Never Spill a Drink again. 🤯

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Full gadgets video HERE: itvid.net/video/video-GCmiKaLnd7M.html
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Scienze e tecnologie

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21 nov 2021




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Mrwhosetheboss Shorts
Send this to someone who always spills their drink 😂 Full gadgets video HERE: itvid.net/video/video-GCmiKaLnd7M.html
Ocean Is Colder Than Space
are you a scientist ? just asking because this has nothing to do with centre of gravity. there are youtube videos about this you can watch.
Euel Demotica
Euel Demotica Giorno fa
Whahahat 😂
Fouzan Mohammed
Fouzan Mohammed Giorno fa
Can you make a black flip with it
NotKiller Giorno fa
How to spill them: make your hand below so they’re upside down
Kill Kount
Kill Kount 2 giorni fa
Send this to someone you want to see blow their brains out because this is horrible
sean kelly
sean kelly 5 minuti fa
That was the amazingest thing ever
Dondlo 8 minuti fa
Just drop it
Oasys 15 minuti fa
A normal bucket of water does this anyway, no? I used to do this a lot when I was little lol.
thoo hooo
thoo hooo 19 minuti fa
Celebrations Co
Celebrations Co 26 minuti fa
Lanky 34 minuti fa
This was on dragons den
Jasmine Lewis
Jasmine Lewis 43 minuti fa
Provide these in restaurants for servers please
Eva Schrötterová
Eva Schrötterová 45 minuti fa
i did this with a regular paper plate it worked
Muffin_J _.
You should visit Turkey and see some people out there giving tea on the roads with that, they even flex with it too
Remtt Ora fa
Check some turkish back street tea waiters.
Alligator Loki
Oh just 💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💥💳💥💥💥
Jaycy Chua
Jaycy Chua Ora fa
H o w
Emerald Phantom
Ah finally some science 🤓 Had gotten bored of tech :P
Ned Green
Ned Green Ora fa
Yeah but what if someone just bump the waiter? I don’t think it’s impact proof.
♪Puniga aiden♪
This is so simple in Thailand 😹
♪Puniga aiden♪
This is so simple in Thailand 😹
Hashim Thabeeth
I love the fake water tho
Himanshu Kaushal
You sound like stewie from family guy....
Sambarr158 Ora fa
Do it slowly
Melissa m
Melissa m 2 ore fa
We use these in turkish restaurant and cafes for the tons of black tea we drink lolol
Mr. Kasper
Mr. Kasper 2 ore fa
Imagine knowing basic physics
Hasan Ataman
Hasan Ataman 2 ore fa
They do that in Turkish cafe houses like 100 years
Румен Асенов
As long as you do it smooth it won't spill
Finn : wilder
Finn : wilder 2 ore fa
Nice physics show. Everyone can do this lmao, just buld up momentum with an object and 360 it so it won't spill
Neeraj Somwanshi
Bc ye bachpan mai balti mai paani bhar ke karta tha mai!😏🤣
Red The Crusader
James Wallace
James Wallace 2 ore fa
Is nobody going to mention those ugly trainers 😂
PureSmoke 2 ore fa
But if you lift it up without rotation it will spill
Osman Çakmakcı
In Turkey every Cafe uses this. I really thought every counrty uses this, but the people doesnt know it. Wow
Kyra Murphy
Kyra Murphy 3 ore fa
I need this to impress my dogeys
SAVAGE GUY 3 ore fa
Fu fact:- the glasses were glued to the plate
Syeda Samreen Sam
Omgg😂😂😂That last aaarrhhgggg😂
Kalila McConville
飲み物:私は宇宙の重力と時間の法則に逆らいます(translation: the drinks: I defy the laws of gravity space and physics )
Luca Pasqua
Luca Pasqua 3 ore fa
should have hoped it didnt work with those shoes
Owen Wednesday
I feel like something is covering the top of the cup
Manav Mulchandani
Atleast they weren't space shoes 😂😂
Mr Green
Mr Green 3 ore fa
I need this cuz I'm clumsy
Ben Shiwcharran
I think its g force idk
Toribot 3 ore fa
Dinners restaurant need that
Courtney Fant
Courtney Fant 3 ore fa
Nice hoodie
Arthur K
Arthur K 3 ore fa
Thats not actually the point...
REAL KING 2 4 ore fa
I dif this w a bucket wen i was 6
Manasvi Kamble
Cz centrifugal force is stronger than gravitational force
ツ  ιτz_sορhια  ツ
Where is the Rickroll Arun?
Faggoat 4 ore fa
This is just basic physics
Motega Narcisco
Do it slowly
dekii 4 ore fa
wrong explanation but ok
Blaze 4 ore fa
Thank god the glasses were new
Black Phantom
Black Phantom 4 ore fa
If we want to dive in scientifically, this is the same physic rule that keeps the pilot in a fighter jet still while the plane is doing upside down Maneuvers. It's known as G force which completely nullifies the force of Earth's gravity (On high tech jets, G force is 5). When pilot is up in high altitudes, he can't actually determine if he's going up or down because of this, so he have to kinda rely on the equipment or else, he might just unintentionally go way up the sky or and fall down the ground.
