NBA Legends Explain Why Nikola Jokic Is CRAZY GOOD… 

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Nikola Jokic and the Denver Nuggets have sustained first place for quite a while this season in the Western Conference. Throughout the NBA season, NBA Legends such as Tracy McGrady, Vince Carter, Shaq and Charles Barkley have had their opinions on the Joker and why he has dominated the league. Jokic has maintained his play and has been noted as the best center in the league with only Joel Embiid at that position to contest that praise.
Watch here: Nikola Jokic Will Win His 3rd Consecutive MVP Award...
• How Nikola Jokic Is DO...
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Shaq was all about physical dominance: it was an individual play. Jokic is all about leadership: it is all about pulling the team together, making his teammates the best versions of themselves. I think Jokic is a more complete package than Shaq ever was.
@L_87 5 mesi fa
@710LL59 5 mesi fa
@smallsmallful 5 mesi fa
But shaq dun need to have the whole package. He is too unstoppable. That’s no purpose.
@LarssonOhman 5 mesi fa
I haven't played Basketball, but Handball (Olympic, not American) on the highest youth level in Germany. I can only tell from my anecdotal experience, but ego has no place in these teams. When a point is scored, it is considered a team effort - who ever lands the score, it's for the team. So this idea of 'go give the shot to the person best in place to take it'-mentality was very much baked into us from the get go. Even if we scored a goal and a mate was in a better position, our coach would give us shit.
@johnnguyen3023 5 mesi fa
I would take Shaq over any players, including Jordan. He's so Dominance.
@simranbobs 8 mesi fa
Humility...it disarms American players who are so filled with ego. But he is sincere and genuine, that goes a long way in this world today! The fact that he really, truly doesn't care about the MVP makes him the best bet for it. These other guys are amazing (Joel, Giannis, Jayson) but no one makes his team mates better than Jokic. I think he has set his sights on the MVP of the finals!
Thank you
@nenadzivic2457 7 mesi fa
well said, thank you from Serbia.
Where he says, "all he cares about is getting his teammates the best shot possible"...thats what makes him great. The perfect teammate
@hoopersln 6 mesi fa
Yup. And robbed of the MVP! Wait til you see our next video! Trying to debunk this MVP debate.
Jokic amazes me every single night more than anyone in the league, his passing has highlight reels every game. Nuggets are 3-5 without Jokic, Sixers are 9-4 without Embiid. Bucks are 9-6 without Giannis. Those teams don't need them to be competitive, Nuggets fall apart without Jokic. By definition he's the MVP again...
I’m a Nuggets fan but the Bucks and Sixers both need their best players to be a legitimate contender
@comp5092 8 mesi fa
Lost to spurs with your MVP on the floor 😂
​@@comp5092 that happened only then,but haters gonna hate.
@juanjosoler336 8 mesi fa
Bro has to be one of the greatest leaders in history
@@comp5092 tee hee hee... one game is not and edict on a team.
@robertkemp185 8 mesi fa
Jokic is a once in a lifetime basketball player who demonstrates the highest level of skills combined with amazing leadership ability as well as basketball IQ. No one like him
Jokic is young. He has a long way to go. Let's enjoy this once in a lifetime talent. And for me, he is already "One of the Greatest" ever to play in the NBA. I wish Jokic wins his 3rd MVP and an NBA title! And another one... And another one... And another one....
If that happens like you said, "I want him to win title. And another one, and another one, and another one..." that's extremely hard to do it and I don't know if he will be able to achieve that in this ultra tough era with many incredible teams and many incredible players, the competition is simply crazy and it's not like he has one of the best supporting cast. But if he really wins 3 or 4 CHAMPIONSHIPS WITH THIS NUGGEST TEAM??? Hands down, he would be clearly the greatest center of all time. Yeah, you heard me right. He would pqss Kareem Abdul Jabbar without a doubt as the greatest center who ever played and he would be to me even in discution for greatest player who ever lived possibly passing both MJ and Lebron James.
@vrsimulo1234 8 mesi fa
​@@hristijandimitrovski8664 mvp is individual achievement , but championship is a team effoct if the franchise can't give him good players then is gonna be what it is.
@ekibirigeable 8 mesi fa
@@hristijandimitrovski8664 Tell me you don't know anything about basketball without telling you don't know anything about 🏀!
