NBA "Strangest" Moments of 2021 

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The strangest NBA plays, highlights and moments of the 2020/21 NBA Regular Season and Playoffs!
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My name is Max and I create NBA Highlight Mixes! I edit my videos a lot and professionally, usually 20+ hours for one video to make it special and unique. So I appreciate everyone who watches, likes and subscribes to my channel :D
Legal stuff: I am partnered with BBTV and the NBA Playmakers Network. I have the commercial rights (contract through NBA Playmakers) to upload the content on my channel.
All rights belong to the NBA Playmakers Network. I only used the provided footage.


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28 lug 2021




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@LightzyOG Anno fa
1:18 Doncics face when he got thrown out is priceless 😂
Lowkey him acting like he dont do shit even though he talks madddd shit sometimes dirty plays (not like serious injury kind of dirty plays) is one of the most things that I hate about Luka. Actually the only thing really
@Gl-my8fw Anno fa
half the ejections are pathetic though. such a soft sport
@DiegoF1ores Anno fa
@@jonathonhoyt1215 is just "dirty" for the NBA in europe they aren't this soft, and I don't support fights in sports and all of that but the NBA is just too exaggerated with these things
@DiegoF1ores Anno fa
@@Gl-my8fw league*
Lebron trying to start a fight with aquaman was pretty amusing too.
Lebron would've got rocked if it got any farther then they made it
@TheTaekwon3 2 anni fa
We on land lol
@tonyonit Anno fa
@@hunterunderhill2936 No
@@hunterunderhill2936 no chance
@T.Gundham Anno fa
@@hunterunderhill2936 Look at there builds. Aqua man would probably knock someone out with that but LeBron is too fast for that shit. Hed go for a grapple.
@bretbellows646 2 anni fa
“We lost the lights, and curry still almost made it”😂 he’s to good!
@@ilovebritneybitch6979 💀💀
@mr.pupskie8943 2 anni fa
“For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.”” ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭18:20‬ ‭
@Fit4C Anno fa
Jesus loves you alot trust in His death 4 salvation and be saved from eternal hell
@mrQueue78 Anno fa
Shooting lights out tonight
1:19 when you remember you had a project due today while sitting down in class
@@zgoetzinger6970 hi
@Nikblor 2 anni fa
@@marcuspalmer3535 that’s not the actual giannis antetokounmpo 🤦
@@Nikblor ik
@clumz4630 2 anni fa
@@Nikblor R/wooosh
1:30 You have to give props to Jokic for going back and saying srry to Cameron Payne
@mrbriggs390 2 anni fa
@yoru1581 2 anni fa
@@mrbriggs390 wdym no
@Dantheman6074 2 anni fa
@@mrbriggs390 too bad, your opinions irrelevant bud.
@micahbell7840 2 anni fa
He's just butthurt they are losers.
@@micahbell7840 who?
It was all fun and jokes for the person who threw the popcorn at Westbrook until he broke through the security guards
Yeah and who wastes perfectly good popcorn
@duff3lB4g 2 anni fa
@@jamesr.warrenjr.9078 I was just thinking about that lol
@@jamesr.warrenjr.9078 lol
@noforwhat5767 2 anni fa
@@jamesr.warrenjr.9078 lmao
@SeanMadeAScene 2 anni fa
ice cubes*
@fl1m98 2 anni fa
nba has the softest referees in sports
@ladsd679 2 anni fa
The league does it on purpose to hand out fines
@fl1m98 2 anni fa
@@ladsd679 also to create more offense to make it more watchable to casuals
@tys2207 2 anni fa
Wwe to
@fl1m98 2 anni fa
@@naseemdenton7043 i guess this is satire?
@wp3315 2 anni fa
I love how slow he falls down 0:04 and how fast he gets up
@vamnpyre 2 anni fa
@Darklove4343 2 anni fa
Very slowly realized that he got lifted down. 😂
What’s wild is that it really did look like he was just trying to help him not fall down all the way and then he did that to my boy.. 😂
@Stefan-fb8pt 2 anni fa
Really well made video, congrats on trending, well deserved ❤️
@cheesewithuhhh 2 anni fa
2:23 the dude with black sweater is so nervous when the players looked back
On the clip at 10:19 the ref was literally in his way and then he called the technical for him lightly pushing him like who tf are hiring these refs
@Bob Shingles lmao
I would agree, though you still can not push a ref so whatever, but I would have liked there to be a little more than what Jordan Clarkson did, he was just getting the ref out of the way.
