NBA on TNT Reacts to Kevin Durant: "I Don’t Care About Legacy" 

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29 mar 2023




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Wesley Miller
Wesley Miller 6 mesi fa
Every time KD says he doesn't care about something, it means that he cares deeply.
Spud E. Buddy
Spud E. Buddy 6 mesi fa
He was high when they asked him the question, so at that moment, he didn’t care 😂
Dennis Allen
Dennis Allen 5 mesi fa
Yall don't know the man personally
VS 5 mesi fa
KD ain't no champion and he knows he's never winning nba finals so I've to say he's right
BlinkXIII 6 mesi fa
After 2x MVP's, NBA Champ, Finals MVP, 7x All-Star, DPOY, and many more achievements. People still can't say Giannis' name correctly.
EAZY MONEY 5 mesi fa
Dr Thuganomics
Dr Thuganomics 5 mesi fa
giannis is new . we are talking about late 00's 10's don't mix the eras. Giannis is from the new era.
Scott See
Scott See 5 mesi fa
Like hearing....GI NO BI LEEEEE😅
Hurricanes ___
Hurricanes ___ 5 mesi fa
@Dr Thuganomics Giannis was drafted 10 years ago. He's not new at all
bitter_coffee 5 mesi fa
Not “people”. Just “Americans”.
Tirrell 6 mesi fa
When an athlete doesn’t care about what fans expect of them, that’s when their happy and shine. I’m feeling it.
Tyree Riley
Tyree Riley 6 mesi fa
I’m not gonna lie.. if this is the second unit for inside the NBA I can say I’m really surprised how well it went
Always Out After Dark
Gahhhhh…second unit.
Dub 6 mesi fa
Yeah, I really like Jamal Crawford on this second group. I wouldn’t mind him replacing Kenny.
Tyree Riley
Tyree Riley 6 mesi fa
@Dub Kenny just fits bc he’s been there so long but I wouldn’t mind seeing Crawford in there as well lol
pakyomadapaka 6 mesi fa
bLoWc16 5 mesi fa
They're not as entertaining
Carter Weeg
Carter Weeg 6 mesi fa
Kd really benefiting with no chuck and shaq there. Cause they would’ve been trying to criticize everything he said
Eric Reid
Eric Reid 6 mesi fa
Preach. Neither of them view him as being a champion
Sfdjdhrh 6 mesi fa
Neither of them view him as having the it factor to lead a team by himself, which is something they never did either. In fact Shaq shouldn't say anything about Durant ever. He did the same thing by leaving the magic.
Eric Reid
Eric Reid 6 mesi fa
@Sfdjdhrh I didn't know that Lakers won a championship 2 years prior to shaq joining, and went to the finals the year before shaq joined them by overcoming a 1-3 deficit against a Shaq-led team while also breaking the all-time single season wins record. Oh wait.
Sfdjdhrh 6 mesi fa
@Eric Reid just because it's not the exact same scenario, doesn't mean Shaq didn't take the easy road just like Durant did. I also think Durant made a pitiful decision by doing it. Shaq just isn't on a pedestal of winning by himself. But let's look at it another way involving Shaq. He lost to the pistons. Then jumped ship to a better contender. He wouldn't do that like Durant did.... oh wait
ItsYaBoi34 6 mesi fa
Shaq left cause LA was going to pay him A LOT more than Orlando even wanted to. Kobe Bryant just happened to get drafted that year
PunjabiPiccolo 6 mesi fa
Durant and Sir Charles beef will always be prime entertainment
still tippin
still tippin 6 mesi fa
Prime rib…excellent beef
SmokeSmitty 6 mesi fa
But what if suns win a chip chuck is gonna be salty i think kd lowkey picked the suns to throw in barkley face plus him having relationships with the staff.. PERFECT TIMING
The Sleepy Melody
JOOce 6 mesi fa
Not caring about legacy is different from ignoring the comments about it. I think KD is currently doing the latter because it helps him ignore everyone talking about what this situation is right now. He's literally put himself in PHX. It is what it is. I think he actually still cares and just doesn't want to deal with the ring chase talks and bus driving or whatever. I'll believe it when enough time passes. Right now I don't think he's fooling anyone.
