NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | February 16, 2020

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Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Feb. 16 featuring LeBron James, Devin Booker, Kemba Walker and more!
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17 feb 2020




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Commenti 80
🔥🔥 *🏀🏀🏀 Love NBA🏀🏀🏀* 1:11 🔥💃🎥🔥💃 👇👇👇👇💘
Alex A
Alex A 2 mesi fa
🔥 *NBA 🏀🏀🏀* 1:51 💛💗❤ 👇👇👇👇💟
SuperRip7 2 mesi fa
That looked like a swing at 2:13 . 03-13-20.
Bekir Demirhan
Bekir Demirhan 3 mesi fa
Bekir Demirhan
Bekir Demirhan 3 mesi fa
Frank Abagnale
Frank Abagnale 3 mesi fa
Goatmentator was able to rhyme Gianiss' name?!?! How tf he come up wit dis shyyyyt?? #goatmentator #REALMVP
TonyGC 3 mesi fa
GOATmentator: We got you top 10 right here on the NBA.com... DWade: nah, it's 9.
Mobile Legends build 1996
1:10 who saw Kobe ❤❤
Jun Choi
Jun Choi 3 mesi fa
Go Rudy Gobert!
Kestutis Usevicius
wow nice rimes even for this commentator...but Yanis not MVP lol thats a big one
MomolandExch Merry go round
Who made this list? You people suck. You just rank uncontested dunks high. There's so many actions in the 4th quarter. Where's kawhis clean steal against embid, Chris Paul alleyhoop, Gianni's block on LeBron's fadeaway, embids dream shake against LeBron, even Lowry's charge plays were better than this list, and how about the team defense? You just said traes halfcourt shot was better than Gianni's chasedown block to LeBron? It might be in the top 10 but it should be listed somewhere in the bottom of that days top 10. And Gianni's chasedown block should be number 1 or 2. Who made this trash of a list?
DackX's 171
DackX's 171 3 mesi fa
Drummond is a very underrated player and he had to be an all-star you did all-star madness
Gudrun & Bennet Rothfuss
Top 10 rappers Eminem was too afraid to diss Btw: Greeting from a Lakers fan from Germany to all the NBA fans out there
R Two
R Two 3 mesi fa
You have to love good passing. We should call Kemba Windex the way he cleans the glass!
Franco Mabanta
Franco Mabanta 3 mesi fa
This reach to impeach the effort from the King. Damn, this guy's good!
NBAplinter 3 mesi fa
Cp3 alley?
D Medilicious
D Medilicious 3 mesi fa
Giannis doing more blocking than the sunscreen on South Beach as he shows off his reach to impeach this effort from the king and he gets it right just before it gets to the ring
feiyi Que
feiyi Que 3 mesi fa
Everyone is waiting for Paul
Benz Perang
Benz Perang 3 mesi fa
Edelmar Legada
Edelmar Legada 3 mesi fa
Chris paul my idol in point guard 😊
Michael Halcyon
Michael Halcyon 3 mesi fa
this guy rhymes like lonzo drops dimes
JW KIM 3 mesi fa
Where is paul's dunk?
Jack Bockshus i fart a lot
My dream is to become a great basketball player so if you see me someday
Bryan S
Bryan S 3 mesi fa
Why do they call Labron the King?? We know who the king is and he has 6 rings and every award and title to prove it. MJ is the only King.
jmzawesomeness 3 mesi fa
This dude is the goat
Renaissance Sean
MVP of this video... the commentator
Brian D
Brian D 3 mesi fa
You guys, calm down. All this game was was highlights...for a top 10 video, they're gonna miss some of them.
Brian D
Brian D 3 mesi fa
That Trae Young to Rudy Gobert connection though!!
Fev Ola
Fev Ola 3 mesi fa
Rubbish all star game again,a joke it was named after Kobe how about some defence and some actual competition! 150-152 meh
Julio Armando
Julio Armando 3 mesi fa
When Steph retires,Trae will be my replacement.
Sezer YAPICI 3 mesi fa
Why would this be Trae's last ASG?
Nikola Milovanovic
CP3, you ungrateful bitches? When he was carrying the entire NBA sales on his back, he was in every highlight reel. You did him dirty, editing team.
Pandes Mandes
Pandes Mandes 3 mesi fa
Dislike nba, no cp3 alley oop
George Rodriguez
The commentators on point I like the word play
Gandy Hyoga
Gandy Hyoga 3 mesi fa
Goatmentator just became Rhymentator!
Hanutabluta 3 mesi fa
#1 is like NBA Homecourt
JCF9000 3 mesi fa
Thank god Allstar Weekend is over.
djayrek ramsey
djayrek ramsey 3 mesi fa
I was expecting Russ' alley-oop to cp3 for the 2 handed-dunk to be numero uno. Honorable mentions go to Giannis' block on Bron's fadeaway, Bron's fake behind the back pass for a slam, and Embiid's Oljuwon-esque footwork on Bron. Heck even Harden's 3 after KLo fell down was sick (didn't count, though).