@tyzxcs6546 2 anni fa
Chris Paul: Vibin knowing that they gonna win the series Pat Bev: Imma end this mans whole career
Beverly is a menace 😂
You can tell Chris Paul said something to Beverly he didn't just do it cuz they lossed
@Catler333 2 anni fa
That's what u call behind the back
@tyzxcs6546 2 anni fa
@TheSergio1021 2 anni fa
PatBev: I'ma end my own career
That Embid play was hilarious. Dude trucked Colins with arms wide open 😂
@deeznutz8320 2 anni fa
He walked him down like: WHAT DID I DO WHAT DID I DO LMAO
Embiids a clown
@jeffweldon Anno fa
@@EndietheEnderman wrong
It was baited, Collins was just trying to get Embiid ejected. Not to mention JC put him on a poster bruh.
@TheBroCouch 2 anni fa
I have never seen a teammate angrier at Kawhi than Rondo was at 5:29 😂😂
@obviousgreyman 2 anni fa
Bro draymond has definitely been angrier.
@EJHayes-qo4qi 2 anni fa
Facts..He gave him the Uncle Ruckus eyes!😭
@EJHayes-qo4qi 2 anni fa
@@obviousgreyman Ight now when has Draymond EVER teamed up wit Kawhi??
@obviousgreyman 2 anni fa
@@EJHayes-qo4qi oh my bad I thought it just said never seen a teammate angrier. 😂😂
7:45 I watched KD make this shot live and I was rooting for the nets and I was furious when they lost in overtime because it was a 2 pointer
I was rooting for the bucks I was so upset when they didn't double kd on this possession but I guess it all worked out
@user-OrbItdZ 2 anni fa
Thanks for the collection bro.
@sythe4572 2 anni fa
4:38 booker just standing there was the defenition of strange
Coz if that shot made it, it will become the longest buzzer winning shot in history 80+ foot
@sythe4572 2 anni fa
@@eitherholyorevil7546 shit I didn’t even think of that ur right👑
@Ghost-en8nw 2 anni fa
@Bob Shingles wtf😂😂
At around 2:50 when Collins and embiid were fighting it's so funny you can see trae young try to push embiid off🤣🤣
When Paul George missed both free throws setting up the Valley-Oop, the crowd went absolutely crazy!!
Love the ref forcing the turnover and then giving Clarkson the Tech on top even though the Ref was the only person who did something wrong
@Alexeiyeah 2 anni fa
Paul Gegorge was Mr. Anti-Clutch against the Suns. So many missed shots.
5:45 anybody else think it’s amazing how quick everybody turned their flashlights on 😂
@punu3675 Anno fa
@AChanel3 Anno fa
@@vincevice1398 💀💀
Yeah 😂
I was there for the very first one, Montrezl Harrell wasn’t having shit after that one 😂😂 Hell of a teammate, Lakers blew them out even without LeBron, AD, and Drummond
@ELPHONY 2 anni fa
Lol it is the Raptors. Completely fell off after Kawhi left
@-mb232-9 2 anni fa
Threw Drummond in there like we wouldn't notice
@sloodyfn Anno fa
Fuck this
@gibmed Anno fa
6:10 that shimmy tho
@Doodfist 2 anni fa
Mavs went up 75-25 at halftime against the Clips. Didn't see that here
11:13 gotta love when you hear Von rapping about the most famous smoked opp in the middle of a basketball game! Lmao 💨
@nei_hmande2427 8 mesi fa
The strangest thing here is the editing. (Really smooth work tho)
@Robster-Craw 2 anni fa
Back in the 80s when I was in middle school. In P.E. we had 3 v 3 cut throat day. And I'm terrible at basketball and no one picked me. I ended up on a team of kids no one wanted to pick. And it was because of me that we won our games with shots that I wish were caught on video. 2 times in a row I had the ball and my team was completely covered so I tried to get closer to the hoop. Well because I had no skills I tripped over my own feet. But as I was falling and nearly parallel with the floor I threw up a desperate hook shot and got swish shots 2x and on the 3rd possession I was able to pass the ball and then the kid shot and it bounced right back to me off the rim and I tossed it up backwards over my head and banked it in. We won the game and the mini tournament. We got to choose the next game we played and got popsicles. It was so awesome.
@Ty-J_250 2 anni fa
Must have felt amazing. Good story 👍🏾
@sythe4572 2 anni fa
whole dam essay bruh
@Robster-Craw 2 anni fa
@@sythe4572 sorry for your lack of attention span.
@sythe4572 2 anni fa
@@Robster-Craw it's ok
@Robster-Craw 2 anni fa
@@sythe4572 sometimes it's hard to tell a story in 5 words or less. Or maybe it's an generational gap thing? When were you born? Seems the young crowd has a problem with reading something more than a few words and a couple emoji.
@TheGenManager 2 anni fa
The sound is a kinda late than the video but.... This is still great compilation... Love it...