Olajawon would BBQ him ! ! !
@akoskovacs6830 6 mesi fa
I think you described his most important skill. Because of his height and shooting skills you might want two guys on him. Because of his passing skills, he punishes this. He leaves you no choice.
@hoopersln 6 mesi fa
He’s too skilled, especially for his height and IQ.
The only way to beat him is to play him one on one and spend 10 fouls between your two centers on him. Let him get his 40 then shut down the rest of his team with physical defense. Otherwise you have no chance against him.
@mdob5724 8 mesi fa
I enjoy his style of game, the clever passing is more enjoyable to see when rest of team is made better.
@LaMatadora 6 mesi fa
Hes not an ego-maniac, ball-hogging player. He assists all his teammmates. Thats why that team is in the finals. They are the definition of teamwork. Great Job.
@L_87 5 mesi fa
It’s refreshing in the modern nba. You just don’t see players like him anymore
@Paladin88 6 mesi fa
Sure, he is a very versatile scorer as witnessed by that buzzer beating one legged three, and always near the top in rebounding. What really impresses is his vision in passing. It's like when a pass comes his way, he somehow has time to look for an open man before catching the pass and quickly dishing a perfect pass. The great players know how to slow the game down and make things happen. Not many holes in his game. His humility makes him easy to root for. Thank you, Serbia.
@mario4fitness 5 mesi fa
What a pleasure to watch this remarkable player. Have we seen a player like this? Touch, footwork, vision, IQ. Based on all his abilities, he has to be the best player in the game ATM. Hard to argue this with his numbers, and now leading a team to the promise land. Best part is, we get to see more of him and his game will highly influence future players. Thanks Nikola - you are a pleasure to watch- a totally unselfish superstar.
He is my favorite center in todays game .. a big man that he can score rebound and assist not only that but he did that in double digits , a triple double center .. he had changed the game indeed and it’s so fun to be watched ..
Good at everything but passing and selflessness. Those are his strengths. He's not full of himself and is all about the team and that's what makes him so good. He gets everybody involved
@geraldlynn1827 7 mesi fa
Great comment Bro. Well said.
@DaNeiJin 7 mesi fa
He's all about the game, loving it. That means he's not selfish in any aspect, he does what need's to be done, posting passing scoring taking a break, whatever, he has the skill to do so, so that his team stays up front. And he's evolving. Although his scoring is less then last seasons, it feels like his impact is stronger. He's peripheral vision and depth perception of the field is just incredible, as well as the awareness of the movement of his mates.(I guess thats what they call IQ). Really Amazing every game. Who the f... cares if his MVP this season or not, Basketball fans are in for a treat every time he's on the court.
@waimeaguyz9074 5 mesi fa
Most important trait is his humility. Just a joy to watch an unselfish big man make incredible passes. I hope the stars can learn humility. It makes you play better. The team did it.
Jokic is the champion of Mike Malone's teamwork coaching. It's make each other great, collaboration over competition, the team greater than the sum of the players. Jokic's joy is helping his teammates play their best, and they love him for it, and are adopting more of his play-making themselves. He is happier praising them than receiving it. When questioned by a woman interviewing him what stat he took pride in he grudgingly said his assists, and that only to get her off his case! I enjoy all their players.
@sonusancti 5 mesi fa
The bottom line for Jokic is, being center comes is just a consequence of his height. He wasn't always the tallest so he got to do other roles and likes all of them. This is how he got to be keen in other roles.
@GaryLyons 6 mesi fa
I agree he has great basketball IQ. But his vision is really what makes him special, he sees things that very few see and he anticipates extremely well. A very special player
The reason he is such a good passer is he anticipates the movement of his teammates and hits them in stride with a perfect touch on the ball. You can't defend that. Then if you back off him at all, he sinks a 3 on you. The guy is super talented with amazing skills and a feel for the game unmatched by most.
Focus and calmness; he never gets too up or too down. He's the Zen master of professional basketball. But you better not give him a cheap shot.
@hoopersln 8 mesi fa
I know right. He won’t back down
@lequack7399 6 mesi fa
Kobe, Curry, Jok.
