NBA Players explain why you CAN'T COMPARE Nikola Jokić TO ANYONE (LeBron, Curry, Durant..) 

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As you guys reguested I finally made a part two of Nikola Jokic GREATNESS.
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@anuragC819 6 mesi fa
You know what the scary part is? Since his game isn't dependent on his athleticism, he can play at a high level for a long long time
@diambo4life 6 mesi fa
Very true. He can play into his 40s. Let's hope he stays healthy.
@borislopez6959 6 mesi fa
His athleticism means 30+ points, 20+ rebounds, 10+ assissts, 40+ minutes in games of western and general finals
VERY true.
The fact that he doesn't rely on explosive athletics means a whole lot less wear and tear on his body, too. It's easier to avoid injury when your ligaments and joints are experiencing less force on them than other players.
Jokic was trained to understand the core skills of how to play basketball as a team sport. He is not thinking about how to become great. He is thinking about winning games with all the parts of his team. I would describe him as being a genius at using himself to make his team great.
exactly what i'm talking about Jokic. In a world full of people wanting to be in the spotlight, we have here a great and probably the best NBA player who, after letting his team win and got his MVP award, head home straight to Serbia and spent time with his horses. He even forgot his MVP trophy so his team followed him all the way from the USA to Serbia and gave him his trophy in the horse stable! He's got no Instagram or Facebook, so he was surprised when his whole team suddenly arrived in Serbia and found him in the horse barn! i love Jokic...maybe i'll ditch social media too...i'm tired of all the people there sometimes!
@yukiotakata 5 mesi fa
The almost complete lack of Ego helps him a lot though.
@@yukiotakata yeah that's exactly why I like him because he's not a showboat,he plays his game which no one can stop,and he gives his Teammates all the credit,the NBA needs a lot more players like him
@rmart9344 2 mesi fa
Cousins still doesn't understand, after all these championships, that winning MVP is not the same as being the best. Someone draw him a picture please because it's not that hard to understand. In Jokic's particular case this 2023, he should have been the MVP and he is also the best current player.
@captainspirou 2 mesi fa
Jokic is definitely a 5v5 player. Tons of US players like 1v1, which helps a lot but pushes you to play a certain style.
He is the epitome of world basketball. No fancy dribbling, no powerful dunk shots. He just played PLAIN, BASIC basketball. 🤩🤗🇵🇭
@ElValuador 5 mesi fa
While making it look good
@ti84satact12 3 mesi fa
But you must admit some of the passes are pretty fancy, no?
@ElValuador 3 mesi fa
@@ti84satact12 Yes. Very Larry Bird like
@@ElValuador He is a 7' Bird
@yomommashaus 2 mesi fa
basic lmao?
@kurosan0079 6 mesi fa
People underestimate how strong he is just because he doesn't have a lot of muscle definition. He is STRONG.
@terrybader8595 6 mesi fa
100%. Any time a team tries to cover the Joker with a forward it's a mauling. He pushed Jimmy Butler back like he was on wheels.
@brown9671 5 mesi fa
Not to mention he’s like 6ft 11, 260. It’s basically impossible for him to simply be ‘weak’
@terrybader8595 5 mesi fa
@@brown9671 260? He's listed at 284...he's a beast!
@majstorgile 5 mesi fa
He got fat over muscle, probably reason he did not wanted to pull off shirt on Denver parade. No 6 pack but beer belly
@carboy101 5 mesi fa
People dont understand the concept of "functional strength"
With a nod to Richard Jefferson's take: Jokic is Magic + Bird + Duncan + Dirk all into one generational talent. One-of-a-Kind. May he and Denver win many more rings.
@ravenshroud 5 mesi fa
He really is that combo. Well said.
And Paul westphal
@Smido83 5 mesi fa
Magics/Birds playmaking will to win and BB IQ Duncans Fundamentals and Rebounding Dirks shooting and attack off the dribble against close outs Pretty good description
@TwiDancer 2 mesi fa
If the Joker upped his defensive prowess to anywhere near Dunkan's levels he'd be taking them MVP's like candies. And not that his defense is bad, but it's the only part of his game that could be improved immensely.
@swallman 6 mesi fa
None of the centers mentioned EVER passed the ball anywhere near Joker's level. Joker is a center as Bird was to small forwards. Both made their teams worth more than the sum of their parts. Both find shots for their teammates. Hard to calculate how much that helps those other players and the team.
@pbanaszek 6 mesi fa
Bill Walton could be the closest one
​@@pbanaszek nah, Sabonis
@Greg-ov9xb 6 mesi fa
@@pbanaszek I was about to comment Walton myself
@bigfrazier86 6 mesi fa
@@swarlesbarkely2449 sabonis doesn’t even come close to jokic in any way
@@bigfrazier86 well that's not true at all, but my comment was more directed towards the Bill Walton comment. I think Arvydis Sabonis is closer than Bill Walton.
Jokic is a perfect basketball player without any weakness in mentality, physicality, and spirituality. His zero ego and arrogance, selfless personality, down-to-the-earth character, sense of humor and concentration in winning these games makes him an unstoppable monster. He did win a lot of trust and respect from his former and current teammates and coaches. Many fans over the world like his way how he is playing the games. That is why he is really the most respectful and greatest player.
