New York Cop tries to run motorcyclist off the road 😱 

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Cop crashes into motorcycle. Cop crashes into a motorcycle and arrest citizen. Corrupt cop caught on camera


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26 mag 2023




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El Nino
El Nino 4 mesi fa
Corrupt Cops Unlawfully Arrest College Student 😳👇 itvid.net/video/video-RN4lPLXbmpk.html This might be the best wallet in the world 👀👇 itvid.net/video/video-Cs50CXZjgR8.html
Rob S
Rob S 4 mesi fa
Attempted murder
Sal Martin
Sal Martin 4 mesi fa
What's the story? You are not showing the whole story.
Christopher Chin
​@Sal Martin it's a moped/scooter rider that is on the expressway. It also appears that the moped rider is also not wearing a helmet. Police officer did use actions that were not permitted, and while the police officer will be reprimanded, he was able to get the scooter rider off the expressway successfully.
Sal Martin
Sal Martin 4 mesi fa
@Christopher Chin Actions not permitted? How so? Where in the law does it say that a cop can't use such actions?
Christopher Chin
@Sal Martin this is taken from a news article in which the former police chief is asked about what he sees in this video: "Former NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce told ABC 7 the moped rider shouldn’t have been on the expressway, but the officers actions are incredibly concerning. Boyce suspects some hard consequences are going to come down the line for the officer in the video: “There was no sirens used, there were no lights at all, also no PA engaged telling the person to stop” Boyce said. It’s illegal for a scooter to be on an expressway - and it’s not just illegal, it’s risky. “It doesn’t have the power to accelerate or decelerate and it’s dangerous because it’s very small and you have a sight disability, a motorcycle is totally different,” Boyce said. It might have been the right idea to get the scooter to pull over, but the NYPD’s tactics are concerning to Boyce. “Some of those things like crowding you saw, that’s inherently dangerous, it can get someone hurt,” Boyce said. “It’s not only dangerous for the officer or the person on the motor scooter, but everyone on that highway.” - so if a former police officer doesn't condone the actions then I believe it's safe to assume the actions are not permitted. And I don't know if they're specifically a law saying they can't do it but I don't believe that police are allowed to endanger everyone around by throwing their cruise around on an expressway like this when there was no intention/signaling of a traffic stop being conducted.
Herbert Breeden
Herbert Breeden 4 mesi fa
Needs to be fired immediately
Jim Lahey
Jim Lahey 4 mesi fa
No he needs to be charged and arrested period
E. Artan
E. Artan 4 mesi fa
The union won’t let that happen
Bobby Kerby
Bobby Kerby 4 mesi fa
Not only fired but sued as well!!
Jeanne Glisson
Jeanne Glisson 4 mesi fa
He needs to be investigated, charged, fired, convicted, put in prison for attempted murder and the inmates should be told he is a cop. Unless someone shoots him first.
XYZ 4 mesi fa
Fired & black listed
GINA Kenyon
GINA Kenyon 4 mesi fa
He needs to be fired and charged with attempted murder.
Lee Graham
Lee Graham 3 mesi fa
It's not even a motorcycle it's a moped scooter... shouldn't be in the middle of the road
Alan Villada
Alan Villada 3 mesi fa
​@Lee Graham lmao how does him being in a scooter justify the cop, even if he was in a bike that's attempted murder
BloodGamer 3 mesi fa
It’s not attempted murder
Yung_Dagger_D14 3 mesi fa
Calm down carol
theodore 3 mesi fa
@BloodGamer it is bruh he could've been fatally injured or in the worst case he could've died
Donna Ward
Donna Ward 4 mesi fa
This cop needs to be fired without receiving a pension and serve jail time!
Mike Ervin
Mike Ervin 4 mesi fa
Arrest and charge the bastard for attempted murder!
Glockdookie 4 mesi fa
I second that!
Ben Jurqunov
Ben Jurqunov 4 mesi fa
But the guy refused to support special homosexual rights !
