News media calls me out for lying.. (confession)

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Commenti 55 338
jersa 04
jersa 04 19 minuti fa
You will not be the men Moré inlygent on the world? No
jersa 04
jersa 04 25 minuti fa
You Are is a very very silly
mega death
mega death 42 minuti fa
Make is: sponsored by suggma
Extreme Mr.T
Extreme Mr.T 43 minuti fa
Christopher 51 minuto fa
When he says Brands it sounds like he said Brad 😋
Hip00p 59 minuti fa
Your 43 on trending in macedonia. Congrats on trending!
Mall d
Mall d Ora fa
August 3, my birthday, sweeet
mölk plö
mölk plö Ora fa
HLK 2 ore fa
There are a ITvid school in norway too
Eivind Eriksen
I have some few words for you Ligma
Pewdiepie Fortnite
This is my other channel about fortnite
Metangy PlaysRB
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz,z sub to me I really need subs because people think I'm dumb lol
Re Dragon
Re Dragon 2 ore fa
These 9 year old scrubs need to learn to play Fortnite by themselves
Adami Adam
Adami Adam 2 ore fa
Can u sub to me pls
Linguine Weenie
I think I liked Gloria Borger better:..
Russia 1
Russia 1 3 ore fa
Suka blyat
Kneeco 3 ore fa
I agree, the media is just trying to incriminate you and give you a bad name, but at the same time, you shouldn’t have made your title that because people can point at things like that to put you down.
Neko! Delta Sans
Fortnite sucks, it's a cheap copy of PUBG. PUBG deserves the fame, not Fartnut
super melon lunch
Ad stupid auto Correct
super melon lunch
Omg Just watched an added before this video for like what I thought I was watching PewDiePie
Simon 4 ore fa
Kind of enjoy this relaxed stuff more than the highly edited high energy stuff. Especially at 6 in the morning 😂
The Amazing Austin
Pewdiepie did u create pewdiepie tuber
Selena Candelaria
Change the name to a youtuber that's subbed to you everyday, they gonna reach out to a bunch of 9 year olds
Izzy Izzy
Izzy Izzy 6 ore fa
The most dumb witted people ever. “Sponsered by Volvo”, they check it out, “ sponsered by Saab”, ( haven’t takin the hint🤔😵) they check it out... whats next. They’re literally finding gossip and scandals where they can right?😤
GOSURF50 GT 6 ore fa
i Heard PURGE
Claire Jones
Claire Jones 7 ore fa
Unbelievable. I am laughing at how ludicrous the news has become. As someone who has watched your videos for the past 6 or 7 years I know what a genuinely great person you are ❤️I'm sure it's tough having them attack you all the time but I hope you don't get discouraged! Love you
CraftedEIL 7 ore fa
Why? Fortnite is just gonna obsess kids to play it all day and not play outside, that's bad for your health, you can play fortnite but not play it the whole month, just search up tutorials or ninja could guide you, just dont let pay for getting tutorials
The Trooper on Jupiter
I feel like these online news sources that no one has heard of love to use big names/ brands like Pewdiepie and these scandals (which aren’t scandals), then they blow it up like he’s evil, then post it to get more readers. Pretty dumb stuff
Emese Tóth
Emese Tóth 7 ore fa
I would check them tracking Trabant or Moszkvics :D
Delbird p
Delbird p 7 ore fa
Does anyone here watch pewdiepie channel once a month just to check his subsciber growth
Calen Dell
Calen Dell 8 ore fa
although its double autistic, im hesitant to hate on them reaching out to the companies just because of how many people DONT reach out and confirm info before they publish stuff, but thats gay.
트화이 8 ore fa
YT DINO 8 ore fa
Pewdiepie you had 75milon subs and now you lost 10milon subs
alice spiller
alice spiller 8 ore fa
Lanoira13 8 ore fa
Yeah no, Genius, if you "joke" that a video is sponsored, you're expected to put a disclaimer that it isn't, even if that's just a little "PS- Not spons" in the description, or just saying "haha kidding, no it's not" after the joke. Idk if you legally have to do it, but at the very least people will get mad about it, particularly the media.
Tigerszjaw 8 ore fa
Yo i actually charge kids $5 an hour for a fornite buddy! Lmao 😂 yassss pews!!!!! Shout me out!