@ricorite5617 6 mesi fa
Well...he's not that athletic
@lilmosey1602 6 mesi fa
@@ricorite5617well… you clearly don’t know the meaning of athleticism, conditioning and stamina plays a big part lol.
@golzaye3393 6 mesi fa
@@lilmosey1602 I completely agree however he obviously isn't the best jumper or the fastest player on the court either so I get what he's saying too. Thing is, he doesn't need to be that athletic. An athletic Jokic would probably have the impact of a 6'5 AI
@daddyfuse50 6 mesi fa
​@ricorite5617 Hes very strong, big, and runs the 7th most distance per game - 20 spots above the closest big. More distance than Steph per game. Joel big and a better "rim protector", but is often caught jogging behind the play - that's NEVER Jokic, he's sprinting back after every rebound, offensive or defensive. You know how crazy that is?
@JodiSachs 6 mesi fa
He is much more athletic than people think, plus he is truly possibly the most insicitual intelligent basketball player ever.
@alec57 6 mesi fa
Lmao cmon...
@brown9671 5 mesi fa
@@bobbiebaucom2023 what’s your point tho, people like dirk and Larry are big stiff guys, still “sneaky” athletic (sneaky athletic just means they’re white in the nba if we’re being honest) these guys carried their teams to rings who cares if they can jump high
@brdnrd 5 mesi fa
"insicitual"? Was that supposed to be "instinctual"?
@@brown9671 There is no "sneaky" athleticism. There's just athleticism. It's just plain wrong and totally incorrect to think White players aren't athletic. I think in Jokic's case he doesn't show off like most black players do or feel the need to. Besides, this need to have players show off how athletic they are just wears them out faster and makes them useless or play at a lower level later.
Jokic is one of the most down-to-earth players I have ever seen. I believe he is the most unselfish team player in basketball. He makes his teammates shine and bring out the best in them. I think a lot of basketball superstars can learn a lot from him. MVP titles, a championship ring does not define him. He does not compete with his own teammates, and it does not matter to him who is the highest scorer at the end of every game as long as his team wins. He does not care if he does not get media accolades or the favorite topic of any sportscaster. That’s the real unselfish and underrated guy who cannot be defined.
@tonyg490 6 mesi fa
Jokic not being a showboat, trash talker, and not being on social media are things that make me really like this dude. If I was lucky enough to be a proffesional athlete thats exactly how I'd be, but I understand a lot of people find that boring.
It's not that it's boring, people just crave attention too much, I'm pretty sure that everyone with that level of fame would be better off without social media and exposing themselves all the time.
@doktor3196 5 mesi fa
We've seen enough of that in the last 10 yrs. We need some quiet champions.
Winning is not boring!
@carboy101 5 mesi fa
Aint nothing boring about winning
@acukaj 4 mesi fa
I loved watching every game he played. He is special and a joy to watch. He gives to the basketball what Messi gives to soccer, in terms of skills and enjoyment.
@ibikic 2 mesi fa
Messi plays football
@Kryptolistic 5 mesi fa
The media disrespects him because they can't make money out of him, the media feeds out of negativity, narratives, basically fabricate a players whole image without their consent. But Jokic is pure face value perfection. He doesn't need a fabricated image, his game talks for itself, the way he conducts himself, sportsmanship, avoids unnecessary media crap, doesn't get into politics he's just about his work! Basically he can't be used as a tool for any other motives aside from WHAT IS IMPORTANT, it's basically stating the obvious the NBA has stopped being about sports, positivity and all this stuff, it's turned like every other brand, politics, influence, drama and anything else that is cancerously unproductively time consuming to society.
@mijaprima 2 mesi fa
If I could type a million likes - I would because you perfectly described how the media talks nonsense in desperation! An example is that unfortunate person who called him a racist
Jokić proves every game why he was the true MVP this season! He got robbed
@YEHEY55 6 mesi fa
Watch out as next season perkins and embiid will beg for the championship ring
And Jokic couldnt care less Embid got MVP
@@ivanjovicic2586 he literally says Murray is the best player on his team, he's so humble
@NeneVZ 6 mesi fa
@@izaak496 but he didn’t is the point. And Embiid has such an ugly game with his foul hunting and flops
@Samson_Ight 6 mesi fa
He’s about to have a ring to rub in their face
@goodfella5302 4 mesi fa
He will go down as the best NBA player in the history!He’s so good that there’s really nobody that we can compare him to!He’s proving to all of us that brain is more important than anything else!
@daddyfuse50 23 giorni fa
Yep, still, people really don't get it. Even now. The numbers hes putting up are like Wilts, and people thought those numbers were impossible, and the crazy thing is he's not even playing well to start the season imo, and he's still by far the MVP.
"The ability to make everyone around him better is what makes him truly a historically great basketball player." -Malone, Denver Nuggets coach speaking about Jokic... Jokic is a smart and very professional player! my youngest brother is right! Jokic is the new best NBA player now! I'm glad he got his MVP award.