@mrsinister8943 6 mesi fa
I dont watch much nba and never watched jokic until recently but wow he is something else. He is probably the only player that reminds me of Bird. His basketball IQ is off the charts and he doesnt look athletic or fast but he has his own style and is super efficient. Some of his passes are insane. Jokic is definetly the best passsing bigman ever no doubt about it. He makes everyone better and nearly averaged a damn triple double and now hes finals mvp with a ring. Jokic is amazing and already a legend.
I just have to shake my head and say WOW..After a long time disconnected I got a peek at the playoff and when I saw this guy from Denver I was immediately stunned.. He is AMAZING on all fronts..
@hoopersln 6 mesi fa
Welcome back! Hopefully our content can reconnect you with basketball!
You’re right, Shaq and Jokic are quite different. Jokic can make free throws.
His humbleness is what is Nikola Jokić's greatest attribute. He doesn't care about winning individual awards. He doesn't care about building a "brand" through social media. He only cares about winning and will do whatever it takes to get it accomplished. With his multitude of abilities that he has and how he's able to integrate them with his teammates, the Denver Nuggets, still being a relatively young team, will be vying for championships for quite some time still.
I think it's time we shift the narrative and focus on what truly matters: the opinions of the players themselves. Instead of relying on retired players, fans, and reporters who might have their own biases, let's ask every single player in the NBA if they would like to have Jokic as a teammate. I have a feeling the overwhelming majority would jump at the chance to play alongside such a skilled and versatile player. Jokic's basketball IQ, unselfishness, and ability to elevate his teammates' performances make him a coveted asset on any team. Let's hear from the players who truly understand what it's like to share the court with him.
When a guy is that unselfish, and makes everyone else look better, it creates a cohesion and a spirit that makes it hard to lose.
@hotrox2150 5 mesi fa
A "Dynasty Builder" in the making, if All buy in....
@mlrd2687 8 mesi fa
Jokic is the best passer of all time. Pistons Isiah Thomas says only Magic is a better passer than Jokic, and that's a big compliment, too. Centers are three ranks below him in that segment of the game.
Would put him 3rd due to Jason Kidd but he is up there
@deansaylor9164 6 mesi fa
Everyone is entitled to their opinion which is just that ,an opinion not fact ,but my vote as best passer would be Pistol Pete.He embarrassed everyone.BTW the great Dr J said Pete was the most gifted basketball player he has seen.
lol' Larry Bird' duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
@westentrance 6 mesi fa
Ernie DeGregorio
@@deansaylor9164 Interesting, both Serbian...
@DVSNTHERE 7 mesi fa
Nikola's best attribute is his heart giving him his best skill which is unselfishness.
@slava1353 8 mesi fa
Reminds me of Arvidas Sabonis. Most people didn't get to see Sabonis play when he was younger. He was an amazing passer as well.
Sabonis averaged 3 assists per game at his peak in the NBA. Jokic is in a different level than sabonis ever was. We are watching one of the greatest centers ever
Arvidas Sabonis who have a killer instinct of Dirk Nowitzki.
​@@steviechampagne He played as "semi-retired" player with full packet of illness.
@israteeg752 6 mesi fa
I've seen Sabonis play both in Europe and the NBA. He was great, but a half a clutch in comparison to Jokic's passing and dribbling abilities.
My top 3 are Joker, Giannis (close tie) and Luka(definitely 3rd because he hasn't managed to build his team around him). Any 2 playing together would be unstoppable IMO as a team. Joker has the ability to do this for an entire game - That's one reason why he's my MVP. The other is that he's proven he can lead his team all the way to the trophy.
@hoopersln 6 mesi fa
He’s about to lead the nuggs to their first championship! 🏆
@kermitefrog64 6 mesi fa
Jokic reminds me of both Magic and Bird always getting their teammates the ball and can't be stopped when he shoots. Congratulations to Denver for winning their first championship last night 6/13/23 Jokic kept them going down the stretch against Miami 4-1 and the last game 94 to 89 for the title 😀.
Jokić is a great mix of the few great basketball players ever (It is left to us. which players we have to mix to get a cocktail named Jokić). But as a center, he is greatest ever especially for assistances!!!! He is also a good man ready for joke at any time! HE IS A GOAT!!!! Mr. TRUE MVP!!!! GO NUGGETS!!! GOOOO!!!