@jusef6936 2 anni fa
3:36 looks like he’s been watching a lot of “travel or nah” videos lol
@chae1144 2 anni fa
@jashanestone 2 anni fa
Watching these highlights make me realize something. I had no life this NBA season, I've watched almost every game or game highlight on TV. I was "all-in".. The house and the games 😂😂😂
@barca29np 2 anni fa
.. Me too bro
@minkwhale6355 2 anni fa
I still dont get why d green was ejected in the knicks game
@mnt_av3891 2 anni fa
He was cursing a Noel
@lasprilla17 2 anni fa
@@mnt_av3891 no it was wiseman
@mnt_av3891 2 anni fa
@@lasprilla17 oh, my bad
@Fatima-hl2qg 2 anni fa
Nice video. The amount of times Devin Booker, Joel Embiid, and the whole Wizards team was in this video😂
@213byron 2 anni fa
4:32 that would’ve been insane
Would have been the 2nd best buzzer beater 😞 1st is jeremy lambs
@@user-lw3me5ll4y man idk he just threw it like a football with literally .1 seconds left when the ball left his hand u can see it if u go to 0.25 speed on the video
@@jacobengstad5345 oh !
@jrgwapo123 2 anni fa
0:20 Beverly really is a sore loser haha, THE worst
@benm4985 Anno fa
its amazing how many of these involve kyrie/the nets
@T.N.24 2 anni fa
5:10 dumbest move in history by ben simmons, even trae young cleared the way the last second to avoid fouling/being dunked on... and dude passed the ball smh.
@sherifter 2 anni fa
superb gameplay friens, heres my support 👍👍🔥🔥🔥
@sythe4572 2 anni fa
4:23 giannis just walking away like. "oh shi mb"😂😂
Beverly should be suspended alot of games for that push
@itsnika3309 2 anni fa
Idk why but he irritates me
@@itsnika3309 it's his hair trust
@okwhy8720 2 anni fa
It's one push he doesnt need to be suspended multiple games. I understand that game but not multiple
@sadchild9478 2 anni fa
@@itsnika3309 your profile pic irritates me
@itsnika3309 2 anni fa
@@sadchild9478 yay, now stay irritated
You know u overreacted when boogie is dissapointed in you
@jimreadey4837 2 anni fa
🏀 Well, that video went out with a whimper (Embid misses two free throws -- _how scintillating!)._
@jamariuswest 2 anni fa
1:42 when someone in the Audience pours Ice on top of Westbrook . 🤣🤣🤦🏾‍♂️. His reaction was priceless.
@ssk2319 2 anni fa
Why was he so scared or something
@@ssk2319 boy he mad not scared
@ssk2319 Anno fa
@Derpy_Delinquent shiii i was mad dumb a year ago. lmfao
@tipsy2322 2 anni fa
3:03 t pose for a sign of domination
In the part where Joel got in Collins face he was like "u don't want nun of this" lol🤣
@geeboon669 2 anni fa
2:31 It's so rare to see someone wearing a Boston Celtics jersey, get placed in handcuffs and escorted by Police.
@itanimulli. 2 anni fa
5:06 that's a pacman jumpshot looool
:21 just the thing we all wanted to do more then once in his career 😂
doncics face when he got thrown away= crazy
@invisninja1566 2 anni fa
great audio!
"2021" is not explained enough, everyone had to remember how to be humans again xD
6:25 that one reminds me of Dennis Rodman
@ats5692 Anno fa
6:48 why does he look like Lebron for a second
@StopStop112 2 anni fa
5:09 like how Simmons lifts his hand like "Ahhh man how did you miss that your so shit!"
@jyesucevitz 2 anni fa
"... what he's trying to do there is make sure the basket is level." "is that why he's using a LEVEL Ted?
@nathankim1083 2 anni fa
If Cousin's is shaking his head, you know you a goof.
Literally was looking for this comment Lmaooo the producer was smart to cut to his face after that 😂😂😂
LoL Collins shoved Embiid on the floor, and when they got up, Embiid just flexed his size on him like "what do you wanna do?"
Haha yeah Collins got up to fight and immediately regretted when Embiid clearly was bigger and stronger. Walked that man all the way to his seat 🤣
@th-op9gx 2 anni fa
2:47 embiid be flexing his wingspan lol
😂😂😂😂 EMBIID literally bodied him 3:01
Showed him the Christ
@mistert7690 2 anni fa
Lmao the beginning is just like WWF NO MERCY on N64 when you have special and you get knocked down. Nostalgic
@bonzobonanza 2 anni fa
I'm not a Sixers fan, but oh my god. That game with the Hawks at the end was painful to watch.