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 6 mesi fa
Yup its got copping mechanism all over it. At the end of the day I think he's emotionally fragile, and he cares way to much about what people say.
Take Kubo
Take Kubo 6 mesi fa
Exactly. If he didn’t care about his legacy, he would’ve put himself in a dame or beal situation.
[Insert Name]
[Insert Name] 6 mesi fa
Yea pretty much. If he really didn’t care about legacy, then why does he care so much about what the fans have to say about him and his legacy? He can’t get off of social media for that.
K. 6 mesi fa
@Take Kubo I think it’s more about him joining a team that plays high quality basketball but at the end of the day there’s no point psychoanalysing and accusing him cause we don’t know him personally
Take Kubo
Take Kubo 6 mesi fa
@K. lol im not accusing him of doing anything wrong tho. Had he joined a weak team and just played for money I’d accuse him of being weak, but he put himself in a position to compete for a chip and that’s what we as fans want
Charles Washington
Jamal has done a really good job being an analyst. In my opinion. Very proud of him
KD will be remembered as an incredible talent who decided to take the easy way instead of working hard for a championship the Warriors thing ruined his legacy
Wesley Miller
Wesley Miller 6 mesi fa
That's definitely my take.
Dub 6 mesi fa
Not only that, but he joined them right after they beat him in the playoffs. That was super weak to me. LeBron never joined Boston or San Antonio. Isaiah never joined the Bulls. Even Shaq didn’t go to the Rockets or Pistons when he lost to them, despite playing for like 6 teams in his career.
Memoirs Of A Legend
Not if he stayed there tho.
Memoirs Of A Legend
​@Dub yeah but Lebron would beg all the other guys to join him. He even tried to join the Warriors previously. He has already lost to Curry 3 times in the finals himself.
Wesley Miller
Wesley Miller 5 mesi fa
@Memoirs Of A Legend Eh. I'm not a KD fan, but I think moving to the Nets was the right call. He never would have gotten respect with Golden State.
Rose M
Rose M 6 mesi fa
We knew He stopped caring about legacy when he signed to a 73-9 2015 NBA championship team
richard turner
richard turner 6 mesi fa
say it loud for the guys at the back 🙈🙉🙊
Paolo Carlo Cayanan
He cared about legacy during the okc run then didn't care about it when he signed witj GSW. After that he cared about legacy again by leaving GSW because he wanted to win as the leader then it failed. Requested a trade then now he doesn't care about legacy again.
PengxueYG 6 mesi fa
@Paolo Carlo Cayanan he wanted to prove he can lead a team....he can't lol. then decides to join cp3/booker to "not care about legacy" again lol. KD said he wants to be at his best, his nets stats this season were really good BUT he knows they weren't going to win in playoffs again cause his team wasn't good. basically saying he wants the best team mates lol. he got spoiled by warriors and now looks to find something like them again
Indy Singh
Indy Singh 5 mesi fa
That 73-9 team didn't win the Championship. They did the year before and after. Just saying.
Michael Knight
Michael Knight 5 mesi fa
Chris Jones
Chris Jones 5 mesi fa
Legacy is what matters in sports and there is no denying that. I feel like imo that’s what being a professional athlete is all about. Becoming immortalized in the rafters.
Bilindabutcher 6 mesi fa
This crew has great chemistry!
Dave Swish
Dave Swish 6 mesi fa
Probably one of the best basketball era's ever . You got the all time scoring leader break the record, the greatest shooter of all time and a 7ft slim reaper doing things guards can do not to mention two 71 performances and kyrie displaying arguably the greatest handles we have ever seen . This is a great basketball generation.
