New disturbing allegations emerge in Waukesha Christmas parade attack

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A judge in disbelief as we learn disturbing new allegations in the Waukesha parade attack.

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22 nov 2021




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Commenti 7 931
VimyScout Mese fa
The fact he even got bail is inherently wrong.
thomas fortin
thomas fortin 15 giorni fa
@Ric Cochran hate to be that guy, but you misspelled FIENDS.
Ric Cochran
Ric Cochran Mese fa
@Mario M : 🤣 You're funny!
Mario M
Mario M Mese fa
@Ric Cochran Two things come to mind when reading your reply as well as other replies you have randomly used on ITvid. Firstly, your lack of grammar does not instill confidence that you're able to deduce or even comprehend an intellectual debate on the history of a judicial system. Secondly, the burden of proof does not fall on the defendant, it falls on you. That's like me stating the fact that the Earth is round and you spouting some random claim and saying it's flat, then requesting me to provide evidence. Sorry, but that's now how it works. You clearly have some seeply rooted issues surrounding the subject of others having to prove your insecurities.
Ric Cochran
Ric Cochran Mese fa
@Mario M : 🤣 Such a claim absent evidence is logical fallacy. But I suppose it's the best you can do.
Mario M
Mario M Mese fa
@Ric Cochran Your statement is irrelevant.
Jeff Mese fa
Something is horribly wrong when the justice system let's these people out in public based on backlash from activist groups.
johannes feldschütz
@Tom Durkin The media works for the establishment and large parts of the GOP are part of that too.
Brett Tompkins
I wonder if Camel Toe and Joe will put up his bail???
Biden Supporter
@Tom Durkin Yes you're just too smart.
Tom Durkin
Tom Durkin Mese fa
@Biden Supporter Exactly. It’s difficult to respond logically with something that obvious.
Biden Supporter
@Tom Durkin 🥱
Winne Peterson
The finger of blame should be pointing at the “justice” system that allowed this monster to be free. And despite all he has done, still they offer a possibility of bail. Shame, shame, shame.
Choco Latte
Choco Latte Mese fa
And the media that promote leniency and BLM.
Dave Log
Dave Log Mese fa
Saying that the system failed here is simply letting people off the hook. It’s time that those individuals be held accountable. This isn’t a system failure, it’s people in position of powers failure
spectreluna Mese fa
They don't see it as a failure; it's by design.
James Penn
James Penn Mese fa
Ferguson Farm
Janet McGibney
My deepest condolences to all families and friends of the victims.
I don’t give a S*** Anymore!
Can you imagine how deep the impact of this actually goes? My god!
Buddy's DIY
Buddy's DIY Mese fa
The justice system failed us. His bail should have been set at 5 million for his prior charges and he could have never done this. Smfh
Ross Payne
Ross Payne Mese fa
You meant Democrats failed us. This is the consequences and repercussions of their policies and narrow mindedness
Sue Girouard
Sue Girouard Mese fa
@Luminous Fractal I guess you never heard the old saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." A lesson the bleeding hearts can't seem to comprehend for some reason. As for dividing us by class and promoting class warfare, you can look to far Left loon Bernie Sanders for that. That's his stock and trade.
Luminous Fractal
@B B or maybe had him medicated so he didnt ever feel the need to do anything like this again. justice or revenge?
Luminous Fractal
@Truth seeker @ large i e seen no mental health evaluation yet. id like to hear if hes actually in controll of himself or if the courts are ignorantly playing games with lives again?
Luminous Fractal
@Sue Girouard yup we care about people. what you call bleeding hearts is what rational people call empathy. valiant attempt to secure psycopathy as normal but its not. its just psychopathy. leftovers from eugenics america trying to seperate the classes and keep the common man as a workhorse for the greedy. curious which side your on?
Christian Male
NPR called this act of terrorism a “parade crash”.
Even JSteven
Even JSteven Mese fa
Another news outlet said an SUV crashed into a crowded parade...
Hi There
Hi There Mese fa
@The Burger yeah…C-Ville has been talked about since it happened, including at the UN. James Fields got 419 years because a fat lady had a heart attack on the street instead of in bed. James Fields’ sharing of memes about driving through protesters has been talked about since it happened, but no major media outlet mentions that Brooks had detailed videos HE MADE about how to run over crowds 🤔
The Burger
The Burger Mese fa
@alex no, because they will never cover with the same veracity they covered the Charlottesville story. The keyword in your comment is “briefly”.
