NBA Moments If Weren’t Filmed, Nobody Would Believe 

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Gerald Gabad
Gerald Gabad 4 mesi fa
Thank You Derrick White for that Game Saving Putback👍.
Glad to have you back mate. Your videos are the best on ITvid. I love how you don't mess about and just crack straight on with it
ZedWasNotHere 4 mesi fa
MFG_ _Streamer
MFG_ _Streamer 2 mesi fa
That game 6 Celtics final shot is going to be legendary and they just mad history with that play
Honeybee_HD 3 mesi fa
I like how right after McCollum's mistake Ja Morant stole the ball. Guess who threw him the ball....you guessed it.
Philly 4 mesi fa
Number one is super accurate if that wasn’t filmed no one out of the 8 billion people on the earth would believe that.
DarkVoidYT 4 mesi fa
What Derrick White did to force a game 7 is monumental and since game 7 is at home for the Celtics they will have all their fans their to watch them maybe make history or tie a 3-0 deficit either way they made history! Congrats Derrick White 🥳♥
clarkwill7393 4 mesi fa
Even though he can fix their playoff run he cant fix his hairline
DriftWavez 4 mesi fa
DWhite is really good and he is one of my favorite players. But he’s very underrated. I just don’t get it!
Fidel Aguilar
Fidel Aguilar 4 mesi fa
Jim Flanagan
Jim Flanagan 4 mesi fa
Hudson Maxwell
Hudson Maxwell 3 mesi fa
@clarkwill7393 and his face
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach 4 mesi fa
Steph's shooting warmup routine is absolutely sick.
The Gamer Guy
The Gamer Guy 4 mesi fa
Hey, wait, what if every single player went back to their team that they were in their prime.
Braedon Whitt
Braedon Whitt 3 mesi fa
legendary moment when rudy gobert bricked a three so hard it got stuck in the backboard
Mal 4 mesi fa
I dont think JR was wrong. They hd a timeout. Someone shouldve called it. But then again i guess you dont want the warriors setting their defense
Pete_400 2 mesi fa
Steph shooting drill is crazy
MC playz
MC playz 4 mesi fa
Derrick White came in clutch man
amd 3 mesi fa
I saw that save from the Celtics on that night. I thought he didn't make it.
Skiizier 4 mesi fa
Ahhhh yessss, I remember the time where the ball cracked the backboard and got stuck
kitrik23 3 mesi fa
I thoroughly the top of the backboard was out or bound if the ball touched it
BoxPlayz 4 mesi fa
finally bro at least someone understands that the raptors need kawhi there literally nothing without him. their best is a play-in game
UbugginFr 4 mesi fa
The mimae heat soled a 3:0 Lead omg
BurntBaconEdits 3 mesi fa
Lance dunked on the ref😂
Asterodic 4 mesi fa
The derrik white shot was rigged because when butler was shooting free throws they gave them .9 more seconds giving them enough time to win
MeMeLord 3 mesi fa
0:29 Achievement unlocked impressed the human race
EVUL 3YE 4 mesi fa
Ahh I wouldn’t believe that a rubber ball broke a backboard if I didn’t see it
18Prod. 4 mesi fa
yes, i remember and couldn't believe when the backboard got broken by a brick.
EIRE 4 mesi fa
Ja Morant jokes will never stop on this channel 🤣🤣🤣
James Hartt
James Hartt 2 mesi fa
@04:50 😂 If anyone wants 2 argue Curry is not the best shooter in n b a history, they just have 2 watch that clip
GAMIMG 3 mesi fa
3:20 Lol Ja Morant shooting 😅😅😅
DoomSlayer 4 mesi fa
One time at my basketball game the ball balanced on the top of the goal
NoMercyInc 4 mesi fa
never ever has a rubber basketball cracked a backboard
Really???never knew
Jay Santos
Jay Santos 4 mesi fa
Well... No shit
animal kindom
animal kindom 4 mesi fa
But a Shaq has torn down many
NoMercyInc 4 mesi fa
@Cooliospidersonic22 look at the fuckin thumbnail
Cade Revels Green
How Curry get every shot in and I shoot like shaq
Julian Caban
Julian Caban 20 giorni fa
Me wen i saw the ben simons 3 pointer 😱
Mike Sloppy
Mike Sloppy 3 mesi fa
Can’t believe T Mac didn’t make this video.
Sewy 3 mesi fa
I thought cp was going to pass the ball at zubacs nuts
Colton Anime
Colton Anime 4 mesi fa
12:05 where did the arm sleeve come from?