RoboNinja 6 mesi fa
You somehow believe no defense and launching 3 after 3 is great basketball. It's so annoying when fans talk about all this scoring when the NBA has done everything it can be encourage more and more scoring. It's never been easier to score in the NBA, never been easier to average 30 ppg, and never been easier to put up a 50+ point game. Check the 2000 season. The Kings averaged the most at 102 ppg as a team and that was #1. Compare to now where the Kings are averaging 121 ppg as a team and that's also #1 in the league. 20+ years later and scoring is up 20 ppg. The NBA did this with lots of rule changes.
Daniel Spillers
Daniel Spillers 6 mesi fa
​@RoboNinja I'm still trying to figure out how many eras of basketball there are to say it's "probably" "one of the best"....lol....compared to what? 😂 more like the 60s-70s. That's the last time they only scored without playing defense.
Antonio Carter
Antonio Carter 6 mesi fa
@RoboNinja agree 💯💯💯 NBA need to bring back handchecking
Dave Swish
Dave Swish 6 mesi fa
@RoboNinja Well yeah I agree with you that points are up per game but it's not because defense is bad is because offensively players are just more skilled and are harder to guard. To your point the game has changed with rules but I mean Giannis, Rudy Gobert, Jrue, Marcus Smart and Draymond are great defensive players . I am a 90s kid and enjoy the nba always have from the jordan Era and before that with magic and bird . I was simply saying this Era of basketball is awesome just like every Era. I am not biased towards my generation . Also the 3 is a key factor of why teams average more points that's part of the reason why the warriors and Celtics are the best. They take the most 3s they smacked the bucks last night by 40 , case in point . I like your points too though .🫡
wile e. coyote
wile e. coyote 6 mesi fa
KD is not influenced by anything, except for tweets😂
pastilla01234 6 mesi fa
It does not bother me, only my burners
Ultimate Yes Man
He has one of the greatest tweets of all time, the Scarlett one.
PengxueYG 6 mesi fa
@Ultimate Yes Man LOLOL the "let me drink your bath waterrrrr"
John Doe 504
John Doe 504 5 mesi fa
I guess he's worried about the present not the future 😅
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown 5 mesi fa
Lol, this so funny maan…
VortexNicholas4 6 mesi fa
I wish chuck and shaq was there would love to see their live reaction to they would’ve been hilarious
BANDO 6 mesi fa
We knew that when you left a team for a team you were supposed to beat 😂😂😂
Peaceful Naps
Peaceful Naps 6 mesi fa
HEALTHY HIM 6 mesi fa
KD aint moving the same way
Ant-Xiety Podcast
That was Russ fault
stove 5 mesi fa
Happened 7 years ago get over it
Peaceful Naps
Peaceful Naps 5 mesi fa
@stove Right, get over your date of birth. It happened a long time ago it doesn’t matter.
Val 6 mesi fa
The changing of the guard is so good for the networks future. No player hate from the older generation and no unnecessary topics from shorties like Malika Andrew’s. This is dope, need more broadcast crews like this
ChaBoiBlue 6 mesi fa
Nah, they boring. Was falling asleep listening to this.
Val 5 mesi fa
@ChaBoiBlue sorry they don't have jokes every 5 minutes to entertain you, it's just not for you and that's okay. we gone keep enjoying it
stich 6 mesi fa
It's perfectly okay to be forgotten, to not be remembered. 50 years from now nobody gives AF about any of this.
