NBA Players Explain How CRAZY Good Giannis Antetokounmpo Is

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In today's Latest Hoops video we take an in-depth look at NBA players explain how insanely good Giannis Antetokounmpo really is.

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Commenti 330
Gabriel Alvarado
Kobe didn’t get to see Giannis win a title:(
SPAIDz 2K 5 ore fa
@Frank NITTY Don’t reply if you don’t know anything about their connection. Look it up
Mario Lunar
Mario Lunar 19 giorni fa
@Frank NITTY yes he did they worked out together in the offseason multiple times
Frank NITTY 26 giorni fa
wtf does that matter kobe didn't care about him
Trung Nguyên
1kJun:) 5 mesi fa
man ikr but he knows that he saw it in heaven
Top Water Strike
Giannis is already a NBA legend
TheNotorious C.I.G
Tbh he Kind of reminds on wilt chamberlain larger than life but he scores less
Jonathan Alvarez
@Gabriel George giannis won dpoy and mvp the same year..... And won his first finals trip he won't be 4-6 in the finals LMAO
Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams 4 mesi fa
@Make-OutSeries he averaged 34 and brought them to 7 with his 2nd best player out lol. And you say injured but every team has injuries at that time. It’s part of the game. Giannis himself was injured that playoff run where he won a chip and averaged 35 a game while playing amazing defense. Not including the game 6 where he dropped 50 and had 5 blocks to seal the series. The hate is embarrassing at this point
Make-OutSeries 4 mesi fa
@Hunter Adams you right nets got injured .. Miami was sus and they PLAYD Y FKN HAWKS cause 76ers choked then they played a injured Phoenix team gratz Giannis .. btw didn't get get CLAMPED A BY THE CELTICS THI YEARS PLAYOFFS???
Hunter Adams
Hunter Adams 4 mesi fa
@Make-OutSeries great players figure it out which he did
Tan eh
Tan eh Anno fa
Giannis will become the GOAT
Suf1an65 4 mesi fa
He's arguably on a better trajectory than MJ and LeBron were on at this point in their careers.
Dena Manradge
Dena Manradge 4 mesi fa
@RidOfMax but actually he has big advantages size and shooting skill and he can dunk but he's top 5 at most.
Dena Manradge
Dena Manradge 4 mesi fa
@RidOfMax lebron is top 2 I think Giannis can be steph curry at most.
Dena Manradge
Dena Manradge 4 mesi fa
@David Epoian yea ok sure lebron has 4 rings not 1 heh
Dena Manradge
Dena Manradge 4 mesi fa
That's to far.
sayitaintso Anno fa
Most humble man in the NBA, And just a super family...So lucky to have him here in Milwaukee..Wisconsin is proud of you young man.
MerryGladys 9 mesi fa
Well he had his own statue when he retires soon.😊
Ammar Hafeez
Ammar Hafeez Anno fa
With all due respect, Giannis' contract doesn't pay him 57 million annually....it starts at 39 million this year and then tops out at 51 million in the 2025/26 season. I'm not sure if you included endorsements but yeah, nowhere near 57 million annually. Doing the math you divided 228 million by 4 years but it's actually a 5-year contract and it's backloaded. Awesome video though!
Fra 3 mesi fa
Yeah... The interesting fact about that is that if they paid him the same amount of money but for only four years it would had made the second highest paying contract in SPORTS HISTORY 😂 just crazy
Trav 5 mesi fa
I was looking to see if someone commented this.
Ammar Hafeez
Ammar Hafeez 9 mesi fa
@Mitch Gym_Rat Youd think these creators would do a basic amount of research lol but they dont and we eat it up like they did :p
Mitch Gym_Rat
Mitch Gym_Rat 9 mesi fa
Not hard to look that up
CrewThief Anno fa
How do you spend 11 minutes and not mention his Finals game 6 performance? He gave us a preview of what it looks like when he’s also hitting a mid-range shot. One of the top 3 most dominant Finals close-out performances in NBA history.
Aaron Gerig
Aaron Gerig 4 mesi fa
It was actually thee most dominant finals close out performances. He scored 50 points vs the great Jordan’s 45 points in 1998. But Giannis also had 5 blocks, a billion rebounds, and actually destroyed Suns fans even worse than Jordan did lol. Giannis showed even less mercy than MJ lol.
