NBA Players with STATUES 

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Only the greatest of the greats even have statues, this is an uncomprehensive list of those players. Who am I missing? Did you like the video? please subscribe.


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Darren Stevensohn
Players like Kobe and Steph should've got one, since they are legends that's loyal to only 1 organization.
Balloseum Basketball
I think they'll both get one. Kobe 100% they're just making it rn, they'll announce its completion date randomly one day haha
Shawn Private
Shawn Private 10 mesi fa
Kobe got one,and steph will definitely have one
Zang Vang
Zang Vang 5 mesi fa
Kobe gonna get one. No question. Curry will get one but he still playing
Gonzo Balls
Gonzo Balls 4 mesi fa
Kobe and Lebron will be legendary in terms of reveal Curry, Klay and Dray should be side by side
Caleb Stewart
Caleb Stewart 4 mesi fa
steph gotta retire first then he’s for sure getting one
Matthew Sawczyn
Matthew Sawczyn 4 mesi fa
Dirk now has a massive one portraying his fadeaway
James Johnson
James Johnson 4 mesi fa
Reggie Miller,David Robinson and a whole lot of people deserve one alex English as well as a lot of other forgotten players especially from the past tense.
teejworld 4 mesi fa
That mid movement is captured amazing
Joka™️ 5 mesi fa
Correction Jordan has the Koolest statue and Shaq has the most dominant statue.
Balloseum Basketball
Hahahahaha that’s hilarious!
Joka™️ 5 mesi fa
@Balloseum Basketball you Ite ???
Carolyn Strozier
Kobe Bryant deserves a statue for what all he done for the Lakers. Twenty years plus two championships with good role players, without another superstar. Dr. Buss have turned over in his grave the way his daughter is handling business.
Balloseum Basketball
KObe deserves 2 statues. 8 & 24
4ever Young
4ever Young Anno fa
They will build one soon
Dzim Morison
Dzim Morison 4 mesi fa
Gasol is second superstar.
Lost Pages
Lost Pages Anno fa
People who need statues -Vince Carter for Raptors -New Scottie Statue or a bottom to the current -Wilt Chamberlain for any really -Kobe for Lakers -Isiah Thomas for Pistons -Dwayne Wade for Heat -Barkley for Suns? -Steve Nash for Suns -Dennis Rodman for Pistons or Bulls Many other current players deserve them once they retire but because statues are so rare I only see some players getting them -LeBron James for Heat, Laker, or Cavs -Curry for Warriors -Maybe Klay for Warriors -Durant for a team -Harden for a team -Giannis for Bucks -Kawhi Leonard for Raptors probably -Kyle Lowry for Raptors Some others to that have retired and many that haven’t like Tim Duncan deserves one but only time will tell
BLUE Anno fa
i like the barkley for suns respect to sir charles
Stopping Bronsexuals
Giving everyone statues my god. Only Kobe, Curry, Klay, Duncan, and eventually Giannis deserve one
nekaneka20 20
Only one i agree with is Tim Duncan and maybe lebron. Kobe will get one. But you named way too many players. These statues aren't just greats but all time for their franchises
Balloseum Basketball
Dirk is confirmed, Lowry is confirmed, Patty Mills is gonna get one in Australia, Kobe is certain, Splash brothers maybe? Giannis will get one in Greece at minimum, Gasols in Spain, Dwade is very likely too!
Sharp Sensation
Big game James for lakers too!
Maniac Bob
Maniac Bob 4 mesi fa
I think that of MJ is the best looking one and most iconic.
CFO 3 mesi fa
Immortalized for future generations. Has to be an amazing feeling.
Louis Stipe
Louis Stipe 2 anni fa
You roasted every statue fam!!😂😂😂 You ok?
Tj 2 anni fa
REYES PH 2 anni fa
Hahahaha ur right
Balloseum Basketball
Nah I just think some of them are hella wack bro. I had to step in before they make Kobe's statues look like Pippens.
-- 2 anni fa
I'm sure, the NBA will make one for Kobe at the staples center
Carolyn Strozier
He differently deserve one. It should have been done after his retirement. Why is geni Buss waiting on. Genie Buss have caused a lot of Lakers fans to fall out with the Lakers. Lakers has never been this disrupted until they brought Lbj into the forum. Lakers was always show time Lakers now they are the no show Lakers.
Balloseum Basketball
EH deserves 2 statues. 24 and 8.
Joka™️ 5 mesi fa
Shaq hands down has the Koolest statue.
KingKongStrong 2 anni fa
That statue is Scottie Trippen.
Balloseum Basketball
Yea fr. Likethey couldve just taken a picture and put it up, that is just disrespectful
Michael McCain
LeBron is gonna definitely get one with Cleveland one day should've been made him one
Carolyn Strozier
If Cleveland make him a statue it's okay as long as the Lakers don't do it. That would ruin the Lakers organization. But that's what he wants so he can think he's better than Kobe Bryant. That's the reason he went to the Lakers so he could try, and break Kobe Bryant records. He could not play with Kobe Bryant because Kobe Bryant did not want him there. That what made him dislike the mamba. LBJ is hater to all that don't need him.