John Smith
John Smith 6 mesi fa
Well that's just not true lol
kingsting 6 mesi fa
Lol 50 years later and we still talk about Kareem Wilt and Bill Russell. Truth is kd just isn't on that level and that's why he doesn't care anymore
stich 6 mesi fa
@kingsting they're not even praising them they're saying they only won because they were playing against plummers. None of this has any meaning it's all for money
dxtremecaliber 6 mesi fa
nah thats only for casuals for the basketball head will always say he won because he joined a 73-9 team that him the year prior
XaeVius 6 mesi fa
@stich it's almost like there's this thing called 'eras' and they played basketball differently than we do now especially the skill level
Harder Way
Harder Way 6 mesi fa
Even tho I like him really much, you can't put KD in conversations with Giannis, Lebron and Steph - Greek brought the ring to Milwaukee, Lebron to Cleveland (plus set multiple records, got even more rings etc.), Steph has won four rings, multiple records, probably the best shooter etc. KD - great offense, poore defense, Warriors thing, couldn't lead a strong Nets squad anywhere near the title...Now if this thing with Suns disappoint, we surely can keep talking about the talent and skills, but being a legend and having some big legacy is a completely different thing. To put him among 10 best ever? Lol.
Different Viewpoint
Isaiah is a relic. His value to the media is crazy. Wow. I'm amazed we have ppl like this on this show
XaeVius 6 mesi fa
He didn't care so much that he was fighting that one guy on twitter arguing that his legacy was "better" after getting swept in the first round of the playoffs 😂 It's the same thing with his leadership and him being the top dog of a team. he'll say "i just wanna ball man" when in reality that's just a way to shield himself from criticism when he can't will or lead his team like how we usually expect other "the guy"s on other teams do. whether or not you want to be the leader on the team you have no choice, that's what you get for being a top dog, unless you have someone else that can do it for you like how kawhi had lowry. kd can't even get his "friend" kyrie to stop with his drama when they were both on the nets and still sided with him even after all the flaking he has done to him and the team.
Emmanuel Anwanaodung
I remember that he asked that guy to define “legacy” and the dude couldn’t.
Silk Johnson
Silk Johnson 6 mesi fa
Those who got to the top by stepping on others usually want to forget the path they took
Blu I.X.
Blu I.X. 6 mesi fa
Who did he step on
you scare me
you scare me 6 mesi fa
Stepping on others? All he did was leave OKC. He didn't even demand to be traded.
Jamontay Alexander
With his 4 years with us he’s going to win a ring and I pray that he stays healthy all 4 as well
Obi Juan Jabroni
Nice to see a New York Knicks reunion of the Isiah Thomas era 🤙🏽
denk664 6 mesi fa
Yeah since it was so successful
Obi Juan Jabroni
@denk664 hahahaha.....It was full of hope but they were dark times
bLoWc16 5 mesi fa
KD is at that point of his legacy where either he will rise and be talked about for years, or yeah he was good in the era but not all time. IT won two, he is talked about in the 80s era but when the conversation of all time best, he will never be mentioned. That's is where KDs legacy right now. It's up to him now if he want his name brought when people mention top 10s, or does he want to be eventually forgotten unless his era is brought. LeBron, Steph's legacy will be brought when it comes to best all time.
puc z
puc z 6 mesi fa
In 20 years Kd’s career will be remembered hilariously
Marshall Logosian 2023
KD can change course and win in phoenix but bronsexuals lurry fans westbrickians and barkley supporters still gonna hate btw HE WILL BE KNOWN AS ONE OF THE GREATEST SCORERS TO EVER WALK THE EARTH understood punk z
Coy Shuffles
Coy Shuffles 6 mesi fa
​@Marshall Logosian 2023 wow, preaching against hate yet your comment reeks of it. Smh
puc z
puc z 6 mesi fa
@Marshall Logosian 2023 you aight?
Patrick Kilgallon
Yeah didn’t realize talk shows were all about just making sure no one’s feelings got hurt. Had to throw Isaiah Thomas at the 80s thing to make sure his feelings werent hurt. Bro there is nothing wrong with saying there was people you think are better. What MJ did what Steph Did what Magic did was way harder than what KD did. His rings still don’t count.
Elhadj Ndiaye
Elhadj Ndiaye 6 mesi fa
This just his way of saying that his legacy is set no matter what anyone says. He really a top 10-15 of all time.