Jokic is SO fundamental with his play that he sees and executes on every little advantage which the defense gives him as he PATIENTLY PRESSURES THE DEFENSE to get the defense to react to what he is doing in the moment. Their reaction opens something up. Defense cannot take away everything so he literally takes whatever is given as he goes through his paces, and he has the mechanical skill to execute on the options as they appear. The essential skill he has is to ALWAYS be facing the basket vision-wise even when he is not apparently looking at the basket. This way he sees everything but also has the fundamental skills of passing, dribbling, and shooting at 7'1" to take advantage of whatever materializes as he forces the situation to develop, PATIENTLY.
Jokic is incomparable. Most basketball players are slender, quick, and can jump like kangaroos. Some are great shooters, some are great ball handlers, some are defensive specialist, and many thrive on desire. The Joker just has a knack for playing the game that others wish they had... His game is quite simple, put the ball in the hoop, get rebounds when others shoot, pass the ball to open teammates, and stop the other team from scoring.
@hamoiq908 28 giorni fa
And his drive is different from so many others, just so quite competitive he’s like an unstoppable steam engine he’s just always moving forward and dominating he seems to be always able to push a little more it’s insane
@lordsangone 6 mesi fa
Barkley is right, just enjoy watching this big man play because hes got the best part of many superstars of the past all in one. Its not necessary to know history in order to appreciate what hes doing now. Theres no need to compare to other stars to know how good he is. He may be different but in a good way, almost a revolutionary way. Keep rockin it steady Jokic.
I feel like Jokic is some sort of a chosen one, sent by basketball gods to destroy the hollywood celebrity ego bullshit of so called "superstars" and "superteams"
@leedixon4228 6 mesi fa
@rss6497 5 mesi fa
that team is stacked lets not just ignore how go that team really is
Not gods...but by God. Agreed. Families take notice when watching sports together to show their children who to look up to.
@bobovic74 5 mesi fa
​@@rss6497 where the allstars then?
exactly. While we're so focused on appreciating him now, he's with his horses far away in Serbia completely detached from social media and just living a peaceful fulfilled life in his country. That's why he's a living legend! I really like his preference for hermit life... i think we need to do this, too sometimes! Jokic is teaching us to be HUMBLE and not always aspire to be the greatest and the best of the best because there is no such thing as this! We have different talents and skills unique to each other and that is why we need one another because we don't possess all the skills and talents in ourselves alone. We need the skills and talents of other people in order to make things done better! Jokic understood that. And even if he understood this ahead of his teammates, he is not selfish to pass the ball around for all his teammates to have the chance to shoot and score and be useful on the court. He made his teammates feel good about themselves by scoring too and be proud of themselves! That's selflessness and that is why Jokic is "The Joker" -the living legend!
@briankeith2388 5 mesi fa
Saved the NBA in my book. He's got the unselfish play and court awareness like many of the greatest players ever in the NBA
Pop hit the nail on the head with the Larry Bird comparison. I don't know how many times I've heard young fellas in online groups talk trash about Bird because he was "slow and unathletic". We'll now ya can see how effective someone like that can be, even with all the super athletic players in the league today.
@condrivas2297 6 mesi fa
I don't understand why he could not have gotten a 3rd MVP. If you are the best player in the regular season, then you deserve it. People say they are not comfortable with him getting a 3rd because it puts him in the conversation as the best of all time is complete rubbish.
@WCGreeny 3 mesi fa
It's not really fair, but ''voter fatigue'' is a thing. It also plagued Jordan and LeBron. Like Boogie said at the end, given the lack of rings or even Finals appearances, people weren't ready to slot him next to the very best of all time yet. The Shaqs and Tim Duncans and Hakeems and so on. With a ring they might be more willing to initiate that conversation. Keep in mind he was never a playoff underperformer. Remember he didn't have Jamal Murray in the 2021 or 2022 playoffs.
@MrTycobb25 3 mesi fa
Completely agree - besides the argument against three consecutive MVP awards is a misunderstanding of what that award is. It's meant for the best player in the league that year. Three in a row is an impressive individual accomplishment, but also says a lot about the other players in the league. Career longevity is a huge factor in determining greatness - he's been money so far. Let's see if he can keep it going. Maybe he is the best center to ever play?
@abiwhac 5 mesi fa
Jokic little bit reminds me of Iceman (Raikkonen) from F1. He doesn't care about fame, but cares a lot about winning and has undeniable talent. Both of them have worked more than people believe to improve as an athlete and person. And both of them have to have their other more and less strange hobbies to relieve the stress from the main job that they say they like but in reality really love. He could become one of the most beloved by fans all over the world.
@teutates747474 5 mesi fa
Thomas Müller comes to mind also…
@RobertUrsery 6 mesi fa
I love how great he is without needing to be loud about it. He goes fast or slow when he wants. It’s his show He respects his coach’s
@taurusteelpan 6 mesi fa
Both Jokic & Murray had some moments in the Lakers series that will be etched in NBA history forever.
@ronbonora7872 5 mesi fa
I agree and I'm a Lakers fan! I wish he would come to the Lakers!
@User-hi9ir 5 mesi fa
@@ronbonora7872 Lakers coaching is so sorry that even Jokic would be telling them what plays to run.
AND, it didn't come together, really, till Murray got healthy
@Gdfsandoz 2 mesi fa
​@@ronbonora7872jokic would never come to LA. He's a lifer. And he would absolutely hate the bs media that comes along with that team.