Tom Durkin
Tom Durkin Mese fa
NPR is extreme extreme extreme left. It’s hilarious when they say they report only news.
@jondeare go back to watching vanoss gaming and pewdiepie you child
Bush Trash
Bush Trash Mese fa
I want the Judges to be held accountable as well, they should be on trial as well.
Luminous Fractal
at the very least we as the public deserve access to a full mental evaluation of all judges, politicians, nurses, police, anyone in a position of power over another. nothing to hide right...
Nivram Virus
Nivram Virus Mese fa
aiding and abetting a domestic terrorist
Pamela Birrell
Stretch limo....for being an accomplice to murder! For what??? You are proving your ignora6.
On trial for what?
Telemachus Mese fa
There is a lot more criminal liability here than just this one man’s actions.
Tina Fivesten
True that! Very true!
Mary Hensley
Mary Hensley Mese fa
My heart breaks for the injured and may the one's that didn't survive rest in peace. My condolences and prayers go out to all the families!
Miss Sis
Miss Sis Mese fa
A hate crime and an act of terror. He shouldn't even have the option to bail out.
Yrret Eugarps
@michellem BS!!!!!
michellem Mese fa
@Yrret Eugarps really, where??? Lol
Dis Cern
Dis Cern Mese fa
@michellem nonsense
Ken O'Day
Ken O'Day Mese fa
@VADER677 You're one of those. A living wage is food on the table, a roof over your head and cloths on your back. Almost everyone can make that kind of money, other than really expensive areas of the country. What's NOT included in a living wage are an 85 inch LED TV, a 5G cellphone (or any cell phone other than a pay as you go flip for that matter), any vehicle bigger than a Ford Ecosport, $100 Nikes, 300 channels of Cable, a game console, a college education, and many other things people take for granted. Most corporations are paying pretty well these days.
Shannon Wood
Shannon Wood Mese fa
@ariel S public executions need brought back
wnnalis cioov
Judges that keep letting these type of people out should be held accountable for these kind of situations..
Ed Taylor
Ed Taylor Mese fa
I can’t believe his appointed lawyer put her arm around his back and patted him on the back like he is a family friend
sarah kelly
sarah kelly Mese fa
That lawyer is serious liberal 🗑️🗑️🗑️🗑️
Charles Eye
Charles Eye Mese fa
@billyman I've taken plenty of people seriously without cuddling them. The law requires his attorney to present his case in the best possible manner. It does not require her to comfort him like a friend. If she was doing it to humanize him in front of the judge, it's not going to work. If she did it because she feels even the slightest empathy for this piece of garbage, she should do some serious soul searching. This sex-trafficking, minor-impregnating, woman-beating, mass-murdering, POS is evil. That's all there is to it.
Brigh, Royal Irish Blood
@billyman no they dont. She should get time in prison just for being lower than the dirt on the bottom of my boot.
Mike Laird
Mike Laird Mese fa
Taking them seriously? Wtf does that mean. Spoken like a true attorney.
cwilli lv
cwilli lv Mese fa
@Ed Taylor I thought that I was the only one that caught that action. It's beyond human comprehension that a multiple murderer, and of children no less, should receive this much sympathy and affection in light of their last crimes.
Chris Trudell
This is sooooo wrong on sooooo many levels. 1-Should never have been out in the first place. 2-Setting bail is an insult to families involved. These are just a couple
I believe the reason why they set bail is that you cannot be held in jail for longer than 48 to 72 hours without charges. they may be compiling more charges against him.
U.S. Army Veteran
Prayers be with everyone involved except the suspect and his family.
Luminous Fractal
your as bad as him.
Fiery But Mostly Peaceful
The fact he ran over a woman and got bail of $1,000. Something wrong with the state of Wisconsin.
Charles Eye
Charles Eye Mese fa
@Zain Zoala Another person standing up for "Poor JoJo," the five-time convicted pedophile.
michellem Mese fa
@Esmeralda Green kyle wasn't defending himself lol, he was just there causing trouble because he's a Trump supporter. Why would you go with a gun if you weren't planning to kill people? Kyle is a fake and a liar, and a killer too
Esmeralda Green
@michellem He did not murder anybody he defended himself from a lunatic pursuing him with a gun. I wonder what you would do if a guy with a gun started running after you and threatening to kill you ?
