NBA "Temper Tantrum 😭" MOMENTS

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NBA "Temper Tantrum 😭" MOMENTS includes LeBron James, Stephen Curry, Kyrie Irving, Luka Doncic, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant and many more NBA Superstars!

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5 feb 2023




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Commenti 297
KingSwish Mese fa
What moves do The Lakers need to make before the trade deadline 🤔
Paulo Parcasio
@Paulo's 2nd Channel D-LO???
Paulo Shorts
Paulo Shorts Mese fa
@Paulo Parcasio lakers joins d-lo???
Paulo Parcasio
@Marie A. lakers excuse me???
Paulo Shorts
Paulo Shorts Mese fa
@Paulo Parcasio okc vs. jimmy???
Daniel C
Daniel C Mese fa
Steph only has a mouthpiece to chew on it for stim or to chuck it when he's mad. He's not using it in accordance with the instructions. 🤣
community evangelist
that gobert shit kill me every time 😂😂😂
Doug Dimmadome
He slapped it like he was in a cartoon 😂😭
A_Wild_Clown Mese fa
" I like your cup, G"
Vit D Milk
Vit D Milk Mese fa
the way he smacked that cup looked so silly 😂
B&J Shorts
B&J Shorts Mese fa
Lebron was heated🥵
HeisenbergCaCo 21 giorno fa
I definitely agree he got fouled and he should be heated but he deadass was about to cry right there lmao
Agent 3 The Doom Slayer
He deserve to be heated but he doesn’t need to be acting like that
kenneth harrison
Lebron walked and didn't get called for it.
Cheston Polk
Cheston Polk Mese fa
He was Moré heated than miami
jayg Mese fa
The Giannis ladder incident should have been in here 😂
bruce lau
bruce lau Mese fa
LeBron for sure, even tho he got pissed, that was an absolute obvious foul on Tatum SMH
Paulo Parcasio
​@Marie A. lebron number one???
Mikmaks!!! Mese fa
@Dylan Amarien You need to go back to counting 101 lol
Paulo Parcasio
Justyn Gordon
Bro Patrick Beverley is a savage 🤣🤣
Trey da man 69
Trey da man 69 27 giorni fa
Brought the camera on the court and push Chris Paul he knew Chris Paul and him wearnt winning the finals any way so he just did that too
slabbinonspokez z
That was some punk shit tho. He snuck that mane.
kauslylive Mese fa
5:24 I'm not going to lie they should hire that guy, he caught what might of been one of the hardest assist's ever.
Shaun Pratt
Shaun Pratt Mese fa
if I was lebron I would have been mad aswell
bruce lau
bruce lau Mese fa
definitely the Kyrie Gordon Hayward thing got really pissed..that was when, Kyrie was gonna leave boston
King Black
King Black Mese fa
James harden situation was very funny 😂
Knick Nack
Knick Nack Mese fa
That Culver dunk was sick!!!!
Robthecob 69
Robthecob 69 Mese fa
Patrick Beverley with the camera😭
Vino Mese fa
Tatum holding up his hand like it was a good Defense is disgraceful
Wisdom With Will
Wisdom With Will 18 giorni fa
Rudy flashed out didn’t he 😅
The Train Geek
Funniest thing is that the league issued an apology for missing that lebron call but doesn’t say crap when the bulls have gotten screwed 5 times this season
justin cary
justin cary Mese fa
Nothing pisses me off more than when players break the unwritten rules. It’s such a lack of respect for the other teams players who have put in just as much work to get where they are in their careers.
Banana Phone
Banana Phone Mese fa
lmfao rondo at the end "hello darkness my old friend"
jj knoxx
jj knoxx Mese fa
@ml george 😂😂😂
ml george
ml george Mese fa
Tf is your profile pic
something Mese fa
the steph one where jp3 didnt pass after that they won plus hugged it out in the tunnel
2:00 they we’re battling about who had a better 2k cover😂
Cameron Petak
Lebron wasn’t throwing a temper tantrum he was just pissed cause the refs missed a foul call
Heartless160 Mese fa
The issue is lebron can have an entire youtube channel based on his tantrums. Im surprised they didnt play the game where he decided to only scream "im lebron james" every time something didnt go his way. Or when they were losing so in anger he flipped a guy on his head who was trying to dunk. Dudes just a baby.