@danstenmou9913 4 mesi fa
The system and rules are just right for his type of game. Other players want to show their athleticism but he just goes in with his own rhythm and he put up big stats. We will see how Nuggets go next season but if they continue to play the same type of game like this season, we will be looking at a new dynasty.
@jayclark5034 5 mesi fa
Hardly "un-athletic". So big and agile and steady and skilled that he makes it look easy And if you can drive/shoot/pass/score/rebound all at an elite level...it makes you ungaurdable. Love the one dude that says Jokic's only just recently starting to pay attention to his health and eating and training. Indications of a GREAT natural athlete
@pbanaszek 6 mesi fa
Maybe he doesn't looks like atletic, but he has great condition and can play 40+ minutes with ease. Also, the thing, that he does not jump is just advantage for his rebounds. Other players need to jump higher to get rebound. He doesn't need that, because of his height,. When others jumps for rebounds without success, they first need to fall down to the ground, and jump again, in the meantime, Joker already got his rebound. All this miliseconds matter.
It is not an advantage lol
@alec57 6 mesi fa
So you're saying he's only good because of his height...
@lwh7301 5 mesi fa
@@alec57 I seriously doubt he's be who is is if he were a foot shorter.
@MindSetMe 5 mesi fa
Larry Bird.2023
​@@MindSetMe "You said there would be another Larry Bird. And Larry, there will never, ever, ever be another Larry Bird."
@troy7161 6 mesi fa
I completely disagree with the assertion that Jokic is unathletic... he's just not a "jump out of the gym" athlete....but he has the best hand-eye coordination in the league... and immaculate touch on his shots and passes ... wonderful anticipation and instincts...all of these things are top level athletic qualities.
@mcchaw 5 mesi fa
Yeah I get why they use the word but I bet he's the best ping pong player on the team. If he ever gave a shit, he'd probably become the best golfer as well. Aint a player in the league beating him in a horse chariot race or gladiator style battle.
@DSCris Mese fa
Also his cardio!! Like we're talking about someone who is 7ft tall and built dense who gives you 40+ minutes a night. And he's not sitting under the basket half the game like most bigs they have him running the ball down the floor and running their entire offense. Like this dude's endurance is phenomenal and he's doing it in thin Denver air.
Njega ne možeš da ne voliš,poštuješ i cijeniš. A još uz sve to: NAŠE GORE LIST❣️❣️❣️
@NiKi-ij2ln 6 mesi fa
Only you care if Jokić is or will be the best in history. He doesnt give a shit, he plays for the team
@Mandelbomb 6 mesi fa
Man this is everything right here
@franklomes6828 5 mesi fa
You all, Jokic isn't flashy, not very athletic, he's not jumping through the roof for dunks, he isn't dunking at all almost ... but he's a complete fundamentals player, a skilled big man that can score, shoot 3s, and pass like Jason Kidd or Steve Nash. He's a superstar player that makes his team great. He's a great role model for kids growing up learning the game.
Who says he's not athletic? If you can't stop him he's athletic!
He's definitely athletic he is supremely coordinated. It all starts in the brain
Jokić is an athletic type,,,He has The Dinaric race, also known as the Adriatic race,,,the strongest race among white people,,,,he does not need muscles for strength,,,he was born with strength thanks to the Dinaric gene
@bobfeller604 5 mesi fa
I love his passing ability and that makes him a great teammate.
Are you guys loving this guy as much as I do? The goofy no-nonsense demeanor. The though mindset combined with this incredible calm. I think any ball player wants to play with this guy.
Nobody says also that he was almost never injured.I remember probably 7,8 games, maybe more he missed through 8 years NBA carrier.Also his athleticism...nobody is saying that he is able to catch defensive rebound under his rim, run across the court all alone and dunk...and all I hear he is slow bla bla.What center in the world is faster than small guards, with so much weight?Shot percentage...he had around 70%, no loose cannon shots and no "Im a superstar therefore I must shoot every 20 seconds" attitude.His logic and common sense dominates in his head 24/7, therfore as a center he thinks that rim is more close to him not to jump like Giannis to be more atteactive as example.He is humble and effective, not flashy and in your face type of guy and this is why everyone thinks he couldn't jump.He can probablly but doesn't need to, his personality is the same and speaks volume.No Instagram, no stupid clothes, no attention he seeks but he could be dangerous man if someone provoce him. He just do effective and no bullshit attention moves that are good for the team, not flashy stupid dunks just to please the fans.He is also superstar who got best ever deal in NBA history over 250 millions per 5 year and yet one coule never say that watching him play.Most unselfish NBA star ever and never will be someone like him in years probably.
he will go down as the goat
This is all so true. I think it's also awesome to see how he's learned to really tone down his show of disagreement with the refs this post-season. He's really mentally even more focused than ever. It's obvious when he disagrees with a call, but you can see that he's focusing on leaving his disagreement behind. That takes a ton of composure in the heightened emotions of a playoff run like this.