@davidellis5240 6 mesi fa
I watched Peyton for years as he racked up MVPs. I think he deserved it the most for the season his missed with neck surgery as the Colts without him ended up with the worst record that year. The key to most valuable player is making your teammates better. I can’t think of anyone in any sport who does that better than Joker
To answer the final question from the video. His vision for passing, I believe is his best attribute. I believe he may go down as the 2nd greatest passer the game has ever seen. He's at the Nash Kidd level now IMO. & I'm not sure if anyone will ever match Magic. 🐇🎩- 🃏🏀⛏🏆
@bochica3562 2 mesi fa
German guy here... I doubt if Germany would have that final with him on the court. It was a super hard game even without him. 🙈 Jokic is just crazy good at what he does. 👍👍👍
2019-23 and will continue obviously but those years of jokic has been nothing short of amazing. He’s truly a top 25 player and climbing
@rac7773 5 mesi fa
Frankly, I did not think that he was as great as he is, until the last month. He is a magician.
My hometown team, the Denver Nuggets, have just swept the Lakers on their way to The Finals for the first time eve! This town is going to go ape-shit when and if we win it all. Frankly, I don't think The Heat has a chance. I'm so proud of this team. All awesome guys - 🏀🏀🏀
#Serbia #Jokic
Yoke's biggest talent is upsetting Nick Wrong and the ESPN angry brigade. Basketball is a collective sport and he has mastered it.
@JSauer21 8 mesi fa
Don't forget Mr. Trippin On Perks. They were praying he would fall last night just to casually outperform Giannis and Embiid. Probably had to scrap their pre-written scripts bashing Jokic
@@JSauer21 So true.
@vukaleksic1654 6 mesi fa
I think he bring unity to Nuggets bcs teams spirit & brotherhood is well know tradition of serbian national team for the past 40 years
Jokic’s greatest skill is using his brain and eyes to see the entire court a split second before every one else and act immediately.
Jokic possess two of the most important skills a basketball player needs. Availability, he misses very few games. And his intellect, each game he's probably the most intelligent guy on the floor which allows him to do the things he wants. Atm his only weakness if any is his blocking ability. Apart from that all his other skills are superb.
the combination of his skill set and basketball IQ produces his greatest asset: his ability to alter his role not only from game to game, but after each defensive adjustment by the other team. For this reason he’s an opposing coach’s ultimate nightmare.
@geraldlynn1827 7 mesi fa
Great video. I'm a Denver Nuggets fan. No matter how they end up, it's just a honor and privilege to see the unselfish effort every night.!
@hoopersln 7 mesi fa
🙏🏽 Thank you!
@rungoodmuch 5 mesi fa
All you have to do is watch a game and you’ll see Jokic’s greatness.
An MVP is not the guy that scores 50pts per game, he's the foundation of the team that makes everyone plays to their full potential and win games. The Joker is the MVP.
Jokic makes his team better than anyone else in the league. He is the MVP again but in this current society and culture he may be snubbed/cheated.
@Shiljamannn 8 mesi fa
Joker's best skill is being pure basketball player first rather than an athlete.
@Christopher_J 6 mesi fa
This looks to be aging very well. Got alot of time for Joker. Great player and a gentleman. Looks like it's going to be a Miami/Denver final. I'm going for a Denver win/Jokic finals MVP. Let's see!!
@patton303 6 mesi fa
He makes it look like anyone can throw a no look pass to the opposite corner through a forest of arms. He's just seeing a different game than the rest of us. I've been to a lot of Nuggets games over the years and never saw anything like him.
I hope you're a writer!!
@@patton303 oh you are a writer ‼️& a drummer ‼️ nothing boring about drumming. That's a great sounding instrument. Do you know a band called Entrain? Amazing drumming but better in real life than on their album. You know how that goes ‼️
@lkanzenbach 6 mesi fa
Whats special about him is that he gets every teammate on the floor involved and it gets infectious to all the players.
@Arrica101 8 mesi fa
If he isn't the mvp this year, then it is a clear fix
Yeah, seems like the media doesn't believe in Jokic. And tries to downplay how amazing he is. Just look at what Perkins was trying to do to disrespect Joker. 😑
@volodja222 6 mesi fa
I did thought that MVP is for (the) most valuable player. When you are the best - you are the best. What the fuck "the media" have with that? You have a numbers, and you have the common sense, it should be enough... Embiid is a likable guy and very good player, but Jokić is a couple of dimensions above him, speaking about basketball...