Esmeralda Green
@Goblin Slayer Not long before the parade he punched and then ran over his ex girlfriend when she fled from him why he wasn't in jail for that I don't know.
big vito
big vito Mese fa
@Maggie S Isn't Milwaukee on a pace for a record number of both shootings and murders this year?
To ny
To ny Mese fa
The politicians. The woke left “prosecutors” should suffer the same punishment. They enabled this.
LuciusEsox1 Lucky sox
@Luminous Fractal That really helps ... Jeez... Was it YOU, was it ME ? That type of thinking is not just part of the problem it IS the problem.
To ny
To ny Mese fa
@Luminous Fractal Using previous sins as an excuse for current ones can never be condoned. Ever. Victimhood olympics will lead to much worse results.
Luminous Fractal
if woke is bad is sleeping on top of 200years of abuses aimed at your people by a eugenicsit government ok? you dont have to pick a side. you could read a bit and form your own conclusions.
Bo Mese fa
The faces you see on MSNBC and CNN killed that little boy.
Ceriao Crovada
@christopher smith censorship isn't the answer but accountability, news stations don't care about honest reporting they only report what they want to report and whatever will bring in the biggest flow of income
christopher smith
bo talking bullshit .bo believes censorship is the answer to all of the worlds problems which is total bollocks
C Ruth
C Ruth Mese fa
What the hell do you have to do in WI to be denied bail? If the judge would’ve set proper bail for his previous charge this would’ve never happened. I don’t even understand the 5 million dollar bail that was set. A lifelong menace to society kills multiple innocent people while already out on bail then his bail this time should have been denied altogether.
Michael Adams
Soro's needs to be held accountable for this.
Zach Brown
Zach Brown Mese fa
All I can think about is how Rittenhouse defended himself and people are outraged but I don't see the outrage for this. What this man did is absolutely disgusting and he shouldn't have bail
Brigh, Royal Irish Blood
@Zach Stout i don't even think you know what you mean.
Irma Van Guard
Irma Van Guard 11 giorni fa
@Brigh, Royal Irish Blood Exactly!
Irma Van Guard
Irma Van Guard 11 giorni fa
@Brandi Whitley Exactly
Wrex1 Kettles
I'm calling the cops on you cuz you just murdered that man.
Wrex1 Kettles
Nah there's outrage. But not on a Rittenhouse level. Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.
Plan 9
Plan 9 Mese fa
The "criminals before victims" democrats who passed the bail laws that let him continue walking the streets are entirely complicit in this tragedy
Luminous Fractal
right cos nobody ever payed bail before the evil democrats made it so. 😂 deluded
Laura E
Laura E Mese fa
The families should sue the government since it happened due to their actions.
Righteous God
You can't sue the government due to the same legal protections given to police officers in the exercise of their official government duties.
G M X Mese fa
Established media still silent on " WHY" he did it.
Mesut eyezil
Mesut eyezil Mese fa
@Fuzzy Karma I'm more on the side of a police investigation than whatever dumb fuck things people are saying online.
Fuzzy Karma
Fuzzy Karma Mese fa
He is a black racist supremacist. That's why you'll never hear of it again.
Salty Navy
Salty Navy Mese fa
@sane man assault style SUV.
IU DOG Mese fa
@Mesut eyezil that doesnt stop them on anything else , ever hear of that Rittenhouse kid ?
sane man
sane man Mese fa
Don't you mean why the SUV did it.
Edward hannah Samuel
His lawyer makes me sick comforting him this is how low lawyers and solicitors can get that they can represent a monster like this .
I don’t give a S*** Anymore!
@Pikka GTR representative yes, rubbbing this monsters back…oh hell no
Pikka GTR
Pikka GTR Mese fa
while I agree with you, I do believe in the Justice system and that EVERY one , including animals like this, deserve representation
Judges that keep letting these type of people out should be held accountable for these kind of situations..
Jeremy K
Jeremy K Mese fa
DAs and state prosecutors too. They drop the the law unfairly on people left and right and prosecute based and social and political orientations.
Suzanne The Patriot
Yes! We need to start punishing the judges. Otherwise, there will be more bloodshed
Brian Voyles
Brian Voyles Mese fa
Yep, hang them All
Beth Weaver
Beth Weaver Mese fa
Yes! If we start holding the people in the justice system accountable for letting these criminals out to harm people again would stop these horrible injustices. It is time for actions to have serious consequences in the justice system!