@borislopez6959 6 mesi fa
That's True, athleticism means 30+ points, 20+ rebounds, 10+ assissts, 40+ minutes in games of western and general finals
Tako je legendo,sve si fino objasnio.
just to mention, his time control, his pause, his pace is unique...always plays with opposite's jump time
Definitely best player in the NBA. Nikola Jokic is phenomenal
@alec57 6 mesi fa
I'd still take an aging LeBron over him
@@alec57that’s a horrific take
Basketball is played, like most sports, in a confined space. Being able to fly out of the gym when the game is played inside has its limitations, too. Jokic is the best player in the league because not only can he play at the highest level of any player, he makes the players around him, better.
@manko717 5 mesi fa
This is how they talked about Bird. He makes his teammates stay involved in the game, because of his passing abilities. His basketball IQ makes players look like slow. He has the Bird moves, and is deadly accurate. Bird was great but the ball went in the basket. They both are deadly shooters.
He's not shooting like Bird. Bird could make it from anywhere. Buy yes basically
@lwh7301 5 mesi fa
@@user-ko3sd9qj2h He shoots better than Bird.
@@lwh7301 he doesn't. Kids like you can't tell because you don't realise his makes are just like LeBron. Super close to the rim or wide open. Bird hit difficult shots therefore he's a better shooter.
@lwh7301 5 mesi fa
@@user-ko3sd9qj2h I'm old enough to be your grandfather.
@@lwh7301 still a kid
Jokic is the first player in 30 years that I can compare to Bird at his best. When you can do everything, there is no defense. And while Bird was a smart ass trash talker, Jokic's talk all comes in the form of Wins for his team.
@HorusLuperc 6 mesi fa
I’m 100% sure Bird would excel in todays game. Jokic in 80’s would have more problems at center.
@shadysif6220 6 mesi fa
"When can do everything there is no defense" How apropos, Jokic can do everything except play defense.😂
@jstdun 6 mesi fa
You're only making that comparison because they're both White. Lebron was the closest to Bird in terms of doing it all.
@@jstdun Really I can't stand the guy, his first reaction on every other play is to cry to the Refs for a foul. Or even worse when he fouls someone they are always wrong. I would bet money he grew up with no father or male role model.
@@jstdun Don't bother with these fools. We all know if he was Black the talk around here will be that Jokic is a OK player.
If you ever played soccer you understand why Jokic is so good passing the ball the way he passes the ball or read the court the way he read the whole offense and defense!!
@dadballers 6 mesi fa
Pls explain 😮 would love to know
@moody4624 6 mesi fa
Direct passing (often called volleyball passing) is something that occurs often in football/soccer. And passing into the run of players who are cutting for example. Trying to lead a player with the pass. That are some things that are trademarks of good football/soccer players and Jokic is using it very cleverly
@@moody4624 that dude must have played soccer during his childhood days. That stamina he gained in the field then you apply it in the court.
i've been thinking this. his pass remind me of football/soccer like pass. he's like xavi hernandez of nba. beautiful passes.
@cevapipapi8920 6 mesi fa
@John Von Martin he's a serb ofc he did lol
@VR-jd9wr 5 mesi fa
In the 1990's this country was torn apart by WAR. Now it is producing basketball players that are beyond explanation. Listen to the announcer's as they try to explain what is going on. It is truly magical to watch the presence of this man.
Jokic is a beast. He makes everyone better. Passing rebounding scoring. Makes triple doubles.
@MPTX-be8qq 5 mesi fa
The biggest thing is, if you can't stop him and end up having to double then he is one move ahead and doesn't need to athletic beat that. He's also a player that comes to play and doesn't have to be flashy or athletic to win.
@trotsky88 6 mesi fa
I love it that those great players give Jokic so much respect. It makes me respect them even more. I love it! Damn, even Ja has respect for the Joker. I love it!
What the world got to witness watching Jokic do in the NBA playoffs is what Nuggets' fan have been witnessing for several years. Maybe next year the media will snap and cover more Nuggets' games as they defend their title with the same team.
@alfie3632 6 mesi fa
This year's MVP was a token for Embiid because everyone and their mamma knows Joker is the real MVP here for real
What is an Emiid?
@rafaelhoa4000 6 mesi fa
Jokic got the last laugh: the championship and finals MVP
@carol-us4xn 5 mesi fa
He quietly accesses the game and knows that he's quite capable of making the most of his time on the field. His team depends on how good he is.
@alexlonac5858 14 giorni fa
Ovoliko POSTOVANJA je definitivno prvi put da Sam cula o nekome u USA.Kad cujes Kako ljudi pricaju o Jokicu place TI se s kakvim postovanjem se prica o covjeku iz nase zemlja.SO PROUD OF YOU JOKICU... RESPECT in every way God bless you.❤
@BlackSpice 6 mesi fa
Jokic is like the colossal titan. You just can't stop him.
He shoots like Bird. He passes like Magic. He has the low post moves like Kevin McHale. He can bully his way to the basket like Shaq. HE rebounds as well as anyone. He strips people of the ball. He feeds his teammates and keeps them eager like Jason Kidd. He's awkward....looks like he's going to stumble all the time, but he gets the job done.