Kesin George
Kesin George 4 mesi fa
How lol?
Mike Silvers
Mike Silvers 4 mesi fa
I third that
TheNexusVoid 4 mesi fa
​@Ben Jurqunov What?
Hidup PMX DSAI 4 mesi fa
The NY cop is totally insane and should be FIRED!!!!
Robert Williams
Robert Williams 4 mesi fa
Police: We have investigated ourselves and found no wrong doing.
Charles Watkins
Charles Watkins 4 mesi fa
Looks like attempted murder, that's insane. He doesn't even have his lights on. Cop should be in prison !
Johnny Delgado
Johnny Delgado 4 mesi fa
And crazy ass driving for the safety of everyone else
Christopher Chin
If you want to go that route then the motorcyclist should be wearing a helmet, especially when planning to be riding on a freeway, but you know that would be too much to ask while. And, he's doing so in a state that has a mandatory helmet law for all motorcyclists, regardless of skill level and years of experience. But hey... while should a public safety official care about a members of the public and their safety?
Kingdom Of Me
Kingdom Of Me 4 mesi fa
​@Christopher Chin you have a good point that he should be wearing a helmet. But that crazy ass cop is driving like a physco trying to run him off road. That's no excuse or reason to do that. He should get behind him turn on his lights and pull him over normally if your trying to justify this by a helmet law. Honestly cops like this need to be fired or charged.😊
Christopher Chin
@Kingdom Of Me I 100% agree. But it's also the fact that gas scooter riders and moped riders are riding in places that they are not supposed to as restricted by law. And we are seeing in cities, like New York, a complete disregard and disrespect for authority as well as other civilians. And from the news report that I read the cop will be severely reprimanded to possible termination depending upon the investigation into his level of training and to possible motives as to why this officer conducted himself in such a way. I still keep thinking about the saying though that: "if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes." I think the thing that I took more of an issue with is the fact that no one wants to call out every wrong done in this incident and will only point out the one that goes with the popular opinion. I just miss the good old days where when you heard a news story you actually got something that was more along the lines of THE FULL STORY and not so quickly produced and poorly thrown together just to show that your views are in line with either this group or that group.
Kingdom Of Me
Kingdom Of Me 4 mesi fa
@Christopher Chin yes I agree with you completely👍
James Pate
James Pate 4 mesi fa
Cop needs qualified immunity taken from him, sued, placed in prison for attempt of murder.
charles zerphey
charles zerphey 4 mesi fa
Cop needs fired and jailed for attempted Murder
Hartake 4 mesi fa
That Cop needs to be in jail, attempted murder
Evelyn Hill
Evelyn Hill 4 mesi fa
Get him fired.... Flood the police station with emails and calls
Harold Young
Harold Young 4 mesi fa
This is a reason why people HATE the police.
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
There's also a reason they hate scooters that do 35 mph on the highway
Senor pimps
Senor pimps 4 mesi fa
@aureliusVAThat scooters 🛴 gonna kill you better watch out you’re right such an stupid comment! That cop is reckless driving
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
@Senor pimps so you're saying that a slow-moving vehicle on a interstate highway will have no negative effects? You're saying you know what will happen if a car traveling at highway speeds strikes that scooter? So exactly how does a play out? What happened to the car traveling at highway speeds after it smacks the scooter if it's in a group of cars? What happened to the cars behind the car that hit the scooter?
MrPickledede 4 mesi fa
The majority of us love the police
greg morrison
greg morrison 4 mesi fa
Send the video to the media, state attorney and the govenor.
Marv Krantz
Marv Krantz 4 mesi fa
Fire him lock him up for life
Mother Theresa
Mother Theresa 4 mesi fa
To me this cop should have been charged with attempted murder with an assault weapon (his suv)!!!! He needs to be fired no pension and immediately jailed
Sandew 4 mesi fa
this is actually scary. imagine your the biker and no one is recording or no one called in on the cop. cop could easily hit you and say your a dumbass and it’s your fault fuck up your insurance, health and make you go to court for nothing
10 Seven
10 Seven 4 mesi fa
Yeah, not happening
Wallie lawless
Wallie lawless 4 mesi fa
Strongly agree.