I’m him
I’m him 4 mesi fa
Did anyone notice in Jordan Poole arm sleeve a spurs guy is grabbing his balls
RH 4 mesi fa
If you want to make so many mistakes and yet your boss still covers for you? Go become NBA reffs.... you'll get fired anywhere else
KURT881 4 mesi fa
Lol agreed on theres no foul cause im a celtics fan lol g7 go boston and tatum
Solo 4 mesi fa
love the vids!
Worden Sharing Account
Dime a shan’t to see you play basket ball in real life
Ericka 4 mesi fa
ok im sorry but a go cart? its a quad, fourwheeler, atv NO Hate ure amazing youtuber
THEgoat 4 mesi fa
Of course dude perfect was jealous because he faked all the trick shots
Baylor Hughes
Baylor Hughes 3 mesi fa
12:29 no. 23 in the back had a lil itch
Zach11 4 mesi fa
I rem3mber when tye ball got launched into the glass
Maverick 3 mesi fa
What's the name of the song in the background in the first few seconds?
Dionne Barrett
Dionne Barrett 4 mesi fa
Guess what I watch Derek White do that live
Stephanie Robinson
Nice video
SamPlayz 4 mesi fa
Those are crazy
Liqqm WW
Liqqm WW 4 mesi fa
Derian Vásquez
Derian Vásquez 4 mesi fa
Derrick favors 0.4 seconds shot back to the basket not here?
Coleby Charlton
Coleby Charlton 4 mesi fa
Where’s the backboard glass breaking clip
UltimateDinga 4 mesi fa
i was watching this game lol i was so mad
elijah haines
elijah haines 3 mesi fa
0:11 PUASE!!! AYO
Dark Saibot
Dark Saibot 4 mesi fa
That KD off the head one is a travel is it not?
Jason McNeill
Jason McNeill 4 mesi fa
Why 29 just make it 30 💀
palm angel enebev
David Omari 😤
NMNA Gaming
NMNA Gaming 4 mesi fa
0:25 I thought I got an achievement because I’m watching from my Xbox💀
Lesley Bio
Lesley Bio 4 mesi fa
Lods paano po ayusin yung file tutorial nmn dyan 😅
Cole F
Cole F 3 mesi fa
i saw the dwhite play
123 King
123 King 4 mesi fa
I love your videos❤
_Dylan_Pickle_ 4 mesi fa
Bro for the kawhi blocked shot with 1 finger he got 3 on that, just saying
NotDonPedro 4 mesi fa
Curry is HIM
AK 4 mesi fa
Which one
van nguyen
van nguyen 4 mesi fa
seth curry
JoeMama 4 mesi fa
1:29 when the foul accrued there was like 2.1 2.3 seconds left they added the extra seconds and cheated the heat outa the getting into the finals but it’s game 7 so heat in game 7
Kingston Beaty
Kingston Beaty 3 mesi fa
Face reveal
Kevin Tan
Kevin Tan 4 mesi fa
dime is rebound cousin
jo 4 mesi fa
@flightreacts should watch this
Joaquin Quillin
Joaquin Quillin 4 mesi fa
Did you copy rebounds thumbnail
aj_midrange 4 mesi fa
Jokic is goat!
Red Ninjah
Red Ninjah 4 mesi fa
Butler too
SplashClips 4 mesi fa
All cap
Liam Earl
Liam Earl 4 mesi fa
dirk is
SplashClips 4 mesi fa
@Liam Earl 🗿
Preston Hitchcock
Bro copied rebound
Timo Haym
Timo Haym 4 mesi fa
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CLxPZBYBxFF 4 mesi fa
Bet you won’t pin 0:13
Aka BraydenYT
Aka BraydenYT 4 mesi fa
Hi dime
HYMR DOD 4 mesi fa
1000th like
100k subs?
100k subs? 4 mesi fa
I was the 111 like of the video
How Bizarro
How Bizarro 4 mesi fa
pelis y series PBJ
Hey bro
Luka Donkeykick
Luka Donkeykick 3 mesi fa
God and christ Jesus love u so much they died for u and ur sins so pls spread the gospel and pray pls
dunkslapper 4 mesi fa
Kazukari 4 mesi fa
Justin Wade
Justin Wade 4 mesi fa
Aryeh Goldberg
Aryeh Goldberg 4 mesi fa
I Accuse you for copycat on rebounds thumbnail and video idea😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Megan Stokes5484
I found a video 📹 at 2 hour , s old 🧓
Xd sports 🏀
Xd sports 🏀 4 mesi fa
Sporks🌵 4 mesi fa
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