@nevalelapena 6 mesi fa
And i think, unlike Steph or LeBron... Nikola Jokic style is replicable , young kids can train the vision, the knowledge of the game, studying theory beside dribbling... In my opinion there are plenty of intelligent players who never tried to use their intelligence because people and coaches want them to dunk and block... And more, there are players who are playing smartly, already... But usually media aren't going deeply in that, like Draymond or Steph, or more LeBron, media saying he's big and he's fast, too few people catching how much he manipulate the game, without "thinking basketball" probably even lesser
@mlrd2687 6 mesi fa
Jokic is the best passer of all time. What Richard said was not a compliment, but an understatement.
@daddyfuse50 6 mesi fa
Hes up there with Magic as best ever. Isiah Thomas himself said that
I can see this being so, but i am not ready to believe it yet. Magic, Bird, Nash, even Kidd - he's in the conversation with them. Best passing big is, I agree, disrespect at this point. But best passer of all time... we need to see a little more. And I think he will get better. He is the biggest problem in the league and will be for the foreseeable future; every team that wants to win has to gameplan for him, and so they also have to feed him looks to solve. Like the infamous "Rui adjustment," which actually did bring out some bad shots and bad passes until he settled into it. The more he sees, the more mistakes he makes and learns from, the better his reads are going to get, and the more novel passes he'll have to make and then be able to repeat later. He's going to get better as a passer. We're only just starting to see what just might be the best passing of all time.
Yes I agree
Best ever is a stretch cause the stats don't add up. He is in that echelon, his styIe is very unique...special; but have you ever heard of Bird, Magic, Nash, STOCKTON??
@@samantharay6098 well put. He will, indeed, improve. He is JUST entering his prime. Just the very beginning of it. Can you imagine how he’ll play with more experience ? More BBall IQ? A deeper understanding of the court?! His 3pt shot can get a little bit better still. SCARY. The one & only UNICORN
I agree with that last line, that it is just too soon to say he's the best Big to ever do it, Definitely too soon to say best ever. However, he is clearly on track to become both if he keeps it up, and I don't see how he won't when it is so natural to him and now he is also focusing on his health, so his athleticism is going to get better. This whole video was basically about how he is this great without it, so with it? Yeah, this man is going places.
As I have thought about his athleticism or lack of... I believe his true "high end" skill set is balance. he changes directions, spins and spins back, turns, takes a runner, a fall away, but do you ever see him off balance?
@emancify 5 mesi fa
In the manner that the NBA is played today... the Joker is still the MVP and is definitely headed to the HOF. No team can stop him from getting Triple Doubles at will. It's just his ability to see the entire chess board and his memory of previous plays. This is a unique instinct... that is a gift... that he has earned through hard work. He is currently unbeatable with his current team. He just knows his assets and liabilities and balances them to perfection.
This man has proven that you don’t have to have a 44 inch vertical leap to be successful at its highest level in the NBA.. never before has there ever been a 7 foot 1” center take the ball down the court like a guard and set up the offensive plays…and make the super passes that he makes,and all of this UNSELFISHLY! And to be humble as he is ,is an even more unbelievable quality that he possess…the very best in the league now,and once he is done with his career,his numbers will prove that! Best wishes in the future “Joker”! His Triple Doubles are off the chart!
To me, as of till today, he's unmatched in all areas of a basketball game, physically and mentally.
There still isn't a 7'1" center that can do that. Jokic is a legit 6'11". No more. His standing reach is 9'3".
Jokic subjugated himself to the team, and that's characteristics of european school of basketball! And wonderful curiosity :he plays as playmaker and he is on centre position ! Bravo!!!
@judah6152 6 mesi fa
It's very fun to watch all aspects of his game. Proves that athleticism isn't everything.
His IS athletic, but maybe not as fast as you.
@racsan492 6 mesi fa
imagine being damn near 7ft playing 40+ minutes on an nba court and got called unathletic
@judah6152 6 mesi fa
@racsan Being 6'11 and playing 40+min. of NBA level ball doesn't make you athletic, so no need to imagine. Abnormal jumping, speed, quickness etc. That makes you athletic. Let's not forget, there's levels to this. Compared to your average NBA player, Nikola isn't athletic. He's an NBA Champ 🏆 though. 😎😎😎
@cbdyna 5 mesi fa
great is great. he has the size, the rare shooting ability with the size, the low post moves and most importantly, the finishing touch at the basket. add on the HOF vision and passing ability and you get him. hes like larry bird and tim duncan or hakeem combined. its wild.
His head, hands and heart are most perfectly athletic. What a champion! What an example.
@evhfanatic 6 mesi fa
Jokic has proven that you dont have to be the most athletic to be a superstar at basketball,you can be the SMARTEST player and be a superstar!
I see the clowns are out playing on their mothers laptop.
@evhfanatic 5 mesi fa
@@stephencherry1387 so I’m a clown for just making an observation?
Yes. Reminds me of the days when Larry Bird came on the scene. The announcers used to say "Larry Bird is not fast but he so SMART." At all the Black players the announcers will say"They are so athletic!" A bunch of clowns.
@goofydog2 5 mesi fa
Denver is a passing team! I LOVE passing teams and I haven't had a team since the Celtics with bird and his partners. Larry, to me is the best passer EVER! Everyone else must be compared to him. Larry's teammates LOVED him just like Jokic's teammates LOVE him.Both inspired teams that were there to win, not pad their stats. But now, I finally have a team. Go Denver! I love Sacramento as well, so we'll see if they can pass that ball around... Forgot, but Magic had a GREAT passing mentality, as well... GO! The 1980's ball scene...