Eric Cogley
Eric Cogley Mese fa
The victims should have legal recourse against the system that enabled this tragedy to happen.
Debra Rudolph
The person that signed his release should be charged with the same charges.
Tanith Mese fa
So sorry for the families. My heart goes out to them
miko foin
miko foin Mese fa
Prayers be with everyone involved except the suspect and his family.
Bearded Space Monkey
I cant imagine that families loss, my heart goes out to them ❤️
Gabe Mese fa
Haven't seen anything calling him a racist black supremacist. Even though he actually is self admittedly.
@Mr. Roaddog Wade Nope, but whites are still benefitting from it.
@Boo Boo Kitty Fuzzy Britches Wow dude, so well said!
@John F. Kennedy Lol oh we know what it is. We live it everyday.
@Mr. Roaddog Wade Not like the KKK?
Nathan Sutphin
@Mr. Roaddog Wade Boy, are you brainwashed. Take my advice champ. Or don't. Either way America will keep being America and you will keep whining about how you hate America and Americans.
Rob’s Lionspride
Rob’s Lionspride
@Luminous Fractal I stand corrected🤠
Luminous Fractal
its not justice its revenge. america doesnt have justice.
Dustin Mese fa
Us Wisconsin residents have a worthless governor and he wants to keep removing people from jails and prison system then tying the cops and judges hands and wonder why things like this happen. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this act. Hopefully the inmates take care of justice on the inside and take care of the problem.
girlygamer Mese fa
The department of justice had protected this Perp for too long. Time to hold the department of justice legally accountable for helping out their own and protecting them with the court system.
Kevin Shanafelt
Why is he granted bail at all. Haven't they learned? Apparently not!
C M Mese fa
so, why didn't he lose his driver's license when he used it as a weapon for the first time???
Graubears Grizzly
Really? Cause taking away his liscense would of stopped him. That mentality is the same as saying, why didn’t they revoke his gun card. While he is in possession of a stolen gun. The question is, why wasn’t he in jail for all the other crimes he committed
Sea n' Sky
Sea n' Sky Mese fa
Prayers and love to families in Waukesha.
D-man’s Garage Builds
His family should pay dearly for his actions…. He needs to see the video of his family being taken out
Hi There
Hi There Mese fa
I see that you too are a man of culture 🥂 🎩
Fred Simcha Wang
My wife and daughter live in nearby Milwaukee so I am livid of course. Thank GD they were not in the crowd when this happened. My heart goes out to the loved ones of those that were mudered and those that sustained injuries at the hands of this animal. Thank you very much and enjoy your evening 🤗🤗
raphael felicissimo
Haven't seen anything calling him a racist black supremacist. Even though he actually is self admittedly.
Brigh, Royal Irish Blood
@chris tipton I grew up in the hood, and I've faced actual racism from them since 1st grade. I remember 6 -7 year olds calling me white h0nk3y and other stuff. They are taught by their parents to hate us at a young age.
Brigh, Royal Irish Blood
@lindamicki0509 actually, maybe YOU should look into the real history of America. While you're at it, look into the history of the "native Americans" and who was here before they came here from Asia.
chris tipton
chris tipton Mese fa
@Big Dog lol. Oh there's plenty of black youths that are racist. I worked in the inner-city and witnessed it first hand.
chris tipton
chris tipton Mese fa
@lindamicki0509 I guess that I missed the part where I said that I support the KKK. Or are you just in a situation where the wing nurse doesn't know you're on the hospital computer again?
Faust 2700
Faust 2700 Mese fa
@DarthHater100 I'd like to thank you for playing the intelligence game and you have failed miserably.
niddg viiut
niddg viiut Mese fa
The judge that released this demon, needs to be held accountable . He had a long criminal record with 2 outstanding warrants against him...damn shame
espy 000
espy 000 Mese fa
Interesting how this story has just disappeared from the MSM.
Mark E34-535-SPORT
I'm in the UK and I came across it via MSM so it's not exactly being ignored. I imagine it'll be his trial that attracts most coverage though anyway.
Twat Munro
Twat Munro Mese fa
You won't hear Sleepy Joe expressing any concern about this one, folks.
fishing is my drug
Has Obama already said this is the son he never had?