Mz. Ak47
Mz. Ak47 Mese fa
He hit his self with the ball that boy face 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Slayer
The Slayer Mese fa
Not a lebron fan, but I would've done the same! That a was clearly a foul, but typical rigged refs 🙄
vegeta God of destruction
For real, I'd be pissed if curry threw a spit soaked mouthpiece at me.
Aidan Myer
Aidan Myer Mese fa
Jokic shoving Morris and injuring him for a long time better be on here
Dusty Loooza
Dusty Loooza Mese fa
expect a Lakers' losing streak now that Beverly is gone
C0NSCI0US0UL 18 giorni fa
Commentator had the under on that zion dunk 😂😂😂 lol his whole parlay got fucked up
Hans Oferbach
No surprises that LeBron throwing his toys out of the cot shows up more than anybody else
John McCabe
John McCabe Mese fa
did that ref just flip off pat bev😂😂😂
CapitalB Mese fa
I don’t see how Pat Beverly still in the league
Psalms 37:21 The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.
T Sierra
T Sierra Mese fa
Some of these are hilarious lmao
Kristian Vandehei
I can’t stand Luka. He does throw his arm at Lillard and then acts like he didn’t. He flopped against Gobert when he was with the Jazz and got up like Gobert had thrown a cheap shot and when they reviewed it Gobert had barely touched him. I used to like him till he showed who he really was.
Patrick Penton
LBJ is a Diva
Trenches 4L
Trenches 4L Mese fa
Mysterious Guru
Mysterious Guru 15 giorni fa
why nobody talking about cp3 mssing a open layup?
Erik Bentley
Erik Bentley Mese fa
Lebron deserved to be heated af there. Lakers had an opportunity to prove they could beat the best team in the nba and they got robbed
Gav Raptor
Gav Raptor 15 giorni fa
No the referee had a family member that was from the opposite teams home, so that’s why he didn’t called it, but just because you have a family member that cheers for the opposite team, that doesn’t mean you can just favour the opposite team, like wtf bro, why is he the ref? He’s bad as hell
Neely Hill
Neely Hill 21 giorno fa
@TimeCat5907 who?????
TimeCat5907 21 giorno fa
Jeff van Gundy has got a point!
Joe Mabus
Joe Mabus Mese fa
Harden saved himself from a tech anyway😂
Braylen Goodman
Kingswish you cool bro your videos be basketball and I play basketball
Hercules Ballz
King James Drama Queen James. 🤣
jac lester lepiten
CUlver almost wet his shorts :)
TJ Meyers
TJ Meyers Mese fa
Softest athletes in history. And that is saying a lot these days.
徐紹嘉 18 giorni fa
0:37 WTF calling a foul on Pat he's just trying to show that's a foul!!!
Wrestling with Jay
theBlackBear Mese fa
Robin Lopez got some....anger issues
Knick Nack
Knick Nack Mese fa
The Warriors tantrum a lot
Zealand Wylie
Zealand Wylie 24 giorni fa
The NBA as a whole is a temper tantrum
Oliene Dubois
Oliene Dubois 23 giorni fa
I Sacramed At LeBron James like A Whole Single Times During The Tournament that Was Boring My Friends In New York City,New York,10001. I told The Coach To Shut His Mouth.
yettiluch1 10 giorni fa
Lotta laker clips
Zoe Samuel Loren Taylor
Please somebody explain to me what happened at 4:19
It’s an unwritten rule when a team clearly wins, they aren’t suppose to shoot just dribble it out
J.C. Perez
J.C. Perez Mese fa
Refs are blind asf.