There are different ways to excel (definition being winning championships) in the NBA. Jordan did it with flash and Jokic does it with awkwardness, strength, touch---both are intelligent, driven, and effective in getting results.
I feel like comparing him to other centers at this point is becoming more and more irrelevant his game is beyond the position and the best comparisons I've heard for him are Magic and Larry Bird, obviously for his passing and IQ, but Larry fits the bill to a T with players comparing Jokers shot to his, the similarities go on and on for Larrry with strong rebounding and outlet passes that make footballs players jealous
Larry was more defensively intelligent, but Jokic is starting to close that gap more.
@@samantharay6098 I respect that point
@@rapidragekade6901 Bird is for sure the best comparison... The see the future vision especially. But Magic is there too, McHale and Olajuwon, some Duncan finding angles and the touch... His touch is just unique though, never seen anyone with touch like that, especially a big guy, off the charts hand eye coordination. Runs the court like David Robinson did... Defense is the final frontier for Jokic. They should hire Marc Gasol to train him, partially joking but only partially. The last 2 games though, even with the foul trouble, I thought Jokic played absolutely elite defense...
@@samantharay6098 excellent take
I thought of describing his play as that of a Point Center, then someone in the media used that descriptor. He reminds me of Chris Mullen as well as Larry Bird: Nikola Jokic is mentally ahead of everyone on the court; his head speed is faster than others' foot speed.
@johndonny443 5 mesi fa
So nice to hear the magnificent Jokic get some love. P.s. Bron is so much more likeable when he shows some humility.
@aalluubbaa 6 mesi fa
Jokic is athletic. Athleticism isn’t just your vertical or speed. It’s a combination of those PLUS strength, endurance, quickness and coordination. Dude has such a quick jump and is all ridiculously strong. He’s base and core is so strong that the his post moves with his feathery touch are just unguardable. A great comparison is to Giannis, who is also one of my favorite players now. Giannis could be so fast, explosive and his vertical is also insane for his height. However, Jokic definitely has the durability and endurance because Jokic could play for a long stretch without taking a break. We need to look at things other than explosiveness when taking about athleticism.
Jokić is an athletic type,,,He has The Dinaric race, also known as the Adriatic race,,,the strongest race among white people,,,,he does not need muscles for strength,,,he was born with strength thanks to the Dinaric gene
Love what Draymond had to say, especially as also one of the highest bball IQ players in the league.
@bobvan2576 6 mesi fa
Thank you very much for compiling all these clips for us all to appreciate. Have a good one! Best, Bob
@gcxred4kat9 5 mesi fa
Love that he values many things over basketball.
@KidRich718 6 mesi fa
Dangerous man , Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing. Bill Walton ,Magic Johnson created in one center .
@ektran4205 6 mesi fa
a less athletic arvydas sabonis from 1981-1986
@Max-kw2hp 6 mesi fa
Ewing? What qualities they have in common?
@brraca 6 mesi fa
@dandan4092 6 mesi fa
@@Max-kw2hp they’re tall?
Walton was a great blocker, jokic isnt
He’s the definition of an athlete… it’s annoying that they keep saying he’s non athletic
@mc76 5 mesi fa
Jokic is like the product of a mad scientist who Frankensteined a player with parts from Nowitzki, Bird, and Walton.
Why do people still say he’s “unathletic”-he’s faster and more fit than any other big man in the league. Runs further and moves quicker. Best footwork. His passes. He’s quite an athlete. Super athletic.
@caloyssk1 5 mesi fa
His low key-ness, performances he brings without the "hypeness" makes me idolize him more, something fresh in the league wherein everyone thinks social media/popularity is at display and very common keep it up. Moving to Piston or Boston may change his personality, but if stays with Nuggets it's very fine with me
BEST OF THE BEST , complete package not a flashy athletic basketball player but more of a team player smart, intelligent, effective, one of a kind pure talent and a gift from GOD. HUMILITY and simply the best in his prime
Honestly this rubbish that he is not athletic is just stupid. He has not an aesthetic body which is different! However he is a giant with great stamina perfect condition and all the strength he needs to do all he does.
@jcdezmen 6 mesi fa
Thank you!!
@terrybader8595 6 mesi fa
Agree 100%. Athleticism goes way beyond a big vertical jump.
@jeffk862 5 mesi fa
Not jumping like a shooting guard or a forward might be saving his knees actually
@charlesdjones1 5 mesi fa
It's hilarious that they are saying that about a 2(3) time MVP, because those same guys that say that get chewed up and spit out night after night by him. It's like a thinly veiled jealousy that they have because he isn't this or that, and doesn't fit *their* mold.
exacly,,,Jokić is an athletic type,,,He has The Dinaric race, also known as the Adriatic race,,,the strongest race among white people,,,,he does not need muscles for strength,,,he was born with strength thanks to the Dinaric gene
I am a huge Bucks fan and of course a Giannis fan, but Jokic is a different level. I think the greatest things about him, he doesn't make mistakes. The guys touches the ball all game, just doesn't turn the ball over.