Virtualsheep 4 ore fa
Hold it upside down
Vivek Anand
Vivek Anand 4 ore fa
Why solving such a problem that doesn't exist.....
Cole 5 ore fa
I remember finding this out when i was younger maybe around 8 and i was in the shower with a cup so i decided to try to act cool and spin the cup and to my surprise nome of the water came out I cant remember if it was the cup on its own or if i had it attached to something
Dinos_Coffee 5 ore fa
*me starts jumping like a idiot* there it spilled
Selinn '
Selinn ' 5 ore fa
Oh so this is how they do it in the streets in turkey
Blake Davis
Blake Davis 5 ore fa
I would find multiple ways to spill the drinks
RobloxGirly 5 ore fa
Edward Lee
Edward Lee 5 ore fa
mamaghar1 5 ore fa
Insane gadget my ass Using rock glass with heavy bottom. Try using champagne flutes with liquid on it.
OmerPasa3328 5 ore fa
Before that same could be made with steel but it required skill which some waiters have in Istanbul
Sunggyu Park
Sunggyu Park 5 ore fa
I’m more impressed by cup not moving
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman 5 ore fa
Why did I think you were NasDaily 😅
Bobbi Rakus
Bobbi Rakus 5 ore fa
You can do this just by spinning an open water bottle above you!!! 🤣
Liam Mincher
Liam Mincher 5 ore fa
Cafes and restaurants should all have these
Aisling I love dogs
It’s just fake and the cups are stuck to the tray and the water is ice
Jaiden TheNinja
How about u hold it up then violently push it down
Whitterzz 21
Whitterzz 21 6 ore fa
The drinks were probably superglued to the tray tbh
I don't carry glass, I drink as soon as it is filled😑
vibhi shresti
vibhi shresti 6 ore fa
The tension I had while he was spinning the tray
That always happens to me when I try to spill water on my small bucket
Biggus Dickus
Biggus Dickus 6 ore fa
You kinda look like Bloodwork from the Flash
MF Rza Sweatshirt
my guy got the gragonball lebrons
Monika Verma
Monika Verma 6 ore fa
If you're a Indian we need this because we all know what happens if we break tha glass...... comment now if you're familiar with this
nowknow 6 ore fa
CENTRIFUGAL! Centripetal force is the force you're exerting to prevent the carrier from flying out of your hand. Centrifugal force is what's keeping the drinks in place.
Co James
Co James 6 ore fa
Turkish tea trays: New invention?
Thapelo 6 ore fa
Does it have to be brand new glass?
Camille Knight
I spilled my drink so many time 560!! Cause I sit it next to me and I bump it and boom it spills
Alissa Swan
Alissa Swan 6 ore fa
No its pretty possible to spill them
Anthony Fuentes
I mean you can do this without that gadget
Luis Is RaNdOm
Every restaurant needs to get this now for them to not spill their drinks
It’s not that it’s ignoring the force of gravity, it’s just that the spin is the same as earths gravity
Joey Johnson
Joey Johnson 7 ore fa
If your drunk you’ll drop it
Nobodies Business
Every nar should buy this.
harun yeşilırmak
whatch a turkish movie from 90s yu will see this
TheChombos 7 ore fa
Impossible huh? Trip and fall, do it.
gweczy 7 ore fa
you probably had jelly in those cups not liquid drinks
Jason ripp Kid
Hezar 7 ore fa
They use this in turkey to carry teas and have been using this ‘tech’ for years
Addosed 7 ore fa
Note: It can and has probably been used as a weapon too
Josh Keller
Josh Keller 7 ore fa
Soon to be in bars everywhere
Dr Pancakes
Dr Pancakes 7 ore fa
To confirm that it is not fake liquid you should pure some out
Nikzz dvrma
Nikzz dvrma 7 ore fa
I have got same... Hoodie🤣🤣🤣
Dustin Wolf13
Dustin Wolf13 7 ore fa
We did a project in my science class like this, We had a square piece of cardboard and string was attached to the ends and crossed at the bottom, then we put a plastic cup filled with water in the middle of the cardboard and swung it around. If you did it right, It didn't spill. It was so fun lmao
Ragnarr Pendragon
Hold the handle at the base and then tilt up
Federal Investigation
Gravity doesn't exist
William Blind
William Blind 7 ore fa
Everybody gangsta until you shake it up and down.
Shadow knight gaming
Your shoes prolly would have looked better if you spilled shit on them
Bunny freaking died
I have one question tho can it work on other objects? Also can you take this thing on a roller coaster
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