Alowynn Mese fa
This is what happens when courts have a policy of "mercy." It was the failure of past judges to properly punish this man (at the expense of his victims) that has unleashed his violence upon society. Hopefully, this will stand as an example for future criminal proceedings that repeat offenders need anything but leniency.
Dr. Kevorkian
While his actions are horrific beyond description, one of the most compounding horrors is that he was even free to commit these alleged acts. Time and time again across the country, people are jailed on the most minor of offenses, yet those who have repeatedly committed crimes of violence are free to hurt innocents. Gone are the days of common sense in the justice system.
B Carson
B Carson Mese fa
@Paul Skopic That is the correct answer. And it is going just fine for the evil do-ers.
Sjaubi 1236
Sjaubi 1236 Mese fa
If you lock up repeat offenders . Who will the cops chase . Who will lawyers defend . What would your local Police budget look like . What would judges do all day .. If the judicial system is releasing criminals across the country then it has to be for a reason …. The greater good “MONEY” . Gotta keep that wheel turnin .
Mr. PuddinTater
Read on what the DA said, in order for equity some people will die. That is why he was on the streets.
Animal Overload
Harris knows a ton about keeping people locked up for minor offenses.
Gary Morris
Gary Morris Mese fa
@nite watchman Yeah, the liberal approach to law enforcement is working out just great NOT !
nigelcarren Mese fa
All I can hope is that THIS is the case that causes to law to change. Recognizing that there are some animals that make mistakes and then there are monsters! The latter cannot be rehabilitated and should never walk amongst us. Thoughts to all those families. 🇬🇧
The judges on his last 2 cases should be arrested and charged with the same charges.
Bob Clifton
Bob Clifton Mese fa
Shame on Wisconsin for not having a death penalty!
Kylie Pechler
It's just mindboggling how he could have been let out at all after the extremely long criminal history he had. He run over the mother of his child with this very car in the past, so he had committed attempted murder already, yet they let him out, to run over more people.
The only thing I am interested in is will the lawyers, judges will be charged for a crime?
Allison Yarborough
I think we already know the answer to that...
What are the names of the DA and judge that let this devil loose?
David Gregory
What an idiotic thought.
glen bolden
glen bolden Mese fa
And the DA’S are corrupt too
helen cheung
helen cheung Mese fa
@Delois Johnson Got nothing better to do, I guess.
Kaye Wilson
Kaye Wilson Mese fa
The DA knew all of this before he let him out. He knew this would happen. He has blood on his hands and I hope there is some accountability
Christa Allen
Why does this man keep getting bonds!? He shouldn’t have had one in the first place from them other charges!
Behind the Scenes Photos
He was out on $1,000 bail with his record, meanwhile we keep hearing about how "unfair" the justice system is and how we need even more "progressive" bail reform. You know what that does? It puts the worst people back on the street. How many times do we need to hear about violent crimes committed by someone who would have already been behind bars if not for soft politicians and activist judges?
Andrew Brick
Andrew Brick Mese fa
We need smart people to draft up rules that put some good guardrails on the discretion that prosecutors and judges currently have. Fight back against the "no bail" activists and start pushing for minimum bail requirements.
Suzi Pringle
Suzi Pringle Mese fa
Watching this monster sob in self-pity while they read off his lengthy criminal history was disgusting. When he's not feeling sorry for himself, he has Charlie Manson eyes. If other courts had done their jobs, he wouldn't have been free to commit this hidious act.
Suzi Pringle
Suzi Pringle Mese fa
@oldtwins na , I agree and he actually cried in self-pity over his consequences. You know he didn't shed one tear for the people he killed or hurt. His attorney comforting him made me nauseous.
oldtwins na
oldtwins na Mese fa
this guy is way worse than Manson. Put it this way, if Charlie was alive and able bodied, he'd beat the shit out of this guy for what he did.
Miguel Mese fa
This man, was allowed to still keep his vehicle he previously used in a crime. That’s like allowing one to keep a gun used in a crime while out on bail. This whole thing reeks of stupidity
george collins
Or politics.
Tanith Mese fa
They were much more lenient on him for mowing a woman down in his car than Jan 6th trespassers who didn’t attempt to kill anyone.
They did kill people wtf!
Troy Christiansen
Rest in peace for the people who had passed away that night during the event
Gsoup83 Mese fa
this judge needs to put his emotions aside. all i hear from judges in other states is that "i have never seen anything like this in my career." like where in the heck have you been? what planet have you lived on?