@ravenshroud 5 mesi fa
This video was on par with Jokic’s talent. Excellent work.
@piotrekzprod 2 mesi fa
@jsidorable 5 mesi fa
I always admired the different skills of rivals Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Jokic is an amazing hyrid of both. He is my GOAT
@hbomb2 5 mesi fa
He isn't unathletic. He is just very efficient.
@kjax0630 6 mesi fa
And with one ring, he solidified himself as an all time Big Man.
@natecw4164 6 mesi fa
"He can't jump over a dollar bill." "He's got the vertical leap of a rock." "He's slow and unorthodox." "He's not in shape." "He's boring." At this point, I'm just satisfied with people complaining about how it's impossible. Those are huge compliments 😂 ...This is nice to hear tho!
@terrybader8595 6 mesi fa
It's amazing how many opponents say those things, though they all quickly add that they can't stop him!
My response to that is 'Stop him then.' But the 'He can't jump over a dollar bill' was a comment made in good taste. He had complimented the man tremendously throughout the entire interview, and was just pointing out his objectively limited athleticism.
@RR83y 5 mesi fa
Someone said he would probably be like the next to last guy picked in a pick up basketball game. And he turns out to be one of the best of all time.
@simbaar7953 5 mesi fa
as a nuggets fan since melo days sseing him play at beginning i just thought " did he just do that" to "oh yea thats a normal pass" is just amazing i just love the guy and that team and how they play. Normal you just go watch some dunk highlights but with him he makes passing seem so fun that you end up watching mixtapes of passing. For me hes already TOP 2 Center ever and we got that Chip
It's obviously very easy to get caught up in recency bias and overstate how good Joker is compared to Hall of Famers as he is winning his first NBA Title. But I think the thing about Shaq, Duncan, Olajuwon and the other greats that he is being compared with is that each of them kept to an insanely high standard for 10-15 years. If Joker can keep close to the level of play he is currently at for another 5 years he is bang in the conversation for the 'best ever centre', but right now it's premature.
@ndeco2 5 mesi fa
Nobody ever talked about some player like about Nikola Jokic! Respect!
@bulat6087 5 mesi fa
I like how Jokic envolve every teammate in the game and grow the team
@namraolib5391 6 mesi fa
he did not claim that he is the best,he just show it to us
@DKtrek21 6 mesi fa
If he is gonna be compared to a fictional character, I think Jokic would be the Godzilla. Big, skilled, but doesn't care much 😂
@ratshq9828 6 mesi fa
Nah he is a sentinel from xmen
dont think he doesnt care lol
@QuicknSnappy 6 mesi fa
@@samantharay6098 agreed. He is a SERIOUS competitor
Not in agreement with the last take at all. I knew that was the problem all along but you got to give credit where credit is due and that man deserved that mvp. Regardless of what whoever thought about it he deserved it and he proved it and he also proved he didn't care about it. When everybody started arguing for Joel because of their obvious bias, he just took his foot off the gas and allowed Joel to have it. He is a team player. Joel chased down an individual accolade and instead of helping his teammates or team he couldn't even take the 6ers to the finals instead got Doc fired. Smh
@daveasmer3353 5 mesi fa
whenever I play for my school team I try to play like him, recently realized the problem is nobody tries to get open if I am in a tough position
@ti84satact12 3 mesi fa
I just watched your Steph Curry production and here is one key observation: Steph needed to get bigger, stronger, and have better stamina to become his greatest self! Jokic also had to lose a lot of weight and get stronger in order to become this MVP version of himself. I’m still waiting on Luka to have this epiphany! When, and if, he does, watch out!
@carmenduhon293 5 mesi fa
@nmgal8543 6 mesi fa
The Bird comparisons are interesting. Yes, Jokic is bigger, but realy not that much taller. He's listed at 6'11 284. Bird was listed at 6'9" but if you look at photos of him next to other players, it's clear he was actually 6'10", and 220-230. Where does Jokic put all the weight?
Finally a real "what do stars say about Jokic" video and not "when Kobe first saw how he plays here is what he had to say about the Serbian superstar..." Just show the clip. Thank you❤
@piotrekzprod 2 mesi fa
He's smart, he can pass like very few around today. He can run the floor and shoot from outside. He's an awesome talent on both sides of the ball. European players are almost always fundementally sound. Stupid shots and mindless turnovers rarely happen with the Joker and his defense is all it can be. He will at least get a hand in your face if you try and take a jumper over him. He's worth the price of admission all by himself. The modern game tbh, bores me with for lack of defense. It's needs more good man defense, passing, FT shooting can always get beeter. Movement without the ball opens up the floor. Elimination of the zone defense as players don't switch very well. There's too much one on one clearout stuff and of course untimely 3 pointers. All that said, some of the best players to ever play are playing today.
@DrPaladium 6 mesi fa
Jokic proves you don't need to be super athletic to play in the NBA (if you're a tall person). You just need to be very good with basketball fundamentals and have high IQ.
just like how joker creates strategy with his clowns.
@lukStSerb 3 mesi fa
It's OK, you can say it, his mentality is similarly built like his buddy's and compatriot Novak Djoković - the greatest one to ever hold a tennis racquet - an attribute that Djoković' fans could see a decade earlier than the rest of the world officially recognized.
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