Balloseum Basketball
@Carolyn Strozier The Lakers have like 9 statues already, they're trying to make it massive, Lebron is probably getting one, Kobe may even get 2 (8 & 24).
Balloseum Basketball
Lebron's Cleveland Statue is probably already in development. THey'll unveil it at his last game hahaha
Demon King
Demon King Anno fa
LeBron not going to get a statue in LA
TRAGOB 9 mesi fa
Bob Cousy also has a statue now
notdaus 2 anni fa
imagine future civilization found this statue
Carlos Zamudio
I think i missed lebrons statue, i mean he's the GOAT!!!!! At least thats what i've heard..
LooterCris Anno fa
Scottie Pippen statue looks like Robert Downey Jr. From Tropic Thunder
mark wright
mark wright 3 mesi fa
Shaq and Kobe should have gotten them together they won them together...Kobe played entire career there and won them more titles.... Confused 🤔
Andi V
Andi V Anno fa
Charles Barkley also has a statue
SuperDefD 9 mesi fa
LeBron James will have 5 statues by the end of his career. Two of which will be in Cleveland. One in Miami, and 2 in LA for (23, 6). Or maybe just 3.
#GuruBasketballKieroSays Shaquille O'Neal has the Greatest statue ever out of STAPLES Center (actually hanging on the building)
Balloseum Basketball
FR. I don't think any statue will ever overtake it. Its too good.
Just be yourself
02:24 Geroge Michael, so the singer from "Last christmas" has a NBA statue? Or you mean Geroge MIKAN??? 🥳
Agent-69 7 mesi fa
Awesome 👏 content
James Konnovitch
let us not forget Nikola Jokic (the Jokerzilla) and time will tell
A.T Reaves
A.T Reaves Anno fa
Stephen Marbury has a status in Beijing too
Balloseum Basketball
Next List!!
POW POW 4 mesi fa
The Bill Russell statue looks just like him, what are you on?
Siegfred Bunsalan
The most popular unveiled statue is mj
Michael Ruite
Ngabirano Emmanuel
Shaquille O'Neal.😅
AkoTo Marjon
AkoTo Marjon 3 mesi fa
Charles Barkley has a statue
Stephen Paul
Stephen Paul Anno fa
Kobe will get one ain't worry about that L.A. gone make sure of that
Shawn Ward
Shawn Ward Anno fa
That Scottie one looked terrible 😅
Dirk got one
Only Jahlase
Only Jahlase Anno fa
That number transition sound is from Smackdown vs Raw haha
Balloseum Basketball
Ye hahahaha wtf. 2008. Anytime i go thru a door i want that sound to play. its so sick
R33Skyline 3 mesi fa
What did 1 statue say to the other statue? Statue bro?
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos 4 mesi fa
George michael ? Ahahhahahahha Manu Ginobili also has a statue
Where will LBJ statue go
Luis Hernandez
Foreal man why you talking smack about all them statues 😂
Rashad 704
Rashad 704 4 mesi fa
Kobe Bryant
Jerry west more like cherry west
Kalder Ahm
Kalder Ahm 4 mesi fa
am I the only one that felt like the volume was low?
Darskee Anno fa
soon for dirk nowitzki
Balloseum Basketball
Proud of that too!
JH 4 mesi fa
These all should be removed and replaced by a 3D print of the players best poster
Forrest Griffin
Shaq LSU statue
Balloseum Basketball
Does he have one?!!
Forrest Griffin
Hell yeah.!
Ruben James
Ruben James Anno fa
Were is the kobe aka black mamba
Arian Profit
Arian Profit 4 mesi fa
Bad blurry picture during transitions. You need to improve the video. You should also name the arena’s name. Not just say “home arena”.
Leslie Barber
Why your video volume so low
nephew Davis
nephew Davis 2 anni fa
That Scottie pippen statue is disrespectful
Enrico César
Enrico César 2 anni fa
Balloseum Basketball
@Enrico César It looks nothing like him. Its like they didn't care enough to get a good statue designer. Might as well hang up a picture of him.
venkatesh vs
venkatesh vs 2 anni fa
Where is cb?
venkatesh vs
venkatesh vs Anno fa
@Balloseum Basketball Charles BArkley
mpumelelo ngcamphalala
You too opinionated...
Shawn Private
Shawn Private 10 mesi fa
Nba legend Miken is you iget,hard to get Bronze to be exact..and what is wrong with your speech
Lee Torry
Lee Torry 2 anni fa
Dude, speak loader or get a new mike
Balloseum Basketball
Thanks for the feedback. New mic!!
MaTheBe27 2 anni fa
We can't hear you mate
Balloseum Basketball
Thanks for the feedback. New mic!!
April Lashon
April Lashon 2 anni fa
I can’t hear you!🎤
Balloseum Basketball
Thanks for the feedback. New mic!!
khamla 2 mesi fa
Pippen has the worst statue
Quinn Maxfield
Quinn Maxfield 2 anni fa
This music is putting me too sleep 💤
Balloseum Basketball
Yea i get u
J 4 mesi fa
Speak up
Your just whispering
Tony 4 mesi fa
Tom Chambers has a statue
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