Ckpenn123 Anno fa
Much respect to shaq and kd for major props to that greek freak of nature. He's probably going to work even smarter and harder
A-Hole Productions
@recoil53 KD is all about basketball. He respects game big time and I love that fr
Doctor in New York
@recoil53 I'd pay extra money for that. Maybe east vs west all-star game with intensity of the Kobe All-star game
recoil53 Anno fa
@Doctor in New York I'd love to see them in their primes in a small ball front court together. Just total devestation.
Doctor in New York
@recoil53 oh ofcourse no doubt. Giannis is something else. Something I personally haven't seen before. And KD himself is a wrecking machine. Greatness admires greatness
recoil53 Anno fa
@Doctor in New York I doubt Durant just has respect for being called Giannis' favorite player. I think it goes back to what they say - if Giannis finds a jump shot it's all over.
Kyosuke Sugiura
KD admit Giannis long before they go against each other on 2021 playoff. The fact that these two giants battling for a tittle few years later on a tight 7 games is just something amazing. It's feel similar when u watch Wilt against Kareem or Hakeem against Ewing. Ultimate respect for both.
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
SIRK Anno fa
Everyone approves except James Harden....
Manuel Ayala
Manuel Ayala Anno fa
Who’s that??
Warren Kelly
Warren Kelly Anno fa
@Andrew Gregerson every team in the NBA will take the FREAK over Harden any time
I am Brad
I am Brad Anno fa
@recoil53 Middleton and Giannis have the best chemistry of any duo in the league besides curry and klay that’s it
Josh Thompson
@John John facts if he sees giannis wining it and he's more skilled he need work harder
John John
John John Anno fa
He still mad about those MVPs
Julian_ttz22 2 mesi fa
Giannis is a special one🖤🖤 his story always touch my heart
Canarsie Anno fa
I'm a KD fan but it's so dope to see how kobe said MVP and championship and that's exactly what Giannis did.
‎𓀡 Anno fa
Harden saw Giannis win and started crying in Lil Baby's arms 😭
Jacob Gatlin
Jacob Gatlin Anno fa
😭😭😭😭❤️ tears of joy Giannis is so awesome and Rip Kobe! Way to see Giannis as the man!!
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
rip, Jacob
kalinwang1 Anno fa
The 3 dislikes are James harden and his 2 burner accounts
Πανος Christak
highway patriot
igano Anno fa
Vincent Byrd
Vincent Byrd Anno fa
Big g will be top five arguably by the end of his amazing career. As a sixers fan gotta love his story and drive to how he's gotten here
Jason :D
Jason :D Anno fa
Damn, Kobe could’ve been here for Giannis’ championship. Rest In Peace Kobe.
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
rest in peace, Jason
Kerber 2 mesi fa
Praying for his continue of success. Hes story always Inspired me. "From 0 to hero. 🙏🏻💪
Larry Hester
Larry Hester Anno fa
Giannis is a great hard working young man and deserves all the accolades he received. As for the few haters(james Harden) he's a selfish ballhog and needs to more team play than individual stats, that mentality very seldom produce champions. Change your attitude young man stop hating and maybe just maybe you one day may be an NBA champion!!!
dvonn lynch
dvonn lynch Anno fa
Watching this video showed me that the whole world didn’t sleep on Giannis, just the casuals. Anyone who knew anything about the game knew Giannis would be a beast way back in 15-16.
BBN 4 mesi fa
Let's hope he keeps working hard. Sometimes excellent athletes just give up the pursuit of excellence once they think they've gone to far from where they started. A typical example is Ronaldinho and Allen Iverson. Those two had the potential to be greatest of all times but lack the discipline to go further.
Carmelo Tansengco
Giannis is currently the best player in the NBA. There are so many good players today but watching Giannis play, he seems to just be able to get his way with anyone offensively and is the best defender in the league. The man is unstoppable.
Reaper Technique
Giannis: hey harden I took my team to the finals and won a ring. NOW THAT TAKES SKILL!!! Harden:...........