Tee Johnson
Tee Johnson 6 mesi fa
Top 10 you know it
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge 6 mesi fa
Kevin Durant "Just let me ride the bus."
KKJK 6 mesi fa
Melvin HHCP
Melvin HHCP 6 mesi fa
* drive
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge 6 mesi fa
@Melvin HHCP nah, he doesn't drive, Doesn't Care About License :)
ninjedi 5 mesi fa
people really believe gsw winning against cavs17 without kd?
Ryan X
Ryan X 5 mesi fa
It’s sad when you come to a realization you just don’t match up to the all time greats so instead of trying to live up you quit and rest in content, this should be a message to young hoopers don’t be like this guy don’t look for the easy route in life, don’t take shortcuts and own up to your failures in whatever walk of life your living.
Paolo Carlo Cayanan
KD is a mercenary type of soldier not a general. We just gonna have to accept that. He ain't a leader like MJ or Lebron or Giannis and there is nothing wrong with that basketball wise but legacy wise yeah it matters.
Drew 6 mesi fa
IT beat MJ, Bird & Magic... that's a Legacy
J VR 6 mesi fa
​@MRMLJ23because they were still mad at him for beating them
Yo Bro
Yo Bro 6 mesi fa
MR. MJ that wasn't his fault
Corpy Hogan
Corpy Hogan 6 mesi fa
@MRMLJ23 yeah because of politics, not his play
Marty Emmons
Marty Emmons 6 mesi fa
@J VR, are there any Dream Team 1992 members that will admit to keeping Isiah Thomas off the team? I've noticed that Jordan is asked the most about it. And he denies it every time. Michael Jordan has asked before being interviewed, "No Isiah Thomas questions?". Jordan is visibly relieved when he is reassured that there will be no Isiah Thomas questions.
PengxueYG 6 mesi fa
@Marty Emmons even malone came out recently and said he doesn't know why IT was left out. he said he wasn't in that circle
R J 6 mesi fa
In my opinion, KD is done with making the public love him. KD is just gonna play great basketball and retire. And still people always gonna talk about whose the greatest etc. He's just slowly removing his name from it and enjoying life.
Avram 6 mesi fa
Him not caring about legacy is obvious based off his moves. Guy doesn’t want to be that guy. Greatest Robin ever.
Laylow Staylow
Laylow Staylow 6 mesi fa
The thing is that you have to be 1. 7 footer, 2. agile enough to dribble the ball, 3. great touch to shoot from anywhere, That's almost impossible to copy, just like Shaq, Lebron, Jordan...They are special from the beginning, not just hard working...
Ed James
Ed James 5 mesi fa
Fact check: he’s not 7ft tall. He’s 6’10”. Close. Very close. He may seem more of a giant, and he remains unique in what and how he does what he does. But before KD came many players to inspire what big guys could do. Dirk being a prime more recent model who set the bar.
Grant 6 mesi fa
Durant can’t win without Steph. Steph won rings before and after Durant was in golden state
Ron Smith
Ron Smith 6 mesi fa
He can't lead a team with all his talent he's still not a leader, just another good player.
saz19s8 6 mesi fa
If KD really didn’t care about legacy he wouldn’t be so in his feelings every time Chuck talks about him. He obviously cares. Chuck keeps taking about him coz he knows KD is sensitive
richard turner
richard turner 6 mesi fa
Kevin “If you can’t beat them join them” Durant Legacy The 2014 MVP, 2015 MVP, 2016 unanimous MVP joined together on a 73 win team (with a DPOY and FMVP) to stop the GOAT, that beast from the east 🤣
Japseye Spectacles
I mean he cares enough to make a public statement about what he thinks about his legacy.
PengxueYG 6 mesi fa
I know exactly what charles would have said. "kd's legacy of the play-in banner for the nets" LOL
RavinManiac 6 mesi fa
He only said that because Chuck spoke the truth about him
Sim 6 mesi fa
Chuck is insecure deep down lol😂
Eau Rouge
Eau Rouge 6 mesi fa
@Sim everyone is insecure to a certain extent. In Chuck's case it's healthy. In KD's case it spills like a full glass of water on a shaky bus ride.