Sylvia M. Nagel
Prayers for Tucker and his family! 💙❤️‍🩹❤️‍🩹❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
Tim Malecha
Tim Malecha Mese fa
This guy, DA and judge who let him loose all need to go to jail. This goes to show you that playing politics is dangerous to the public.
Dr Beechas
Dr Beechas Mese fa
One simple fact that politicians are playing the race card with violent offenders to get them early release/low bail is probably the most offensive thing I've seen in my life. They should all be disbarred and removed from their positions.
Jimmy The-Gent
This was a str8 up h8 crime... He was a blk supremacist who _haaated_ whites.
cforte0423 Mese fa
He will get nothing. If I was the dad of that 8 year old, he would be dead.
Karen Walker
Karen Walker Mese fa
This is exactly "why" no consequences and letting them off real easy "does not work" Now these precious people are dead. If someone does a violent crime they almost always keep repeating the same behavior.
Holly & Fleur
see how sad he looks? as if he's going to burst into tears? i wonder if he was just told his goose is cooked and he won't be walking out of prison this time.
Buffalo Bob
Buffalo Bob Mese fa
"An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth" comes to mind here. Slugs like this guy deserve to get what they give.
Jackfrost Mese fa
Make me cry for the family’s affected by this evil man!
Aleph Null
Aleph Null Mese fa
This was indeed a hate crime and in other “cases” would be perceived by the media as a greater crime than murder itself.
Eva Mese fa
@Angelus Irae i am till this day still shocked that this is not labeled as terrorist attack or hate crime by the media.
1texasminer Mese fa
@Aleph Null SO TRUE
Be Well
Be Well Mese fa
@The Eyes Have IT He was so indoctrinated by leftist MSM that he probably thought the police wouldn't get him there?
Aleph Null
Aleph Null Mese fa
@1texasminer the “collective” rights of the special interest group for which he represents will be heavily weighed against whatever “crime” he committed. Honestly the word “crime” has such racist connotations, so let’s call it the “inconveniences” he committed to those people as the car ran them over. Equity in the justice system is what’s important nowadays silly.
1texasminer Mese fa
The man has rights so I hope he gets a fair and speedy trial followed by a swift and painful execution.
Carl G
Carl G Mese fa
They’ll have to let him out on parole for a few days. They’ll need to get dimension for the s t a t u e they’ll build for him.
Telemachus Mese fa
Hollywood will give him a guest role on the chosen series
Nick De La Torre
This pisses me off. The media coverage of this is making me even angrier! This is what happens when you push for criminals to be let off easily
Kevin Casey
Kevin Casey Mese fa
I think we all can agree that this person should be held without bail. 🤦🏻‍♂️
The judge, prosecutors and lawyers who let him out should be co-defendants.
Bob D
Bob D Mese fa
As much as we don't like it, the Lawyers did their job. The Judge and Prosecutor didn't. They are the ones who put him back on the street
TPTGopher Mese fa
@L Stastny Old Sparky would be euthanasia compared to what Chisholm deserves...add Milwaukee to the horrifically long list of cities where the best thing the police could do to fight crime would be to publicly burn the Demon Attorney alive.
philo betto
philo betto Mese fa
​@Chuck C 'sing-along =du du du dump du du dump.... the liberal family started..... protected from the harshness ..... .entitled and self-righteous ....... the Liberal family! ....du du du dump du du du dump du du du dump... their weak and forgiving ...... and easily misleading........criminals they're freeing ....the liberal family ! dump dump!
Gsoup83 Mese fa
yeah misplaced anger. you should be mad at judges who are letting convicted rp.sts off without jail time because their victims suffered no psychological trauma. and if you think for one sec the system didnt try to keep him behind bars then you are fooling yourself
Chuck C
Chuck C Mese fa
@Ray wes Democrats, that’s what’s happened
Dave Kreitzer
In a crime like this there should be NO BAIL , period ! Fact is skip the trial and straight to the gallows !!! 🧐🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Ricardo Gonzalez
Time to start suing judges and D.A.'s who fail to do their jobs and hold them financially and criminally responsible for their actions .
Dowler Natasha
Dan 27 giorni fa
Telemachus Mese fa
If he ran past the two “ detectives “, waving a butter knife, they sure as sht wouldn’t have waved him through!