PM Anno fa
@Theodore savvaids Ok….Diehard James Harden kid
Theodore savvaids
No it’s not true Giannis doesn’t have skills it’s your fantasy James 😂hahaha loser
Sir Unruly
Sir Unruly 10 mesi fa
People need to give Giannis the respect he deserves
tacenda Anno fa
Harden really thinks that being long is enough to have skill like giannis. If that was true, ben Simmons, Joel embiid, AD, etc would have the same skill as giannis. Therefore, having handles and being long is nowhere near why giannis is that good. Giannis has way more skill than that. And even if harden was as tall as giannis, harden would still be same cause he isn’t athletic
the kings
the kings Anno fa
Dont forget he a back to back mvp and dpoy and only two other player have done that in the nba
Jezovuk15 Anno fa
I believe that you made a mistake at @6:09 , didn't Lbj score back to back 41 points in the 2016 nba finals vs warriors?🤔
Ebuka Ndehigwo
To be a "Giannis" is not a day's job. Kudos!
Michael Sauer
Michael Sauer 7 giorni fa
He is a great person. Fame and wealth shows any darkness in our hearts.
Aniekan Eric
Aniekan Eric 2 mesi fa
Giannis is simply good! 👍
your father
your father 11 mesi fa
After seeing some dumb comments jeering about Giannis can only beat injured team, I, however, feel joyful because it's another time that Giannis will prove those who taunt at him and not believe in his ability wrong.
Jekub B
Jekub B Anno fa
single handedly led his team to the finals is false! middleton must be a figment of my imagination!
Vincent King
Vincent King 4 mesi fa
Middleton, jrue & Giannis is 💪
Jekub B
Jekub B 11 mesi fa
@KMC 19XX obviously....im talkn about what middleton did specificly.....
KMC 19XX 11 mesi fa
@Jekub B big shot maker is giannis tf he's the best 2 way in the league
George Sears
George Sears Anno fa
Yeah that part was cap
Jekub B
Jekub B Anno fa
@E 20 he dont get there without kris being the big shot maker! thats not even debatable
Kelly Young
Kelly Young Anno fa
Being at work explains it’s his league then seeing him win it all I believe
stephen powell
Thank you, very nicely done
Rico Cooper
Rico Cooper 5 mesi fa
He Is So Carzyyy With His Dunks + Everything He Dose Period👍👍👍👍👍
Sham Anno fa
This is the giannis era
Alex Mclife
Alex Mclife Anno fa
I really don’t consider GOAT. Every year, every season , there’s always the best player. Saying all time really is not all time. There’s no all time. Media only says so
Jack Winter
Jack Winter 11 mesi fa
Honestly this is one of the most accurate things I’ve read, people always say goat is either MJ or Lebron, but you wouldn’t know who’s really the best unless they all played at the same time
Techies 3 mesi fa
Now im in tears 😭😭😭 because of kobe...miss him
SPAWN 11 mesi fa
After the rule change James Soften has been exposed as the one not being “skilled.” Guess he should’ve learned how to play basketball without depending on the refs calling weak calls for him. 😂
Neo 26 giorni fa
Dude...Is Amazing!!! Humble and Kind!!!
Dekkstar 84
Dekkstar 84 Anno fa
Kobe was the first who saying giannis is a Star....
Sal Cali
Sal Cali Anno fa
I believe KD did first. If I’m not mistaking
brandonski1 Anno fa
He is better than the over overrated NBA players. He's dominant on the court. He's got beautiful eyes, a cute smile and nice arms.
Jon Hohensee
Jon Hohensee 9 mesi fa
over overrated?
Dax_Xenos Anno fa
KD the legend recognizes another legend
Stephen Samuel
Fantastic piece of content.
Gabriel Leung
Don't want to be a hater. But Har3en could very well retire without a ring. Meanwhile Giannis is young and could go on winning several more.
movecount 10 mesi fa
Harden dropped all chances of an MVP the moment he signed to play with KD.
Jack Winter
Jack Winter 11 mesi fa
Nah that’s facts, harden doesn’t have the mamba mentality, maybe he’ll get bought a ring
Pierre Dorsey
Why does everyone start with James harden and giannis when it comes to beef like giannis started it.. harden and the rockets organization started the shit after his 1st mvp saying harden should have been mvp. Taking out ads in Milwaukee. Harden radio comments about narratives deciding votes. Whether true or not doesn't matter. Be humble in defeat. Come harder next season.