Adr Pals
Adr Pals 4 mesi fa
Cop is above the law and nothing will happen.
Trucker Reviewed
She's dialing the wrong fucking number!! Lol
Innocuous 4 mesi fa
311 is the non emergency number, if you call the normal 911 number you'd just be wasting their time with a call like this. All the man had to do was stop, this was to report to specific officer.
Trucker Reviewed
@Innocuous when someone has lost their mind and is trying to run another vehicle off the road, that's called an emergency.
reza2251 4 mesi fa
Cops went to jail right? Hahahahahahaha just kidding of course they didn’t 😅
Switchs 4 mesi fa
That’s actually bullshit they do get fired and get sent to prison prison is not jail jail you get sent there for court case prison you are stuck there for years. I’m tired of people doing this without showing some light too good police officers because most police officers are just good people doing it by the book.
Isaac B
Isaac B 4 mesi fa
​@Switchs bahaha!!! Bullshit!
Nr. 7
Nr. 7 4 mesi fa
Why should he, he tryed to catch a criminal on the run.
Grim_610 4 mesi fa
Is that why the cop had no siren or lights on
Unknown 4 mesi fa
​@Nr. 7 You know nothing about the law if you belive that. This is quite literal attempted murder to atleast assult. Unless the motorcyclist was an active threat (meaning he had a weapon and he was using it) thered be no reason to try to kill the guy. A cop should keep pursuit and if things get bad call back up to force him to stop. Not try to fkn hit him.
Jesse skateboard 🍍
That cop should be fired
John Kennedy
John Kennedy 4 mesi fa
If this sociopath isn't fired then we have to call NYPD and get him noticed by his bosses, internet do ur WORST this is crazy
Beau Carr
Beau Carr 4 mesi fa
His bosses will watch this video and justify the cops actions
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
So you think it's okay for a scooter that does 35 mph tops to be on the highway?
Joe Selsbury
Joe Selsbury 4 mesi fa
@aureliusVA So you think the cop's solution was okay by attempting to run him over on a busy freeway where he could easily end up being killed? You trying to justify this cop attempting to severely injure/kill someone simply for going "35mph on a highway" is ludicrously insane... you are insane.
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
@Joe Selsbury I think that if a cop throws you a bone, you don't get to complain about whether it tastes good or not. NYC is a hard place. Most people don't understand the mentality
hikeskool 4 mesi fa
I’m glad the kid with weird hair explained what was happening 👌
Cowboyrocker25 4 mesi fa
Cop has his badge revoked and banned from being in any federal/ state payroll. Wages cut and given to the victim for trauma
Don 4 mesi fa
Cool , Also needs to be charged with using a vehicle as a weapon.
Mike Hill
Mike Hill 4 mesi fa
​@Don And attempted murder.
Herbzah Mese fa
Are you saying THIS as FACT? OR what you think he should get as found guilty? He's been tried?
Jody Schulz
Jody Schulz 4 mesi fa
Not just fired but charged and jailed! (Full punishment) That guy also needs to sue. Maybe theyll start doing more mental assessments for cop training. Bloody hell.
Donna Goodson
Donna Goodson 4 mesi fa
He needs to be fired immediately
Mitch owen Ow
Mitch owen Ow 4 mesi fa
That cop should be in prison
ScrimpyTheGod 4 mesi fa
No lol, w cop, that motorcycle was weaving everywhere 🤣🤣
Raven28 4 mesi fa
​@ScrimpyTheGodthe reason the motorcycle was weaving was to not let that cop hit him
THE PHANTOM 4 mesi fa
​@ScrimpyTheGod • cop must be your cousin.