Thank you Shaq and Barkley, you know a true legend when you see one.
@ErLeuchten 2 mesi fa
29 tripple doubles in a single season is very impressive. dunno how he did not got the mvp!
Jokic's basketball IQ is 1000......no joke
@geraldlynn1827 7 mesi fa
Very funny
@sarahpaty6108 6 mesi fa
Makes me think of a master chess player the way he sees the court
Is this IQ test standardised?
Don't insult him. It's much higher.
@sp0re8900 6 mesi fa
Well the difference between him & shack is he can shoot I would still take prime shack over him tho.
Jokic interferes with the opponent's defense in an unusual way. Like a foal in a field of dandelions 💮🐎💮. A whole new sensibility in the game 🥰
There are many great players but I think the Nicola can actually build a team while a lot of other players can play a major part contributing to the team, Not all great players can lead and build the teams. As much as I appreciate Durant obviously he is an extreme great player, By far more impressive but he do not lead the team, he is a part of the team.
@frants48 5 mesi fa
All skeptics aside, Jokic just moved the game to a higher level.
What is important Jokić is in small team where he was left to play and create, was not constrained by some rules and visions of half competent coach. Thus he plays best he can and contribute massively. There was other players, from Europe and from America who didn't have chance to jump out of role allowed to them, who was put only to feed local star with balls, without right to shoot or create action in own way, even it was good shoot and action. And Jokić is good in playing, competing. Not so good for show, for crazy dunks and spectacular jumps. Better for play and for result of game then many who are much better for picture of the month. So he holds things in which he is good, not trying to become something which he is not.
@RickyCigarillo 6 mesi fa
Jokic being the best big passer of all time isnt even a debate, hes up there among the best passers of all time of any position.
@loutheglue8030 6 mesi fa
he has so much fun , and is pressure FREE, extraordinary vison of the entire court, a soft stroke, accompanied by the most accurate passes..What can you say? Denver will be around a while........
@davetravis7245 4 mesi fa
2 entirely different era’s and players. Shaq was awesome in his time Joker shoots free throws, threes, is a passer, runs n leads fast breaks, it the pivot of the game.
@Sploooshen 8 mesi fa
Great video! It’ll be close between Joel and Nikola. Selfishly hope jokic gets a third
Jokic mueve al equipo nada más puede hacer puntos o armar la jugada no es muy buena en defensa pero para atacar es un arma ya sea en puntos o asistiendo
@robthom09 4 mesi fa
Jokic is great but his team gels well and they anticipate his passes really well. They deserve more credit too
@hoopersln 4 mesi fa
Ya they really complement each other! Very well constructed roster.
@dennise1816 6 mesi fa
His the best all around player in NBA. Unselfish, team player. He and Denver will win a few Championships.
@babotron1 6 mesi fa
It's Jokic's teamwork talent that makes him MVP in addition to his skills and BB IQ.
@DaNeiJin 7 mesi fa
BTW, it may seem odd, as I'm a huge Jokic fan and think he's MVP, I think Embiid deserves the Recognition for his greatness, and I truly believe that Nikola doesn't even care
His iq is a throwback to Magic and Bird, 2 of basketball's savants.
He has an extra eye that no one can see which is why he can make so many good passes, the only other center who could do that was Arvydas Sabonis, which the Americans never saw in his peak. ANd if he doens't have an extra eye, he can see a second in the future so he knows where people are going to be. Or both.
@larryking9951 6 mesi fa
As a 75 yo man who's first basketball memory is watching Jerry West play at University of Richmond, Jokic is just a wonder to watch!! A person is born with bone structure to jump high. Nothing great there. But to work the basketball court like a Chess Master is far more interesting and satisfying. A beautiful, perfectly placed pass to a streaking teammate is far more interesting to see than a jump shot. The great point guards are always the most interesting player on the court. Jokic ranks with great point guards and he 7'1" and weighs 300 pounds!!!
Jokic is like a Shaq in size but can assist, shoot free throws, shoot mid-range, shoot 3 points, and very smart.
@volodja222 6 mesi fa
(He) can assist? 😅 The guy is a living legend in that field...