Weird how the media isn’t hyper focused on the race of the perp and the race of the little boy. Why is that? If the races were reversed, they would be talking about it nonstop.
@CHRIS B That's bs.
TheMonk72 Mese fa
@LivingToLearn considering all of the racist statements and threats of violence he has made in the past, when he wasn't sex trafficking children, and how he swerved into denser groups of people during his attack on the parade, it's virtually impossible to see this as anything other than a racist hate crime. Let's not beat around the bush here.
Vincent Ardizzone
@LivingToLearn He has a recorded history of making disparaging comments about whites and spewing vitriolic hatred toward whites. It's in his rap songs and social media comments...which they are purging.
Brian Wells
Brian Wells Mese fa
@LivingToLearn I was responding to the top comment here. The what if , hypothetical question "if" the races of this tragedy were reversed is all. Between you and I, Brooks is a career criminal pos! He's an a$$hole that only cares about his compulsive needs, oblivious to anyone. To my belief, a$$holes come in all shapes and sizes. A$$holes are Male or Female, they're in all races, rich or poor. The point made here is if Darrell was White and the victims Black? Then the media and peanut gallery would have immediately called this a hate crime! That's pretty much how I see things unfold in today's world.
JoJo Bless
JoJo Bless Mese fa
Black privilege.. is the real game
I don’t give a S*** Anymore!
How much more disturbing ( according to the title) can this get than plowing into a parade of happiness and instantly destroying thousands of lives? That judge had the expression every one of us felt! The 50 shades of red as if his face was going to explode any second said it all…great job your Honor!
Smokey High
Smokey High Mese fa
Lower the bail so the parents can take care of him the moment he walks out of the jail into the streets ! Justice will be served then !
Jeff Walters
Jeff Walters Mese fa
Why would he even receive any bail! Our Judicial system is so disorganized and lacking structure!
The Rare Breed
Innocent families always have to suffer the greatest tragedies before these criminals get any real time in jail.
Borsalina Mese fa
This man is terrible. Why did they keep letting this man out? My condolences to the families who lost loved ones and my prayers to the injured.
JohnJ469 Mese fa
@PrimeVids And you're happy with innocents paying the price for that?
Brigh, Royal Irish Blood
First off, it is no "man".
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd Mese fa
@D exactly! Everyone knows BLM is going to put up the bail money because this was a BLM attack but the officials are afraid to say it.
Jared Bednar
Jared Bednar Mese fa
Sounds like sympathy for being a product of society. Many democrats dont see people as just people on the east coast i dont know the west coast. Doesnt matter what damn color you are. IM SO SICK OF THE WHITE GUILT AND WOKE CRAP... everyone kills, bleeds and dies the same... THE PUNISHMENT SHOULD ALWAYS BE THE SAME. wether it be death, life inprisonment or a parkin g ticket. I do like our states rights but capital punishment and life inprisonment should in my mind just be controlled by the federal level and the death penalty would save alot of money. A bullet to the head cost 1.50. Electrical, food, utilities etc guards and housing over 20 to 50 years could cost a million... this makes russia and china look smart... they just execute. Their society has less crime as well.
D Mese fa
Why the hell did he even get a 5 million bail??
Mauser 85
Mauser 85 Mese fa
Allegations, or facts? Hundreds of witnesses, video footage of him in the act. He is going to have a hard time defending his behaviour in the courts.
Forever Quarantined
LeBron: "we're literally being hunted everyday"
Jason V.
Jason V. Mese fa
dude pimped out a 16 year old girl then tried running her over with his SUV WHY WAS HE EVER RELEASED FROM PRISON? the day of letting people off easy for crimes needs to come to an end.
European - American
Allegations?? He DID IT! There's NOTHING to allege, that man deliberately mowed down people in that crowd.
TimeBucks Mese fa
Rest in peace young Jackson
NECRO666 Mese fa
@Palepride Worldwide well if that's what you believe then maybe you should do some real research or read a real book.
NECRO666 Mese fa
@Palepride Worldwide president trump. 🇺🇸
Tracer001 Mese fa
@Palepride Worldwide Your probably right, when the Republican have power they do nothing with it so the left keep on pushing further and further left. I Have thought politics has been broken a while now. Same old sort of thing
NECRO666 Mese fa
@Palepride Worldwide unfortunately people like you don't realize we had a perfect non political president last year. Either learn or get the fuk out of the way!