Mariah & Elise's Wild World
He needs to be fired immediately! This is insane, just bc they are a cop does not give them the right to ignore the law when they’re supposed to be enforcing it and keeping people safe not the opposite!
Henry Dykema
Henry Dykema 7 giorni fa
This cop needs to be fired.
mars_man23 4 mesi fa
Cop had his feeling hurt that morning. So he decided to take it out on the first profile he could profile
Shawn Whitehead
Shawn Whitehead 4 mesi fa
Shame on you you're as bad as the guy that posted this short he never tells us or shows us what led up to this so how can you make a judgement please if you're ever called in for trial tell the judge this is how you judge things on your feelings your wants and your desires
Roderick 4 mesi fa
​@Shawn Whiteheadis it that hard to believe cops dont care about the laws
Margaret Whallon
So what you're telling us wherever
Jeanne Glisson
Jeanne Glisson 4 mesi fa
@Shawn Whitehead No prior behavior can justify a cop doing this? A cop is not suppose to be an executioner. A cop is suppose to arrest dangerous, drunken idiots. Not be one.
Onions 4 mesi fa
Which feeling?
Michael Schneider
Qualified Immunity at it's finest.
Carrie Ford
Carrie Ford 4 mesi fa
That cop needs to be fired!!!
Alex Erb
Alex Erb 4 mesi fa
This cop needs to be on the receiving end of what he dishes out, then suddenly the system will change.
Switchs 4 mesi fa
Oh, the system doesn’t suddenly change if anything it stays the same or gets even more serious, when a police officer commits a crime
Gracie G
Gracie G 4 mesi fa
Someone do something. Your the one holding the video of him trying to kill the motorcyclist. Someone with proof has to turn him in!
Beau Carr
Beau Carr 4 mesi fa
If anyone did this to a cop they would be murdered on the street with no investigstion.
Henry Dykema
Henry Dykema 12 giorni fa
This cop needs to be fired on the spot.
Binx 4 mesi fa
We need to stop cops . They do whatever they want and get away with it
Jean 4 mesi fa
Attempted assault with a deadly weapon in my eyes.
Matthew K
Matthew K 4 mesi fa
That's not attempted. That's assault.
RICKS OP 4 mesi fa
The law does not apply to everyone different laws for citizen and for the police.
Jean 4 mesi fa
@Matthew K I called it attempted because he didn't actually hit him. Though Lord knows he tried.
LittleRainGames 4 mesi fa
attempted murder
LauraLee83 4 mesi fa
​@LittleRainGames that's exactly what I was gonna say
JR NYC 4 mesi fa
Cop was provoked somehow. Motorcyclists are the biggest pos on the road.
Tom Lovejoy
Tom Lovejoy 4 mesi fa
I'm sure cop lost his job! 👍
JAMES T. 4 mesi fa
Cop belongs in prison,
William Zhou
William Zhou 3 mesi fa
That cop is insane and should be fired then charged with attempted murder disturbing the peace and reckless driving
DirtyDigger 4 mesi fa
That's attempted vehicular manslaughter
James Hazlett
James Hazlett 4 mesi fa
The cop should be fired and put in jail for assault with a deadly weapon, or at least attempted vehicular manslaughter
JivenJumpLogan 4 mesi fa
If this man isnt fired we need to call upon the army of the internet. 4Chan is on the way
Charlie Roderigues
Are you all blind? You can't see that the motorcyclist is breaking the law and won't pull over.
Lee Graham
Lee Graham 3 mesi fa
The cops lights weren't even on to pull him over plus it's a moped scooter not a motorcycle..are you blind?
George Jacobson
George Jacobson 4 mesi fa
There are a lot of Criminal cops out there because of Qualified Immunity. It’s time to end Qualified Immunity and put these Criminals where they belong.
Best Game
Best Game 4 mesi fa
They are not immune from the wrath of God, the little law preaching vagabonds with a major grudge against society.