Denis Lequen
Denis Lequen 3 mesi fa
basket show but they must defend
Faiez Othman
Faiez Othman 3 mesi fa
Cp3 dunk???
Aleksandar Gospić
It's blasphemous that you left out that crazy CP3 alley oop dunk! 🙈🤔😤 Beside the finish that was the moment of the game! How is that not in the Top 10?!?!?!?! 😱🙈 Should have been no 1 play!
Scott Xu
Scott Xu 3 mesi fa
Lebron's reverse dribble and dunk should replace this reverse dunk which is a bit weak.
Emile Awoudi
Emile Awoudi 3 mesi fa
Giannis was right kemba the king of step back lmaoo 😂
Kent D
Kent D 3 mesi fa
#1 should be Westbrook alley hoop Chris Paul...
awal nur prayogi
1:33 Hm Final 2016 reference
Pepeng TV
Pepeng TV 3 mesi fa
The game is not Complete w/out VC Irving and Curry
rio verde
rio verde 3 mesi fa
ALOE Eman Rah
ALOE Eman Rah 3 mesi fa
Shear. itvid.net/video/video-iorkMn7ZhjQ.html. BELIEVE B1
chris delo
chris delo 3 mesi fa
That goal tending bruh!? Entered top ten, it was just a bad call from referees.
Built For Teens
Built For Teens 3 mesi fa
Disagree wit the number one
PG TES in Salas Zabalj
yang.luka. simons. jokic.antetokoupo is a future,😊.
Multiplay TV
Multiplay TV 3 mesi fa
Godmentator alert!
Diaz23 3 mesi fa
What about Westbrooks alley oop to Cp3?
Zyokip Natipal
Zyokip Natipal 3 mesi fa
#4 was a goal tending violation. The refs just wanted to prolong the game 😒
Ghoatzy 3 mesi fa
"Eat your cereal" talentless writer
David Whippo
David Whippo 3 mesi fa
Worst announcer ever...#mumblearhyme
John John
John John 3 mesi fa
Where is the alley hoop of cp3? it should have been in the top 5!!
Rodrigo Beltran
Rodrigo Beltran 3 mesi fa
where is my favorite point guard chris paul? that alley oop should go no. 1
Nicko Ryan Fang
Nicko Ryan Fang 3 mesi fa
itvid.net/video/video-KKU2w1X7UWQ.html How to reduce belly fat in 7days 😎
*The commentator deserves an Oscar* 💯
Marlon Borreo
Marlon Borreo 3 mesi fa
#1 should have been Chris Paul’s alley oop finish.
Y J 3 mesi fa
Are you going to post the all star game mic’d up?
isl touahir
isl touahir 3 mesi fa
What I see in this all star game : Ben is better without Embiid (specially with jokic and with another point guard who shoot the ball and clear space ) ... Embiid is better without Ben
Amber Li
Amber Li 3 mesi fa
No CP3 dunk? and Gianns blocked LBJ's fadeaway? Come on
valentino chhana hmar
Lukas half court shot
Kenneth Wraggs
Kenneth Wraggs 3 mesi fa
I wish Kobe Bryant Can Make it to the NBA all Star 2020 with his Daughter Gianna Bryant gigi it too late Kobe Bryant miss the NBA all Star in 2020
les. Cault
les. Cault 3 mesi fa
I bet he does a huge bong rip then just freestyles each video!! 😂😂🙏
Ivan Romero
Ivan Romero 3 mesi fa
Chris Paul first ever alley-oop slam though.
Mang Gastador Gastos ng Gastos
reach to impeach, nice choice of words.
JusSick24 3 mesi fa
CP3 dunk should've made it
SaSpursfan 3 mesi fa
number 24 was the best player tonight, him and 2 played well
Hernan Pantolla
Hernan Pantolla 3 mesi fa
Wow Admit it. You were listening to those goatmentator bars more than checking out if the countdown was legit. 🐐 🔥 🎤 😎
Aleksandar Ačanski
The Westbrook to Paul alley oop had to be here and y'all know that
El Chino
El Chino 3 mesi fa
Booker putback kinda surprised me . Kelly Oubre hops and dunk is rubbing off on booker and cam
Iron Logic
Iron Logic 3 mesi fa
Lebron got exposed this allstar game. His gameplan is to take random threes and hope he gets lucky. He gets easy layups here and there with no consistency. He is afraid to take over the game or maybe he is no longer able to do so. LeWashedUp confirmed.
2003 and 2018 were the only 2 ASGs in the last 25 years that compare to this one!
Mr Opinyunfakt
Mr Opinyunfakt 3 mesi fa
Of course Booker snubbed out of the top 10 with his sick put back
Agent Vegan
Agent Vegan 3 mesi fa
This commentator reminds me of Jake and Amir
Kavernicola s
Kavernicola s 3 mesi fa
Sigan nos subimsubimos contenido de nba 2k 20
CrackerJack 3 mesi fa
The fact that the CP dunk wasn’t in there is ludicrous. Y’all crazy as hell. Got dunks from Rudy Gobert like they’re even impressive but a 35 year old, 6 footer alley oop can’t crack the top 10 🤦🏼‍♂️
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