Mr. Clean
Mr. Clean 11 mesi fa
Sadly Kobe couldn’t see giannis win his first ring very sad :/
Μωραιτης Αθανάσιος
ImohDeAndre Anselem
This Channel deserves more than 100k subscribers. Clutch content. Easy subscribe from me ❤️👌🏽🚀
Austin Darr
Austin Darr Anno fa
We haven't seen a dominant player like Giannis since Shaq.... Did we forget about Lebron?????
Virgie Moore-Davis
Pretty much!!!
Virgie Moore-Davis
@Austin Darr lol? Magic was great but why do we think it's laughable or necessary to bring down one superstar to uplift another? Giannis scored almost half of the Bucks points in the final game of the Finals. Magic had Kareem and James Worthy - not saying that Giannis didn't have help but he showed up making 17 of 19 of his free throws and that was the difference in them winning or losing. He deserved that FMVP award just as much as anyone else in the history of the game!!!
Austin Darr
Austin Darr Anno fa
@Greek Veteran Magic Johnson won Finals MVP as a rookie lol
Greek Veteran
Lebron is great, but not better overall than Giannis Antetokounmpo. What Giannis has done, just when he hit his 26 years and what he did in the Finals and the fact, that his playing with any super NBA stars next to him... HAS NEVER BEEN done by anybody. He is already in the talks, of being the real GOAT. He has Saquile dominance, Lebrons Speed and power, KD's agility and a bit of Chamerlain in him... he is just UNSTOPABLE, in both offence AND defence. Can you recall any player like him???
MustinJurphy Anno fa
No, we didn’t. He just wasn’t more dominant.
Minetic Mese fa
Kobe probably thinking “you see Shaq! This is what you could’ve been!” Note: Not a knock to Shaq with his accolades but Kobe felt that Shaq could be even better.
Harden talks about skills when Giannis lives at the gym and him celebrating lil baby’s birthday for two weeks .
Alipo Chipungu
Alipo Chipungu 4 mesi fa
Giannis is the most lovable nba player
Isaiah Hunt
Isaiah Hunt Anno fa
Darrel Adrian Nepuscua
giannis is basically shaq if he fixed his diet
Remember Aye B
Remember Aye B 7 mesi fa
Kobe will be courtside finals forever kobe saw gianis cement his name among the stars and earn his respect
Dark Piros2
Dark Piros2 Anno fa
Man Harden so jealous of Giannis
Dark Piros2
Dark Piros2 Anno fa
@Frankie exactly
Frankie Anno fa
Karma get him bro
Vincent King
Vincent King 4 mesi fa
Giannis got to the gym before Kobe.... 🎤🎤🎤 My boy was already winning. R.I.P to Kobe! Oh and Harden you dropped this opp 🖕
Noland Brabson
Noland Brabson 11 mesi fa
7:38 how you wanna be MVP with that travel though? 🤣
Noland Brabson
Noland Brabson 9 mesi fa
@The inzynier he still slid his foot after it was planted, Travel. You understand the rules or you just read them? I can slide across an entire court without picking up my feet, does that mean I don't have to dribble? Like I said, TRAVEL. gtfoh kid
The inzynier
The inzynier 9 mesi fa
Kept his pivot foot planted, u blind asl
Ioseb Matiashvili
3rd MVP title is on the way...
0nes_reverence 4 mesi fa
It’s funny to think that Kobe’s student was actually Giannis. It went from Jordan, Kobe, Then Giannis? Seems strange but I’m happy it happened😂
kauri rotana
kauri rotana Anno fa
give middleton and jrue some respect.
Teo GrDsgn
Teo GrDsgn 5 mesi fa
Imagine the pressure but the hapinnes a person can have when people demand from him to be the best nba player of all time. Chill guys. He is probably one of the best, and he may end up being THE best. We shouldn't be like that. He even asked not to call him an MVP the first time he won that title, and yet people call him MVP and GOAT... He may be, I hope he will. But let's all just enjoy the game like he does. PS. I know he is BUCKS for life(and that's an extra reason to love him), but if only Warriors had him instead of Draymond.........
pineapplegng 11 mesi fa
He just a big kid doing what he loves my nigga Greek gawddddddd 🙏🏾🍿
E50S Anno fa
I love giannis and what he has accomplished is great but he is objectively still not the undisputed best nba player in the world as of now
Ranjit Singh
Ranjit Singh Anno fa
As much as I love Giannis, I think KD is the best player in the world
Scotty Anno fa
Giannis beat him
Foluso Joseph
This is really hard to debate but I may agree with you. Presently, it looks like KD is the most complete player in basketball. The on-going development of the Greek Freak is very scary though. That is a legend in the making. He reminds me of the DR34M.
