosa0 7 mesi fa
I didn’t even know Zion played this year. 😂😂
@Erysx12 2 mesi fa
5:37 cold asf 🥶❄️
2:23 Está secuencia estuvo re loca
@TrdQue 6 mesi fa
Watched this with my headphones on….. About to go wake my kids up and dunk on them
@jorfizzle23 7 mesi fa
I still don’t know how Jimmy butler didn’t get a technical on that dunk against Milwaukee
@mochilee1144 6 mesi fa
yeah poole just stood there and watch austin shoot it, what a fantastic d
@Longtime420 2 mesi fa
Bro the first clip of the kings it was so loud I thought my speaker on my phone broke lol 😅
how did u not add jimmys buzzer beater playoff 1st round shot against bucks
@jakefucci66 6 mesi fa
The way Luka unintentionally slapped his ass too
Europe’s one basketball team’s crowd is much better than NBA’s team combined crowd
As a Celtics fan who went to a solid 10 games and 4 playoff games I feel disrespected
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
I know the celtics crowd is very loud but there just wasnt like a crazy dunk or a game winner that I could include.
@@Hicko Celtics game against the warriors. Celtics comeback against the Knicks. Marcus smart had a few crazy layups against the 76ers In game 1 and JT went off against phili. Game 5 against ATL was solid and JT 51 (wasn’t there for that) game 5 against the heat when smart hit back to back 3s and after the timeout JT hit a 3 after a wile possession. Derrick white buzzer beater and 2 crazy moments in the second quarter. Jaylen brown buzzer beater against heat regular szn (I was not there for that) but game 5 vs heat was insanely loud and so was Celtics warriors game
@frappexd_2959 8 mesi fa
Prolly include it in a second part my guy. No need to feel disrespected bro its just a video
@milos7114 8 mesi fa
Celtics also flopped so why even be mentioned lmao. This team couldn’t beat a one all star run team. Kinda sad. But we got KP and we don’t have to see Marcus throw up another pile of poop. (I will miss Marcus as a leader though)
Wtf Gordon!! 🔥
@MHK_1990 8 mesi fa
Nba fans can never compare to any european football fans
@Ninja-gt3zi 7 mesi fa
Or European basketball fans
@MHK_1990 7 mesi fa
@@Ninja-gt3zi fr. european fans > american fans in everysport tbh
@IceLovezMusic 6 mesi fa
0:37 Most Iconic Phrase in basketball
@Tava 6 mesi fa
that game 4 heat bucks game was by far the best game of the season
Celtics crowd is the best BY FAR
@milos7114 8 mesi fa
I say the Kings or the Heat won it this season.
@ypk._steph 7 mesi fa
Hold up tho, is that Johnny Daddy Sins in the background of the thumbnail 😼
@SpiderGang56 2 mesi fa
That kings crowd is almost unmatched😂
@TWDub 7 mesi fa
At 1:35, that was a blocking foul. His feet were not set and his body is clearly in motion to the left. He has to be set, and unmoving for it to be a charge. Being outside the restricted zone doesn't negate his responsibility to stand still for the charge attempt. They should have challenged.
@tunatamkan1819 7 mesi fa
They did and they won I think
@brandohall5116 6 mesi fa
@@tunatamkan1819 they did win yeah
@saucejohnson 5 mesi fa
@lightzout2k874 8 mesi fa
Lakers crowd is the best
@flozirkus7618 8 mesi fa
@lotsopain 8 mesi fa
Lakers crowd is the worst*
@therealnathanmiles 13 giorni fa
7:16 my favorite one
4:02 I can’t believe we disrespected Schroder and got rid of him a second time 😔
I want the nba back
That's how a 23 yrs old kid#Luka celebrate ❤❤ adorable 5:23
@ttvsalaflexx 7 mesi fa
the ding productions of basketball
@doodlelive9993 7 mesi fa
crazy that lakers havent beaten clippers in 11 meetings
2:20 3:15 5:30 6:20
@Payydae 7 mesi fa
Jimmy butler gave us out of body experience
@kyfal45 8 mesi fa
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
@itzAceSlayer 4 mesi fa
Nah the kings crowd sound like college rivalry fan base
@millimax. 4 mesi fa
1:36 Jokic didn’t care 😂
@unclegardener 5 mesi fa
0:00 0:15 0:49 0:55 1:01 1:11 1:17 1:25 1:32 1:46 1:59
@t-man152 8 mesi fa
16th should be the new best. Like what a number.
@Hicko 8 mesi fa
Yes sir !!!!!!
@alexeckert4301 6 mesi fa
Nah bro Zion crazy frfr
37 Ryan for the lakers literally got released after doing this. The disrespected
Loudest crowd I hear in my life is at PSG in france
@deathwalker565 7 mesi fa
Jimmy owns Milwaukee
4:40 how is that not a illegal screen on Klay Thompson
@nnamdie3526 7 mesi fa
AR15 made Steph proud
@thefirewood33 6 mesi fa
wait what happened to the lakers in the western conference finals??
@mr.smiley9129 7 mesi fa
guys imma say it i fucking love basketball
@touroewilliams 7 mesi fa
me too
bro hates the knicks
Zion 360 dunked and never played again lmao
@jeremiahkrug94 7 mesi fa
why is this the first time I am hearing about Kyrie's putback dunk
@eddiebrown2448 22 giorni fa
Somebody is a lakers fan
@c4m37on2 7 mesi fa
forgot lakers crowd end of game 3 and 4 wcf
@charger70s 8 mesi fa
4:27 - 4:49
@charger70s 8 mesi fa
1:36 - 1:42
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