Tracer001 Mese fa
RIP all who died that day. Its time BLM is labelled a domestic terrorist group. They are scary. And what is scarier is that the government allows and supports their actions against the people. No one else should die because of this movement. Shame on the democrats, IMO they have blood on their hands.
Joseph McDaniel
While I have watched and supported Kyle Rittenhouse through his trial, I have learned from that experience to not trust the media. I will watch this trial through before I form my opinion of this individual or the justice system.
Joseph McDaniel
@Righteous God forgive me, father!
Righteous God
Absolutely. There could be a very good reason he took his SUV and ran it at high speed through a closed off street of parade marchers.
Daphne Marion
So sad prayers for the families
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose Mese fa
This case made me wish Wisconsin still had the death penalty.
Tanith Mese fa
Death sentence and those who allowed him to walk on such a low bail need looking at for incompetence
Douglas Letsch
The people who let that man out are also guilty of murder.
super nerd
super nerd Mese fa
a black supremacist carried out a hate crime and the media is talking about bail.
Don Genio
Don Genio Mese fa
I’m calling for the ban of all assault vehicles now! It becomes more and more obvious that it’s not the person that’s at fault, rather the tool that’s used to commit these heinous crimes!
BlackBull Mese fa
My first thoughts are with the Family of the killed boy. Rest in peace, little man. This is an unbelievable tragedy. We had a comparable terroristic attacks in here in Europe. Since then, all parades, christmas markets, shopping areas and others are blocked with roadblocks, so nobody can enter with a car. I don´t like that approach. I want to see subjects like this guy in the chamber. I don´t want them on the streets. This is no human being to me, neither an animal. There should be no bail, there should be no option, to get free again, and this guy should not be a cost factor to the society. Put him on the chair, in the chamber, whatever is available in Wisconsin. Get rid of this.
sebastien boivin
Who bailed him out the first time? I want to know ... They should also be charged. If you bail someone out and they commit a crime....you should also be charged.
Eric Stevenson
That mayor of Chicago acts like this never even happened she still hollering about the guy from Kenosha calling him a vigilante
Pro1er Mese fa
This guy has a fifty, that's 5-0, page rap sheet that goes back decades and has managed to walk every single time. Talk about privilege!
MrDurp Mese fa
@Snow Monkey you keep saying no evidence of nothing racial yet multiple news sites have put up his past posts of anti cop, anti white, anti jew and his aligning with the black Israelites (which is a known racist group). So keep trying to protect this racist killer all you want, but everyone else sees it for what it is
A Thund
A Thund Mese fa
Yes... say it again... that's PRIVILEGE!
slapshot68 Mese fa
@MrDurp n Rodgers is more hated for standing up to socialism
slapshot68 Mese fa
America last!! Trump was right
Snow Monkey
Snow Monkey Mese fa
@doesnt matter DON'T GET BRAZEN WITH ME!!! LOL
Vicky Hamilton
Sad to say but I believe this so far looks like malicious intent and deserves the death penalty. Over 60 people injured and 6 deaths so far!😥
Jeff Westfall
Publicize the name of the judge who let him out on the streets in the first place. He is just as guilty!
Amanda-Jane Kiell
Everyone involved in allowing this person out on the streets should be sued by all the families hurt or killed they are culpable
Crappo Mese fa
Please make sure he’s not judged by the same judge who let him loose !!!
Pamela Kerekes
“Past criminal crimes….past offenses….not the first time”. If he was in prison for past crimes this wouldn’t have happed. System failure. Makes me sick.
Steve C.
Steve C. Mese fa
@11k I quite literally want the government out of every facet of our lives. So no there. I was making a general observation about the human condition. We reproduce without any idea if we can raise kids well.
Jake R
Jake R Mese fa
@Porto Bello totally, right? He’s a good boy - just turning his life around. He only mowed down a group of innocent people to feed his family.
Jimmy The-Gent
*this was a hate crime against whites*
Ray wes
Ray wes Mese fa
System is broken. All of a sudden were worried about predators and violent thugs getting out of jail on cheap bail cause they are worse off then others?? How bout the others are not criminals and don't pray on society.??? What in the world has happened to society???
Jose The MJ23 Shoe Fan
Indeed the system was a complete failure and now over a dozen have lost their lives good going democrats
Il prossimo
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