DwadeFL4SHMV3 11 mesi fa
Giannis is what Kobe wanted shaq to be
sonof amun
sonof amun 4 mesi fa
the most famous greek in history already Giannis
FM-Gamer 2 mesi fa
Go Giannis 🇬🇷💪🏼
troublesszn 10 mesi fa
Harden can dunk too😂😂 why he so salty😂😂
Amuzing6 4 mesi fa
Giannis is already a goat
Kerminator Anno fa
I love this guy
StretchH2O 5 mesi fa
Who woulda thought that slim 19 year old would be considered just as dominant as Shaq
WHO IS YOU 8 giorni fa
Larry bird was the best player he use to make so much jokes while playing and scoring while not trying
Night gamer
Night gamer 10 mesi fa
He is really good but he is human
Reiley Walker
This didn't explain what nba players said about greek
Paul Huebner
Paul Huebner 9 giorni fa
When you put those cool paintings up I took a picture and made it my wallpaper😂
Erick Anno fa
Harden don't play defence
nba4fun Anno fa
harden the beer belly
Chris Carballo
Chris Carballo 7 mesi fa
Nine minutes of giannis’ bio and two minutes of the actual title :(
Chansook Saechao
My Favorite NBA Player
Samuel M Vaiphei
I don't know why but I cried after watching Rise
Induetime5 Anno fa
Lol change the title to explaining how great giannis is
Seth and Brycen
Seth and Brycen 7 mesi fa
Lebron is still the best giannis needs a 3pt shot he is def top 3
Rexes Khen Lumongsod
awesome video.. great content #AvidViewers🔥
Fabian Camelo
Oh the hate from Harden lol Harden is LAZY and only plays when his team has the ball he never defends where as Giannis plays hoop to hoop why exactly is Harden complaining
Kerrie Irving
giannis is the goat
Kay Weapons
Kay Weapons Anno fa
Lebron did back to back 40 point games in 2016 finals
Jason Sandhu
Jason Sandhu 18 giorni fa
MJ wilt the goats but Giannis gonna be joining them at this pace
Toxic Tusk
Toxic Tusk Anno fa
“i like long, athletic guys”
JOSÈ KKD Anno fa
Giannis is Shaq with Kobe Mentality.
Saad Azam
Saad Azam Anno fa
Good video but definitely wouldn't say he "single handedly led them to the finals". He literally didn't play in the last 2 close out games cause of the injury.
Autumnrain Anno fa
@Saad Azam glad he had teammates to step up 2 games out of the… what 14? 16? playoff games that he dominated and led them to victories to…
Saad Azam
Saad Azam Anno fa
@Daniel L in the finals, sure he carried them. But to the finals? He didn't play the last 2 close out games. He was amazing all playoffs but you can't say he single handledly carried them to the playoffs when he was injured for 2 key games and needed Khris, jrue, brook and the team to step up
Daniel L
Daniel L Anno fa
….lmao you didn’t watch the series did ya? He litterally averaged 40
Fred Vincent Baldomero
I wonder what would happen if curry and giannis team up 3pt and paint domination
kat and nat
kat and nat 10 mesi fa
This dude is the best
Lil ry
Lil ry 11 mesi fa
If giannis played for warriors warriors would never lose
Filip Koziolek
Filip Koziolek 28 giorni fa
True giannis goat
Hätïm سقرآط
Thats about 45mil per year not 57
I thought it was the LARGEST in nba history? Quarter of a billon
Theodore savvaids
James it’s gonna be fun when you will watch him putting the ring of championship at your first game in Fisern loser you might never get championship you with skills!!! Yes 🐻 man hahahaha I will see you then
Veshremy 3 mesi fa
Giannis would be unstoppable if he masters his shootting
Ziheng Zhu
Ziheng Zhu 2 mesi fa
0:05 call me a nerd. But ilford hp-5 plus is a B/W film
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