Shikoku 4 mesi fa
Lmfaoo, I agree, BUT this cop wouldn't have qualified for qualified immunity if he hit this guy. You have to qualify for it, and when a cop is purposely negligent and knows what he's doing is wrong, he won't qualify 😅😅. Use your brain
Henry Dykema
Henry Dykema 9 giorni fa
The cops should be fired and put in jail for life.
codmtoxic 4 mesi fa
I bet it wasn't just for no reason but that's what media dose
Danny Harrison
Danny Harrison 4 mesi fa
He should be fired and locked up for being a bad cop.
sab 4 mesi fa
He needs to sent to prison with charges.
Celena Casciani
Celena Casciani 4 mesi fa
NY's finest at work
edmc1000 4 mesi fa
Looks like assault with intent to do great bodily harm .
Herman Williams
Herman Williams 4 mesi fa
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
Looks to me like that cop is trying to keep a scooter that goes 35 mph off the highway without actually pulling the scooter rider over. He gave that kid a break, and all the soft ITvidrs here don't realize it
edmc1000 4 mesi fa
@aureliusVA So if he hits him and puts him in the Hospital how is that better than turning on his lights and just stopping the rider for a little friendly advice?
Victor V.
Victor V. 4 mesi fa
​@edmc1000 ​ if it were a normal vehicle (car/truck) this would be a pit Maneuver attempt. But because he's on a bike he gets special privileges? How do you know the person on the bike hadn't just committed a serious crime? It would be so easy to just turn the wheel harder and run him over. But he doesn't. That shows restraint on the cops end. Biker should have just pulled over. But without the full video from the start of why this is happening to begin with. To me it looks like the biker knows he should pull over, but is instead play games putting everyone else on the highway at risk.
Hebehaga Bob
Hebehaga Bob 2 mesi fa
The motorcyclist is legit trying to run away from the police tho
slink 4 mesi fa
They know they get away with whatever they want. End qualified immunity
Mr Geno
Mr Geno 4 mesi fa
Be a drunken cop,get away with ANYTHING.
Harry Browneigh
Harry Browneigh 4 mesi fa
I was permanently disabled by one. It's out of control. Nobody's doing a thing about it.
Angel Taber
Angel Taber 4 mesi fa
It's a scooter not a motorcycle
Cooldude101 4 mesi fa
He deserves a 2 week paid vacation
William Hesprich
Send the video to all of the news outlets.
Carnetta Wormely
Aint no way he still working,say it ain't so
William Heath
William Heath 4 mesi fa
This guy needs to be charged with reckless op and attempted murder.
Destiny 4 mesi fa
Fire the cop
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward 4 mesi fa
How is he still on the force?
David Crawford
David Crawford 4 mesi fa
No lights or siren, that's attempted murder.
nelson nieves
nelson nieves 3 mesi fa
He should be locked up for attempted murder with a vehicular homicide exempt
Medicinal Cannabis and politics and general stuff
Needs to be fired and put in jail they shot people for less themselves.
Rose Jett
Rose Jett 4 mesi fa
darryl johnson
darryl johnson 4 mesi fa
We don't need another hero like that 😮
Steven Macleod
Steven Macleod 4 mesi fa
this cop not only needs to be fired but prosecuted as well and should do jail time.
Rudi Vtb
Rudi Vtb 4 mesi fa
Probably a very corrupt cop
Roy 4 mesi fa
Cop later said he feared for his life
Darnell Green
Darnell Green 4 mesi fa
Should be locked up
Johnny Coleman
Johnny Coleman 4 mesi fa
Cops can do no wrong
kasvot 4 mesi fa
bro that's attempted murder
The American Airsoft AK-47
As a cop supporter and a person who hates when people say "all" cops are bad, this cop is the reason why people say it
Shannon VanDyne
Shannon VanDyne 3 mesi fa
According to a NY Post article, the department is "reviewing" the incident. Basically, sweeping it under the rug.