@juanjosoler336 8 mesi fa
Jokic is a expert playmaker being a CENTER! Its just crazy
@hoopersln 8 mesi fa
Seriously. He’s a slow crafty point guard in a Center’s body
@LilBill-tt5dp 5 mesi fa
Richard Jefferson was a very smart player. And a big reason the Cavs won the championship. He hit some keyshots in that series
@DownYouGo75 5 mesi fa
His most important skill/trait is being humble.
True basketball players understand how rare and amazing Joker is. Then you have Kendrick Perkins.
Jokic most important skill is him being slow. He makes the quickest defender look slower than him
Luka Dončić and Nikola Jokić are very similar with that in mind.
@blogusvox 6 mesi fa
He's not just a "white Shaq", he's also a white Magic Johnson and a 7 footer Steve Nash; a center who plays like a point guard! He's a complete package and should have been the MVP!
@dpol4at 6 mesi fa
He has a fantastic ability to see his team players location on floor so he can give them a clean pass and that what his amaxing.
@johnhuston650 8 mesi fa
Jokic is the MVP it’s obvious how his team thrives when he is on the court. When he isn’t you can barely recognize the team!
@waltsears 6 mesi fa
When I look at how he plays, his vision and understanding of momentum and angles must be extraordinary! 😂
Shaq was dominant for a few years by just being bigger than everyone else and being allowed to commit multiple offensive fouls almost every time he scored. Jokic dominates on pure talent and basketball IQ. The two are nothing alike. He's much better than Shaq.
@tsheidrick 5 mesi fa
He is a big body with mad skills…a master of his craft.. but don’t forget about the best guard in the league Jamal Murray.. what a tandem..
@joenewcfd 6 mesi fa
He deserves a ring.
I would say that some players are just "fun" to watch. Jokic is one. Jason Kidd was another. And there are many more. Some great players are extremely efficient. But not perhaps as much "fun". I guess my definition is that fun is seeing something you never expected to see happen.
@_VXI 6 mesi fa
Just imagine if he had a star with him who could stay healthy.
@TheMalimica 7 mesi fa
Nikola jokic , Nikola Tesla , Novak Djokovic, something you never see before
@nickv.5748 7 mesi fa
@nikanastas2164 6 mesi fa
@ef8725 6 mesi fa
I wonder if there has been any other player like Embiid who cried his way to MVP. Such a shame but when Kendrick Perkins brought up the race card, the odds-on favorite changed in favour of the less better player.
@PaulC39 5 mesi fa
Nicola shooting style reminds me a little of Dirk Novinski and that’s a compliment. Fluid moves with the ball and the release for the shot.
Joker is the best, but the one thing Embid had over Jokic is defense, and defense is important.
@brucehanna9473 6 mesi fa
His number 1 skill is his passing ability. His #1 talent is his intelligence.
Being as humble as jokic never hurt anyone
@puta1082 8 mesi fa
The best passing big ever.is done and over the only question is "has he passed Magic for the best passer ever?" Yet
@robertkemp185 8 mesi fa
Magic & Nikola are both great players and men of character … wouldn’t want to choose who is better
Well I think he’s talented in attributes and what he brings to the game speaks for itself he likes his play do the talking Nikolai doesn’t tell you shows you !
@alexdb77 6 mesi fa
My favorite NBA player. Enjoyed watching him even before in Europe!
@fifa3 8 mesi fa
With all due respect Shaq, he's not you, he's Nikola Jokic.
@jbonez0078 6 mesi fa
Shaq with jocic mentality is unstoppable.. but Shaq comparing to jocic?I pick jocic because of his passing ability
@kenwell3498 6 mesi fa
he can make a team go as well as anyone I've ever seen. stop him from scoring and he'll kill you passing. single him and he'll score a ton. just right play after right play at an elite level. put some shooting and defense with him and you're good.
@JALSKY1 6 mesi fa
We just witnessed the NEXT STEP! 🏀🏆
@vukgrujic2957 8 mesi fa
Kudos for properly pronouncing Nikola name... I mean, how hard is it for all the other pundits
Reminds me of Walton's passing for a big. He was top's before, not now for sure. Well I guess you could argue Duncan was tops.
@johnmcgann8831 6 mesi fa
Now he will be a Finals MVP which is the Real MVP he wanted. Jokic will have his 💍 in 5. Like Naughty by Nature, but they cant yoke the Joker. Legend.
@HopeandPeace4 4 mesi fa
Nikola: game looks like poetry. Smooth and effortless.
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