Patrick Beverly is on here ? What a surprise lol
@xcaluhbration 2 anni fa
It took 5 grown men to restrain an injured Westbrook. I swear they should allow a Malice in the Palace aka Purge moment every season just so the fans don't feel too safe in doing dumb stuff like that.
Dude you can’t let a player like injure a fan. Even though how terrible they are.
@xcaluhbration 2 anni fa
@@pranksterboy8371 I mean I'm not saying ALLLL fans should be injured, but just the really egregious ones like the ones that spit on people or throw bottles on the players.
@@xcaluhbration I mean if a person spits on you in any setting that's grounds to show them some malice
@xcaluhbration 2 anni fa
@@threesmallpeopleinabigtren5056 you feel me? Once somebody spits on you it's instantly justifiable reasons for 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾
@@xcaluhbration it didn’t take 5 grown men to restrain Westbrook don’t make him sound like Francis Ngannou my man
Never understood the tech on draymond at 1:03 some please reply and tell me what happened
It came raining down popcorn on Westbrook 😂
@rayglass 2 anni fa
The ref ejecting all those grizzlies players has got to be the worst ref I’ve seen in sports
@Dawn_Hannah 2 anni fa
That game made me so freaking angry! What a mess.
@danielmike5134 2 anni fa
That Booker no foul was still one of the worst "we don't want to run him" calls ever
Are you talking about 10:07? I thought the commentator said "Foul was called."
@@brandonpotter4641 nah, the one at like 3:15 ... commentator says foul then "they didn't call it." Would've been his 6th foul
@@danielmike5134 Gotcha gotcha. Yeah blatant af foul there
@Sauraus1 Anno fa
The first one is uncalled for, he was just helping him up 💀
i like how kyrie steps on the logo disrespectfully then gets swept
@shuva21 Anno fa
I hope all fans of his previous and future teams do that on his portrait :)
@paperboat8773 2 anni fa
The Suns hate is real. Keep it coming. About to get a lot "stranger".
@brbdoo 2 anni fa
For the record: CP did NOT say something to Pat Bev; he just looked at him. They slowed down the encounter after this soundbite and you can see he never even moves his lips. 0:30
@DriedRainBG 2 anni fa
At 2:08 Kyrie: steps on the logo Kyrie on buck: injured its leg that he steps on
@davetheteen1 2 anni fa
Chris Paul put fear in Patrick with his stare. He got intimidated by Chris. Guys react like that when they feel threatened by another man, they become angry and reactive quick.
@clumz4630 2 anni fa
1:17 when my parents check my search history and I forgot to clear it
@Ah_Yote 2 anni fa
Idgaf the Patrick Beverly one is fucking hilarious 😭😭😭
@BeatsByMrSmith 2 anni fa
3:56 and the Oscar goes to Harden
@jinelyn4484 2 anni fa
That Embid clip had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣
@turkey4957 2 anni fa
I can't get over the very first one lolol
If embiid would’ve made that shot that would be in the top 10
@icydaddy 2 anni fa
Would’ve been the longest shot in nba history
@dannywayne311 2 anni fa
Steph range
@iceyyy30 2 anni fa
3:01 how my dad push me to corner when i try to fight him
This really is just a recap of the 21 basketball season
@chasebauer6299 2 anni fa
Ja’s shot is hilarious
Holiday at 3:20 was a classic shut up and dribble play. He got fouled and moved on
@JonasRodgers 2 anni fa
??? You timestamped giannis juggling
@lukaslane4522 6 mesi fa
8:51 i have never seen yhat before i was confused af 😂
@xtendo_64 Anno fa
Rondo dont ever widen your eyes again because you would stare into my soul
8:19 bp 🖤💗
@mstyhpsmntns 2 anni fa
The audio transitions makes me think its gonna be hella out of sync. Great vid tho
@jvauxholder651 2 anni fa
Harden jumps away from kawhi, Refs: Thats an offensive foul.
@krwawyrzeznik 2 anni fa
What's even worse, Harden pushes people all the time while driving to the basket
@mayzoh3477 Anno fa
Naa the nba letting that von song air without the clean version is crazy
@JoNoSay Anno fa
Thumbnail looks like Chris Paul getting his back blown out
@kc-wq3cv 2 anni fa
boogie didn't even hesitate omg 😂😂
The thumbnail made me think a Celtics player got arrested mid game 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
Me too😂
"What'd he do that for?!! No!!! Why?!" 😂😂😂💯
man that was the highlight of the video for me 😂
When you see a player handcuffed you know things have gone mad…
I’ll definitely miss Marv Albert and Chris Webber as Commentators. 💪🏾😔
3:06 is a perfect wallpaper
Whenever the net has the ball in the net but the net bounces out the ball then that is still yes indeed a basket
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