Clumsy Glory
Clumsy Glory 4 mesi fa
Whats more weird is if he was trying to pull him over wouldn't his lights be on . This is to weird man
iamwhoiam 4 mesi fa
Good point yep
scorpi972 4 mesi fa
Not weird just evil
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
It's not weird. The driver is on a scooter not a motorcycle. The cop simply wants to get the scooter off of the highway where the scooter is not allowed without actually pulling them over or giving a ticket. The cop is doing the scooter driver a favor
Martha Austin
Martha Austin 4 mesi fa
If that's New York's finest, then I think I will not be visiting there to send my child to college.
Jutta Daji
Jutta Daji 4 mesi fa
He sd be fired + charged, and sued
Jerome Robinson
Jerome Robinson 4 mesi fa
It's NY cops,,they do no wrong
Brenda Smith
Brenda Smith 4 mesi fa
Attempted murder with a deadly weapon. Lock him up.
Aiden McNatt
Aiden McNatt 4 mesi fa
Omg crazy 😰 this is terrible he needs to be arrested now!!!!
Erik Gilreath
Erik Gilreath 4 mesi fa
Make a citizens arrest on that cop!!!
Reginald Brewster
He probably got a promotion
aureliusVA 4 mesi fa
He deserves it for keeping that scooter off the highway
steve huggett
steve huggett 4 mesi fa
I have first hand witness of that very thing happening.
Dominique Kramer
Provide evidence plz. Cops don't like this shit and ppl like you make their lives harder and more dangerous. Can you imagine how it is right now being one? With ppl like this attacking them. Ans no one gives them credit for the good things they do
Shawn Akirato
Shawn Akirato 3 mesi fa
Fire him, imprison him!
Aurora Ting
Aurora Ting 3 mesi fa
Me who used to live near New York: Well he had to piss him off some how
Will Page
Will Page 4 mesi fa
This is just everything wrong with law enforcement today. The fact this happens, and nobody does anything is seriously deeply concerning.
Raven28 4 mesi fa
There is still good cops
HarlandSports 4 mesi fa
Cop should be fired and charged for reckless driving
King DAVid III
King DAVid III 4 mesi fa
He needs to be fired and a mintal inquisition 🗡️
Ronita S
Ronita S 4 mesi fa
I'm so happy people can see how corrupt cops can be. He should be fired that day, but he hasn't been fired. That shows how corrupt they are. He will do this or worse to other people.
Jada  West
Jada West 3 mesi fa
Brandon 4 mesi fa
Dude on the scooter must've stole that cop's doughnut!!!
PRBBEUSMC 4 mesi fa
Again for all you Karens this is the serpentine technique taught to the NYPD to gain compliance from vehicles trying to evade a stop. There’s no pursuit policy and the scumbag unfortunately was allowed to escape. UNHARMED. So this was an outstanding job done by the officers in that RMP. Keep up the good fight NYPD. 🫡👮🏻‍♂️👮🏻👮🏼‍♀️
Ibrahim Khan
Ibrahim Khan 4 mesi fa
the cop was drunk 💀💀
brady pennington
Gear Guardian Gaming
i wouldnt doubt it.
David 4 mesi fa
Add a new task force needs to come out to protect us from them
Noah 3 mesi fa
He needs to be fired
Michael Devaughn
Ronald Werner
Ronald Werner 4 mesi fa
Crazy cop needs to be in jail.
Worm's Garage
Worm's Garage 4 mesi fa
Still better than my local cops
Ray Irias
Ray Irias 4 mesi fa
*Payday music starts playing loudly*
Ronald Brailey
Ronald Brailey 4 mesi fa
They give zero fcks because they know nothing will happen to them for it.
Moto Desto
Moto Desto 4 mesi fa
It attempted murder bc that mf didn't even turn his sirens on
Ĺìñda Pellum
Ĺìñda Pellum 4 mesi fa
He needs to be fired now he is not right in the head
YOUTUBE TOP X 2 mesi fa
That guy should be in solitary
PeluchinPower 4 mesi fa
They were tired of playing Cops and Robbers, so they are now playing Tag.
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