German 6 mesi fa
​@Eau Rouge that comes with agee and experience
Sim 6 mesi fa
​@Eau Rouge he is. Ive been watching nba since early 2000s and he's the best offensive player ive seen. He shouldve stayed in okc
Beau Van Komen
Beau Van Komen 5 mesi fa
Love Isaiah Thomas such great views and perspective. Legend
Neel Curry
Neel Curry 5 mesi fa
Isaiah always got bars one of my favorite basketball minds overall 👌🏽.
Bilboswaggens 6 mesi fa
The Aaron rodgers of the nba 😂
Scruff D0g
Scruff D0g 6 mesi fa
Yep Mahomes is the curry of the league, loved by many. Kd and Aaron all time great talented and a iffy relationship with the media.
Ian 6 mesi fa
Except aarons overrated haha
Jerrywtk 6 mesi fa
Yash Kumar
Yash Kumar 6 mesi fa
@Scruff D0gMahomes is Jordan
Aronian Spigonian
@Yash Kumar nobody is jordan.
ESB 6 mesi fa
These guys are just saying what KD wants to hear, with no personal opinion.
Crunchy RIce
Crunchy RIce 6 mesi fa
Nah, Barkley was just right. He is a bus rider.
Kenneth Baldonado
Nahshon Dalmeida
Stop it
saz19s8 6 mesi fa
He is a bus rider but he’s in the seat next to the driver
David Mojica
David Mojica 6 mesi fa
​@saz19s8 still not the bus driver
Melvin HHCP
Melvin HHCP 6 mesi fa
No. Kev is definitely the driver.
Everyday_J 6 mesi fa
I hope KD watching this! Mad props!!!
SpaceGhost P
SpaceGhost P 6 mesi fa
I might believe him if he didn’t have to make burner accounts to defend himself lol
Kd got two rings now, one of the best players we’ve seen, 7 feet tall. He has a legacy he knows that. He can say what he wants
PCTR 6 mesi fa
KD will be fine, the problem on KD is he respond on little things
SS 6 mesi fa
I mean that legacy looking real shaky without Steph maybe he should care about it
Spud E. Buddy
Spud E. Buddy 6 mesi fa
Demetrius Douglas-Davis
Yet you can’t remove those chips from his legacy
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo 6 mesi fa
Kevin didn’t say he’s made his mark, he literally said he doesn’t care about legacy
Tron 5 mesi fa
I love KD… his greatness silenced any criticism lol
K Griz
K Griz 6 mesi fa
Current players shouldn’t be talking about legacy. That’s up to the fans and analysts to put them in that convo based on their performance and merits
mike Panthermike
I remember the media tearing Westbrook apart when he said he plays without any expectations.. Now when KD said he doesn't care, it's all good??
Jeff Frimpong
Jeff Frimpong 6 mesi fa
Different type of ppl. All the media don’t think the same
VortexNicholas4 6 mesi fa
It’s an annoying double standard for sure the media clearly doesn’t like Russ.
Kim King
Kim King 6 mesi fa
Selective outrage
Up Front
Up Front 6 mesi fa
Shaq lost over a foot in height and Chuck lost like 130lbs!😮
Bavi Vignes
Bavi Vignes 5 mesi fa
What about Kenny 😅
Up Front
Up Front 5 mesi fa
@Bavi Vignes Kenny lost his wife😞 but gained a pair of regular legs
Trey Greenfield
Trey Greenfield 6 mesi fa
If he didn't care about his legacy then he wouldn't have went to the Warriors or even requested a trade from Brooklyn. He just wants to be talked about
New Orleans Finest
KD in my top-20 🐐. Based on technicality: 2 titles, a league MVP, 2x scoring champion, and a 50/40/90 member you deserve mention in the top-10 top-15. However, when you peel back all the layers: -he jumped ship on Steph Curry's team -he made it to 1 NBA Finals (4 conference finals) as the franchise player -post GS era... hes been exposed as the leader that I saw he wasn't since 2016.