Jeffrey Gaunt
Lebron Big Baby James
M B34RY2N Mese fa
What happend with the last one?
Caio Grandi
Caio Grandi Mese fa
"Don't reccomend channel" after the first clip
BULB1217 Mese fa
bron did get fouled but that reaction was childish asf
BULB1217 Mese fa
@Midnight Eagle not that extra son
Midnight Eagle
You would react the same I'm sure if you were going through that in the moment
BULB1217 Mese fa
@Rip Bozo I'm not disagreeing
Rip Bozo
Rip Bozo Mese fa
That foul would have won them the game though
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas Mese fa
LeCry James
Buccaneers Fan
Lebron had a right to be mad but that little to much
Yurnit Mese fa
Chandler Mese fa
Lebron having a baby fit
Caramel Pop
Caramel Pop Mese fa
Tell me you hate LeBron without telling me you hate LeBron
Ghost of a forgotten Weedle
Luka Doncic must be one of the biggest whiners in NBA history. Every time I turn on a Mavs game, dude be bitching about something, picking beef and all these kinds of bs.
Yo Boy Tyler30
The first one was a foul
King Dj
King Dj Mese fa
And people say lebron is not a crybaby🤣🤣
Dumb Gamer
Dumb Gamer Mese fa
He has like 3 career ejections wdym he’s a crybaby everyone gets mad
Vedant Bhatt
Vedant Bhatt Mese fa
no way I'm this early imagine he replies
John Lawton
John Lawton Mese fa
Hey if I don’t text back I’m at bball practice Hi
DESASTRE :/ Mese fa
Ian Young
Ian Young Mese fa
early no way he replies
KingSwish Mese fa
yes he does
Yeah,refs are sucks
しでとひ Mese fa
スローでよく見たら、、、 🙌で喜んでるババアとか色々おるな、、、 セルティクス自体が嫌いになってきたわ
Vernon Powell
Cry babies period cxan't get easy shots so they whine some NBA players are soft
Young Breezy
Young Breezy Mese fa
Brandon Oyston
Brandon Oyston
Love your videos man
KingSwish Mese fa
wassup man
Casey Roberts
LeFlop is such a whiner.
TheLast Panther
Lewhiner looks like a 4 year old who got a toy took from him. MJ FOREVER
danny hernandez
“Lewhiner” 😂
J.R. Bladorn
J.R. Bladorn Mese fa
LeBron should've received a tech for throwing a fit after not getting the call.
Brian Matthews
And I don’t care who disagrees with me or which lebron fan gets upset with my opinion. You don’t do that! No matter the situation or circumstances!
J. Smith
J. Smith Mese fa
I’m sorry. How did you react when it happened to you? Exactly.
Pay Urrent
Pay Urrent Mese fa
When this is the 4th time you and your teammates got fouled in the final seconds with miss calls you would react the same.
Dashyboy7 Mese fa
Bro, he dedicates his life the game. As many others in the NBA. If a foul is not rightfully called, he deserves the right to do that. He has every right to be mad. It was a foul no matter what. Ultimately the reason they lost
Brian Matthews
Most of you young bucks wouldn’t understand though. You ain’t ever see MJ or Kobe pull nothing like that EVER! They got revenge by destroying their opponents LIKE MEN!!
Caramel Pop
Caramel Pop Mese fa
@Brian Matthews that's not what you was saying though, and folks like you act like LeBron isn't supposed to show any emotion, like Jordan or Kobe never showed it
Brian Matthews
@Navyy no I can understand that. That’s not what I’m getting at. I can understand getting mad about that
Navyy Mese fa
well when u get fouled in a situation where it is 105 - 105 close to OT and u dont get the foul, u cant expect anybody to not get angry asf
Bryan Bagdasarian
Le-CRY BABY James.
Brian Matthews
Sup @KingSwish great video brother 🤜🏻🤛🏻🤝🏻💪🏻
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