NBA's Best Tissot Buzzer Beaters Of The Decade

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27 dic 2019




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SonDavid 954
SonDavid 954 2 anni fa
I love the Kawhi one because everyone is so quiet you can hear the ball hitting the rim. That shit made it so much more suspenseful live. Everyone was holding there breath
Manav Kevadiya
Basketball: The game that makes you realize how long a second actually is!
Jaw Anno fa
That kawhi one was by far the best. Watching it live was insane. In a game 7, the high arch, it bouncing around and Leonard dropping down trying to will it in. I don't think it'll ever be outdone
Emanuel Gowan
"Good gollie miss mollie he did it"😭😭😭😭
Real Is Real
Real Is Real 2 anni fa
Arthur Dane
Arthur Dane Anno fa
That Jeremy Lamb one is iconic, just the drop in the Arena as it hits us unreal.
Sean N
Sean N 3 anni fa
Kawhi's shot sent Butler to Miami, and Lillard's forced Russ to Houston and PG to LA 😂
Noa Kurin
Noa Kurin 2 anni fa
The fact that lillard sent 2 teams home with buzzer beaters is amazing
Reggie The Commenter
bobaboba Anno fa
Ikenna Ihenatu
Ikenna Ihenatu 2 anni fa
B Lovett
B Lovett Anno fa
Watching that Kawhi Leonard shot live was truly amazing. I remember thinking the shot was going to go off the rim but to see it bounce 4 times is insane. Not a Raptors fan but that is probably the most dramatic game winner I've ever seen. The significance of a Game 7, the Raptors' postseason misfortune, and the craziness around Kawhi's move to Toronto only adds to the drama. Iconic and a moment forever etched in NBA history! 🏀🦖
Kai Stensland
Kai Stensland 2 anni fa
Lillard: knock knock
Joshua D
Joshua D 3 anni fa
Damien Lillard deserves a ring my son is a beast
Top 7 Highlights
I love how Jeremy Lamb had such a calm reaction even when he hit one of the craziest buzzer beaters ever!
Tezzo G
Tezzo G Anno fa
That second buzzer beater from Damian Lillard always gives me goosebumps🥶
Hussein Ali
Hussein Ali Anno fa
Kawhi’s game winning shot will be a moment that I’ll never forget
bro even kawhi clutch on my 2k 😢
Hunyo Tiago
Hunyo Tiago 3 anni fa
Everyone witness their respective dacade. But lets be honest it was a great decade
Tyler Cole
Tyler Cole 2 anni fa
The best part about Tyreke Evans buzzer beater was his teammate celebrating before it even went in 😂💪🏾
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