Milli 6 mesi fa
“That was a bar” man regardless of who they add this show will never be the same without the OG cast
Laufwerk 6 mesi fa
That was too corny 💀
Marcus Marshall
Marcus Marshall 5 mesi fa
J Crawsover is so right with the “perfection basketball” statement
Lemônæde X
Lemônæde X 6 mesi fa
I love seems perspective. He is also a real nice person
Veedo Capone
Veedo Capone 6 mesi fa
Takes a group of ex players to understand what KD actually meant without trying to spin the narrative for views. Shaq and Chuck wouldn't have gone that hard either. Shaq would probably say he's disappointed and Chuck would just say he's at the other table. Then Kenny would say something about his rings, but then Chuck would talk about his HOF induction... Then shaq would shut em all down with "Google me."
Namik Paul
Namik Paul 6 mesi fa
A guy who had a burner to defend himself, who responds to randoms on Twitter, he can’t stop responding to Chuck, he IS sensitive. He’s one of the best basketball players ever, he has nothing to prove. But he’s NOT secure in anything, least of all himself.
jn salon
jn salon 6 mesi fa
Only thing I can say is, Kobe, Bron and Mike would've never say they don't care about legacy.
Lester Garcia
Lester Garcia 6 mesi fa
Isaiah spoke the gospel 🙏
ClemZ 6 mesi fa
I'm curious to know who those guys top 10 of all time is and how did KD make the list. Because if KD is on that list Steph has to be on it and higher than KD #just saying
Taylan Ertan
Taylan Ertan 5 mesi fa
KD really is the most talented Role Player ever.
NoLoveLost 6 mesi fa
The fact that the debate exists of who is better KD or Lebron is a legacy already.
Laptop Pizza
Laptop Pizza 5 mesi fa
@0:36 "Only certain guys get to talk about their legacy, and those are the guys who actually have it"
Andre Howard
Andre Howard 6 mesi fa
Man the part crazy to me is he drops 30 on a regular it’s sad we not appreciating his greatness cause these new nba fans don’t really care for basketball but narrative
FrederickHiemer 5 mesi fa
Putting KD top 10 is just insane
Marty Emmons
Marty Emmons 6 mesi fa
I know it's not an exciting and inflammatory subject these panelists have discussed. It's refreshing to see four men giving accolades to Kevin Durant.
THEIGGOD 6 mesi fa
KD wants to be praised for his skill. Praise me cause I'm taller than everyone and shoot over anyone. Praise me cause my skills are so tremendous. Praise me even when I get outplayed by someone with lesser skill. Praise me even tho there's guys out there that compete harder than me and have accomplished more than me. Praise me for doing the bare minimum... PLAYING BALL. Cause I just wanna BALL. I just wanna suit up and make hundreds of millions of dollars to BALL. So what if I don't win. So what if I don't wanna compete. So what if I wanna bounce around teams. So what if I wanna join my rivals. SO WHAT? JUST PRAISE ME!!!
Ashman Resells
Ashman Resells 6 mesi fa
He doesn't care because he knows how everyone feels about. He's a bad bad man but he left to join the team that BEAT HIM. has that ever ever happened b4? It's like bird lost to magic then bird join the Lakers the next yr
Lb Alford
Lb Alford 6 mesi fa
Hoop wise, KD is a great player. That's IT.
Green Clean
Green Clean 5 mesi fa
"That Basketball don't weigh 185..." Classic
venustiano carranza
KD should be a representative for Charmin.
saz19s8 6 mesi fa
I thought that was Ben Simmons
Me !