SomeoneOnTheNet B
Look at that background stock image.
Veronica Kocsis
How could they not tell that was a joke lol 😂
Tapioca TV
Tapioca TV 9 ore fa
Whats Brazilians?
Retsof 9 ore fa
can I be Brad 3?
GV Nitro
GV Nitro 9 ore fa
Who the fuck carez about the article. Its ridiculous. Play some pubg instead 😏
Ben Davidson
Ben Davidson 10 ore fa
I love Pewds new record, talking about having sex with your wife and not in those words. #SponsoredBy2Pac
ali almajidi
ali almajidi 10 ore fa
Memes news
JohnsonRJ18 plays
Very one who subs to me I'll sub back
Lucas sanchez gallardo
att: Donald trump
Sultan Fitness
Sultan Fitness 10 ore fa
9:30 Pewdipie says he wants to have genuine relationships with brands
Lucas sanchez gallardo
eso es lo que pienso de ti gilipollas
Lucas sanchez gallardo
aprende a jugar yo soy la leyenda el jugador de youtube que fue mas famoso que tu y soy agente del fbi no puedo revelar mi identidad pero soy general Airy-fairy - Insustancial, pusilánime Arsehole / Asshole - Gilipollas, mamón Arse-licker - Pelota Arsemonger -Despreciable Barmy - Chiflado Bell End / Dickhead / Knobhead - Imbécil, gilipollas, capullo Berk - Idiota Bitch / Slung / Hooker - puta Bollocks - Huevos, pelotas, bolas… Pero también se usa para decir que algo es una gilipollez o cojonudo si va acompañado de “the”. Bullshit - Mentira, sandeces, trola… Chav - Garrulo, quinqui, choni… Chuffer - Irritante, insoportable, molesto, coñazo… Daft as a brush - Tarado, necio Dead from the neck up - Estúpido Dodgy - Chungo, cutre, chapucero Douchebag - Gilipollas. También se usa para decir que alguien es despreciable Dumbass - Tonto del culo Gannet - Glotón, tragón Git - Idiota, ignorante, inmaduro Gone to the dogs - Podrido, despreciable, corrupto Gormless -Tonto, idiota, mentecato Knob - Polla, nabo, rabo… Pero también se usa para estúpido, imbécil. Jerk - Imbécil Ligger - Gorrón Maggot - Gusano, parasito, alguien despreciable Manky - Mugriento, asqueroso Mingebag - Una mala persona, alguien que se vende por poco Minger - Persona muy poco atractiva, esperpento, callo Motherfucker - Hijoputa Muppet - Zopenco, zoquete, tonto, cabeza de chorlito Naff / Tacky - Chabacano, hortera Nutter - Chalado, loco, pirado Pillock - Idiota Piss Off - Tocar los huevos/narices, que te den, lárgate Plonker - Idiota, imbécil, gilipollas Plug-Ugly - Feísimo, horrendo Prat - Imbécil, soplagaitas, estúpido Scrubber - Prostituta, puta Skiver - Lazy sod Slag - Putilla, fulana Slapper - Zorra, fulana, golfa Tosser - Capullo, gilipollas Trollop - Ramera, zorra Twit - Bobalicón, imbécil Wanker - Gilipollas pero también pajero
Mitioritos 10 ore fa
I was bamboozled by the clickbait
Žurkulēns 11 ore fa
pwd i wonder who made this fake news for u? because seems like someone has made that page,so u can make some crappy video out of it ! why am i thinking that way? Just because Saab died 2012 and i'm surprised, that pwd didn't mention that,and he said,that they were contacting Saab,how in a fkcing hell if Saab does not exist? Pwd ur from sweden and Saab was Sweden company! And every one knew about it and u where still living in sweden !
Vinny Pro
Vinny Pro 11 ore fa
Change it to sponsored by Pontiac
Naeem Naqvi
Naeem Naqvi 11 ore fa
same here my parents wont let me buy a console let alone a tuitor to teach video games
TGM hd
TGM hd 11 ore fa
shadow wars
shadow wars 11 ore fa
Franklyn Ezeji
Franklyn Ezeji 11 ore fa
I have a tutor to
amelia 12 ore fa
this comment is sponsored by digiday
Vinnie's World
Vinnie's World 12 ore fa
I miss old pewds
The Felis Order
The Felis Order 12 ore fa
Sponsored by FORD Prefect and Arthur Dent.
aditya gupta
aditya gupta 12 ore fa
Bruh I feel like there is gonna be an article made about all these pew news’s
Marina Proger
Marina Proger 12 ore fa
Keep dragging wsj. You don't do it nearly enough.