Me ! 6 mesi fa
You ain’t Neva told no lie
lucidbarrier 6 mesi fa
Charmin Sensitive? It cries when you wipe
SheloveT0MMY 5 mesi fa
Y’all having a problem with this man being unbothered by the outside noise is weird and comical
Andrew Myers
Andrew Myers 6 mesi fa
What a career it could have been….
znarf719 6 mesi fa
Kevin "the Bus Rider" Durant. 🤣😂
geometry dash god
Thank you thank you and thank you well said isaiah thomas.. It couldn't have been said better than that.
antho 6 mesi fa
If hchuck was here we would get another viral moment 😂
Sharon Brent
Sharon Brent 6 mesi fa
M&M 6 mesi fa
I remember KD playing for Texas. He was special then, he has only built off that. He makes it look to easy, one of best scores ever!!!!! Glad he got his flowers!!!!!😎🙏
Chuck: *exactly what a bus rider says*
Kamote Tops
Kamote Tops 6 mesi fa
KD does NOT care about his Legacy the moment he joined the team that he has a 3-1 lead and beat him. KD could be on Mt. Rushmore given his skills BUT to be on that you NEED Legacy. No matter how SKILLED you are, Mentality is the defining factor of the GREATS!
Darryl Wallace
Darryl Wallace 6 mesi fa
They put KD top 10….😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
MJM 6 mesi fa
KD & Drake are homeboys & share a same wavelength. KD’s comment is basically paraphrasing what Drake said in “Trophies” - “What's the move? Can I tell the truth? If I was doing this for you then I'd have nothing left to prove Nah, this for me though I'm just tryna stay alive and take care of my people And they don't have no award for that Trophies, trophies”
Linc 6 mesi fa
KD cared and tried what the media said he needs to carry his own team to win it all. But look at what he got from Kyrie and his age. Of course he does not care it anymore.
Mr Bubbles
Mr Bubbles 6 mesi fa
I'm with the 🐍 on this one. I truly don't care about his legacy.
juan 6 mesi fa
good attitude, don't care about the outside just win, just know that your decisions have consequences, and right now, i can see a lot of people disrespecting you because you act like you are the sh8 but you are not since you've only won with everything given to you on a massive plate.
Harrier 6 mesi fa
I think once he left the warriors his legacy left the universe
You mean joined the warriors??
Harrier 5 mesi fa
@themilkmansfuckinyawaaaf nope I had typed left the warriors.
@Harrier you had typed incorrectly
Aerial Penn
Aerial Penn 5 mesi fa
People want too much from KD. He's just a guy who loves to hoop and hoops at an Elite level.
Shannon Thomas
Shannon Thomas 5 mesi fa
Was it just me, but when Isaiah named the players with a legacy in the 80's. He did not want to name Jordan? Or maybe he was trying to put MJ in the 90's. But, for him to say Jordan's name second to last [I know it wasn't in any particular order] seemed a little odd......or I could be trippin.🤔
Corey Johnson
Corey Johnson 6 mesi fa
I know one thing Steph legacy is better and brighter than KD 💨💯
Will Greig
Will Greig 6 mesi fa
Why KD have more finals MVPs then?
Z X 6 mesi fa
@Will Greig Finals MVPs is a terrible gauge of how good a player is.
Jiren the Gray
Jiren the Gray 6 mesi fa
​@Will Greig salty much? Having more finals MVP doesn't mean a player has a better legacy than the other. If that's your case then Iggy has better legacy than klay, pippen, manu, parker, ray allen, etc.? 🙄
XaeVius 6 mesi fa
@Will Greig then why did kd get swept in the first round of the playoffs while steph won it all last year? kd wouldn't even be in a position to receive those finals mvp's if he didn't join an already stacked team he lost against while being up 3-1, as well as golden state's system where they LET him be the number 1 on that team.
Asaf Shatz
Asaf Shatz 6 mesi fa
KD is so cool. Just want to play, enjoy life and listen to good music. The man is so chill. Why should he give a f about legacy and all this bs.
Jevildury 5 mesi fa
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 he is the best player of all time right?
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