Jugger Nutella
Jugger Nutella 13 ore fa
Now this is epic
Infrared Universe
I feel bad that every time he makes a joke, everyone gets on his back and tries to ruin what he's worked so hard for.
Matthis Voigt
Matthis Voigt 13 ore fa
Individual restore interesting dark being complex maximum advance suggestion deal.
Red Nova
Red Nova 13 ore fa
He changes the title to “this video is demonotized” (the article writers ask ITvid if it’s true) ITvid- it is now 😏👏
Alien4UFO 13 ore fa
Who's that girl on his profile?
And everybody clapped for Timmy
Awesoman360 plays
Did noone see Minecraft in his shade reflection?
Dozenspeed 14 ore fa
I need Pew News Mugs.
Doruk 'PeaxTrone' Mezde
Media Is r/WOOOSH ing it seems :)
White Steve Harvey
fortnite has the gay
NoIntroNeeded 15 ore fa
that hat lol
Doly L
Doly L 15 ore fa
PewDiePie haters we call them... We don't call them at all because we don't care.
Kutloano Khuto
Kutloano Khuto 15 ore fa
Pews News
Marco Fortunati
Marco Fortunati 15 ore fa
Change the title to "SPONSORED BY MY DAD" and see if they can reach out to my dad
JaniB 16 ore fa
Dont do videos when you are drunk you idiot. Cant even talk straight
youcef /يوسف
اين انتم يالعرب
AcanthaMD 17 ore fa
Hey Pewds, I really hope one day you decide to run your own media type company that won’t rely on the whims and scrutiny of ITvid. Whatever form that might take. I honestly feel bad reading and watching the type of reactionary news articles ‘people’ produce to as you say whose sole intent is to damage your brand. In all honest it’s just harassment and bullying tactics and click bait. I hope one day you are in the position to severe these people cease and desist letters after they run this irrelevant trollop.
P V 17 ore fa
*It's clear that they aren't that dumb, noone can be that dumb* ... x doubt
Saba Sab
Saba Sab 17 ore fa
How’s the shit cares if you lied or not 👎🏻
Lukaking1239 18 ore fa
moze reklama?
Guy Man
Guy Man 18 ore fa
Sponsored by your mum. They reach out to your mum.
Thomas Vien
Thomas Vien 18 ore fa
Sponsored by ligma. *tries to reach ligma* *ask what ligma is* *got em'* *swat pewdiepie* *Pewds get into prison* *Marzia takes over channel* *good ending* *gay shit happened* *Marzia breaks up* *Marzia loves Jacksepticeye* *the end*
AB ASAFSGAF 18 ore fa
Sexy thumbnail :#
Alyssa Nel
Alyssa Nel 18 ore fa
Dayum Poppy is hot
Linus 07game
Linus 07game 18 ore fa
Julio Dejesus
Julio Dejesus 19 ore fa
How do u have 65M lazt time i saw u had 56M somethings fishy 😶😶😶
Salim Playz
Salim Playz 19 ore fa
hey Boy Wanna Fight? 🤛🤛🤛🤛
Luka Tomić
Luka Tomić 19 ore fa
ryan baker
ryan baker 19 ore fa
in my days it was AQW grind'in
ItsJustSimple 19 ore fa
Is it just me, or is pew new intro has a cringy photo of Casey Neistat
Unknown Bastard
Unknown Bastard 19 ore fa
Should've changed the title to "Sponsored by WAKDONALDS"
Flávio Cavalcanti
btw one of the best funny videos of PUBG that i watched
JameZ MistYT
JameZ MistYT 19 ore fa
_Toxic_ 19 ore fa
Po Pun
Po Pun 20 ore fa
what the funk
caleb feuerstake
Pewds should title a video “sponsored by Digiday” 😂😂
RRZ LOV3 20 ore fa
Nice 🔥 you
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14 giorni fa
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Sponsored by USA
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